Libra Scorpio Cusp: The Cusp of Drama and Criticism

libra scorpio cusp

Going through “diva” moments is a normal part of human existence. However, there are those who are naturally predispositioned to be drama itself! Those born during the Libra Scorpio Cusp are among those who live with and for the chaos. In fact, they like to say that they don’t look for drama, it’s the drama that finds them!

What is the Libra Scorpio Cusp?

The Libra Scorpio Cusp, also known as “the Cusp of Libra and Scorpio” or stylized as “Libra-Scorpio Cusp” is a special transit. This is when the Zodiac signs of Libra and Scorpio meet. Think of it as the transition period from one sign to another! During this time, the traits of these signs seemingly melt together. This can then result in a mysterious and dangerous combination. Since Libra is an Air sign and Scorpio is Water, you can expect trouble. It would be as if a hurricane just came and bulldozed everything to the ground!

When are the Libra Scorpio Cusp Dates?

As said earlier, the Libra Scorpio Cusp is the transition period. Because of this, this event happens around October 19 – 25 every year. Those that are born during this time would then end up inhibiting traits from these two Zodiacs. 

What is the Libra Scorpio Cusp Personality?

For starters, those that are born during this period are quite mysterious. This can then attract the attention of the people around them! As expected, those born in this time are very secretive. They hardly ever talk about themselves, yet they are able to draw people in. These individuals are irresistable, and would not stop until they achieve what they want. They love being in control, and would cause quite a scene if things turn out unlike the way they envisioned.

It also goes without saying that these people can easily get jealous. But they also recognize that unwarranted jealousy can create trouble, so they keep it in control. They would then choose to use this energy to pursue great things. But their egoistic self can also prove to be a hindrance. It takes time for them to learn to be humble, and they struggle on how to live out this value.

Like any other human, those born during the Libra Scorpio Cusp have their strengths and weaknesses too. Here is a rundown of these traits:


  1. Sensitive

Because of Scorpio’s influence, these people feel things more acutely. Even if others do not notice sudden and subtle changes, these individuals do. With this, they become more able to adjust to the situation they are in. They are then aware of whatever it is that the people around them want or need. 

However, this also makes them unaware of their own needs. Anyone will be able to see the irony, but they won’t. The people born during the Libra Scorpio Cusp find it difficult to actually know what they feel. This can then result in them becoming lost and confused about what it is that they desire.

  1. Romantic

Venus rules Libra, while Mars rules Scorpio. Both planets rule emotions, especially love and desire. When people born on the Libra Scorpio Cusp fall in love, they do so deeply. They want to experience all the best that love can offer! After all, there is no other emotion that truly makes life worth living.

Of course, they also reciprocate the effort that they receive. They won’t hesitate to give all of themselves to the person they love! For them, love is something that should be shared with many. When they see this go around, they feel like they were able to contribute something beautiful to the world.

  1. Spiritual

It is not just emotions that people born under the Libra Scorpio Cusp feel deeply. They are also able to feel the universe more deeply than most. With this, they feel drawn to things and methods that have them immerse their souls fully. This is not just for the sake of them feeling a sort of urge. It is also a result of them having a natural desire to know the ultimate truth.

This also means that their souls are not easily satisfied. Despite this, their excursions open their mind to the beauty of the world. Their journey is something that may take decades, even the entirety of their lives. No matter how long it may take, what truly matters for them is that they made an effort. In one way or another, they feel even more connected to the world.

  1. Charming

Owing to their mysterious air is their ability to charm others. No matter how much people want to resist them, they are still desirable. It is no surprise, considering the traits of the Libra Scorpio Cusp! Wherever they go, they are sure to catch the attention of many.

Of course, they are aware of this and they will not hesitate to turn this into their strength. They know that they will be able to achieve things through seducing the people around them! But even when they are not consciously charming others, they would end up doing so. They could sit down in one place and everyone will be gasping and losing their minds!

  1. Intelligent

Part of being able to adjust to any situation is making the most out of anything one has. This is what makes Libra Scorpio Cusp natives unique. They are able to turn even the most dire situation in their favor! If a solution is in need, you can bet that these people can think something up. After all, they see potential out of every circumstance they’re in.

But intelligence is not just being mentally smart. It also entails having emotional quotient or EQ too. With their ability to feel things deeply, this is no problem for these people. They are able to navigate rocky emotional storms easily. This can then allow them to prevail no matter how tough their situation may be.

