Master Number 11: Numerology of “The Psychic Master” and Meaning

master number 11

The master number 11 is something special. It is quite unique in that it can be rare and powerful. There is just so much that it can bring in! After all, it isn’t called “master number” for no reason at all. If you happen to come across this multiple times you are in luck. But before you burst at the seams with excitement, you need to understand things first. So, for all intents and purposes, what is the master number 11? And what even is a master number anyway?

What is a Master Number?

A master number is a single digit number that has been “mirrored.” For an ordinary person, this means that the number has been doubled. As you might have guessed, the number’s powers increases. But there are only three master numbers in existence. These are 11, 22, and 33. No other numbers have the same potency as these three. When someone has any of these in their chart, they are in for a wild ride. And for today’s topic, master number 11, things are looking up for those blessed by it. In order to maximize its blessings, it is thus important to understand what it is all about.

What Does The Master Number 11 Mean?

The master number 11 is all about transcending human boundaries. It means connecting to your inner self. There is a reason the words “psychic master” is on the title! This master number intends to tell you that you must connect to the spiritual realm. It will be the way for you to discover the truths about the universe. This can then guide you towards the right path in living the good life.

It also tells people to open themselves to more possibilities. There is just so much that the universe can open you up to. As you explore everything, you will then come to have clarity of mind. But rather than lose hope, the master number 11 tells you to take heart. There is nothing for you to be afraid of. Yes, things are getting tougher than ever before. And yet, the master number 11 urges you to keep on moving forward. All the hardships you will be encountering only means that you are getting closer to your goals. You just need to have more faith in yourself.

What Is The Master Number 11 Meaning To Say?

If the master number 11 graces you, you are in luck. You have been spiritually blessed in ways that no one can ever measure up to. Among these is having psychic powers. You are now sensitive enough to know the workings of the world. It can be quite terrifying to have these gifts, though. But you have that gift for a reason. You are to be the light that people need in their life.

The Positive Meaning of Master Number 11


You must have faith in your own abilities. Trust in your gifts, and in the divine that gave them to you. Listen to your inner voice. You have the ability to change not just your life, but also that of others’. Let your psychic abilities heal the world around you. The master number 11 has chosen you, and you are to embrace it wholeheartedly. When used correctly, your powers will never let you down. Make the most of what you have and what you are. You will never regret answering your divine calling in the first place.

Be flexible enough to embrace what the world is telling you. Have empathy to the people you are to serve. Do not be blinded by earthly things. Always go back to the divine gift that the master number 11 gave you. Be confident that you can get things right back on track. It might take some time, but you need to be patient. Working hard constantly and consistently will certainly make all the difference.

The Negative Meaning of Master Number 11

But as you embrace your true nature, you must be aware that there are forces out to get you. As a psychic, you will be highly sensitive. You know almost everything that is happening. This can be a recipe for disaster! The things that you will sense and come to know can be too much for one person to bear. It will certainly take a toll on your well-being. If you keep on pushing yourself, something bad is bound to happen. You will slowly lose your grip on reality. By extension, you will lose control over your own abilities.

As you slip away from your true self, you will start hurting yourself. Getting into self-destructive acts such as having addictions can be one of them. Drinking, smoking, and other similar acts can certainly mess you up. The physical damage will extend to the mental and spiritual. Your previously strong psychic powers will diminish greatly.

In order to prevent this from happening, you need to take care of yourself. Yes, you have a higher calling. Your calling is to be the light of others’ lives. But you are also human. Having a strong support system will do you wonders. Being with people who understand the weight of your duties can help you cope. If you think that you have been working too much, take a break. You will be able to get right back on track soon enough. Just remember that you cannot help others if you cannot help yourself.

Is Master Number 11 Rare?

As implied by its name, it is rare. Too few people have the master number 11 in their numerology chart. Far fewer will even encounter this as part of a cosmic message. But one thing is for certain. Those who are chosen have a journey ahead of them. It will not be easy, though. But in the end, it will benefit not only them, but those around them. Now, how can you be certain that you have the master number 11 in your life? Look no further, as here is a brief rundown all about this.

Your Birthdate Is On The 11th

11th day of the month - master number 11

This is the easiest way to gauge the presence of the master number 11. Those born on the 11th day of the month are unique. The psychic influence of the master number 11 is quite strong on these people! While its effect can vary depending on the season, it is always present. No matter what happens, though, have the assurance that you have the master number 11 in your life. You have a particularly clear mind, and a powerful intuition. Use that to your advantage, and make great things happen!

The Number 11 Shows Up In Your Numerology Chart

By far, this is the most accurate way to gauge the presence of the master number 11. If the number shows up, then you are in luck! It can be a bit hard to get, though. Although there are numerology chart generators available online, having a professional numerologist is still far better. Indeed, numerology uses basic math. However, a numerologist can take other nuances into consideration. Once the presence of master number 11 is validated, you can see how it influences your life.

