Eight of Pentacles Meaning in Tarot Card Spread Readings

eight of pentacles meaning

Pentacles in general are often associated with the earth element, the first chakra. The eight of pentacles meaning in a tarot card spread represent your most basic needs: food, shelter, basic safety. All of which come to you when you have a stable job, like that of the young man in the card.

Some readers interpret this 8 of pentacles tarot card to mean “apprenticeship,” i.e. that the man pictured is learning to shape pentacles. While other readers view it as a symbol of long, hard, meaningful work that could get tedious at times, just like any type of work does. Either way, the card is about someone who is industrious and detail-oriented, and someone for whom his work is important.

To fully understand the Eight of Pentacles tarot card meaning, you first need to grasp its description and symbolism. It is also important to know how the position (upright or reversed) affects the eight of pentacles meaning in a tarot card reading. With these in mind, let’s dive into it!

The Eight of Pentacles, Minor Arcana, Pentacles VIII Description

The Eight of Pentacles shows a young man hammering away at a coin (pentacle). He has finished six of them and has only one more pentacle to go. His clothing suggests this is his work – he isn’t a king or a knight exploring a hobby. Yet he’s well dressed, suggesting that he’s paid well for the work he does.

The extra calm, grayish off-white sky suggests the young man is neither excited nor ego-centric about his work. He has a tranquil, peaceful relationship with it. He feels good about what he does, believes in its meaning, yet he is not the show-off type.

We see a city in the background, meaning this young man is a contributing member of society. Even though he is working on his own, alone, he is part of a greater whole.

General Interpretation: Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

The 8 of pentacles meaning in a general context is representative of a ‘work in progress’ that is soon to be a completed masterpiece.

There are many similarities between this card and the Three of Pentacles. The 3 of Pentacles depicts an apprentice working on the structure of a cathedral. Here, though, we are dealing with a seasoned laborer who is diligent and successful.

The Eight of Pentacles indicates a period of ambition, focus, and hard work. Just like the laborer you are working hard to improve your skills and reach a new level of mastery.

You are aware that this will require a lot of focus and dedication, but you are ready to put in the hours and to pay attention to the details.

You know that you will not become a master in these skills in a day, but you are well prepared for the journey to come and ready to persevere.

Love and Relationship

balance between work and romantic life

Is your or your partner’s workload interfering with your relationship? When it comes to romance, the eight of pentacles love meaning urges you to find a balance between your work and your romantic life.

It is good to be ambitious and career-focused. But it is the personal relationships with family, friends, and others that we love that make life worth living. Make it a point to spend time with your spouse, even when duty calls.

If you are single but looking. Make sure that your commitment to your work or other life responsibilities isn’t stopping you from finding (or keeping) a mate.

Health and Spirituality

The Eight of Pentacles often presents itself as a ‘good job’ in response to strides that one has made with physical recovery or emotional healing.

If you have been putting effort into being stronger or growing spiritually, stay on course.

If you are dealing with a health issue in the present moment, be careful not to view yourself as incapable or a victim of circumstance.

Although you might not be able to control the outcome, you are in charge of your effort and your outlook. Just changing your attitude to one that is positive can make a world of difference.

Career, Money and Finances

Although money is often a necessary part of reaching our goals, it does not give our life meaning.

If you’ve received this card in a finance or career meaning, it signifies the need for purpose. Is the work you are doing meaningful?

invest your money wisely

If not, you need to find the path that leads to you enjoying what you do. This might involve going to trade school, making a career change, or starting your own business.

The ‘what’ does not matter, as long as the dedication and effort are there.  Anything you put your blood, sweat, in tears into will reap a hefty financial reward.

Please do not rely on luck or get-rich-quick schemes, though. Make sure to invest your money wisely when it comes. Most importantly, have faith in yourself! Your self-confidence will partner with your skills and bring financial rewards.

Astrological association

Pentacle cards – all 14 of them – in Tarot’s Minor Arcana are well associated with the earth element. These astrological signs are well composed of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. 

Eight of Pentacles is well associated mostly with the constellation of Taurus. As Taurus is a fixed earth sign, the imagery in the card symbolizes earthly security and stability more than anything else.

The Eight of Pentacles could symbolize a Taurus in your life, but more likely, it symbolizes the state of mind you’re in. It could also symbolize an environment as well, such as your place of work. 

