Tips on How to Shuffle Tarot Cards for Beginners 

how to shuffle tarot cards

Tarot cards have been great tools for tarot readings for many years now. Moreover, the cards provide guidance and enlightenment to a person. Tarot readers often use these as guards to enlighten people about their love life, career, finance, and life in general. If you are a Tarot reader or have plans to be, it is important to remember that there is a way to effectively shuffle cards. This article will walk you through how to shuffle tarot cards. 

Tarot card reading is more than just flipping through cards and having your customer pick some from the deck. There are actually correct ways to do it and so we will teach you how to shuffle tarot cards. 

As you scroll through this article, we will walk you through the following talking points:

  • How to shuffle tarot cards for the first time
  • Choose the right tarot deck for you
  • Tips for first-time tarot readers
  • Pros and Cons of Tarot Cards

How to Shuffle Tarot Cards for the first time

As a beginner, it can be hard to create a connection with your cards. That is why, here are ways on how to shuffle tarot cards.

  1. Open and cleanse the new Deck

When you get a new tarot deck or even one that is already a pre-loved deck, make sure to give them a good cleansing. Moreover, you can use a palo santo or sage. The reason for this is to get more accurate results and readings. 

  1. Hold the cards and think deeply

Before you do anything else, it is vital to take a moment and think deeply. This is what people call imprinting. Do not just shuffle the cards immediately, it is important to feel and be in your zen as you ask your questions to the cards.

  1. Focus on the question and shuffle the cards

This is where intuition comes in. Using tarot cards is all about feeling what you think is right. Moreover, keep thinking about the question you want to ask when shuffling your cards. 

What you can do is divide the cards into sections and start from there. Furthermore, different people have their chosen ways of shuffling cards. You should do it in a way that’s comfortable for you.

  1. Draw your cards

In drawing your cards, you can do the three-card-method reading. In this method, you are to divide the deck into three piles. 

The first pile resonates with a person’s past or what they have been through. The second pile is all about the present while the third pile is about the future. Furthermore, there are other ways to draw your cards, it depends on how it works on a person. 

These are only some of the few ways on how to shuffle tarot cards. Moreover, it still takes tons and tons of practice to get used to it.

Choose the right tarot deck for you

Before learning how to shuffle tarot cards, you have to first choose the right tarot deck for you.

  1. Your Tarot Deck should speak to you
choosing a tarot deck

Choosing a tarot deck is more than just picking a random deck from the shop or online. Moreover, choose a tarot deck that speaks to you or something that you are drawn to. There are different ways a deck can speak to you, two of them are through style and symbolism. 

Furthermore, decks can have themes that either relate to you or themes you’ll like. There are even cat-themed tarot decks for cat lovers out there. Tarot decks do not always have to be old-fashioned, you can add a little bit of fun.

  1. Make sure it’s a Tarot Deck

There are a lot of spiritual card decks. Moreover, you have Lenormand Decks and oracle cards.  In order for you to start reading Tarot cards, you have to make sure you have tarot decks. 

A Tarot card has 78 cards in general. However, there could be 79 or 80 depending on the card deck. 

  1. Choose System Rider

Tarot decks are not always similar to each other. Moreover, they have their own system rider. There are three different system riders like Rider Waite Smith, Marseille, or Thoth Tarot Decks. 

The Rider Waite Smith tradition is the most common out of all system riders. It is when images of the tarot cards are more illustrative. Meanwhile, The Marseille, which originated in France, uses simple pip cards which makes it hard for rookies to use. And lastly, the Thoth Tradition is both esoteric and metaphysical in ideas. Moreover, it makes use of Astrology and Kabbalah.

  1. Private and Public Tarot Decks

People start learning about tarot card reading to either do their own readings or read for other people. If you plan to start reading for other people, it is better to purchase a new tarot deck for them.

  1. Tarot Deck Sizes

Explore different Tarot Deck varieties, they even come in different sizes. Moreover, you can choose between oversized and miniature sized decks. The oversized cards make the images clearer. Meanwhile, the miniature cards are more compact and portable.

  1. Tarot Deck Variety

Tarot Decks do not only have size differences, they also have certain varieties that are in connection with the feeling they give off. There are decks that give of the vibe of compassion and kindness. Furthermore, there are also decks that value truth and frankness. 

  1. Buy Your Own Tarot Deck

Some people believe in the superstition that your tarot cards must be given to them. However, unbeknownst to other people, Tarot Deck cards can be bought. The cards are only there to provide guidance. Moreover, they do not hold any power, it is you who holds power.

Furthermore, it doesn’t really matter whether you bought your card or someone gave them to you. What matters is you know the power that you hold. 

Tips for first-time tarot readers

tarot deck
  1. Use a preferred card deck 

The advantage of being able to use the deck that you want is that you feel the connection. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if the deck was given to you or not. All it matters is there is a connection that draws you closer to your Tarot deck. 

