What Does Your Moon Sign Horoscope Say About Your Personality?

When people think of Zodiac signs, everyone usually takes the moon for granted. It’s not that surprising, considering you probably won’t find your moon horoscope listed as commonly as your sun horoscope.

That said, while your sun sign may show who you are outwardly or at least to other people, your moon sign is just as important! That’s because your moon horoscope tells you your deepest inner feelings that you don’t show to others.

In fact, if you’re wondering why your sun sign might not be as accurate for you as you’d like, it might be because you’re not taking into account how your moon horoscope affects your personality as a whole.

When you take both signs into account, you may be able to get a more holistic view of your personality according to the stars.

With that said, what secrets does your moon sign hold?

Moon Horoscope

Moon Horoscope – Aries

If you have the Moon in Aries, you are more comfortable bull-rushing through your problems rather than ruminating on things. You like to go hard and go fast, and conflict is just another challenge to overcome. This powerful drive of yours fuels your ambitions, no matter what they may be.

While your fiery nature might serve you well, you can also be quite impulsive. Sometimes, you may have trouble deciding what you want, and you end up spinning in circles. While some people appreciate your straightforward nature, other people can take advantage of it and manipulate you emotionally.

Moon Horoscope – Taurus

If you have the moon in Taurus, you have an unbreakable spirit in general. You are emotionally tough and can weather a lot of pain and suffering. Because of this fortitude, you are naturally patient with those you care about.

However, while you are tough, you are not numb. You enjoy the beauty that life has to offer and you see the best in those around you. You draw energy from the company of those you love and crave stability in your relationships.

Of course, there is a limit to your patience. While you may let people get away with many things, you can let loose a fit of uncharacteristically fiery anger when you snap.

Moon Horoscope – Gemini

If your moon horoscope lies in Gemini, you might have noticed an inner playfulness and a knack for learning new things. You like to take an analytical approach to the things that interest and worry you. While you tend to keep your inner emotions to yourself, you are quite sociable and charming.

However, this sort of emotional expression may come off as moody as you try to explore your own feelings. Additionally, while you expose yourself to many things, this can also cause you to be indecisive at times.

If you manage to stay in tune with your inner thoughts and let those around you know how you feel, your uniqueness will shine through in everything you do.

Moon Horoscope – Cancer

If you have the moon in Cancer, you often find yourself gravitating towards others. You thrive off of love and attention, and you have a hard time adjusting to loneliness.

While you may be more sensitive than others, this kind of awareness makes you really good at making friends. Unfortunately, this keen awareness can often leave you vulnerable to negative emotions.

You excel in social situations and often offer your shoulder to cry on. Additionally, you also have a creative spark in you. Your familiarity with emotions and your natural attentiveness allows you to create and appreciate the fine arts.

Moon Horoscope – Leo

If you have a moon in Leo, you will often feel the need to be very public with your emotions. People seem to miss that you do this not because you want the attention, but because this really is what you’re feeling. By extension, you appreciate catharsis in all its forms and usually enjoy the performance arts.

Naturally, you are quite straightforward in your endeavors and work, so other people take you seriously. This need can cause you pain when other people find your antics to be overly dramatic or when they find you too wishy-washy at times.

Moon Horoscope – Virgo

If your moon horoscope lies in Virgo, then you may have a penchant for the bigger picture. You like to think practically and are a keen observer. More often than not, you find yourself thinking about social issues and how you can help.

Interestingly, you do not make an effort to hide your feelings. In fact, you may even come off as blunt. Other people may not appreciate your detached and analytical tone and may think you are uncaring.

This assumption is farther from the truth, though, as you are straightforward and appreciate when others are as forthright with you.

Moon Horoscope – Libra

If you have a moon in Libra, you enjoy intellectual pursuits and have a fondness for beauty. Also, you work hard to maintain harmony and peace in your life. To that end, you are very considerate of others, and you usually defer to others in order to keep the peace.

If there’s one thing you can’t handle, it’s conflict. Because you have a more passive personality, you may struggle with dealing with strong personalities. You might end up making little lies or sacrificing unnecessarily.

All in all, you are very idealistic, and anything that seems off to you can bother you until you resolve these issues.

Zodiac Signs Moon Horoscope

Moon Horoscope – Scorpio

If you have a moon in Scorpio, your feelings are both strong and always in flux. This emotional intensity has both its pros and cons. Your chaotic energies drive your zest for life as you seek creative activities to express yourself.

Because you feel such intense emotions, you may have bouts of paranoia. You might have a habit of keeping secrets and being petty when you get into your moods, and you get into moods often.

While you tend to gravitate towards drama, you always strive to recreate yourself and rebirth yourself into someone new. You never want to be still, and you will always find some new way to challenge and excite yourself and others.

Moon Horoscope – Sagittarius

If you have a moon in Sagittarius, you may feel the need to roam and just do something, anything. You are bold, and your craving for freedom always leads you to follow your interests. While your interests may be fleeting, you can see beauty in all things and in all people.

However, you do not respond well when you feel tied down by anything. It may cause issues for you and your commitments. Additionally, some people may find you off-putting because your straightforward nature can sometimes come off as rude.

But as long as you maintain some self-awareness and that other people respect your boundaries, you bring joy and excitement to yourself and everyone around you.

Moon in Capricorn

If you have a moon in Capricorn, you are tough and take no nonsense from anything. You can dig deep and plow through your problems with sheer determination. Problems to you are simply things that need solutions, and you feel that fretting and worrying are a waste of time.

To that end, you deeply appreciate when life is good and strive to maintain the status quo you have created for yourself. Your innate stability makes you reliable, and those around you often trust you to be a grounding presence in their lives.

You may find yourself running out of patience when others are busy wallowing in their emotions, but it is what it is. Who knows, maybe some self-reflection can do you some good.

Moon in Aquarius

If your moon horoscope lies in Aquarius, you usually have a unique take on life. You enjoy being able to live life on your own terms. As a more intellectual sign, you have a tendency to analyze everything that intrigues you, including everyone’s emotions.

On the one hand, your perspective allows you to appreciate everyone as an individual. But on the other hand, your analytical nature sometimes makes you come off as cold and callous. Be careful that you do not reduce relationships into mere formulas and always keep that ego in check.

Moon in Pisces

Unfortunately, you can also be quite flighty, and you sometimes lose yourself in your own thoughts. While you have good intentions, your lofty ambitions can also cause you frustration. With that said, if you can focus your own energy, you can do a lot of good in this world.

If you have a moon in Pisces, you are sensitive to the emotions and auras of those around you. Because you are so in tune with these energies, you are extremely creative and excel in expressing yourself. Furthermore, you are kind and considerate towards others since you can empathize with them.


While often underlooked, your moon horoscope can be a big help in figuring out the different facets of your personality. Unlike the sun sign, your moon sign is the representation of your inner self.

Hopefully, you come out of this knowing a lot more about who you are and with an increased interest in astrology. When it comes to the stars, there’s always more for you to learn if you so choose.

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