Peace and Balance: 17 Facts About Libra Zodiac Sign

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Libra, seventh sign of the Zodiac, is an air symbol famous for their peaceful and loving nature even among the air signs. They value balance over all things, rightfully represented by the scales. Libras are hopeless romantics, having the planetary ruler Venus, the goddess of Love. We’re sure you may have heard some facts about Libra such as these. But are there facts you may not have heard before?

Well worry not, we’ve compiled a list all about Libra! You’ll find interesting facts about Libra you may not have heard before and more. Whether you’re a zodiac aficionado looking to brush up on trivia about the signs or just plain curious, this is the list for you. This list will go over an in-depth look at everything you need to know about the seventh sign. Get comfortable, start reading, and don’t forget: enjoy!


  • Libras: beloved by all!
  • Lone wolves… or team players?
  • The darker truths about the much-loved air sign
  • And many more Libra zodiac sign facts you’ve got to know!

The 17 Libra Facts You’ve Just Got to Know

You might be thinking, what more is there to know about Libra? They govern the period from September 22 to October 23. Libra is an air sign, a symbol of justice, peace-loving and kind. Some of you reading this may even know that Libra is sometimes identified as a woman, specifically Astraea, the Roman goddess of justice. But these aren’t the sort of facts we’re looking at.

We’re going to look at Libras like people. Address their personalities, admire their strengths, understand their weaknesses. Things you can’t learn from a rudimentary google search! We’re here to talk about who they are. Without further ado; the 17 facts about Libra you’ve got to know:

#1 Libras are Peaceful Creatures

Those born under the Libra sign have a penchant for calmness and lovingness. It is in Libra’s nature to prefer peace inside themselves and around them, and avoid conflicts if possible. If you know a Libra, chances are you see them as easygoing and docile. In truth, they are more peace-loving than easygoing.

While this is generally a good trait, sometimes Libra will simply step aside or remain silent if they can help it even when something is wrong. Remember: they do not resolve conflicts as much as they avoid them. If you care about a Libra in your immediate circle, try to exercise sensitivity. Ask them how they feel about something before you do it. You’ll find it surprising, just how much they will appreciate this.

#2 Libras are a Much Beloved Sign

The same way we know Scorpio as dark and dangerous or Leo as loud and proud, we know Libra as kind and loving. Libra is also famous for their peaceful nature, their listening skills, and their attention to the emotional needs of everyone around them. Because of all these traits, and perhaps a little bit because of Venus, their planetary ruler, Libra is among the most beloved signs. Libra is, in fact, perhaps the kindest(in general) among the zodiac signs, adding to their likability.

#3 Libras are Team Players

team player

Just as well, because of their beloved nature, Libras work well with others. They also love working with others. Libras act like emotional glue, keeping peace among the members of a team. Their creative and artistic nature allows them to excel at breathing new life and fun into many tasks.

Unfortunately, yet again their submissive nature often gets the better of them. That nature often leads to groups unknowingly piling too much work on an all-too-willing to please Libra. To any Libras reading this, speak up! Because sometimes, no one will speak up for you, and you need to stand up for yourselves to avoid getting stepped on or burnt out.

#4 Libras See the Good in Everything

Because Libras obsess over the concept of balance, they view people and things holistically. As in they see things for all that they are, the good, the bad and everything in between. This, further complimented by their loving nature, makes Libras naturally optimistic. Not only do they see the good in everything, but they believe that every outcome has a bright side, or at least leads to positive returns. Libra should, however, remember to also remain realistic when the situation calls for it.

#5 Libras are Hopeless Romantics

Having the planetary ruler Venus, the goddess of Love, it comes as no surprise that Libra is a hopeless romantic. Leave it to Libra to never leave their partner wanting more. They won’t shy away from showing their partner a romance of a lifetime. Libras see the beauty of love and see it as a fine work of art meant to enjoy and appreciate. 

If Libra can go above and beyond then they will! Libra expresses love with no hesitation. As beautiful as that is, always remember to leave some love for yourself Libra. Don’t forget to also romance yourself the way you do your partner.

#6 Libras are Appreciative Partners

Being hopeless romantics and naturally optimistic, Libras are bound to find it easy to appreciate their partners. Libras know their partners’ good qualities and will never fail to verbalize their appreciation for these qualities. They see appreciation as a natural consequence of love. So if you’re dating a Libra, don’t forget to make their day, appreciate them and make them feel loved. 

Sadly, Libra’s natural tendency to be optimistic may lead them to unreasonably excuse and forgive hurtful actions. Be careful, Libra! It’s good to appreciate your partner but don’t be blind to your partner’s red flags. Try to find someone who can appreciate you just as much as you can appreciate them.

#7 Libras are Loyal Lovers

Libras may take their time to search for “the one.” But when Libras find their love, they commit fully. You won’t find a Libra diverting their attention elsewhere. Libras are faithful lovers and once they’ve chosen to commit to you, rest assured you won’t have to be keeping tabs on them 24/7. Just make sure you don’t break their loving hearts.

#8 Libras are Responsible

Responsibilities don’t escape Libras. They’re well aware of the responsibilities they need to fulfill in life and make it a point not to disappoint the people around them. This makes Libra a good life-long partner. As a husband or wife, you can rest assured that the Libra in your life will do their best to pull their weight in the relationship.

