Astrology Ranking: The 5 Most Extroverted Zodiac Signs

extroverted zodiac signs

You must have heard the phrase, ‘that guy is the life of the party’ at least once in your life. Usually we refer to people who can carry a conversation, light up a room or just stand out in this way. The more precise term for these types of people is what we would call an ‘extrovert’. Some people are more extroverted than others, but did you know that your zodiac sign can influence your level of extroversion? What do you think are the most extroverted zodiac signs?

When we talk about the extroverts of the zodiac, we’re talking about those signs that just love being around others. Signs that gain more energy in the company of their peers, or can’t stop living it up as the life of the party! Who knows, maybe your sign is the most outgoing zodiac sign of all? You might ask yourself, what if my sign isn’t on the list of extrovert zodiac signs, what then? Is there still something in this article for me?

You bet there is! We promise even our most introverted readers that there’s something in all of this for you. So keep reading! To our zodiac aficionados looking to brush up on their knowledge, readers looking to gain some new trivia, or anyone just plain curious, this is also definitely the article for you! So sit back, relax, have a cup of coffee and most importantly, have fun!


  • Zodiac Signs that are Extroverts
  • Why they’re extroverted
  • Who is the most extroverted sign of all?
  • What’s in it for you?
  • And many more…

The Most Extroverted Star Signs According to the Zodiac

Before we get into which are the most extroverted zodiac signs, let’s talk about why. Basically, let’s look at what exactly makes these signs extroverted compared to the less outgoing signs. How does your zodiac sign influence whether you’re an extrovert, or the opposite, an introvert? It all has something to do with your sign nature, symbol and the personality traits traditionally associated with that sign. Don’t worry, dear reader, we’ll explain.

You’ll see on this list that some sign natures, such as fire, are naturally more extroverted than others. This is because fire is a trait of energy, aggression, competition and just a general sense of outgoingness. The symbol of each zodiac sign can also dictate how extroverted someone is, such as the incredibly loud lion, a social animal by nature. Lastly, certain zodiac signs simply have personality traits that make them social, such as the conversational Libra or the inquisitive Gemini. Before we get to the ranking, however, what about signs not on this list?

As we promised above, there’s something in it for you, even if you don’t make the ranking. This is especially true if you feel introverted, or struggle to socialize. Dear reader, we’re listing the ways these zodiac signs carry themselves in social situations so you can emulate the best of their extroverted natures! That’s right, even the most introverted person has the capacity of human beings to grow and develop into an extrovert! So, without further ado, here’s the most extroverted zodiac signs, and what makes them extroverted, below:

#5 Leo, Life of the Party

leo zodiac

Is it really a surprise that Leo makes it into the list of the most extroverted signs in the zodiac? I guess the only real surprise is that it’s ranked here in fifth place. A fire sign that governs the period from July 23 to August 22, Leo roars into this list as a social butterfly. Having the symbol of the lion, these loud and proud kings of the jungle are without a doubt the life of the party. How do they do it?

They exemplify the traits of leadership, passion and competitiveness in a fire sign. Leo is always eager to show their stuff, show off, and show up to meet new people they can impress. You will no doubt hear Leo’s roar in every party they attend. They make sure people feel their presence, and will warmly introduce themselves to everyone there. The only reason Leo doesn’t rank higher is due to their nature to scare off less energetic people, and their constant need to prove themselves more than anything else in an interaction.

What You Can Learn From Leo

Becoming an extrovert is all about pushing yourself out there. Get used to meeting new people, engaging others in conversation and carrying yourself with confidence. Show others your energy, and instantly become an infectious source of it in every gathering. Leo teaches us that we quickly become the life of the party simply by living it. So get out there and roar!

#4 Libra, Conversationalist

Libra zodiac sign

The air sign Libra may not strike one as a particularly extroverted type, but don’t count them out! Libras are extremely social creatures, especially because they love discussing the lofty ideals and creative fantasies the aloof air signs usually come up with. While they air an air sign, they have the appreciation of beauty and the material that comes with having Venus as a planetary ruler. This appreciation for the material means they are always out and about. Incidentally, that also means they run into others.

Aside from this, Libra believes in acting fairly towards everyone. So, all that time they spend in their own head, they like to pay back to others by spending time with them! All in all, you’ve got a person who loves and appreciates people, and believes they have a duty to do so! No wonder they’re so sociable. Libra is an underappreciated socialite.

