Libra Negative Traits: The Sign’s 10 Worst Qualities Listed

libra negative traits

I think we can all agree that no one is perfect. As such, it should come as no surprise that even one of the kindest zodiac signs has a darker side. There are negative Libra traits just as there are negative traits for every other sign. We’re not here to discuss if Libra negative traits are any better or worse than the other signs. What we do want to ask is if you’re familiar with just what Libra’s negative traits actually are.

Libras are famous for having a particularity towards balance and justice. They can’t make up their minds and can appreciate beauty. Additionally, Libra is particularly known for being kind. Libra negative traits however, are much less known. If you’re unfamiliar with the negative traits of Libra, you’re in luck.

We’ve compiled a list detailing the bad side of Libra, and not necessarily to badmouth them. In fact, we want to help people understand Libra’s limitations, and that includes Libra themselves! Whether or not you’re able to craft strategies around these darker behaviors, learn to manage them or simply accept and become patient with them is up to you! At the end of the day we believe that knowledge and understanding brings people together. Read the article below, and find out:

  • How bad is it? Libra dark side and nature explored!
  • Among the Libra negative traits, which is the worst?
  • Libra: more harmful to others… or themselves?
  • And many more!

Libra Bad Traits: A Comprehensive, Detailed List

The seventh sign of the zodiac hides a dark side like the rest of us. In order to truly get to know Libra, we need to understand their strengths as much as their weaknesses. It’s what makes a person whole: the good and the bad. Strangely enough, knowing a person’s bad sides can mean that you get along better. You learn to respect the subjects that are touchy to them, and avoid doing things that especially hurt or anger them.

That’s the reason we’re going over this list. Libras: learn your weaknesses, and as we’ll detail in this article, overcome them. Friends of Libras: learn the battles they fight, be there for them! Don’t shy away from the dark side of Libra, never forget the axiom: ‘If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best!’ Without further ado, Libra negative traits, listed below:

#1 Can’t Seem to Make up their Minds

Libras have a compulsive need for balance and a powerful sense of justice. They are literally represented by the scale, after all! However, this obsession with balance often means they can never quite sit comfortably. They’re not exactly two-faced like Gemini, but Libras can’t help but to go back on their decisions. This is very irritating if you don’t share this airy sign’s spontaneous nature.

Worse than that, it can get downright chaotic when a Libra becomes confused and undecided. Unable to form strict commitments and bent on maintaining a balance, Libras are hard to read and harder to pin down. Our advice to Libras? Justice also means giving everyone a fair share and staying true to your word. Balance also means placing as much importance on honoring your commitments as you put on staying undecided.

#2 Can’t Stop Overthinking

balancing- decision making

Like we said before, Libras are extremely indecisive creatures. Here we’re not going to look at their indecisiveness, but the trigger. Sure, the obsession with balance is the root cause, but that only leads to another among the Libra negative traits, which is overthinking. In their quest for balance, Libras will spend hours or even days debating the smallest decisions. All this in an attempt to weigh the scales in their lives properly.

For example, if you ask Libra to hang out, it can already lead to overthinking. They’ll wonder if they’ve been neglecting their other friends. Next, they might wonder if they should invite you instead, if that’s fair. Libras: in spending so much time debating in your own heads, you end up not balancing anything in your life. That’s because very little is actually done in the process!

Our advice to Libra? Step outside your own head. Stop worrying so much about balance! Life has a way of working itself out if you try to live with kindness and grace.

#3 Can’t Help but Appeal to the Crowd

Libras are notorious people pleasers. We all know Libras as a kind, loving, peacemaking sign. The problem is that sometimes, Libra does this to appeal to a larger crowd. Not to the point that they cave into what everyone wants, because that’s just not what an air Zodiac sign does. They do, however, make decisions that ensure everyone else is happy… at the cost of their own happiness.

Compromising your own happiness causes more harm than good. We’re not just talking about harming yourself. In the long run, stepping aside for everyone else can cause feelings of bitterness and resentment, which shows up eventually. Here, Libras should play into balance. You can’t always please everyone.

#4 Can’t Face their Problems

Everyone has problems. What makes Libran’s so special is how they confront theirs. A Libra will never confront their problems head on, and instead drown in self-indulgence. Partying too hard, drinking too much, and loving too freely. These are the go-to solutions of a Libra towards any of their problems.

We shouldn’t tell people how to cope with pain, and certainly it’s alright to cut loose and have fun. However, this being the default response of Libra towards anything is a rather negative trait. Imagine a Libra hurt your feelings, and when you confront them about it, they drown their guilt in liquor or something similar. Additionally, there is a little truth in the saying that if you live fast, you die young. Libra needs to control their hedonistic tendencies in order to take care of both themselves and their relationships.

#5 Can’t Help but Seek Pleasure

Very closely related to the last entry, a Libra can’t help but to seek joy and pleasure. They are the biggest-pleasure seekers in the Zodiac, taking in all the Universe has to offer. Living and enjoying life to its fullest might sound great, but this hedonistic nature is uncompromisingly selfish at times. When you focus too much on your own pleasure, you don’t leave any for anyone else.

