Things to Remember About Feng Shui Rules In Your Home

feng shui rules

Dabbling with feng shui rules can be intimidating especially if it is your first time. Some people can get really excited and carried away. Those who are finally moving into their dream home after years of saving and building. Newlyweds who just want everything to be perfect for their family.

Read on to see some of the most useful feng shui guidelines you could use repeatedly. Not just for your home, but other spaces as well. Like your office or workstations, for instance.

You’ll also have clear-cut answers to these questions:

  • What are the basic feng shui living room rules to follow?
  • Are there any alternatives for these feng shui decorating rules?
  • Do you need to follow feng shui rules for bedroom by the book?
  • Can feng shui kitchen rules be simplified to make it easier?
  • What are the best feng shui tips for home on a budget?

But with so much information out there, it’s hard to know where and how to start. In this article, we will be dealing with everything you need to know regarding rules of feng shui. From the do’s and dont’s, furniture, design, location, and other helpful tips to make your feng shui journey as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Let’s get started with the rules of feng shui!

General Rules of Feng Shui

Before going to specific locations in your home, here are some general feng shui rules to keep in mind.

Know Your Commanding Positions

This is one of the most crucial principles in feng shui. It pertains to the most important furniture in your home. Your bed represents you, your desk your career. And your stove, your wealth.

Even if it’s difficult to move the stove, your desk and your bed can get better strategic positions. Just remember that the door is your focal point when positioning these things. Is the door visible when you’re lying in bed? Or when you’re working on your desk?

You’re not supposed to be directly in line with it, but you shouldn’t have your back to it as well. Keep these things in mind so you’ll always have positive energy on optimum levels.

Add Verticals

There’s no need to add vertical gardens in your home if you don’t have a green thumb. But it’s important that vertical lines and shapes are in place. This is a sign of expansion and growth.

There are a couple of ingenious ways to go about it. Upward lighting could be one. A tall indoor plant could be another. Cozy libraries with high bookshelves are also a brilliant way to go about it.

If you’re still in the building process of your dream home, discuss it with your architect and engineer. They always have tons of innovative ideas on their sleeve.

Consider Minimalism


This can be a big challenge especially if you own a lot of things with sentimental value. It’s difficult to part with them. But too much clutter will only add stress and anxiety to your everyday life.

Feng shui rules believe in the harmful effects it has on a person. It will take up so much space that you won’t have any left to store positive energy. Thus, cleaning and organizing on a daily basis are very important.

Why daily? You are trying to build a routine that will serve you for years to come. Have discipline if you wish to achieve this. Also, the dirt and junk will not pile up because you will make sure they are clean and cleared every single day.

Clear Your Entrance

This is the first thing you and other people see once you open that door. In feng shui, this is where energy enters your life through your home. Make sure all the eyesores are rid of.

What are these anyway? They could be endless pairs of shoes you use for work that has piled up on your doorway. A dozen boxes from a month’s worth of online purchases. The list could go on.

If you cannot get rid of all these items, try your best to declutter and organize them in a neat manner. Buy shoe racks and storage bins. Where they can be easily tucked away after use.

Get Rid of Obstacles

Remove anything that is not only causing clutter but serious health and safety hazards in your home. Is there a spot in your kitchen or en route to your bathroom that is always wet and slippery?

How about a sharp edge from a table or cabinet? Where you always stump your toe or bump into almost every day?

Go through your home’s imaginary blueprint and see how you can clear all paths.

If this means some serious rearranging, then so bit. A beautiful home is not much use if efficiency is not in the equation. Think about how you can make your movements inside your home as fluid as possible.

Add Some Greens

feng shui rules - indoor plant

Again, not everyone has a green thumb. But there are some indoor plants that are really easy to maintain. You never even have to think about it. Something that needs minimal water or indirect sunlight.

There are other ways to find your ideal chi. Tons of ideas too where they are best positioned. But if takes very little time and minimum effort, try to get some plants.

If nothing else, your home will not only become more beautiful. You will feel refreshed and revitalized the moment you wake up ’til you hit the sack.

Keep a Metal Element Present

Incorporating metal elements in your home is another fantastic way to promote productivity. As well as sharpness of mind, and clarity. All this balancing and calming energy is important especially when you’re working on a new project or going on a fresh business venture.

This is especially important since working from home has become an accepted norm. There is a tendency for one to become lax and complacent. You cannot be too comfortable just because you’re in your own territory.

It doesn’t have to be too loud, expensive, or over-the-top items. These metal elements could just be small sculptures or statues. Some decorative vases or bowls are also lovely ideas.