  1. Make the cards your own

To be able to feel the intense connection, make the cards your own. You can make yourself be at peace with your cards’ presence by shuffling them. Touch your cards often to transfer your energy to your cards. 

  1. Take it easy

Reading tarot cards does not have to be instant. When you first bring your card deck home, it is important to be familiar with your cards. Moreover, you don’t have to get into it immediately. 

Reading Tarot cards is a continuous learning process. It is a skill that you have to master. There is more to it than just memorizing what each symbol means. Tarot card reading is making and finding a connection. 

This can be extremely hard for someone who is a beginner. However, there will be no progress without practice and familiarity. 

  1. Learn each card’s meaning

Each tarot card has its own meaning. It is important to be familiar with the meanings of each card for your interpretation to be fully related to yourself or the person you are reading the card for. 

Of course, it is essential to leave room for your own interpretation. Every card reader has their own interpretation of what a card means. 

Each tarot card have different meaning that depends on how and where it shows as you do your spread. Moreover, there are instances that uncertainties arise during your reading. Do not panic when this happens and trust your own intuition. 

The cards’ have different keywords with different meaning, the key is to look closely at both names and illustrations of the card and check which one has the strongest connection to you. 

One practice you can start doing is choosing one card everyday and try to practice your intuition with it. In addition, it’s also a good idea to write down the meanings of cards so you can go back to it later.

  1. Learn a simple card spread

A card spread refers to how many cards you read. If you are a beginner, do not attempt to read a spread with 10 cards. Moreover, as a beginner, it is enough to start with 3 guards because even those 3 can tell a story. 

The problem with starting with a big spread is that it will be hard for you to focus on small details. Furthermore, it’s always good to start small. 

  1. Do a Tarot reading on yourself before anyone else

Have you ever heard of people saying you cannot read tarot for yourself? If you have, good news is it’s not true. As a beginner, it’s good practice to start reading tarot for yourself. 

As you practice, it is perfectly okay to go over your journals and books for guidance. Practicing on yourself can help you get a hang of the skills before you try it out on other people. Practicing on yourself can also help you be familiar with it without having to look at your notes.

Pros and Cons of Tarot Cards

pros and cons of tarot cards

All things have their own pros and cons. As a beginner tarot card reader or even a professional, it is vital to know about the Pros and Cons of Tarot Cards. After you learn how to shuffle tarot cards and are already ready to try it out on yourself or people, remember that you have a being responsibility,


  1. Tarot Cards are great sources of insight regarding a situation. You can help determining what is going on during a certain event. However, the insight you are asking should be specific. 
  1. Another advantage of using tarot cards is that you can get an insight of the future. However, this does not mean that the future is certain according to the card. Moreover, you still have the power to influence your future. The cards are just there to guide you. 
  1. Do you ever feel like something is way off than usual? Or something is too good ot be true? You can use tarot cards to help guide you in understanding the current situation or what you are feeling. 
  1. Tarot cards help you enhance your intuition and abilities. Almost everyone has psychic abilities, there are just others who know how to use them. You need to practice your abilities to further improve them. 

Tarot cards are your tools in developing yourself and your skills. Do tarot reading everyday so your skills will be exercised.

  1. Lastly, Tarot cards can help you determine lessons, especially in life. The cards help give you a clearer picture of what you should do, how you should do it, and how you can improve it. 


Now that we’ve established the pros, let us head over to the cons of Tarot cards. 

  1. Misreading tarot cards can become chaotic. When you misread a card, it can bring confusion. Moreover, it is important to be familiar the meanings of each card to avoid reading and interpreting it incorrectly.

The dangers about misinformation is that the person you are reading for may use whatever information they acquired in the wrong way. Always be careful when reading and interpreting the cards. 

  1. Scams are still everywhere and not all people you meet are real psychics or tarot readers. Tarot cards can be used as a tool of deception especially into scamming people for a tarot reading. 

Often times, these scams can lead to misinterpretation of cards and misinformation. Again, misinformation is highly dangerous when used by individuals because it can cause harm. 

  1. Cards do not always tell all things are good. There are readings that will have adverse events. Always prepare yourself for bad experiences that you could read in your card spread. Reading tarot cards is not just about having a good insight of the future, it’s also about preparing yourself for bad scenarios.

What’s the importance of knowing the pros and cons of tarot card reading? It helps you weigh in on whether you should start tarot card reading or read for others. Using tarot cards is a big responsibility. You must know everything that comes with it, good or bad. 


Shuffling tarot cards is more than just shuffling the cards to get more odds than one. It’s all about making a connection with your deck. Moreover, now that you know how to properly shuffle tarot cards, it is up to you now to practice it everyday until you get a hang of it and become one of the pros. 

Always remember, handling tarot cards require care and responsibility. These cards are more than just symbols on a paper-like vessel. Tarot cards are guides that you can use to be given an insight of your life or the lives of others.

Practice makes perfect, and practicing how to shuffle tarot cards can give you a big heads up when you are going to try it on your own.

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