Unleashing the Superpowers of the Feng Shui Elements

feng shui elements

Do you sometimes feel like something is “off” in your own home? Like there is definitely something out of balance but you can’t quite put your finger on it? Perhaps one or more feng shui elements are missing. It could also be that there is too much of one particular element. Because when all five elements are perfectly balanced, everything just feels right. Like all that surrounds you are in perfect harmony.

There are some important things you need to ask yourself before putting up any design project. Do you feel like you lack motivation? Always feeling tired even if you just woke up from an 8-hour sleep? If that’s the case, then the elements of feng shui could definitely give you the energy boost you need!

Each of these elements pertains not only to the material but to the type of energy it associates with, and their specific qualities. More often than not, spaces and people have imbalanced energies because one element is either weak or dominant. This can lead to more problems. By observing the patterns in your life or home, Feng Shui is here so you can apply the five-element system to create perfect harmony and balance.

After reading this article you will not only learn the 5 elements of feng shui. This will give your life balance and harmony, and you’ll also discover the wonders of the following:

– The various feng shui elements and colors and how best to express them

  • How to balance the feng shui elements cycle to achieve amazing qi/chi
  • Learn to use the five elements in feng shui not only to harmonize but beautify your home as well
  • Practice optimizing the water elements in feng shui for maximum effect
  • Discover how to use the flourishing flora of the wood elements in feng shui

The Different Elements of Feng Shui

One of the first things you must understand about the elements of feng shui is its philosophy that chi or energy lives within all things. It has two opposite forces namely the yin (female) and the yang (male). Balancing these two energies is precisely how you can make heaven a place on earth!

Feng Shui Elements #1: Wood

Wood promotes creativity and expansion. It also represents birth, growth, strength, intuition, and flexibility. Too much of this can cause you to feel overwhelmed, stubborn, and rigid. Consequently, too little of this can lead to a lack of creativity. You may also feel depressed, stuck, or ambivalent.

When starting your wood element design, make sure to utilize shapes that mimic the shape of tree trunks (vertical and column-like). You can also add some soft leaves and flowers. Incorporate some of these in your home:

  • silk and fresh blooms
  • indoor plants
  • cotton fabrics
  • wood furnishings

The colors you need to make a connection with are blue, green, and teal. These all happen to be gorgeous healing options for walls, as well as your drapes. Another great idea to introduce this element is through the use of wood-like tapestry.

Feng Shui Elements #2: Fire

Feeling a bit lazy and lethargic? Like nothing looks good or feels good no matter how you try? The fire element can definitely put your enthusiasm on overdrive! If you think your leadership skills are getting a bit rusty, this element can give you the boost you need. You will be bolder, more inspired, and genuinely expressive to the core!

However, too much fire may promote aggression, anger, irritation, and impulsiveness. Too little of this on the other hand can make one emotionally distant, lack vision, or have low self-esteem. You can promote the fire element by adding the following:

  • direct sunlight, candles, or incandescent lights
  • electronic gadgets
  • bold animal prints

You can add fire to your home by going for fiery oranges or reds. Some people love these, but others find them too loud. You can tweak it up a bit if you like. It could just be a nice chair or side of table just to make that color pop out. If you still want it to be more subdued, you can throw in a shawl over your coach, or that vivid artwork bursting with colors!

Feng Shui Elements #3: Earth

The earth element affects your physical strength and order. You will also feel more grounded, balanced, and stable. Too much of this element will give you a heavy sensation. You may feel bored, sluggish, and too serious. Then too little of this will bring chaos, disorder, and lack of focus.

It gives the person the assurance of safety and security, leading to great peace and comfort within. Some of the amazing features you can add to your surroundings include:

  • pottery
  • classic books
  • thick carpet
  • landscape images

Enhancing the earth element using color is quite easy. Just add some earth tones such as gray, brown, orange, and yellow. There are countless ways of doing this, depending on your taste and preferences. If you want a more subdued tone, just throw in a brown rug on your bedroom floor. Or perhaps a nice yellow couch in your lounging area.

Feng Shui Elements #4: Metal

If you feel logic has been evading you recently, you definitely need the metal element in your life! This can give you the mental clarity you desperately need to make the best decisions possible. Perhaps your boss or organization is relying on your analytical abilities. You must close that multi-million dollar deal! There’s no way you can lose this!

