Astrology Stars of the Heart to Heart: Empath Zodiac Signs

empath zodiac signs

Emotions are a big part of what makes all of us human. Experts on neuroscience and psychology claim that we feel a wide variety of emotions numbering in the thousands a day. Some people, those with high EQ (emotional quotient) are experts at identifying, articulating and managing their emotions. Feeling and behaving in accordance with our emotions is an important and unavoidable part of the human experience, but some people are great at understanding other people’s feelings as well as or more than their own. The term for these people is empaths, and it may surprise you that according to astrology there are famous empath zodiac signs.

Sure, most of us have a degree of empathy, and the same is true for all signs of the zodiac. Empathy is necessary in a world where interpersonal relationships are crucial to our mental and emotional wellbeing. But there are those particularly gifted at it, and for a lot of these people, it’s due to the nature of their zodiac sign. That’s right, the star you were born under can influence your skill and degree of empathy! There are some zodiac signs who shine at empathizing with others much better than the rest.

Ever wonder which of the zodiac signs are the best? If we’ve got you curious, we’re happy to tell you we’ve also got answers! The following article lists the top empath zodiac signs, ranking them according to their ability to empathize. We also note down what exactly makes them such great empaths according to their zodiac sign natures. Read on and find out!


  • Ranking the empath zodiac signs
  • Who is the most empathetic zodiac sign
  • How you can empathize better, according to the signs!
  • And many more…

The 3 Most Empathetic Zodiac Signs

Empaths, as we said, are experts at empathizing, or picking up on and understanding the emotions of those around them. More than words, empaths can pick up on verbal tics, read between the lines, or even pick up subtle hints in body movement and posture. There are many different types of empaths, and many zodiac signs that are empaths. This list explores just these special empath zodiac signs, and the absolute best! Specifically, the top 3 empaths of the zodiac.

Would you like to become more empathetic as a person, yourself? A word of caution, sometimes empaths become exhausted by their own capacity to empathize with others. Feeling the pain of everyone around you is a lot to take in, and sometimes empaths become confused themselves on whether they’re feeling something, or just picking up the ‘vibe’ of everyone else in the room. Still, it’s a useful skill to learn, and if you’re feeling like you need to pick it up, you’re in luck. We’re including ways you can empathize more in this list, based on the zodiac signs who are so good at it!

Don’t feel bad if you’re not on this list, there’s always room to learn! Plus, just because you’re not among the top 3, doesn’t mean you’re inherently unable to empathize based on your sign. Most people have the capacity to empathize within their hearts, and just need to learn to bring that out. What is most important, even if you’re not here to learn, we hope that you have fun! Without further ado, the top 3 empath zodiac signs:

#3 Scorpio, the Guarded Empath (October 22 – November 21)


We bet this entry surprises a lot of you reading this! Scorpio, the sign infamous for their dark, reclusive and vengeful nature, an empath? Among the top three among all the empath zodiac signs, no less. Well, it may surprise you to know that it’s actually their empathic nature that leads to a lot of their infamous hangups. Particularly, we need to look at what makes Scorpio such a feared and dangerous sign.

Scorpios are intense, passionate and dark souls, but at the root of all that passion is actually emotion! Overemotional, a Scorpio feels things more deeply than most people, and prioritizes their own emotions, but can also pick up on the feelings of those around them. Take their vengeful nature, for instance. No one wants to anger a Scorpio, because Scorpios feel anger to a degree that makes them violent and vengeful. This also makes Scorpios reluctant to open up to other people.

That’s right, Scorpios are reclusive because they can barely manage their own emotions. They prefer small, tight-knit groups they can control and care for. But if you get through Scorpio’s guarded and scary exterior, you’ll find a deep, empathetic companion who cares and loves you like few others can. While Scorpio only lets a select few in, they cherish the ones worthy of their heart and heartache. Just make sure not to get on their bad side.

Learning from Scorpio

Well, you clearly don’t want to pick up on Scorpio’s darker habits, but there’s still a lot we can learn from them! Start prioritizing your emotions more. Learn to allow yourself to feel things, and feel them intensely. If we want to empathize with others, we need to get in touch with our own emotions. Sensitivity to our own needs and feelings equals sensitivity to the needs and feelings of those around us.

The most important thing to learn from Scorpio is not overextending yourself. You can’t handle all of the world’s problems on your shoulders, and not everyone deserves your empathy. Even if you believe otherwise, remember that stretching yourself thin can have disastrous consequences. Emotional burnout and withdrawal can come from trying to empathize with everyone. Worst of all is if, like Scorpio, you lash out which does more harm than good.

