What You Need to Know When Dating a Leo Man In Love

leo man in love

Opinionated, open, and oozing with self-confidence, dating a Leo man in love can be a daunting task if unprepared. Some people find them too much to handle, and their confidence can sometimes be mistaken for arrogance. But once you get to know them, you will discover that they are some of the most tender, devoted, and loving creatures on this earth. Thus, answering the question, how does a Leo man behave when in love is not only a luxury but a necessity if you want to stick it out with them for the long haul.

In this post, we will answer that question and a whole lot more, including their strengths, weaknesses, and how to make Leo man fall in love with you. We’ll also touch base on the following:

  • How to know the signs a Leo man is falling in love with you
  • What to do with all these Leo man in love signs
  • Learning all of the Leo man in love traits
  • How to handle a Leo man falling in love
  • Understanding a Leo man at his best and worst times

So let’s go ahead and discuss how does a Leo man behave when in love and everything else in between!

How Does a Leo Man Behave When In Love?

One thing great about dating a Leo man in love is that you will never have to play the guessing game. You will know how they feel and their intentions loud and clear, right off the bat. But they are naturally charming and social animals that it’s sometimes hard to know if they are interested in you, or you’re simply star-struck, like everybody else. So here’s how to make that distinction.

You Are Showered With Affection

This fire element will come at you at full speed overflowing with love and desire. Once they find the right person for them, they have no qualms about expressing this affection in a fiery hot way. It’s so intense it’s like being in a movie. We’re talking about candle-lit dinners, gifts that come out of the blue even if there is no special occasion, and the romantic out of this world kind of dating adventures.

No Need to Beg for Their Attention

Leo man in love is a far cry from dating other zodiacs. There is no need to beg for their attention. If any, you might even feel a bit smothered because they are so into you that they can’t spend lengthy amounts of time without you by their side. Leos themselves thrive in the spotlight and truly enjoy being the center of attention. Thus, he has no problem doing the same thing for you.

He will pay close attention to everything you say and do and will show great interest both in your personal and professional endeavors. You may be surprised that he remembers the name of the client you closed an amazing deal with, or remember your fur baby’s birthday.

You Will Always Feel Special

Unlike other signs where you feel they’re in a yo-yo mood about their feelings about you (today they like you, tomorrow they don’t), you will never have to worry about this with a Leo because they will always make you feel special. There is no need to second guess if you’re the only special person in their life (romantically speaking, of course). You will always be seen, supported, and appreciated by a Leo man.

Leo Man In Love Wants to Know the Real You

If there is anything a Leo man in love hates, they are phonies and two-faced people. They don’t want you to put up a front just because you want to impress them. When they choose you they want the real you which includes your good, bad, and even ugly side. Because guess what? They too are full of flaws and imperfections!

You Are Always Included

When a Leo man is serious with you, you will feel unmistakenly part of his life. You are always included in his plans for the future, his travels, and his interests, and introduces you to his friends and family. He wants the world to know that you are his, and he is yours. The Leo man will never make you feel insecure or out of place.

Leo Man In Love: Strengths

There is more to these Leo men than meets the eye. Underneath their bold and outgoing personality is a dedicated and romantic person who can turn the simplest of romances into a magical ever-after. Being with a Leo man can be both exhausting and rewarding at the same time because of their strong personality. So here are some of their strengths to give you a fair heads-up.


This is one of the first things you will notice with a Leo man in love- he is incredibly charming. It is one of their most prominent traits, thus, they have no trouble fitting in with any social group because of their friendly and easygoing personality. They can easily adapt or adjust to any situation. Leos can quickly charm their way into your immediate family and close circle of friends because they make it super easy for you to like and love them.

Hopeless Romantics

Leos are not afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeve, despite the risk of being hurt and broken time and again. They want it all or nothing at all. It may not seem that way at first glance, but they are perfectly capable of being overly eager in their relationships. Showering their partners with love and appreciation in countless ways possible.

couple - weekend getaway

They will go out on dates, more so on special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. Fancy reservations, weekend getaways, lavish gifts. For them, it is a two-way sword- being able to spend time with you and bask in the awe and approval of people who know the two of you. It may seem selfish, but the Leo man doesn’t care as long as you enjoy your time together.


