Leo Spirit Animal: Understanding the King of the Pride

leo spirit animal

Everyone has a spirit animal. We all claim to share feelings or admire a quality of ourselves reflected in Mother Nature. But what exactly is a spirit animal? How do we know we’ve got the right one? Unsurprisingly, we turn to astrology for the answer. Many zodiac signs already have an accurate animal symbol to their name. Everything in the Universe is spiritually linked in some way. We can find echoes of ourselves: from other animals to what’s written in the stars! 

To start things off, we’ll be looking at the lord of the savannah, the king of the jungle, Leo. Lions are the Leo Spirit Animal. Proud to a fault. Powerful, confident and in charge, we can easily see the similarities between the animal and the sign. In this article, we’ve compiled a key number of these similarities so you can come to know them yourself! Get up close and personal. Meet the Lion, the Leo Spirit Animal!


  • Apex Predators: the Lion as a Spirit Animal
  • Positive qualities of a lion as leo’s spirit animal 
  • Negative traits of the spirit animal of the leo sign
  • And many more…

The Lion, Loud and Proud Spirit Animal for Leo

Lions are powerful beasts, rightfully named the Kings of the Jungle. Synonymous with royalty and courage, the Leo spirit animal is a natural leader. Naturally dominant and aggressive, Leos like Lions take charge in both interpersonal relationships and workplace affairs. They are leaders of the pack, and admired for their fighting spirits.

Leo is a fire sign. Coupled with their leadership qualities, this is both good and bad in many aspects of life. For example: like the lion, a Leo is dauntless when protecting its pride. But this inability to back down can come back to bite Leos and the Leo Spirit Animal. In this article, we’ve listed some more attributes native to Leo. If you’re a Leo yourself, read on to find out every aspect yourself, good and bad. Manage your weaknesses, bask in your strengths.

The Lion is a Fighter

Anyone who knows a Leo can attest to their warlike nature. As the spirit animal of Leo, lions are just the same. Since ancient times, lions have appeared on the coat of arms of various militaries. This is a testament to the warlike nature of a lion. The apex predator of many environments, lions frequently exercise their power to protect their pack.

Having a warlike nature can be a good thing, when used to protect your loved ones. But frequently, this fighting response can actually hinder your relationships. Our advice to Leo’s finding themselves isolated or unappreciated despite their passion for loved ones, is to choose their battles. Not every situation requires a violent response. Fight for those who need you. Otherwise, take a note from the King of the Jungle, who sleeps a whopping twenty hours a day. When your strength is unnecessary, save it, hang back and relax.



As we mentioned above, Leos are usually the dominant parties in a relationship. Lions have a clear social hierarchy. Having a lion spirit animal means Leo loves being on top. Usually, this comes naturally to them as well! Lions don’t need to prove they’re the best, there’s a primal instinct that motivates the way they move and act. Others pick up on this energy, and respect them. This dominance can be attractive and even comforting for some. 

But for others, they will see you as egotistical. Let’s face it, Leo’s do have an ego. That’s alright, having self-confidence and loving yourself is healthy. But when you bring out unhealthy competition or become marked as a bully, slow down. You don’t need to have it all, and you’ll find that not everyone wants a commanding presence in their lives. Again, take it from the King of the Jungle. There’s only one lion for every pack.

Loud and Proud

The egotistical Leo loves the limelight, and the adoration of his or her peers. This ego is actually a driving force for Leos. In the same light as a lion, this craving for positive attention actually drives Leos to succeed. They become a source of inspiration. A positive force in others lives. Concerning yourself with how people receive you is a good thing. But obviously, this ego can also be just as damaging both to others, and to Leos themselves.

It’s very easy to burn yourself out. When you devote your entirety to pleasing others, or receiving positive affirmation, you risk losing yourself. Not only that, but too much of an ego will only bring you negative attention. You’re instead seen as overbearing or full of yourself. Remember that the lion does not feel the need to brag. The apex predator is comfortably sitting atop the food chain, and only uses his strength when he needs to. There will come a time for you to roar.

The Lion is a Social Animal

The clearly defined social hierarchy of a lion is more than just a climb for power. Lions are among the many social animals found in the wild. They do everything in packs. Hunting, sleeping, even eating together. Leos are just the same. They love being a part of large social circles, and are usually the life of the party.

We can hardly say that this is a negative thing. Surprisingly, though, being overly social can still turn into a problem. While it’s great to bring joy to others and find happiness in friendship, Leos need to prioritize themselves as well. Getting in touch with yourself is an important way to prevent inner turmoil.  When we find peace with ourselves, we can bring peace to others. We need to learn to spend time alone if we want to spend time with other people.

