Busting Myths and Learning the Truth About Mercury In Aries

mercury in aries

Does it come as a good thing or bad news when you have Mercury in Aries? Is it true that these people don’t really care about other people’s feelings? As long as they can give their truthful, unfiltered feedback in one powerful blow?

Not really. This is just one of the many misconceptions surrounding people with these placements. So in this post, we will shed light on your most burning questions and really understand- what does it mean when Mercury is in Aries?

We’ll also touch base on the following:

  • Is it difficult to understand the Mercury in Aries woman?
  • How well can you get along with a Mercury in Aries man?
  • What really happens during the Mercury in Aries transit?
  • Should you look forward to Mercury in Aries 2022?
  • What is Mercury in Aries meaning for love, life, and relationships?

Without further ado let’s go right ahead and see what it’s like when Mercury is in Aries!

What Does It Mean When Mercury Is In Aries? (An Overview)

Mercury is famous for being the planet of communication. Everything that goes on inside your brain, how you process information. How you use them to connect with people socially. It’s all related to this planet.

So what does it mean when Mercury is in Aries? It depends because this planet can be one sign away from a person’s sun sign. Either it can be a sign from the previous, or a sign after your sun sign. This can have a great impact on your communication modification. A huge part of how you express yourself to the world.

Mercury In Aries: Your Ambassador

Think of Mercury as your ambassador. Representing what is in your heart, your mind, your soul. It is what flows through you and is the essence of what connects you to other people in an air element sort of way.

Again, bear in mind that Mercury can be a sign away from your own sun sign. So let’s say you have Aries in Mercury but you also have a Pisces sun. This means you will be a more direct communicator compared to the typical Pisces sun.

The same thing goes if you are an Aries Mercury that has a Taurus sun. It may take you longer to react or process things just like a Taurus sun. Because Taurus energy could be a tad slower. 

Mercury In Aries: Quickfire

quick thinker

Considered in Roman Mythology as “ the divine trickster”. Aries Mercury does not only serve as your form of communication but also your sense of humor.

Quick thinkers, their brains are instantaneous and work as a rapid-fire. They have no qualms about making snap decisions just like a racecar driver would. Like a lightbulb in their head that lights up simultaneously.

Or for Aries Mercury kids you might get the impression that they have ADD. Because one moment they are into this, then within a few minutes they’re off to the next activity.

Mercury In Aries: Subjective Thinkers

Aries Mercury people usually think subjectively. Fire signs are very passionate, making their mental process exciting, just like their favorite sport. And it is because of this passion that they’re highly connected to their ideas.

So you will have second thoughts about fighting them on anything. Since they will have more than enough energy to go there to prove their point. You see they say what they think and mean everything they say. When they feel it they quickly go for it. More so if they have sun in Aries.

Unfortunately, this placement is not very fond of thinking things through most of the time, which can get you into a lot of trouble. Saying things that they can never be able to take back.

They can also be funny because they somehow think everyone thinks the way they do. Like sharing a great idea and feeling that rush of excitement. The adrenaline that floods through them, that most people don’t actually feel. So they’re a bit surprised when you don’t get all pumped up as well. Not as excited or as crazy as them.

Mercury In Aries: Interesting VS Interested

Yes, they do listen to other people’s ideas. But their minds could go wayward if the topic is not that interesting to them. Think of a rollercoaster having no tracks. Any moment they can grab onto something you just said, wanting to rip them into shreds.

Or it could be the exact opposite. Something you say might spark an idea within them. Inspiring them to invest their entire life into it. Which can be pretty dangerous because it’s like fiddling with dynamites.

Since their minds are so original. They consider themselves pioneers and trailblazers. So they will more likely pick risky ideas. Those people usually steer clear of. They will be more than happy to go for it.

The downside of this is they do not have an eye for detail. Nor do they have the patience to deal with this nitty-gritty stuff. Their minds are simply focused on being on track, in one direction, as quickly as possible.

Mercury In Aries: Love Them Or Leave Them

If you happen to fall in love with Aries Mercury you need to understand their language. Their thought process can be likened to flashes, fire, light, and energy. Everything comes in rapid bursts, constantly shifting, moving forward.

The whole trouble is, their brain works in only one direction, which is forward. This is one of the reasons why they’re not very good at handling criticism. Why? Because then they would be required to slow their race cars and drive backward. For them, that will never happen.


So the only workaround for Aries Mercury folks is to have trusted people who are more than willing to pick up these minute details for them. At times they could even appear manic because they cannot contain the excitement that they are feeling. It’s like a nonstop party with unlimited booze, fun, and music. Where curfew is totally unheard of.

Mercury can also explain their voice style: direct, loud, decisive, a bit exaggerated. People who don’t know them may think that they are being aggressive. When actually they’re just being playful.

It doesn’t matter how many times they try to pick a fight with their family and friends. In five minutes they’re gonna charm their way into your heart again. You will always know that they truly love you.

The Aries Mercury Man and Woman

Mercury rules two zodiac signs namely, Virgo and Gemini. Virgo is an earth sign while Gemini is an air sign. Depending on Mercury’s location in your natal chart, you will see how you express yourself in conjunction with what this planet rules over. Like how you think and communicate, for instance.