The Leo man is known for being overly ambitious. He is relentless in his pursuit of happiness and success. The same thing goes for his romantic relationships. If they want you, they won’t easily take no for an answer. They won’t stop until they have exhausted every imaginable effort to win you over.

Also, you can’t help but be influenced by their drive and determination to succeed, wanting the same for your own life. So for those looking for something very solid and stable, look no further. The Leo man is there to answer the call.


Have you ever dreamed of being spoiled rotten in a relationship? A Leo man will indulge you happily! These zodiacs love to pamper, and nothing gives them the satisfaction of seeing you smile, or giggle with glee and excitement at what they have prepared for you. Leos are extremely generous people with big hearts. They love to share and make sure the people they love are happy and comfortable. Leos pull all the stops when they know what they’re about to pull off will give you tremendous pleasure and satisfaction.

Leo In Love: Weaknesses

The Leo man is hands down one of the most fun zodiac signs to date because of their confidence and charming nature. But behind closed doors, they tend to be insecure and clingy, among other less appealing traits. So if you’re dead-set on spending the rest of your life with a Leo, better know their dark side as well. This way, you know what to do on your part to de-escalate and not worsen any situation.

Loves Drama

They bask in being in the center of attention, and sometimes they couldn’t care less if the attention they are getting is good or bad. Needless to say, having good attention is better, but they won’t think twice about exploiting a situation if this could grab people’s attention and have a problem fixed. This zodiac gravitates towards drama and if the argument takes place in public, they make sure they get all the attention they need. Sometimes this need makes them exaggerate or even fabricate scenarios to make their stories more interesting or impressive.


couple - disagreement

Cool, calm, and confident on the outside, but things may be quite different if you try and take a peek within. Leos can be insecure when it comes to their relationships. Not that they believe their partners are naturally unfaithful or will cheat on them the first chance they got. But what makes them feel insecure is when they are not treated like they’re your number one.

Since they put on crazy amounts of effort to make you feel happy and satisfied, they expect nothing less from you. They expect everything to be reciprocated and wants constant affirmations and reassurance that they are valued and appreciated by the person they love most.


No one’s better at an argument than the zodiac Leo. They can turn anything into an argument even when it’s unnecessary. This doesn’t mean that they want to hurt your feelings but end up doing so anyway. It’s because they are extremely stubborn and domineering and they love to be heard every time, all the time.

This gives out a negative impression to people, making them seem like a big show-off, which at times, they are. Making concrete arguments is good, even helpful during intellectual debates or discussions. But they need to reign in this urge if they don’t want their romantic relationships to go down the drain.


Being a fire sign makes Leos very moody and temperamental. Yes, they do have self-control and won’t fly off the handle without a valid reason. However, when they are triggered by their pet peeves, it may be better to duck and take cover. They have trouble letting things go and can take offense to things and situations even if none was meant. The consequences may range from harmless and amusing to full-blown fights. Thus, Leo needs to control their emotions better and if they want to get better, seek help with anger management.


There is nothing more that makes a Leo happy than enjoying the good life, which means they could have a pretty expensive taste when it comes to material things or experiences. Take note that we have nothing against luxurious living, so long as you can afford it.


Leos tend to splurge on unnecessary things. On food, money, places. Money that could have been saved or invested is mindlessly wasted. Of course, who doesn’t want to receive a very nice and expensive gift on their birthday or wedding anniversary?

The trouble is, Leos do this for themselves and their loved ones on a whim. They need to control themselves and be responsible if they don’t want to get into financial woes in the future.

Things You Should Never Say to a Leo

If you want to keep the peace in your relationship, try your best not to say these things to a Leo.

“This is not about you”

Leos are often misread as being egotistical, and admittedly, there are times when they are. But blindly accusing them of making things about them without hearing their side of the story is unfair, and they will be sure to tell you about it.

“You’re lying”

When you accuse a Leo man of lying when they are not, you can be sure trouble will erupt. Leos hate liars because they believe in total transparency and honesty, especially with the people they love. So unless you have proof, never say this to a Leo man.