Playful and Energetic

Did you know that male lions become separated from newborn cubs? When a lioness gives birth, she does so away from her pride. Lions are overly playful, and will often injure newborn  cubs simply because of it. Leos are just the same. Because of their overabundance of energy, when Leos have nothing to fight, they bring this out in play.

life of a party

Leos love joking around with friends, and are the life of a party. You will notice, however, that more introverted people do not always appreciate the energy Leo brings to the table. A Leo once again needs to exercise care about who they might hurt in their simple ‘play.’ Oftentimes mistimed or misinterpreted jokes can hurt feelings. Sometimes, everyone just wants to chill out.

The Lion’s Roar

A lion’s roar can be heard up to 5 miles away. It says a lot about the zodiac sign when the Leo Spirit Animal is the loudest in nature. Outspoken and passionate: words usually describing Leo. They are usually the first to speak up when something needs speaking up about. Friends of Leo will always appreciate the fact that Leo is willing to make the first step in solving a problem.

It’s much less appreciated that Leos will butt into affairs they are not welcome in. Something a social creature like the lion and a passionate fire sign like Leo does not understand. Fire spreads, but should never spread over boundaries. People don’t always want you to fight their battles, or even join in. Unsolicited advice is a quick way to ruin relationships. Leos need to learn when to roar, and when to be silent.

Leader of the Pack

Lions have always been regarded as a symbol of royalty and leadership. Look no further than Richard Lionheart, a King of England who used the lion as his symbol. Just as well, Leos are natural leaders. In friend groups, Leo’s often call the shots, and enjoy a position of authority and respect. There’s a danger in this, however. 

Overinflated ego is a weakness many Leos have. A leadership position is just the ego boost a Leo needs to step over the line. Just like a Lion, Leos will feel as though they deserve the lion’s share in everything. Simply, they feel as though their opinions and decisions are more important than individual feelings. A good leader listens to their people, and is less of a shot-caller than a voice for those who cannot speak. It may surprise Leo, what they can accomplish when they step back every now and then to let others pitch in.

Fierce Protector

Lions protect the members of their pack. Lionesses hunt in groups to protect each other. Male lions protect a pack at rest. Leos are just as protective over their loved ones. This is in line with their passion, leader-like qualities and fighting spirit. It’s always nice to feel as though someone has your back, and Leo is just the friend you need for that.

However, Leos can also be overprotective. Maybe they’re channeling their spirit animal a little too hard, here. Leos need to remember that while society has its predators, it isn’t the savannah! They don’t need to fight so hard or watch so closely. Sometimes they come off as overbearing, or suffocate their loved ones by protecting them from things they can handle. Worse still, if they misconstrue an innocent person’s intentions and hurt someone they don’t need to.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight


Remember when we talked about Lions sleeping for over twenty hours? Leo is usually the life of the party, and known for their energy. But when they crash, they crash hard. You’ll never find an object more at rest than a sleeping Leo. Leos can relax just as hard as they party, and have a calming presence to be around. They know how to let loose and chill.

Knowing how to rest and relax is a good thing. But do you also remember when we talked about how Leos burn themselves out? Leo has a tendency to overachieve and spread themselves thin. Because of this, when they relax, they are in danger of falling into a rut. They withdraw from social situations and ‘let themselves go.’ Leos need to work hard, but also play hard.

Good and Bad Traits of Lions as the Leo Spirit Animal

We’ve talked about Leo’s characteristics that they share with their spirit animal, the Lion. To really know Leo, and help Leo master themselves spiritually, we need to digest these properly. Now let’s summarize the good and bad traits mentioned above for Leos to watch out for.

The Good

Leos are fighters. Brave and passionate, they won’t back down from a fight. They are natural leaders, and overly social. Inspiring and a driving force for positivity in others lives. Playful and the life of a party. They fiercely protect their friends. Leos know how to both relax and have fun. Friends and family appreciate the energy they have when caring for their loved ones. Outspoken and proactive individuals, Leos lead the charge, doing what needs doing. As a fire sign, they spread warmth and passion.

The Bad

Leos can pick too many fights, often more than they need to. Often in leadership positions, they feel as though they deserve the royal treatment. But an overinflated ego and sense of self just makes them look like circus lions rather than kings of the jungle. They can end up burning themselves out rather easily. A fire sign also needs to watch themselves carefully. If they burn too bright, or spread past boundaries, fire can be just as destructive as it can be comforting.

To Sum it All Up…

In conclusion we can see that Leos, like their spirit animal, are outgoing and passionate creatures. Leos can look to their spirit animals for guidance. Lions: confident and strong, but they also know how to lay back and take it easy. Leo should exercise caution not to spread themselves too thin. They should also avoid fighting too many battles, or a battle they don’t need to fight at all. In the end, it’s up to Leo to follow in the footsteps of their Universally aligned King of the Jungle spirit animal.

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