Guardian Angel Readings: Connecting with Your Guardian Angel

guardian angel readings

Angels like these are a concept popularized in Christian mythos as entities that directly protect humans. Guardian angel readings seem relatively uncommon. That’s because most other people try to contact their guardian angel by praying instead. Others still try to reach their guardian angel by learning how to enter lucid dreams

Meditation is yet another way that wayward souls try to reach their guardian angel. Unfortunately, self-guided attempts at communicating with your guardian angel are not always successful. It’s much more likely that your communication will succeed if you schedule an angel card reading with a professional psychic.

In this article, we’ll tackle what guardian angels are and what your psychic can tell you about them. We’ll also delve into what angel card readings are and whether you can physically feel your guardian angel’s presence. Guardian angel readings are a pertinent option for those looking to contact their guardian angel.

Professional psychics will often offer to get you in contact with your guardian angel, so don’t hesitate to ask. There’s no need to faff around with self-guided tries at guardian angel contact like meditation or prayer. Guardian angels are spiritual entities, and who better to guide you to them than a spirit medium like a psychic?

Don’t wait now! Read up on guardian angel readings below and start your journey to better connect with your guardian angel!

Guardian Angel Card Readings

Guardian angel readings are very simply put as a psychic communicating with your guardian angel and sharing it with you. As spirit mediums, psychics are far more in tune with the spiritual realm than most regular folk. Hence, they are the best choice for reaching out for communication through a guardian angel reading.

Understand that guardian angels are spiritual entities. Only someone who can detect those and communicate with them on their wavelength is appropriate as a bridge. Guardian angel readings with cards are not that different from tarot readings in that the message is through a card.

In simplified terms, the guardian angel you’re contacting will guide the psychic to a card. That card will give you in general terms the message that your guardian angel is trying to convey to you. Think of it like a tarot card reading but directly through your guardian angel and a psychic.

The energy of your guardian angel will guide your psychic to the right card that your angel is trying to help you with. Trust in your psychic as you trust in your guardian angel. Remember that your guardian angel is always looking out for you and your best interest.

What is a Guardian Angel?

what is a guardian angel

Guardian angels are beings of pure light and energy who protect and guide you. Some protect you at a specific point in time in your life, others protect you your whole life. Rarely do they ever intervene in the lives of people directly unless you specifically seek their help in dire emergencies.

Angels like these don’t just protect singular people either; they can protect whole families and villages. There are cases where guardian angels assumed specialized roles in protecting and intervening. Tales abound of a Hebrew guardian angel called Lailah who watched over fetuses and conceptions in the first century.

A lot of mythos will have tales of guardian angels or some form of benevolent guidance spirit. Concepts of a guardian angel are popular because of religious cultures like Christianity. It is not unique to Christianity, however. Chinese folklore holds that ancestral spirits guide and protect descendants throughout life.

Regardless of mythos or cultural origin, it’s safe to assume that there’s a guardian angel looking out for you. It could be a heaven-sent entity or the spirit of a dead ancestor, but it will always look out for your best interest and keep you safe. That is its purpose, after all, as a guardian spirit and angel.

What can a Psychic Tell You About Your Guardian Angel?

Sensing guardian angels is not unique to psychics. Anybody with an open enough mind can “sense” their guardian angel’s watch over them. When alone, such people can feel the presence of their guardian angel assuring them with their presence. The assurance of that angel that their ward is never alone greatly boosts morale and spirits in such people.

Such presence presents energy that you might feel is similar to the doting love of a parent. Healing presences are also a common thing to report from people who feel their guardian angel at their sickbed. Guardian angels have a reputation for also nurturing their wards back to health with their mere presence.

Psychics can tell you that while you can “feel” a guardian angel’s presence, you don’t “know“ them. At least, not the way that you might know a friend. Despite this, it’s a personal connection. How can it not be? This spirit watches over you every second of every day. It’s only natural that people become curious and seek to know more about their guardian angel.

Curiosity like that often goes beyond mere curiosity. Seeking contact with the guardian angel is a common thing done by such curious folk. Often, they have something specific they want to ask their guardian angel. In such cases, a professional psychic is best for introducing and facilitating guardian angel readings.

Can You Physically Feel Your Guardian Angel’s Presence During a Reading?

guardian angels presence

Yes, but not always. It’s safe to say it operates on a case-to-case basis. Readings like these are unique and often very personal. Predicting ahead whether you can physically see or feel your guardian angel’s presence is impossible.

After all, the same is probably true for other encounters with your angel. Many report that they felt a hand on their shoulder. Others say that a hand pulled them back and out of danger at the last second. A safer hypothesis is that guardian angels make their physical presence known more subtly.

Think more like a light wind on your cheek or a light brush on your arm. People often report that they get goosebumps during an angel reading. Sudden temperature changes are relatively common too. Others still report slight electric currents running up their limbs. These are signs that the celestial energy of the angel is interacting with your body. You can feel your guardian angel’s presence; just very subtly.

What is an Angel Card Reading?

Some psychics who do angel readings will do it via cards. Online readings make great use of this particular method. Angel cards contain messages that your guardian angel may try to send you. The psychic is just the bridge; a guide, if you will. They “channel” the guardian angel’s message through themselves to you.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the psychic just randomly selects the cards and tells you. They don’t have enhanced spiritual senses and connections with the spiritual realm for nothing. The guardian angel guides them to pick the right card to convey their message to you. Cards with messages are a great first step in initiating contact between a guardian angel and their ward.

Think of the angel card reading like you would a tarot card reading. However, instead of the Universe conveying a message to you, it’s your guardian angel. In both cases, it’s the psychic serving as the bridge between you and the supernatural.

Remember though that the cards only give guidance on general matters. They can guide you on things like your marital relationship or your work problems. Specific prophecies with a date and time are not on the card’s purview, even if tarot readings sometimes do. Angel decks come in all shapes and forms, but they all help your psychic and guardian angel better speak with you.

Hypnosis During a Guardian Angel Reading

Rather than cards, some psychics employ hypnosis during angel readings to help connect you two. An altered state of consciousness is more possible through hypnosis. Such a state allows you to focus more intently on speaking with your guardian angel without mental distraction.

One might say that you reach a “higher self” while you are under hypnosis. It isn’t unlike when you open your higher chakras and fully enter the flow of the universe. Readings when you’re hypnotized are often the most powerful experiences you can have in reaching your guardian angel.

Prepare yourself for a transformative process if you choose a psychic who employs this method. Schedule some down time for processing yourself afterwards too; you’ll need it.

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