You See The Number 11 Constantly

Now, this can be a bit questionable. Coincidences do happen. If you see the master number 11 a handful of times, you can’t be too sure. But if this comes up even in unusual places or moments, then maybe something really is going on. Pay attention when the master number 11 becomes increasingly prevalent. When it does, go consult a numerologist or a psychic. They can help you determine what is happening.

What Is The Master Number 11 Compatibility?

Now, those with master number 11 may be healers, but they are also humans. They also want companionship in their life. Being able to sense all sorts of things can just take a toll on someone. If they have the right person (or people) by their side, things can be a bit more bearable. But how do they add up with other numbers in the numerology chart? Read on to find out!

Master Number 11 and Number 1 Compatibility

As said earlier, the master number 11 is a stronger version of the number. This is because it is mirrored- doubled and enhanced. But number 1 is logical and intelligent in its own right. One can certainly say that they are too concerned with rationality that they become unemotional. For the empathic and psychic master number 11, they are a bad match. It is a relationship bound to end in a disaster.

Master Number 11 and Number 2 Compatibility

These two numbers are great communicators. Because of this, they will be able to get along well! By being honest with their feelings, they are aware of each others’ concerns. This can help them establish a strong relationship founded on trust. Stability and commitment will be easier for them to give to one another. 

Master Number 11 and Number 3 Compatibility

couple enjoying

Both of these numbers are full of energy. Thus, people with these two numbers are bound to enjoy each other’s company. But they are not for the long term. If anything, they are best suited as friends or even as a short-lived fling. The happy go lucky nature of number 3 will not sit well with master number 11. This might even become a point of contention between the two of them.

Master Number 11 and Number 4 Compatibility

Being rational, number 4 would want to follow reason as much as they can. This is in direct contrast to the intuition that master number 11 has. It goes without saying that any relationship between these two numbers is bound to end badly. The emotional disconnect will take a toll on them, and ruin whatever it is that they have started.

Master Number 11 and Number 5 Compatibility

Things are going to start nicely between these two. After all, they are both in tune with their feelings. Unfortunately, number 5 has a rather reckless nature. This will not go well with master number 11. The latter has a sense of duty as a healer. When their relationship goes longer than it should’ve, disaster is sure to happen.

Master Number 11 and Number 6 Compatibility

These two numbers complement each other nicely. Number 6 is a good listener, and eager to open itself- with the right encouragement. On the other hand, master number 11 is emotionally in tune and spiritual in nature. When these two meet, they are able to hit things off easily. Number 6 will come to learn how to be a bit more idealistic, dreamy, and eager for the future. Master number 11 itself will be a bit more grounded, and feel more validated as a person.

Master Number 11 and Number 7 Compatibility

Number 7 can be quite a tough nut to crack. They are not big on relationships, and even less eager to open up. Their tendency to overthink and mistrust other people are among their biggest character flaws. This disables them to connect with the other people around them. But master number 11 can work wonders with these people. A great relationship is bound to flourish from this meeting, provided that number 7 cooperates.

Master Number 11 and Number 8 Compatibility

dating couple

Balance can be found in this relationship. They complement each other in every way possible. The emotional side of master number 11 will go well to the stability and grounded nature of number 8. This relationship will allow both sides to shine bright in their own right. With the support that they have for one another, they are bound to create an amazing dynamic unlike any other.

Master Number 11 and Number 9 Compatibility

Although this pairing has great potential, the end will not be great for them. Both of them have fine tuned intuitions and high hopes for the future. But number 9 tends to be selfless to the point of martyrdom. Master number 11, on the other hand, is emotional to the point of being controlled by it. Taken together, they will grow to resent each other. 

Master Number 11 and Master Number 11 Compatibility

Who can understand the master number 11 best? Why, it is another master number 11 of course! With the knowledge of their nature, it is no surprise why these two will go together.

Master Number 11 and Master Number 22 Compatibility

Commitment is important for these two people. However, they have different love languages. Master number 11 is emotional and eager to show it. Master number 22 is a bit more reserved. But their eagerness to communicate will make all the difference! The care and concern they have for each other will blend perfectly. This can then form a foundation of a relationship unlike any other.

Master Number 11 and Master Number 33 Compatibility

Trying to make this relationship work can be quite a piece of work. For one, these two appreciate honesty and commitment. However, expressing their feelings can be quite a hurdle. After all, they want harmony in their bond. The microaggressions that they won’t admit can then lead to resentment. If they are really into each other, they have to work through their problems for their relationship to work.

Closing Thoughts

The master number 11 is quite a potent number. It means a higher form of intuition, and an empathy for everyone. Those blessed by this number are quite rare, but they are quite unique individuals who are in tuned by their emotions. However, they can be easily worn down by the things they will come to know. After all, sensing almost everything and anything can wear someone’s emotional stability down. But with the right people, master number 11 can pull through. It will not be an easy journey. But, they just might be the right world healers that they have always been meant to become.

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