How to Become an Astrologer: What You Need to Know

how to become an astrologer

Do you want to know how to become an astrologer but need help figuring out what to do or where to start? In this post, we will discuss the essential things you need to learn to become a successful astrologer. The podcasts you could listen to, courses you could take, and helpful resources you could take advantage of. We’ll also go through some helpful tips on how you can last long in this business and make it a life-long career worth pursuing.  

Becoming An Astrologer: An Overview

The pursuit of becoming an astrologer can be pretty intimidating, especially during the early stages of learning. After all, astrology is something that takes many years to master. In fact, you can spend your entire life studying about it and realize you still don’t know everything after decades-long discovery, research, and practical application. 

Therefore, the first order of business is accepting the fact that this could be a long and winding journey, something that needs passion, dedication, and an infinite amount of patience. For only those who truly have the heart for their craft will find fulfillment in becoming an astrologer. 

How to Become an Astrologer: 10 Must-Haves for Pursuing Astrology

Here are 10 things to keep in mind if you wish to have a good headstart on how to become an astrologer. 


You can’t get into astrology and expect that within a couple of months, you’d be a real expert at it. It doesn’t work that way. At the least, you’ll need a couple of years before you’re good enough to conduct professional readings. So if you’re into it because you want to earn a quick buck and are not really into it for the craft, astrology may not be for you. Astrology requires a lot of effort and hard work because of the incredibly complex nature of its concepts. Thus, if you’re the type who gets easily frustrated, you may want to take another path.



What do astrologers do? Part of their profession is the ability to read specific symbols and alignments and then apply their understanding and intuition to them. You need to have an intuitive understanding of the world and other people because if you don’t, you will have a hard time. It will be tough for you to feel your way through every reading. This is not simply about reading a person’s chart, rather, how do you teach them to apply the logical and practical rules to their reading? 


There are two ways you can become an astrologer. Some people take astrology courses, while there are those who are self-taught. If you don’t have the money to pursue an astrology course just yet, you can begin researching and reading everything you could get your hands on about it. And when you have saved up enough money to take that astrology course, you will realize that the things you learned through self-study may even be more informative and comprehensive. But for those who are totally new to this art, astrology courses are good since they will give you the fundamentals and foundation for building your practice. 


How to be an astrologer without experience? Short answer- you can’t. Astrology weighs heavily on an individual’s personal experience. You can teach them how to read a natal chart, the textbook ways of interpreting the planets and signs, etc. However, they won’t be very effective if they have not experienced any of those things themselves. They need to be able to apply their knowledge in their day-to-day lives. 

Incredibly good astrologers are not the ones who have completed courses, but those who have experienced life through astrology and applied it to their own life. There is a huge difference between someone who took a six-month astrology course (fundamentals, how-to’s, generic interpretations, etc.), and one who has been practicing for the past two decades and applied their personal experience to it. 

Courses are helpful but not absolutely necessary. They are helpful for showing your clients you have the knowledge in the field, but what’s more effective and getting people’s trust and their recommendation is when you show people you know your stuff by heart. 


What is your main intention in taking up astrology? Are you curious as to how much do astrologers make? There is nothing wrong with wanting to earn a living by being an astrologer. However, money should not be your sole priority. Astrologers exist to help people understand themselves, and share knowledge and insights about spirituality. Your main motivator has to be your strong desire to help other people and put their best interests at heart. 


It’s so easy to tell a client, you’re deeply emotional because of your Cancer Moon. They need so much more than that. You need to be able to give them insights as to why they are so emotional when having a Cancer Moon. What causes them to be emotional and what are their emotional responses are. You need to be able to discuss how they are dealing with their emotions so they could have a solid grasp of their emotions and handle it well in their everyday life. 

When you give advice it needs to be valuable to the client. You need to provide some guidance for them to overcome certain pains, struggles, and circumstances in their life. Help them understand themselves better. Whenever you give them something of real value, they won’t have second thoughts about recommending you. 



When you become an astrologer you’re going to meet a truckload of desperate people. Those who are down on their luck and are in extremely bad situations. So if you don’t have a lot of compassion for what these people are going through, you might just make things even more difficult for them. Never take advantage of their unfortunate situations. Instead, guide them through these difficult times, and show compassion and understanding the best way you can. If not, karma will definitely come and get you. 

Spiritual and Esoteric Concepts

A lot of the interpretations used in astrology come from spiritual and esoteric concepts. You won’t be able to use them well unless you have an open mind. You see, astrology looks at how your soul and the spiritual influence of your being affects your psyche as a whole. Thus, a natal chart is your soul’s blueprint. It explains how the specific blueprint can affect how each person’s psychology works. 