Feng Shui Rules for Your Bedroom

Bed Position

Your bed position is the number one rule of feng shui in your bedroom. When you sleep, you need to make sure that your head points to at least one of the four good directions. For those working, use your Sheng Chi direction. Students will benefit best from the Fu Wei direction.

Full-time homemakers should take advantage of their Nien Yen. For people having health concerns, their heads should be pointing to the Tien Yi direction.

Here’s the tip for individuals who are renting out smaller spaces. Who have very limited options for rearranging their furniture. When choosing an apartment or dorm, go for that room whose bed position is in the direction of your own Kua.

Avoid Water Features

For some people who have love affairs with water, this can be difficult. Those who love the beach, rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water. Naturally, they want this calming feature in their room.

No matter how tempting it is- don’t. It can look peaceful and relaxing. But any kind of water feature in your bedroom can lead you to financial doom.

By all means avoid waterfalls or tabletop fountains anywhere inside your room. It’s for your own good.

Beware of the Death Position

feng shui rules - bedroom

The foot of your bed must never be directly facing your door. You can have it diagonally placed at your bedroom door.

Never allow your feet to align with your door. This is known as the “death position”. From a Feng Shui’s point of view, this is a big no-no.

A lot of people will probably laugh this off as it sounds pretty ridiculous. It is not. Feng Shui enthusiasts swear by this rule and it has served them in good stead.

Feng Shui Rules for Your Living Room

Choose Colors Wisely

You can determine the best colors for your home’s living room by the five elements, the compass direction, and even the Bagua map method.

For instance, if your living room is facing the south, your accent colors could lean towards the warm options. These could be yellows, red oranges, pinks, even purples.

Yes, it can get really exciting and overwhelming. But try your best not to get carried away. Don’t have too much of it. Even if you use your colors sparingly, you’d still be able to reap their benefits. You can start with a neutral color like beige. Then put accents such as an area rug, throw pillows, or light sources.

Be Smart With Accessories

Your living room accessories should be more than just random items aimed to beautify your home. These objects need to have meaning in your life.

When you put those things on display, it is because they have a purpose. They give you balance, they give you energy. And most importantly, they make you happy.

Seeing these things should have a positive impact on you. Especially if they are the first things you focus on when you wake up in the morning. While lounging around, drinking your mug of coffee.

Be Mindful With Mirrors

feng shui rules for living room

Hanging a mirror is beneficial, especially if you own a small living room. But it is extremely important to have a strategic placement.

Just remember that mirrors have the capacity of expanding any room. It can make feel and look larger than it actually is. But you need to be mindful of what this is reflecting. Because mirrors double the energy of what they see.

It’s best to select a mirror size that will capture the whole of your upper torso. This means your head, shoulders, and chest. By doing this you capture your own aura.

Feng Shui Rules for Your Kitchen

Your Stove

Your stove is a representation of your career, resources, and the nourishment you will receive. This is vital to attain your well-deserved success. Thus, the number one thing to consider is your stove’s commanding position.

In here you must be able to see the door while cooking, without being directly in line with the door. By doing this you are taking the reigns. You’re controlling your career, opportunities, the people that you see, and the energy you allow to come into your life.

Next, increase your number of burners as these increase your chances for wealth. When shopping for a new one, make sure it’s proportional to the size of your kitchen. You can also put a mirror to double the number of burners via reflection.

Quartz In The Fridge

This is another important kitchen appliance since it reflects how you nourish your body. One great way to enhance this power is to put clear quartz. Along with this, you need to have the intention to thoroughly and consistently nourish your body through food.

This crystal will make your fridge your happy place. Filling it with bright and positive qi.

But before you put it in the fridge you need to clear it first. You do this by putting your crystal under a full moon. A sage could also be used, as well as palo santo. Or smudging it with orange essential oil. Don’t forget to program the crystal with your intention prior to putting it inside your refrigerator.

Dispose of All Broken and Chipped Items

broken item

But this was my mother’s! Or, my grandma gave this to me before she passed away. Indeed, parting with something that is of deep sentimental value can be devastating. So what you can do is take a good picture then have it framed. This is a good way to remember it. But by all means, remove it from your kitchen.

Broken items lead to broken energy, not to mention, bad luck. If you cannot repair it, you need to let it go. This is one of the most important feng shui rules to remember.

You can make use of kintsugi if you wish to repair them. This is repairing precious pottery using precious metals. By doing this you see the breaks as part of a beautiful history. Rather than an ugly flaw to be hidden.

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