5 Most Effective Spiritual Healing Crystals for Leo

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Symbolized by the Lion is the zodiac sign Leo. Fiery signs that astrologically follow the sun, Leos command a powerful and aggressive presence. Fittingly enough, Sunstones are one of the crystals for Leo due to their shared connection to the sun. 

Known for their overtly social nature, and a drive for success that brings positive attention. Leos also thrive in situations and relationships they can control. This makes them naturally competitive.

On the other hand, Leos struggle with their egotistical nature. Arrogance and a manipulative nature are their Achilles heel. During this time of the year, their time of year, Leo’s spiritual energies reach their peak. This aggravates both their strengths and weaknesses. 

Leo can find either great success or severe setbacks during this period. Thankfully, there is a way to achieve success and control over Leo’s more destructive tendencies. The same is true for exploiting their already boosted positive traits!

You may have heard of ‘chakras’ or ‘healing crystals’. As we mentioned above, there are crystals associated with Leo such as Sunstone. These can help maintain their spiritual balance during this zenith of their spiritual energies. 

We’ve compiled a list of just these stones in this article. Don’t fret if you’re not a Leo, you can find a use for these stones as well. Read on to learn about the incredible healing properties and spiritual connection Leos have with these stones!


  • What crystals are good for Leo? 
  • Peridot, the powerful birthstone for Leos!
  • The underrated Pyrite, fools gold, or spiritual cornucopia?
  • Are these stones only for Leos? What effect do they have on people under different signs?
  • And many more…

The Best Crystals For Leo And Their Spiritual Properties

To understand the spiritual power present in stones, we must first accept that everything has a connection. Like the stars that form the basis for our spiritually aligned zodiac signs, the Earth itself has spiritual energies similar to our own. These gather in generous amounts inside rich minerals, gemstones, jewels or simply ‘stones.’ As our spirits vary, so too do the spiritual properties found in stones. Every stone is unique. For that reason, there are stones specifically attuned to positively affecting Leos.

For instance, like we said earlier, Sunstones are fittingly attuned to the energies of the sun. Leos, a fire sign, are also astrologically connected to the sun. Leos, natural leaders, mirror the Celestial ruler and lightbringer of the planets. 

Because Sunstones radiate vigor and happiness, it greatly boosts Leo’s strengths in social interaction and raw energy. There are many other stones that share a similar connection to Leo. We’ve compiled a list of the 5 best crystals for Leo.

Use this article if you’re a Leo and want to know which stones best suit you! If you’re not a Leo, that’s okay. Read on to help out a Leo friend and surprise them with a thoughtful keepsake. Even more than that, while these stones are specifically the best for Leo, anyone who needs  the spiritual properties they possess can use them. 

We’ve listed the stones themselves and their properties. So, Leo or not, you know what they’re all about and if you need them. These are the best crystals for Leo zodiac:

#1 Peridot (Compassion and New Horizons)


It’s not hard to figure out this first among the most spiritually attuned Leo healing crystals. Look no further than their birth stone! Peridot crystals were long believed to offer spiritual protection and ward off negative energy. Activating your heart chakra, this crystal effuses love and compassion. It opens the mind to new possibilities and shaves off past regrets and burdens. A great stone to turn to when you need to learn from your mistakes and move on to brighter beginnings. This stone is great for Leos and non-Leos for an overall fresh start.

How Leos can use Peridot

Because of its heart-chakra aligned energies, this crystal amplifies the already deeply loving and passionate energies of a Leo. Leo, a fierce protector of friends, also benefits from receiving the Peridots spiritual protection and positive energy attraction. As they usually put themselves in harm’s way for their friends, this crystal can be a literal lifesaver.

 The particularly brave and adventurous Leo can also use the stones alignment towards new beginnings. This stone will allow Leos to dauntlessly face their next great adventure. Because the stone’s positive energy staves off guilt and regret, it allows Leo to be themselves without being held back by past mistakes. Peridot also mitigates Leo’s weaknesses. 

Impulsive Leo tends to get in trouble, as we said above. The healing properties of Peridot, on the other hand, allows them to move on from their many past mistakes. Peridot also balances out Leo’s egotistical nature, reminding them to stay centered on love and compassion. 

Leos often forget that what they truly want is to love and receive love. They do not want to be the center of attention just because they desire admiration from their companions. Overall this stone is a powerful moving force for change, compassion and forgiveness. One should wear a Peridot crystal as a necklace, keeping the gemstone close to the heart chakra.

#2 Carnelian (Strength and Leadership)

Carnelian is a stone for the lower chakras. Among the healing stones for Leo, Carnelian possesses the boldest energies of strength, adamance and leadership. In line with this, it also inspires bravery and the drive to succeed. This is the perfect stone to help you reach your goals with unbreakable confidence. 

Empowering your lower chakras means more stability, self-assurance and contentedness in your life. Based on its physical properties, Carnelian is also said to boost metabolism, and balance overall reproductive and digestive health.

How Leos can use Carnelian

For Leos, Carnelian boosts their already confident approach to leadership. It also provides plenty of much needed energy to the overactive Leo. As a source of strength, these healing crystals for Leo allow them to stay on top of their game. While Peridot was more about new beginnings, Carnelian helps Leos chase down their next goal. A healthy boost of motivation keeps them pushing forward. This stone also fosters creative energies, allowing Leo to think outside the box.