That being said, it is important that you have a good understanding of psychology as an astrologer, how people think, and what their emotional natures are. So if you don’t have a good understanding of people or how to connect with them, you may not be a very effective astrologer. 

Not Focused on Prediction

Sounds ridiculous, right? How to get a degree in astrology that tells you this is not about predictions nor telling people’s good or bad fortunes in the future? You see, so many people wish to get into astrology since they think they can predict when someone is going to get married, have a baby, or even lose their job. Sure, there is some truth to that if you consider the planetary alignments and aspects, and how it can influence a person’s life in certain ways. 

What many do not understand is that an astrologer cannot predict for sure that on a specific day, you will definitely meet the love of your life, or on this day you are going to die, etc. An astrologer can, however, give some advice on the energies that day will have and what you can do about it. It’s about raising consciousness and spiritual awareness. So if you’re getting into astrology believing you can predict things, you are obviously into it for the wrong reasons. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Just like any craft, you need to practice to hone your skills, the way singers, musicians, or athletes do. There is something new and interesting things to learn every day. New ways of calculating and interpreting things into your craft. Your knowledge must be constantly increasing, and your style evolving, more precise, and more effective. Good astrologers know that every day is a learning process, because when they stop learning, they become rusty, incompetent, and in the long run, no longer valuable to their clients. 

How to Become an Astrologer: Starting the Journey (Resources, Podcasts, Courses)

Now that you have a deeper insight into what it takes to become an astrologer, are you now curious about how to get a degree in astrology? Actually, there’s no need to get a formal degree right away, you can start by testing the waters first by listening to podcasts, checking out some resources, or taking on some online courses. Here are some ways you can get started. 



Start by listening to some astrology podcasts. Over time you will find something that will serve as the most comprehensive and overarchingly useful podcast among them all. The early episodes should have a more basic rationale to them, and from there you can pace yourself and decide when you are ready for more high-level podcasts. Here, you will have a better understanding of the astrological verbiage even if you still need to totally comprehend the techniques and intricacies of the craft. You’ll soon pick up on the language which is first and foremost your starting point. 

Online Material

Watching online forecasts and horoscope videos can also be a great help. Most of them are really easy to understand, grounded, and straightforward. Find those whose commentaries resonate with you. Some online astrologers are so good that even complete beginners appreciate the way they describe things because they are so nuanced in a lovely and spiritual way. 


Apart from the online material you’re watching, you should definitely check out some introductory books for beginners, like The Essential Guide to Astrology by April Elliott Kent. If you’re into the more entertaining side of astrology, Linda Goodman’s books will surely tickle your fancy. They’re also a good place to start, a nice inclusion into the words and verbiage used in astrology. 

Natal Chart

woman looking at a natal chart

Master your own natal chart before pulling out anyone else’s and interpreting them. By pulling up your chart you can look at several places online for delineations. Just remember to take these things with a grain of salt. If they sound like they’re too good to be true, it’s likely they are. However, try looking at your own natal chart and go from there, since they serve as fragments. Your book-style delineations are a great way to graduate into the nuance that you will eventually discover with time. 

Astrology Reading

After all this online learning and research, and you have some familiarity with basic astrology concepts, try looking for an online astrologer whose style, content, and approach feel good to you. Find someone whom you resonate with and approach them for a reading. This will serve as a mini-teaching session in a way. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first, second, or nth time listening to it. You will learn so much from listening to their content. 


So, how to get a degree in astrology? Start looking into astro mentoring or astrology courses because there are so many professional and well-known astrologers who offer courses online. Take Chris Brennan’s Hellenistic Astrology Course, for instance. It resonated with a lot of the students who took the course especially those who are into a morally grounded academic background in astrology. Those who wish to learn the ins and outs of the rationale, and the technicalities of astrology. 

Taking an online course works better for some, like college students who wish to get their lectures on their own time. Just remember to make a background check to make sure they are trustworthy, well-established, and highly recommended. You may also want to look into one-on-one mentoring, especially if you have done a lot of research and you don’t really need a course, and you just need some guidance. 

How to Become an Astrologer: Final Thoughts

Anyone can become an astrologer, but only a few can really be truly successful in their craft. So why is this? It has a lot to do with an astrologer’s philosophical difference, and not so much with the hype, or star-maker machinery, so to speak. They know how to give their clients options, and possibilities, not merely telling them the good or bad things that may come their way. 

These astrologers leave their clients empowered and feeling good about themselves. In short, they resonate with the modern world, the actual realities of their experience. People come to astrologers for readings, and they will tell their friends about it. Perhaps you will have a very successful career. But if you merely stick to telling fortunes or pronouncing doom on people, expect that the exact opposite will happen. And that is how to become an astrologer. 

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