#9 Libras are Just


Among the facts about Libra, this one should come as no surprise! Obsessed with balance, Libras are fair and just by nature. Every situation they encounter is always assessed with fairness in mind. You’ll never catch a Libra taking sides based on their closeness with someone. This obsession with justice can often take a darker turn though. In their quest to make sure everyone gets their due, Libra will sometimes confuse justice and revenge.

Due to their emotional nature, this means that hurting a Libra is a dangerous game. In order to ‘balance the scales’ Libra will often hurt you back as much as they are hurt. Our advice to Libras: remember that justice is impartial, and that not all the time your feelings are hurt is because the other party is necessarily ‘guilty.’ If possible at all, actually, remember that you are not the judge, jury and executioner in everyone’s lives. Focus and seek balance in your own life, and others around you will follow the standard. 

#10 Libras Look Forward

Due to their obsession with balance, Libras will often think far ahead before doing something. In order to keep things even and peaceful, Libra will spend hours debating over the simplest of actions. While this overthinking can make them indecisive, it also breeds visionary thinking among Libras. You’ll find that Libras often have big plans for the future. 

#11 Libras Listen Intently

Another among the well-known facts about Libra. Because of their emotional sensitivity and empathy, along with their loving nature, Libras are excellent listeners. Libras are capable of a wide range of emotional responses and behaviors. They can listen to you speak about anything as mundane or deep and emotional as you need to talk about. Libras are so emotionally receptive that they often even know what you’re really trying to say despite your words, picking up on undertones and body language.

#12 Libras Crave Stability

Part of their peaceful and balanced disposition means that Libras absolutely crave stability. Any sort of discord is greatly distressing towards them. They need space, harmony in their relationships and an all-around peaceful existence. While this means they behave well in most situations, a Libra in a discordious environment can also turn out the exact opposite. One of their greatest weaknesses are their powerful emotions, which can cause them to lash out in a negative environment.

#13 Libras are Sympathetic

A natural consequence of their emotional and sympathetic nature is that Libras are incredibly sympathetic. They see the good in everything and everyone, and that includes people many would label as ‘toxic.’ While the rest of us often don’t hesitate to judge others, Libra often examines the motive and emotional state of a person before anything else. They are willing to lend an ear and even defend someone who has done wrong. While this is an admirable trait, Libra should take care to protect themselves from truly toxic people in their lives. 

#14 Libras Appear Lazy…


One of the common misconceptions of Libra is that the zodiac sign is lazy. While this is true in its own way, their laziness is more a symptom than a cause. What makes Libras appear indifferent, laid-back and reluctant is actually their overthinking at work. They often mentally burn themselves out before even starting to act because of all their forethought. This exhausts them to the point of appearing physically tired, though to everyone else they appear lazy.

Another reason is because they prefer to move at their own pace. It is natural for air signs to refuse fitting into the norm and to prefer flexible, noncommittal schedules. We’ve gone over how Libras will overthink and debate with themselves before doing anything. So while they appear slow and sluggish, they’re really ‘looking before they leap.’ This is perfectly fine, but Libra needs to learn to step up to the plate quickly when it matters.

#15 Libras Can’t Commit

Another of Libra’s weaknesses again stemming from their overthinking. Libras refuse to commit to anything! The most irritating trait about them is their tendency to cancel plans or shirk away from responsibilities. If, in the course of their overthinking, they realize that their commitments mess with their sense of balance in life or their internal tranquility, they often just cancel on you. Worse still, they can even ghost you!

Our advice to Libras is simple. Your noncommittal nature will bring you less tranquility in the long run. Friends will not trust you, and you will end up hurting them. Karma is real, our actions come back to reward or haunt us. Ultimately the negative returns from spurned loved ones will ruin the stability and balance you crave in life.

#16 Libras are Unsure

This last one might stem from their overthinking yet again, but it hurts Libras themselves almost exclusively. Libras often become paralyzed thinking about the future, and cannot make decisions. They become lost and confused, lacking direction in their lives. It is the biggest threat to their inner stability. Their uncertainty is also the main reason they spend so much time thinking, to ease their anxiety.

#17 Libras are Peace Talkers

Because they often see the best in everyone, and they crave stability, Libras are natural peacekeepers. They will often approach an interpersonal conflict within your group as the first to mediate. In fact, Libra will try to defuse the situation from the very start, attempting to calm down their friends in a fight. There’s a very high chance that in your friend group, the mediator is a Libra. Libra just needs to take special care that they’re not stepping over their friend’s feelings in trying to force a peace between parties that are still hurting.

Some Final Words…

These were the facts about Libra you needed to get a comprehensive understanding of the Zodiac sign. We hope this list helps you understand Libras better. To sympathize with their flaws and appreciate their strengths. Libras reading this, hopefully you understand yourselves better. Utilize your strengths, and compensate for your weaknesses.

Above all else, don’t beat yourselves up over the negative parts of who you are. Don’t assume that everything on this list applies to all Libras, as every person is unique in their own way. We make our own destinies. The stars may guide us, influence us, but do not control us. As we’ve said before, it’s ultimately up to us to carve our own future, and decide who we are.

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