Looking at how it can mitigate Leos weaknesses, Carnelian balances out Leos proud nature. Because of its base in lower chakras, it grounds Leos in contentedness and self-assurance. Being prone to competitiveness, Leos can avoid feeling threatened by others and feel secure with Carnelian. For non-Leos and those uninterested in leadership, we can still use the stone to benefit ourselves. If you need a boost in vigor or creativity, this is the stone for you! Keep this gemstone in your pants pocket to activate your lower chakras most effectively.

#3 Pyrite (Success and Clarity)


Don’t let Pyrite’s famous moniker fool you. It’s more than just ‘fool’s gold’. Despite its name, Pyrite as a spiritual healing crystal has been associated with success, riches and plenty. Aside from attracting financial success, it allows you to achieve your goals by instilling you with peace and clarity. This crystal grants you powerful focus and widens your worldview towards profitable horizons. It allows you to detect positive and negative energies with a clear, outside view of things.

How Leos can use Pyrite

Leos often work hard to get to the top. By using the good fortune of Pyrite, it’s almost assured Leos efforts bear fruit. It’s always nice to receive a reward for your efforts, and this stone ensures Leos hard work is met with success. Giving Leo the clarity of a sharper worldview also has its benefits. This allows Leo to focus on their goals and steer away from distractions or negative energies that will hamper their spiritual growth and health.

Pyrite also dispels Leos volatile mood. As mentioned above, rewarding Leo for their efforts ensures that they stay in a positive spiritual and emotional wavelength. The opposite can mean they fall into a deep pit of depression. Leos feel very passionately, and this can go both ways. Meeting roadblocks despite their great efforts will put a damper on their good vibes. 

It is very hard to pull a Leo out of a self-deprecating rut. Place Pyrite inside the place or area of the home or office where you work for it to spread its good fortune in your endeavors.

#4 Sunstone (Autonomy and Actualization)

We already mentioned Sunstone as an example above, so it’s not a surprise to find it here among the other healing crystals for Leo. Just as its namesake, the sun, this healing crystal is a vast source of energy. Specifically, it’s a source of spiritual power, especially for the sacral chakra which it primarily activates. It fosters autonomy, allowing Leo to become independent and original. Sunstones are also connected with fulfillment and self-actualization. With Sunstone, we feel more in tune with our purpose.

How Leos can use Sunstone

The autonomy that sunstone effuses helps Leo stand out even more. As a powerful energy source, it allows Leo to keep going strong. Most importantly, it gives Leo a sense of purpose. Oftentimes, Leos work hard for success. This is not a bad thing. But having a spiritual connection to your work and loving what you do (not just the results) can boost your productivity to incredible levels!

You’d think that Leo wouldn’t have a weakness associated with needing autonomy or originality. Leos are natural leaders, after all. But take care! While Leos indeed naturally find themselves in positions of power, what Sunstone gives them is protection from influence. In their effort to please or lead properly, they often find themselves carried or swayed by everyone around them. Sunstone allows Leo to lead by the beat of their own drum, and make original decisions.

#5 Amber (Kindness and Purity)


The last healing crystal for Leo is not actually a crystal. Amber is an organically occurring gemstone, it’s only fossilized tree-sap! However, it’s not hard to see that there’s more to Amber than meets the eye, without needing to look farther than its appearance. This gemstone activates both solar plexus and sacral chakra. The energy Amber pours out encourages kindness and positivity. It’s also a spiritual purifier, warding off negative vibes.

How Leos can use Amber

The loving energies found in Amber compliment Leo’s passionate love for their friends and family. Activating both solar plexus and sacral chakra, Amber is a natural purifier. It succeeds in keeping Leos healthy and strong to face the many challenges they insist on facing. With the overwhelmingly positive energy in Amber, Leos can receive the love they crave by being a good influence in others lives. Similar to Sunstone, the purity that Amber gives off also allows Leo to focus on their goals.

Amber covers Leos weaknesses as well. Amber not only wards off negativity around Leo, but from within Leo as well. This allows Leo to think with a clear head. The kindness it inspires ensures Leo stays focused. Leos often become carried away when they lead. Their ego can be very dangerous in their relationships, but Amber ensures Leo remembers they come from a place of love. Leos partners will appreciate that they always take a kind approach thanks to the energies Amber diffuses. It’s best for you to wear Amber, keeping it close to both solar and sacral chakras.

Wrapping Things Up…

Gemstones are wellsprings of spiritual power. Their connection both with celestial bodies and the spiritual energies in the Earth itself where they form over millions of years is the cause. While these stones are the best stones for Leo, anyone can use them. There’s no difference between a Leo and other zodiac signs using Peridot, or any other gemstone on this list. In fact, nothing is stopping Leo from using stones outside this list! 

What’s important is that we are all spiritually aware of ourselves and our needs. If we’re feeling lost or spiritually troubled. Getting in tune with ourselves is already half the battle. Finally, if there’s anything on this list that sounds like a spiritual or emotional need, try looking into acquiring any of these stones for yourself. You might just be surprised by the powerful healing energies found in these beautiful and incredible gemstones.

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