What You Can Learn From Libra

Learn to love the world around you, and the people in it. Introverts like to lose themselves in their hobbies or stay comfortable by their lonesome. But in order to become more extroverted, gain the eye of Venus and look at the world through rose-colored glasses. When we appreciate everything around us, we’re more likely to interact with it. Essentially, love what you do, and it becomes less of a chore, less of a challenge.

#3 Gemini, Two Whole Lives

gemini zodiac

A lot of times Gemini is one of those signs that gets a bad rap unfairly, like the dark and mysterious Scorpio. Especially when we look at Gemini with their symbol of the twins. Usually, we look at them as two-faced, or dishonest. But more than that, the twins in Gemini’s symbol represent the duality of their nature. What does that mean, especially in regards to their extroversion, exactly?

Well, like most air signs, Gemini likes keeping to themselves and exploring the world in their own heads. But, due to their duality, they equally enjoy spending time with others! Gemini delights in living two separate lives, one in their own mind and the other with the people around them. Funnily enough, with how chaotic Gemini is, the more introverted they are, it also means the more extroverted. Think of Gemini as an all-rounder!

What You Can Learn From Gemini

Gemini is a heartwarming example that tells us we don’t actually have to give up our introverted hobbies and lifestyle. We can become more extroverted in spite of these things! In fact, we can learn a lot from the well-rounded Gemini. Unlike extroverts who party until they burn themselves out, Gemini can balance both sides of their life and tire of neither. Maybe a little Gemini-style chaos is what you need to become both intro and extroverted: an ambivert! 

#2 Aries, Straightforward and Headstrong

aries zodiac

The lovable ram of the zodiac charges headfirst into second place! A fire sign that rules the period from March 21 to April 19, Aries has none other than the ram as its symbol. These headstrong, straightforward and determined characters have all the tools needed to become massive extroverts. Before you’ve even properly met Aries, they’re already doggedly striking up conversations with you, and planning hangouts! It’s no wonder they’re so high up the list.

Like other fire signs, they’re also full of energy and passion. A passion that makes them the life of the party in any gathering, for one. But it also works in tandem with their persistence, meaning these guys don’t stop bugging you until you’re the best of friends. Aries gets extra points in the field of extroversion due to how far they’re willing to go to get to know people. If only they didn’t scare some people off with how persistent they are!

What You Can Learn From Aries

The quickest way to become a wallflower is to live as a passive individual. Aries tells us to charge in headfirst and make the first move. That’s the easiest way to make a new friend! Like other signs, you’ve got to have passion and energy, but more than that, persistence! The road to becoming an extrovert might not come easy, but Aries tells us to go for it and never give up!

#1 Sagittarius, the Most Extroverted Zodiac Sign of All

sagittarius zodiac

Wow, all three fire signs dominate the list of most extroverted signs! Though, is that really a surprise? Dominating the period from November 22 to December 21 is Sagittarius, with an archer as its symbol. Its ruling planet is Jupiter, the king of the gods, and Sag is a natural leader. It’s got everything else the other fire signs has, but what makes Sag the strongest extrovert of all three?

It’s in its ruling planet that we find the answer. As a natural leader, Sag takes charge and is the life of the party like Leo, but also make the first move like Aries! But more importantly, Jupiter is a benevolent ruler, and Sag has something the other two signs don’t. While they look before they leap (their arrow stands for impulse), they can adjust and restrain themselves to refrain from scaring off potential new friends. Basically, Sag has all the intensity and friendliness from its sibling fire signs, but can tone it down just right. 

Learning from Sag

Sag is a great example of restraint. Even as you try to become more extroverted, remember not to trample on people’s sensibilities and step over their comfort zones. Don’t feel too bad about messing up, Sag themselves often do the same thing on the first meeting! They’re not the ‘leap-before-they-look’ and ‘straight-as-an-arrow’ sign for nothing. Still, Sag emulates all the best traits of an extrovert… and the proper restraint.

In Conclusion…

That was all of the most extroverted signs in the zodiac. We hope you enjoyed reading this article, and would like to remind all our readers of an important fact. If you’re an introvert, you can easily change that and shouldn’t feel daunted by this list. But more importantly, if your sign was on this list and you can’t relate to it, don’t feel bad! Remember that you’re only human.

By that we mean that people are different, even among those that share the same zodiac sign. Astrology is not an exact science, and we always love to remind our readers not to feel out of place. The zodiac teaches us that the stars were never meant to control us, only guide us. You are still the captain of your own ship. The master of your own fate.

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