  1. Diplomatic

Negotiating is important for people born under the Libra Scorpio Cusp. As said, when they want something, they’ll do everything to have it! However, they are also aware that some things can’t be theirs through brute force. With this, they conduct talks whenever they can. This is no problem with them, as they can just charm their way through!

But they use this strength for noble purposes too. When they see trouble brewing, they won’t hesitate to mediate. Violence may be something they are not adverse to, but they want to minimize it at least. For them, nothing in this world can’t be done without talking. And judging by the way things work out well for them, then perhaps they are right.


  1. Cynical

It goes without saying that Scorpio’s influence is strong for those born under the Libra Scorpio Cusp. They see so much of all the things that’s going on in the world, they’re like veterans at this point! With this awareness comes cynicism. They don’t see the point of certain things, and even shut these down entirely. Sometimes, they can be pessimistic about certain prospects, too.

With these, they become the unwanted party poopers. They end up discouraging even those that have high hopes about something! Combined with their ability to talk their way through people, they can convince others. Their hopelessness and negativity permeates everything they say and do, and as a result others imbibe them too.

  1. Sarcastic

Having quick wits is an advantage. However, this can also be one’s weakness. This is true to Libra Scorpio Cusp natives. When they get themselves in a roll, they become tactless and hurt others. They also end up insulting others needlessly.

This can also be a result of their impatience. They snap easily, and thus, they end up manifesting the worst of themselves. When they deem that they are not being sarcastic enough, they get even worse! Even when others are telling them to stop, they will take it as a sign to keep on going. 

  1. Judgemental

When something does not pass their standards, those born under Libra Scorpio Cusp become judgemental. They easily get disgusted by the people they deem uncomely! When the opportunity arises, they will then end up giving their unsolicited opinion. It can then harm their relationships, even with those whom they have known for a long time.

Such behavior puts them at odds with other people. They can even act like they did not do anything wrong! For them, when the person they judged gets offended, the other party is just being a wussy. This can then cause rifts to appear between the Libra Scorpio Cusp person and the other party. 

  1. Isolated

Although they are good communicators, they have a penchant for isolation. When a person born under Libra Scorpio Cusp feels like they don’t fit in, they shut everyone out. This induces a sense of loneliness in them. It can also prompt them to dislike others for no reason.

This trait is also present in their personal habits. They tend to do things that are relatively uncommon or unorthodox. When others call them out for it, they feel insulted. This prompts them to be stubborn and do even worse than they did before.

  1. Harsh

As expected, when a Libra Scorpio Cusp native feels all sorts of negativity, they become harsh. They would lash out on literally anyone! These bursts of emotion can range from them just yelling, or worse, being violent. When held accountable, they just wave off the other part as just “being dramatic.”

It can affect not only their relationships, but also their own well-being too. This effectively puts them in opposition with everything and everyone around them. With this, it is important that they learn how to control themselves. Along with this must be a willingness to be accountable for their actions.

What are the Libra Scorpio Cusp Compatibilities?

Despite their shortcomings, those born under the Libra Scorpio Cusp are good romantic partners. As said, they are very good communicators. They use this to their advantage through establishing stable and committed relationships. Even if they can be quite on the rough side, Libra Scorpio Cusp natives are loyal and honest. Their intense personality would then work well with the following natives:

Aries Taurus Cusp

It may sound like the start of a bad joke, but Libra Scorpio Cusp works well with Aries Taurus Cusp. They complement each other on the Zodiac wheel. With these, a relationship between people of these two cusps is almost perfect! However, this can also mean that their negative sides will also fuel one another. 

However, when they are determined to improve together, magic happens. They become more self-disciplined and in control of their emotions. Together, they can learn how to become more mature. It will also give them more motivation to strive for stability and be more practical in addressing problems.

Leo Virgo Cusp

They may oppose each other, but Libra Scorpio Cusp blends with Leo Virgo Cusp. Both cusps are passionate, and put an emphasis on appearing elegant at all times. However, they can be quite pretentious, too. They wear a mask in an effort to hide their true selves.

Despite the potential for a good relationship, they often fall through. With this, they must learn how to be honest with each other. It is also important that they set aside superficial things. When they come around doing so, their partnership would then improve.



Among all placements in the Zodiacs, Libra Scorpio Cusp is best with Gemini. Their relationship will be full of love and understanding, making it stable and for the long term. The companionship that they can offer one another is no doubt one for the keeps. 

But this does not mean that everything is perfect. These two tend to lie to one another for the sake of creating the “perfect” relationship. It can then lead to cracks appearing in their bond. Thus, they must learn how to be authentic in everything they say and do. With honesty and genuineness, they can then create a deep and meaningful partnership.

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