A bigger problem is that they don’t worry about tomorrow. Maxing out their credit card doesn’t scare them. Remember what we said about living fast? Libra needs to slow down and find compromise, balancing joy and responsibility. Libras tendency to accept everything the world has to offer needs tight control, otherwise… they become carried away by the current and lose everything. 

#6 Can’t Help their Superficiality


Libra might champion kindness and beauty, but that beauty is usually only skin-deep! Among their worst traits, Libra usually places a little too much importance on superficial beauty. They love the exterior attributes of people… but also objects. Wasting money on expensive clothing and fashion, brand new gadgets and the like is very telling of Libra’s superficial nature. This contributes to their usually already dangerous spending habits.

Their friends feel alienated and judged by this. It doesn’t do their finances any favors either. Aside from having negative consequences for their wallet and bank account, Libras superficiality is also harmful towards themselves. We urge Libras to look towards inner beauty, and imagine that this too, is a sort of balance. Because of their overly superficial nature, Libra often holds themselves to the same unrealistic standard.

#7 Can’t Control their Temper

Libras might love justice, but they often mistake revenge for just that. It might be difficult to see a Libra as vengeful. However, in order to maintain balance inside and outside themselves, Libra will often find vindication for others’ wrongdoings on them. For Libra, revenge is the only way to achieve a satisfactory, balanced output. The worst part about this, is that this revenge often has no deadline.

When you do a Libra wrong, they never forget. They will plot out their revenge towards someone, and wait for the perfect moment (in line with their overthinking nature). So literal years may pass before suddenly, out of nowhere, Libra takes revenge on something you may have already forgotten, ruining an otherwise perfect outing. Libra needs to realize that this can seriously hamper interpersonal relationships and foster trust issues among their loved ones for them.

#8 Can’t Help but Demand Control

It’s very well-known that Libras are among the calmest and most peaceful signs in the horoscope. What’s less known, is the lengths Libra will go in ensuring this peace. Libras are control freaks. They disguise this control, avoiding conflicts and becoming manipulators in the process. Not everyone wants peace all the time, and certainly not everyone loves to live inside the perfect world Libra is trying to create.

Libra, however, refuses to accept this. They impose their desires on everyone around them, even ready to impose their opinion as the only opinion. Libra believes, in all their overthinking, that their solution is the most fair and balanced solution. In their mission to remove imbalance, they end up suffocating their friends and family. Libra needs to let go of control, and seek balance in other ways.

#9 Can’t Stop Beating Themselves Up


Being too hard on themselves is a Libras go-to for their mistakes. They spend most of their time thinking about this, as they spend most of their time overthinking everything. Despite this, Libra rarely puts in any effort to change these negative traits. They think beating themselves up is already enough, because they spend so much time feeling sorry for themselves. Libra will instead throw a pity party if you continue to bring up their faults.

The victim mentality they take often leads to Libras just… feeling sorry for themselves. Their inactive nature takes over and ruins everything for them, and their friends. Our advice to Libra is to clean up their act, and actually do something about their mistakes. They spend enough time in their own heads, and should focus on action.

#10 Can’t Rely on Them

We already talked about how Libra can’t make up their mind. So this, coupled with the fact that they are a floaty, flaky air sign, means that their unreliability should come as no surprise. But aside from standing people up, this unreliability can also come in a more irritating form. Libra refuses to support you in a fight.

Because Libra loves to avoid conflicts, they will float around the issue. Instead of backing your cause, they try being there in a more emotional support sort of manner. Being neutral is not a sin, of course, but sometimes you should stand up when you’re being bullied, or notice someone being bullied. Libra, however, refuses to do that! They overthink at first, then try to justify the issue at hand, for the sake of justice and balance.

This unreliability hurts their friends and family deeply. Libra needs to learn to stand up for others and for themselves. Being kind also means stopping that which is unkind. Justice means giving everyone what they deserve, and sometimes that means justly shutting someone down. Your family and friends will thank you for sticking up for them.

Wrapping Things Up…

We all have our faults. Hopefully, this list of Libra negative traits serves not to demonize Libras, but instead to humanize them. Too often, we unfairly hold them to the standard of the kindest, most peaceful Zodiac sign. They can make mistakes as well. Libras aren’t perfect, and we should help them with their weaknesses the same way a kind Libra would help you with your own.

Don’t cut ties with Libra just because of these flaws, either. Cutting toxic people out of your life is a good thing. But when you find that you keep cutting people out before trying to help them, that might mean you’re the toxic one. Use this list as a guide to help Libras with their weaknesses. If you’re a Libra, reconcile with your faults and try to do better.

This list isn’t meant to demoralize Libras either. Even if you find that you have all the faults listed here, don’t lose hope. While the stars influence our nature, only we as people have true control over our lives. At the end of the day, all we can try to accomplish is being better versions of ourselves than what we were the day before.

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