However, pay attention to whether or not Mercury was in retrograde at the time of your birth. Since this will alter how you express this planet’s placement. This manifests in different ways for different people.

For instance, the planet Mercury makes one a proficient communicator. But if it is in retrograde this person could be struggling in this field instead.

So now we are going to discuss the general traits of the men and women who have Aries Mercury placements in their birth charts. Bear in mind that this zodiac is a cardinal fire sign ruled by the planet Mars and with the ram as its symbol.

A Warrior Mentality

These men and women have a warrior mentality while oozing with passion and charm for life. For those who may not know yet, Mars is the planet of energy. Physically fuelling people to push through and take action in life.

Represented by the god of war, Aries people carry these traits well because this is their planetary ruler. Thus, for Aries Mercury, it means people having this placement have a strong and passionate mentality. Those who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in.

They are not scared to get into arguments and even enjoy the mental competition surrounding them. Although they may come off as strong and intimidating, these individuals really possess a youthful charm to them. Despite their warrior-like spirit.

It’s easy to think of them as violent or even barbaric. But really they’re more like babies. Aries is also viewed as the zodiac’s baby because it’s the first sign to begin the 12 zodiac cycles of each astrological year.

Excited With New Possibilities

Aries Mercury men and women love trying new things, going on new experiences. Somehow this comes from its cardinal energy, which means having an innate leadership quality to these signs. They are not afraid of becoming initiators.

excited with new possibilities

This placement is totally enticed by new experiences. Doing things they have never done before. Going to places they’ve never been, trying exotic foods and delicacies (at least once!) The cardinal energy pushes them to be self-starters, unmindful of other people’s opinions about them.

So they get really excited about these new possibilities that are dying to achieve. They will go on and pursue these various projects because they hate the feeling of not having any control over themselves.

No one bosses them around. They have a constant love-hate relationship with authorities since Aries Mercury will only move to the beat of their own drum. Unwarranted opinions, rules, and regulations do not really sit well with them.

Seeks Instant Gratification

Their thought processes are quicker than most people. They have this laser-like focus that gets them really hyped up over new things. Believe that pondering too long over one thing is a total waste of time. This makes them impatient and wants to seek instant gratification in almost everything.

They like “to do” instead of thinking about long-term consequences. These people believe getting started is the most important thing, they will deal with the various nuances later. And in a way, this is really a great JUST DO IT positive kind of attitude.

However, this is also a bit reckless of them. They might miss out on better opportunities that will serve them in good stead later on in life. Since they were too focused on acquiring this short-term gratification.

But once they strike the perfect balance their fire element has this really admirable enthusiasm in approaching life. Which makes them truly inspirational to others. Especially those who are feeling stuck, trapped, or unmotivated.

Bold and Relentless

Aries Mercury people are bold and relentless. Remember that ram representing Aries is forceful and courageous by nature. These traits are then channeled into Aries Mercury evident in their headstrong approach to life.

They will not give up without a fight, nor will they take no for an answer. Knowing that persistence is the key. Alongside hope and fearlessness. Being brave enough to pioneer new paths, perspectives, and ways of thinking for the rest of the world.

Just like the ram with strong horns, they will simply charge ahead with no questions asked. Something that can always be seen and felt when you are with Aries Mercury individuals.

Tips Of Empowerment for Aries Mercury

Here are some helpful tips for people having Aries Mercury placements.

Be 100% Passionate

Whatever you choose to do in life, you must be 100% passionate about it. As mentioned previously, seeing things through can be challenging. Since you can lack attention and commitment to any specific endeavor. This may lose you great opportunities and people along the way.

Before you choose to pursue something, make sure it’s really what you want. Ask yourself if you like it because it’s new, or is it something that really fuels your soul? You have to find a way to keep your mind interested in whatever it is you are doing.

Find joy in the everyday mundane tasks. Dedicate your everyday routine to things you love. Something that gets your creative juices flowing, your energy pumping. Find a way to get the active mental stimulation that your body needs.

Channel Your Mental Energy to a Physical Outlet

regular physical activity

The planet Mercury deals with infinite mental processes. Thus, these individuals can have lots of inner chaos going on inside of them because of their fire element.

Therefore, you need to find a way to channel this energy outside to clear your mind and body of the inner chaos that’s going on. This can be in the form of regular physical activities that will allow you to release great amounts of stress and tension. Needless to say, everyone is different. The important thing is to find that outlet to help calm and soothe you on a daily basis.

When Mercury Transits In Aries

Finally, you might be wondering what happens when Mercury transits in Aries. This planet will transit the zodiac Aries on April 8, 2022. It will stay in Aries until April 25, 2022, then will transit in the zodiac Taurus.

Mercury will be transiting from the watery sign to the fiery sign. Thus, the result is quick and spontaneous. So things put on hold can now push forward. Pursue new ventures. Or revisit your plans on investing in fixed assets and accumulating wealth.

This transit of Mercury gives you the supportive time not only to start a venture but actually succeed in it. The planet will definitely play a major role in this transitional phase. You will feel it influences your way of thinking and communication. It will also enhance your confidence, wit, humor, and talents. Good luck!

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