#2 Cancer, the Overly Sensitive (June 21 – July 22)


Cancer, ruled by the moon, is famous for its loyalty, self-care, and sensitivity. While they don’t feel things as intensely as Scorpio, they are more empathetic as a result of this sensitivity. Being sensitive to the needs of others, Cancers learn to pick up on the emotions of everyone around them to avoid stepping on any toes. Chances are, before you’ve even said anything to a Cancer, they’ve already figured out how you’re feeling. They probably knew when they entered the room.

This sign is adept at picking up on your facial expression, your body language, and your overall behavior. They listen less to what you’re saying versus how you say it. A sign notable for its loyalty, Cancer will even learn behaviors unique to you. Do you have a habit you default to when you’re upset, say, stress eating? Cancer will pick up on that, and will probably even identify that you’re upset before you do.

With all that said, why isn’t Cancer at the top of this list? Well, the very thing that makes Cancer empathetic is also their greatest weakness. Cancer’s empathy is due to their sensitive nature, they feel obligated not to hurt others the same way they are hurt. However, they expect that same level of courtesy from everyone around them. When a Cancer is hurt, they stop empathizing, even if they started out by understanding that you’re upset and that’s probably why you hurt them.

Learning from Cancer

Cancer has empathy down to a science! If you want to get better at empathizing with others, our advice for you is to follow Cancer’s example especially. A big part of caring and loving others is listening, learning about and understanding them. Cancer knows this especially, but they also know that all of this is pointless without the next step. Not only do you need to learn about others, but you must also take special care not to push on their ‘pet peeves.’

Empathizing means putting yourself in another person’s shoes. Understanding someone means knowing what hurts them, what they are sensitive to. The act of effectively empathizing then comes from respecting these things, and being there for them when they are hurt. Most of all, don’t always expect the same level of courtesy. Aside from avoiding Cancer’s mistake of not becoming too sensitive, remember not to place a price on your kindness and empathy.

#1 Pisces, the Bleeding Heart (February 19 – March 20) 


Among all the zodiac signs that are empaths, Pisces are the undisputed kings and queens. That’s right, they’re not only among the kindest and most loving of the signs, they’re also the most empathetic. They are Scorpio without walls, Cancer without conditions. Natural talents, they don’t need to try to learn about the people around them. Somehow, just by being around someone, Pisces is quick to pick up on and share the feelings of those around them.

Transparent and empathetic by nature, Pisces does more than just identify with how everyone around them feels. They bring out and enhance these feelings. Feeling sad? Pisces will share your pain, and perhaps even bring you to tears with how strong their empathy is. In a healthy way of course, as they are able to ease your burdens and share your pain.

Pisces needs to take good care of themselves as a result. They’re so receptive and impressionable to the emotions of others that they can easily become overburdened by their empathy. This is a sign that frequently experiences emotional burnout and withdrawal. Pisces needs ‘me time’ more than any other sign as a result. They should especially stay away from overly negative and toxic people.

Learning from Pisces

We’re not all born with hearts that bleed for others like your occasional altruist or Pisces. But what we can learn from Pisces is more of a cautionary tale. It’s true that truly empathizing means more than just understanding someone, true empathy is sharing in their emotions. However, we need to take care not to try and carry the world on our shoulders, or become swept away in the emotional torrent of everyone around us. Most compellingly, you don’t need to have the best empathy in the world to justify staying away from toxic people.

The Takeaway

Empathy is a difficult, complex skill. It’s about putting ourselves in another person’s shoes, understanding, sharing their feelings… and then of course relating this to the other person. The truth is, it does come easier to some of us than others, especially the three on this list. But another fundamental truth is that it’s a skill almost every person possesses inside of themselves. Hopefully, this article helps bring out the empathy inside of all of you reading it.

Another thing we’d like to emphasize, as we do in all our articles, is the power of the individual. Sometimes, our lists may come off as daunting or even discouraging to those reading. This isn’t what we’re trying to get across, and it’s just not what you need to take from astrology and spirituality! People are capable of amazing things, whether or not they’re predisposed. The power of the human spirit is one of change and growth. 

Always remember that the stars don’t control us. They guide us. You aren’t set on a path that you can never stray from based on your zodiac sign. With enough work and the right physical, emotional and mental state, you can even go against your own nature. You are the captain of your own ship and the master of your fate.

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