How Lucky Can You Be When You Are A Jupiter In Libra?

jupiter in libra

You shouldn’t be anything but ecstatic when you find out you are a Jupiter in Libra! Why? Because the Jupiter in Libra meaning is nothing but good news. There is nothing left to do but thank your lucky stars for bringing in such good fortune! In this post you will discover why this is such,  as well as have a deeper understanding of the following:

  • What does Jupiter in Libra mean for love, life, and career?
  • Is it better for Jupiter in Libra man to be single or married this year?
  • What is one of the most lucrative sources of income during Jupiter in Libra transit?
  • Why Jupiter in Libra means a lot for your business
  • What does the future hold for Jupiter in Libra woman?

Is it a positive or negative thing when Jupiter is in Libra retrograde?

Jupiter In Libra Meaning: An Overview

Jupiter, being the largest of all planets is associated with tremendous luck. It is also famous for bringing people good fortune and abundance. It’s all about an individual’s higher mind, exploring one to delve deep into grand truth, philosophy, religion, and truth. This planet of expansion, optimism, and growth does nothing but amplify the characteristics of the sign it is in. Thus, you can expect Jupiter in Libra to not only be prosperous but a harmonious period as well.

You will feel a sense of calm and serenity when enormous Jupiter moves over intellectual Libra. Jupiter’s loud and contagious energy is tamed by Libra’s cool and collected disposition. Known as the sign of equality, balance, and fairness, Libra jives perfectly with Jupiter’s engulfing presence. This is a good opportunity to create and build better relationships in our lives. Even if you’re not exactly feeling passionate all the time, you should make room for peace and open communication.

Jupiter In Libra In Brief

Style: Serene and trustworthy

Top Qualities: Brilliant, encouraging, and balanced

Weaknesses: Sensitive to conflicts of interest and negative opinions

Advice: You can’t please everyone, so might as well be yourself.

Celebrities: Alan Rickman, Jennifer Aniston, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Natalie Portman

Basically, the goal of people who have Jupiter in Libra is for everyone to get along. It’s also popular for being the planet of intensive soul-searching (i.e. what is the purpose of my life?). Associated with the 7th House, Libra upholds solid relationships. As well as cooperation with the people around them. Thus, those born during this time will prioritize relationships during its transit.

These individuals focuses on finding their life partners above anything else. Even if they have to search the whole world like a Nomad for it, so be it. They don’t mind being with someone from a different culture or background. This kind of variety only adds color and excitement to their relationships.

Libras fight for peace and justice, something which is very obvious judging from its scales representation. Jupiter is the perfect partner to enhance such conviction. They will not stop until everyone can enjoy fairness and equality in this world. So it’s very common to see them working and taking part in important causes like the civil rights movement and the like.

When it comes to their preferences, you will know right off the bat that they love refined and expensive things. Antiques and other rare collectibles are their passion. Once they have achieved the perfect balance in their life, they will make it their personal mission to help others achieve the same thing. This is the reason many of them end up as life coaches or counselors.

The Vibrant Personality of Jupiter In Libra

vibrant personality of jupiter in libra

Jupiter in Libra has a great impact on their personality. Not only are they beautiful inside out. But they are also always warm and stylish creatures who love to dress up and keep a beautifully furnished home.

People love them for this. And because they’re also very charming and kind, they end up having meaningful conversations with everyone. Which makes their friendships and connections even deeper and memorable. Oftentimes, people go to them to straighten out conflicts, even family feuds. They don’t take sides and listen to everyone involved.

Because Libras believe in equality, Jupiter is a great help in expanding in this direction. They bring peace wherever they go, so it’s no surprise they make the most effective lawyers and politicians around. Libras lend their voice to the less fortunate, fight for the rights of those who cannot. Selfless and compassionate, they tend to put others’ needs above their own.

Jupiter in Libra is loving and supportive by nature. A lot of people tend to take advantage of their kindness if they are not vigilant enough. And even if they know it’s the right thing to do, it’s still painful to cut ties with these people for good.

Luxurious living brings them joy and satisfaction as nothing else can. So they have to be wary about their spending. Keeping track of their finances may be a challenge if they go on a shopping spree on a whim without even thinking about it. There is nothing wrong with wanting and appreciating the finer things in life. But if you’re spending more than you are earning, that might become a problem in the long run.

Jupiter In Libra Meaning In the Workplace

Workwise, they work best in pairs. This is the reason why architects and engineers are a force to be reckoned with because their eye for style is simply impeccable. Their precision to detail also makes them superb writers and editors. But the bottom line is that they are their best when collaborating with other great talents as well.

One of the most endearing things about them is their willingness to compromise. Even if they feel strongly about something, they also take other people’s opinions into consideration. They enjoy working with people from various cultures and backgrounds because they learn a lot from the process. So it’s no wonder that they never run out of friends and nor interesting experiences to talk about.