Too much metal can lead you to become too talkative, critical, or impulsive. When there’s too little of this, your mind is on a wayward path. No focus, no goal. You can enhance this element by adding the following:

  • oval and round shapes
  • putting metal objects and decorative items in your home or office space like iron, metal, aluminum, silver, or gold
  • stones and rocks

Activate the metal qualities by bringing in grays, whites, and other metallic colors. Modern white or even light gray walls are a great idea. Minimalists love this style. It also gives you an amazing neutral backdrop if you plan to throw in some great artwork or decor. Again, chairs are always stylish ideas to add to your home or office space. But if you want to start with something small and simple, small metal sculptures or bookends will do.

Feng Shui Elements #5: Water

This fifth element influences a person’s feelings and spirituality. When balance is present, there is wisdom, inspiration, and insight. But too much water can give you the feeling of unprepared transition. Like you’re drowning on the inside. This leads you to feel overwhelmed and uptight. Too little of this, on the other hand, may lead to apathy, isolation, loneliness, stress, and self-pity.

When creating the perfect balance for the water element you can add the following:

  • dark, deep tones like the color black
  • mirrors, gazing balls, and other surfaces that have a reflection
  • wavy or asymmetrical shapes
  • fountains, aquariums, and other water features

The better choice for the water element is black and midnight blue. Some may find this too heavy or overwhelming. But given the perfect spot in your home or workplace, this could have an amazing impact. You can start by introducing them to smaller items like frames, throw pillows, and classy artwork.

The Feng Shui Cycles

Feng Shui cycles enhance the five elements of the great qi/chi. It is best demonstrated on elemental wheels showing how the three cycles of these five elements interact with each other.

The three cycles are: Nourish, Reduces, and Dominates Cycles. These wheels are necessary for determining whether these elements are giving you benefits or causing you harm. It makes it easier to understand the cycles in feng shui.

The Nourish Cycle

The Nourish Cycle is used when strengthening an element is badly needed. You will know this because your Bagua map indicates that a specific element must be utilized in a specific section of the map.

For example, in the Wealth and Prosperity area of the Bagua map, the wood element has to be present. Therefore, you need to add wood elements to that room in your house. Specifically where the Bagua map states that the Wealth and Prosperity aspect resides in your home.

There are ties however when a pre-existing element can exist in a specific section of the Bagua map. It has to be reduced in strength. Then the Reducing Cycle must is used.

The Reducing Cycle

This cycle tells you that every element reduces the strength of the element coming after it. All the while moving counterclockwise on the wheel. Fire can reduce Wood. Wood can reduce Water. Water can reduce Metal. Metal can reduce Earth. And Earth reduces Fire.

If you find an element in a particular section in your Bagua map being too strong it has to be reduced in strength. You do this by using the reducing cycle.

The following examples show you how to do this.

1. The Bagua map tells you that you must have the Wood element in a specific section. But you have an Earth element in this room. In the reduces cycle, you will find that the metal element reduces the strength of the earth. Therefore, you need the metal element to reduce the strength of the earth. Do not forget to add the needed Wood element as well.

2. The Bagua map shows that you must have water elements in a specific section. But instead, you have a fire element in this area. In the reduces cycle, it is evident that the earth element reduces the fire element. Therefore, you must add the earth element in order to reduce the strength of the fire. You have to add the water element as well.

The Dominates Cycle

This cycle tells you that every element has the capacity to dominate the element across from it using the wheel. It somehow looks like a star. It’s also known as the destructive cycle. Fire can dominate Metal. Metal can dominate Wood. Wood dominates Earth. Earth dominates Water. And Water dominates Fire. Two of these elements are in one room and are opposite one another as demonstrated on the dominates cycle. So, you need to weaken this unwanted element.

For instance, you want to balance the love and relationship section of your Bagua Map. You need the Earth element for this. But inside the room of your house, there is already a pre-existing bamboo flooring which happens to be a Wood element. As mentioned, the wood element opposes the much-needed earth element.

Thus, you need Metal elements in order to weaken this bamboo wood element. It’s because metal weakens the wood element as indicated by the arrow point at the wood which is coming from the metal. Therefore, metal dominates and also weakens the wood element as evident in the Feng Shui cycles.


Now that you have an idea about the characteristic of all five elements, remember this. The objects in your home have one or more elements within every one of them. So start small when making arrangements until you get the hang of it.

When you’re ready to tackle a big room, begin by observing and labeling all objects in your space. If you feel like you’re using a particular room less than others or totally avoiding it, there may need some balancing and adjustments. Once you accomplish this, you’re well on your way to creating a perfectly balanced atmosphere in your home.

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