“You’re so full of yourself”

Leos are known for being confident and self-assured, so those who wish to put a dent in their ego will say this to them. Yes, insecure people might find it uncomfortable to be around them, but there is no reason to. Having a Leo friend is great because they love to lift people and will always say encouraging things to make you feel better about yourself.

“Didn’t notice you were there”

Regardless if you’re just teasing a Leo or honestly did not see them, don’t say this to them. Leos spend a lot of time and effort looking for themselves and their partners. So telling them you couldn’t spot them in a restaurant or a crowded event is not a good thing. The best thing to do? Just zip it.

“Your friends matter more than I do”

Leos don’t necessarily believe in the saying that ‘blood is thicker than water’. Bonds and loyalty come at a price, and Leos would not give it to you automatically, you have to earn it. This is the reason why they are fiercely protective of their close friends because before they earned Leo man’s loyalty, their relationship has been tried and tested through the years. Unfortunately, you have to earn it the same way. Just because he’s dating doesn’t mean you no longer need to earn his respect and loyalty. It doesn’t sit well with everyone, but it is what it is.

“I can’t stand your independence”

Leos are fiercely independent people, and if you are too clingy, you will only end up pushing them away. They don’t think they’re required to check in on anybody daily, whether friends, family, or romantic partners. This zodiac knows its place in people’s lives, they know people who matter love, and care for them. Thus, the Leo man expects them to know he feels the same way about them too.

“You’re a chicken”

Telling a Leo man that he’s a coward is no good. When Leos don’t have the time or energy for an argument or a fight because they have more important things to do, they will simply up and leave. Some interpret this as cowardice. But don’t make the mistake and never push a Leo man to his limits. Things can get pretty messy when these lions are severely provoked.

Leo Man Compatibility

If you wish to date a Leo man, you need to be confident, bold, and independent. You can’t be slow on the pickup or else you will be left behind. Leos are looking for equals, not someone to babysit 24/7. Thus, these are the best zodiac match for a Leo man.



Nothing compliments a fire sign better than a fellow fire sign, which is the case for Aries. Both signs complement each other. They live a purpose-driven life and are not a bit scared of going after what they want. Aries and Leo are passionate, self-assured, adventurous, and fiercely loyal to the people they love.

Their relationship can be one of the most passionate and stable relationships among the zodiacs. This power couple has the world at their feet. Their road can be bumpy, with some jealousy and possessiveness getting in the way. But both signs are mentally and emotionally resilient and they can quickly bounce back from any conflict. They rise stronger than ever.


This match can either go uphill or downhill, depending on how they handle it. They love to have fun, discover new experiences, and live the life to the full, no matter what. But at the same time, they both love their independence and love doing things as a couple and as individuals. So they won’t feel controlled or smothered.

The thing is, these signs can be so independent and individualistic at times that they may unknowingly be ignoring each other’s needs. Lack of communication may also arise, even if Geminis are known to be excellent communicators. Thus, this couple needs to reach a balance, a common ground between giving their partners space and also being there for each other, especially during challenging times.



Leo and Sagittarius have a lot in common. Both are self-assured, independent, adventurous, and compassionate. Personality-wise they are very much alike, but their tastes are polar opposites.

Even if both signs enjoy treating themselves every so often, Sagittarius can’t comprehend what is so amazing about fancy dinners or branded clothes. Consequently, Leo can’t stand the thought of spending an entire week being out camping in the woods.

Thus, both need to find a happy middle ground. They need to have activities they could do on their own, then take turns choosing activities they would do as a couple. For instance, maybe they could go camping just for the weekend instead of a lengthy seven-day adventure. Once they achieve this, anything is possible.


No one gets a Leo as much as a fellow Leo. They have the same wants, same priorities, and even the same goals in life. The whole trouble is, they also share the same dark side and weaknesses. If they could safely navigate through their issues and arguments and find a realistic solution, this couple will be unstoppable. Sure, they will clash now and then because of their strong personalities, but in the end, nothing is impossible when they truly love and respect each other.

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