A Peaceful Messenger: What to Expect from Mercury in Pisces

mercury in pisces

Pisces, the sign of creativity, imagination and kindness. Sensitive creatures, they keep to themselves and prioritize emotions, both for others and themselves. What happens when such a solitary, introspective zodiac sign crosses paths with Mercury? When the messenger, the planet of communication enters their orbit, what happens to the less-than-extroverted Pisces? What can we expect from Mercury in Pisces?

Are the two celestial entities compatible, or will Pisces struggle to keep their inner peace? How should we interact with Pisces during this period? What does it mean when Mercury is in Pisces? The interaction between the two is exactly what we’re going over in today’s article! Everything Pisces needs to know about this delicate period is all here.

Maybe you’re a concerned party: a Pisces or someone who knows a Pisces yourself. Or perhaps you’re a zodiac aficionado, looking to brush up on your Astrology trivia. Possibly, you’re just curious and this article has caught your eye. Whatever the case, we’re glad to go over this with you! So keep on reading, sit back, relax and most importantly, have fun!


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  • All the traits to expect from someone whose Mercury is in Pisces
  • People born under Mercury in Pisces
  • Dating tips for Pisces while Mercury is in your orbit
  • And many more…

Everything to Know About Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

Like we’ve said above, Mercury in Pisces means that Mercury is ‘in Pisces’ orbit’. But what exactly does such a thing mean? What about the phrase Mercury Retrograde in Pisces? Basically, this means that the planet Mercury has entered Pisces’ astrological zone, or the place in the sky that Pisces governs. We’ll explain that too, dear reader.

When we say the place in the sky Pisces governs, do you remember that each zodiac sign governs a given period of dates? Ancient astrologers have measured these dates based on the position of the stars in the sky, and we use it even today. When the planet Mercury enters the same position of Pisces’ stars in the observable night sky, that is the period we call Mercury is in Pisces. Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, on the other hand, is the time when Mercury, in its orbit, slowly leaves this region. But what do we expect from Pisces themselves while this period is active?

The creative and thoughtful Pisces, who have vast wells of fantasies, dreams and ideas in their heads, benefits from this interaction greatly. Mercury, named after the messenger god himself, spurs them on to communicate all of these. Pisces’ is more likely to express themselves during this time, and have quite the ideas to back up this expression. That doesn’t mean the interaction is perfect, as everything has a downside. It is stressful of course, in many ways, for the keep-to-themselves Pisces to do so.

The Traits of Pisces with Mercury

With the meaning out of the way, let’s talk about the kind of person Pisces becomes while Mercury is in their orbit! Does Pisces lose some part of themselves during this time? Which of Pisces’ traits strengthen? What holds them back from expressing themselves, and is Pisces still mostly introverted while the messenger is in their circle? Without further ado, their traits, below:

#1 Creative as Ever


This sudden surge of expression and communicative tendency doesn’t mess with Pisces inner world of wonder. Pisces remains the creative and introspective powerhouse of the zodiac, even as Mercury enters its orbit. In fact, while this happens, it’s arguable that Pisces becomes more creative. We’ll touch on that in particular later on down this list. This creativity extends to more than just their ideas, as well.

The messenger, Mercury, ensures that Pisces is creative in their approach to expression as well. Pisces is not only able to effectively communicate what they think. More than that, Pisces can creatively and excitingly share their ideas during this time. Like a storyteller, they can captivate those they share their world with. This is a great time for Pisces to get out of their box.

#2 Expressive

We already told you that Pisces would communicate better, right? But when we say expressive, we also mean in regards to Pisces’ emotions. Most of the time, they keep their feelings bottled up, and are instead sensitive and caring to those around them. During this time, however, Pisces tends to express the way they feel more than just sort it out in their own head. This is a great time for Pisces to let go of the emotional weight they carry around.

That expressive nature does have its drawbacks, however. Some people may not welcome just how much more expressive Pisces can get during this time. The sheer volume of emotional and introspective expression can overwhelm Pisces social circles. This doesn’t mean that we advise Pisces not to express their emotions in this opportune time. Instead, Pisces should find friends they can trust to have their back to talk to about their emotions.

#3 Immaterial

Pisces sudden ability to communicate doesn’t extend to their intolerance for small talk. Spiritually inclined, Pisces still avoids material and small-minded conversation like the plague. They would rather talk about their dreams, the stars and get creative. Pisces needs to surround themselves with like-minded, idealistic individuals they can express themselves with during this time. In order to foster their creative spirits, Pisces wants to and should remain interested in the bigger picture.

This doesn’t mean Pisces will avoid people who don’t share their wavelength, however. A kind soul at heart, Pisces will entertain anyone who needs someone to talk to. They’re just less vocal about their distaste for the little things. If you’ve got a Pisces who is currently intersecting paths with the planet Mercury in your life, try striking up deep conversations with them. They will appreciate you beyond what words can describe.