Jupiter Libras bring out the best in others. And because they have a strong belief for justice and diplomacy, their contribution makes this world a better place to live in. As far as their love for the best wines, exotic foods, and classical music goes, let them have it. They surely deserve every bit of it!

How to Handle Balancing of Needs

Injustice is totally out of the question. Jupiter Libras will never entertain trivial reasons or objectification either. Thus, people who were born during this transit have the highest chance of success if they stick to these principles they strongly believe in. No matter what the cost. Regardless of their chosen field, they need to bear this in mind when coming up with a decision.

It can be difficult watching them agonize over the pros and cons of a circumstance. They won’t give their final verdict unless they know there is no other way to come up with a better solution. It’s possible to change their minds multiple times. Review all the repercussions to make sure the least damage is done, especially in worst-case scenarios.

They love people so much, and this love is always reciprocated. Faithful family and friends are always in abundance. Nothing makes them feel happier and content than seeing their loved ones safe and comfortable.

jupiter libras extend help

Jupiter Libras extend help long before you even ask for it. They are also extremely forgiving and tolerant, even with those who speak ill behind their back. Contributing to society and expressing their creative side is when they shine brightest.

However, there are some negative traits that might get in the way of their growth and development. Sometimes they forget to keep their ego in check. And even when they don’t mean to, they can still come out as snobbish or even condescending. They make up for it though by bringing out their caring, sociable and funny side when it counts.

There is no wasted opportunity with these people. To them, there is no such thing as mistakes, only lessons learned. No matter how grim things seem to be, they always manage to look at the brighter side, the silver lining in every situation. The good even in the worst kinds of people.

During their weak moments, they can be full of themselves which prevents them from having sound judgment. It is important therefore that they are around people they can trust. Those who can be totally honest to them and tell them what they need to hear. Suck-ups are a big no-no for these people only look out for themselves. They don’t really care what’s going to happen to you.

The Jupiter Libra Man

You can rest assured that this man will treat others as his equal. He will have a strong but flexible role in the family, at work, and in society as a whole. From birth and all through his adulthood, he will keep his mother in high esteem, who happens to be a strong-willed feminist. If you insist, he will allow you to take half of the bill when you’re dining out.

However, that gracious and extravagant Jupiter may also come into play. He would also like to be a real gentleman. A great lover who has no second thoughts about spoiling his partner with gifts and his undivided attention. Of course, reciprocation is much appreciated.

For the Jupiter Libra man, trust begets trust. This is of utmost priority in any relationship. Trustworthy people are the biggest turn-on. More than beauty or brilliance, if you are not trustworthy, you are not worth his time of day. This man is the most attentive lover you could ever find. Jupiter plays a big role here. If his partner appreciates him for his honesty and sincerity, then you’re in for the most wonderful and magical love of a lifetime. 

The Jupiter Libra Woman

The Jupiter Libra woman breathes energy from all her valued relationships. She makes it a point to form the kind of bond and intimacy that is one of a kind. This woman enjoys sexual intimacy very much. But for the most part, she values mental and emotional compatibility even more.

Planet Jupiter helps her to be more generous and hopeful. While Libra gives her a strong sense of equality and justice. She never runs out of ideas on how to make the world safer and fairer for everyone.

jupiter libra woman - teamwork

She is an awesome homemaker. Everyone enjoys respect, dignity, and equality. It is tantamount that every member of her family feels valued, never neglected nor abused. Anyone who crosses the line is put in their place until they learn their lesson.

Family is all about teamwork. There is no such thing as a ‘free lunch’. You have to deserve and work hard for everything you get in life. that is the core value she imparts to her family.

The Jupiter Retrograde In Libra

Life takes a slow turn as Jupiter turns retrograde. When this colossal planet travels back into the sky, you will find yourself taking the time to sit back and reflect. Important questions will confront you. Where are you right now? Are you taking the right path? Is this really where you are going?

When Jupiter is right above you, you are full of optimism and excitement. A retrograde however is a good opportunity for introspection. This is when you give yourself affirmation that you are truly working hard into achieving all the right and important goals in life.

During this retrograde consider all the relationships you have in your life. Do you consider them healthy? Or is there a sense of imbalance? Are the people in your life making you a better person? Or a devious one? What is their purpose in your life? These can be hard and painful questions to face. But there may be a need to cut ties with people who do nothing but drag you down.

The Jupiter In Transit

For those with families of their own, this transit will make sure this is an enjoyable period for you. You will remember this great time with your kids. They will be your source of ultimate joy and happiness. For those planning to expand your family, this year is the ideal time to start.

Those who are looking for better income streams, speculative trading might be a good idea to try. So long as you play by the rules and are sure to remember all the corrective measures involved. Do not invest blindly in any new investments. The potential loss may come your way if you do.

For those single ladies and gents out there, this year could be your time to seriously mingle and finally meet the right one. Perhaps you’re still on a long journey for a career or business. This may tear you away from your potential soulmates for a while. Make sure to maintain that connection as they await your return.

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