#4 Broadened Horizons

You remember when we said Pisces becomes even more creative during this time? Fostering their creativity through actualization and expression opens up new doors for Pisces. In essence, they become inspired during this time to create more, or deepen their creativity. This is a great time for Pisces to expand their goals. Pisces should never neglect their introspective side, especially during such a time that their creative energies are so high.

It’s a great idea to keep a journal during this time. Pisces should write their thoughts down after holding these deep, powerful discussions. Aside from another activity that fosters creativity, Pisces has the added benefit of examining their ideas more closely. Looking back at their notes and taking into account how others responded to their ideas will help them think up newer, better ones. This is Pisces time to create!

#5 Lovely Wanderlust


Perhaps Pisces gets more than just communicative expression from Mercury. Because, like the well-traveled messenger of the gods, Pisces suddenly wants to go out more during this time. The most likely reason is they want to meet people and talk about their ideas with others. What do we think about this? Go for it, Pisces!

This is a great time for the otherwise introspective and introverted Pisces to meet new people. Expand their social circles, experience new things and grow as a person. This growth and expansion will actually help Pisces achieve and actualize their dreams in the long run. Follow the stirring to adventure, and it will surprise you where that leads. Because it might just lead you to your dreams.

#6 Empathic Powerhouse

Pisces is usually at the very top of the list when it comes to signs that are sensitive, kind and empathetic. That of course, is because of Pisces impressive amount of emotional intelligence, and overall caring nature as a sign. While Mercury is in their zone, however, Pisces is even more empathetic. It’s more than just them communicating with the person they’re empathizing with, too. Here, Mercury’s ability to communicate and understand works in tandem with Pisces sensitivity.

Pisces is able to pick up on more than just verbal cues. They are masters of reading tone, intent and body language. Mercury, on the other hand, is the planet of communication. This extends to more than just verbal communication. During this time, Pisces is excellent at reading how others feel.

#7 Nonverbal Intuitive

Speaking of nonverbal communication, Pisces uses the same to make decisions. They read the room, and make decisions based on their gut. This has its share of positive and negative effects. For one thing, Pisces has great emotional and intuitive sense, meaning they usually make the right call. On the other hand, Pisces is easily perturbed by the emotions of those around them, whether or not that’s the majority.

We urge Pisces to use Mercury’s expressive gift during this time. Talk to people before making a decision instead of always just feeling everything out. Your intuition isn’t perfect, and you’re bound to make mistakes. Why not use the gift of expression and cover your blindspots, right? Step out of your own way and allow trusted friends and family to share in your decision process.

Pisces Born Under Mercury

To those Pisces born while under the influence of Mercury, you’re lucky! Pisces born under Mercury are very much both in tune with their emotions and great at expressing them. More than that, you don’t have the usual tendency of Pisces to escape reality in their heads. Being born under Mercury makes you in tune with the world around you, and grounds you in reality. All this while having the creative, idealistic optimism to see things in a positive light!

Romance Tips for Mercury and Pisces

Is this a good time for Pisces to find love? Well, for one thing, they’re certainly more charming than ever, now that they’re expressing themselves. Due to their aforementioned wanderlust, Pisces is also prone to going out and meeting new people. This sudden transparency can hurt them however, if they meet the wrong people. Additionally, focusing on one person may hinder their artistic growth.

For the Mercury in Pisces Man


Gentlemen, take heart! You’re more attractive than ever, now that you share your passions. Take care however, not to lead people on, even if by accident. Not everyone will understand that when you share your innermost dreams and fantasies, you’re not necessarily doing so with romantic intentions. Remember to set clear boundaries, and you shouldn’t run into any problems in your romantic or friendly relationships.

For the Mercury in Pisces Woman

This is a great time for you too, ladies! A sensitive, caring, expressive and creative woman is ‘wife material’ to most men. But take care not to share your deepest thoughts and fantasies to everyone, as some people may take advantage of your trusting nature. Remember not to look at the world through rose-tinted glasses all the time. Take care of yourself, and limit the people you trust. 

In Conclusion…

That’s all there is to know about the interaction between Mercury and Pisces! They’re a great pair, with Mercury bringing out the best in Pisces. This is the time for Pisces to get creative, meet new people and share their ideas. Pisces should exercise caution in making decisions and trusting others, but will otherwise likely grow as a person during this time. Remember to use Mercury’s gift of expression.

To end, we’d like to remind everyone not to lose heart if this doesn’t apply to you. The zodiac is not a perfect and absolute science. This is because every individual is unique, even among those who share the same sign. Ultimately, Astrology teaches us that the stars weren’t meant to control, but guide us. You are still the captain of your own ship, and the master of your fate.

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