Your psychic Tarot reader can tell you which is which, based on the other cards in the spread and their intuitive skills.

Eight of Pentacles Tarot Guide Reading: Upright and Reversed Tarot Meanings

Eight of Pentacles Upright

This card indicates a time when you have to work hard and focus on your tasks. This is not a negative situation, but this means that you must strive to be the best. 

The task that you need to accomplish can be personal or professional. No matter what type of task it is, do not be afraid to ask for help when things get overwhelming. 

The Eight of Pentacles refers to the efforts that you undertake. There is a possibility that there will be a lot of things that you need to address. 

Hard work is essential, but you still need to find a balance.

Upright 8 of Pentacles – Love Meaning 

If you think about it, loving someone is like cultivating a skill. Regardless of how demanding your job is, you need to make some time for your emotional connections with other people. It requires ever-increasing amounts of empathy, compassion, patience, and the desire for self-improvement. 

Be proud of what you have accomplished, and the lessons that you have learned. If you are in a relationship, you may find that your lover is still surprising you, even after all the time you have spent together. 

There are still new facets of them that you discover every day if you look hard enough. Learning to appreciate those new sides of them is something that can deepen your love for one another.

Upright 8 of Pentacles – Career Meaning

When it comes to work, your dedication and commitment to improving your skills is likely to be well rewarded. Those who are seeking employment should expect that the nature of their job will be demanding. The Eight of Pentacles also indicates that you need to be confident in yourself that you will be able to fulfill the job.  

more tasks and responsibilities

For those who are currently employed, you will be responsible for carrying out more tasks and responsibilities. Never hesitate to ask for the assistance of your co-workers.

Career goals can be well met now, and you may be achieving a new level of skill and expertise. Others may appreciate how much you’ve grown and can look up to you as a leader in your field. 

Sometimes, this card can also indicate a promotion. If you’re in the process of starting your own business, your craftsmanship and care for your work will lead to great success and profit. Keep your skills sharp, and remain curious. If you’re currently in a period of study, your talent may impress others right now.

Upright 8 of Pentacles – Finances Meaning

On the matters of finances, The Eight of Pentacles may signify financial assistance that you have been hoping to receive. Be careful on how you are going to spend this money, remember that this is a fruit of your hard labor and not luck. 

Sometimes a promotion may be well indicated, or more business if you’re self-employed. If you’ve been careful with your finances, you may be slowly becoming more financially independent. When you enjoy your success, you may have memories of how difficult things were before. Give yourself a pat on the back, and let those thoughts motivate you.

Eight of Pentacles Reversed

When reversed, the Eight of Pentacles signifies something similar to the upright position. But the tasks may be even more demanding. This means that you need to execute fast and with great care if you want to be happy and successful with this outcome.

Reversed 8 of Pentacles – Love Meaning

You can’t cut any corners or take any shortcuts when it comes to love. The 8 of pentacles reversed meaning in love is a reminder that the effort we put into our relationships and our love life matters. We can either devote ourselves to them, and patiently watch it flourish under our care, or we can take it for granted, and let it die. 

This means that your relationship or romantic life may require a lot from you right now. It may be that your partner may need you to step up; have you been doing your part of the chores? Expressing your affection? Showing your love as much as you have been accepting love? Try and make sure that both your needs are being met.

Reversed 8 of Pentacles – Career Meaning

tedious job

You may be stuck in a tedious job that you hate right now. Having little enthusiasm is likely to affect how much effort you put into your job, and it’s likely that your work suffers. 

You may feel like you are in no hurry to make any changes. However, the work you are doing feels bland, and you are no longer concerned with improving your skillset. Instead, you can be dragging your feet, waiting for the time to clock out and collect a paycheck. 

Employers right now may feel that you lack the experience needed for new positions. If you have a business, quality standards may fall, and your reputation may get damaged as a result.

Reversed 8 of Pentacles – Finances Meaning

With regards to finances, you may be delusional about your current financial state. Perhaps you are currently relying on pure luck to make it. 

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with dreaming. You should understand that you should be patient and be ready to work hard if you want to improve your standing. 

You may be a bit careless with your finances, meaning overspending, or perhaps total ignorance. When you need the money, you may find yourself in a bit of a bind. It’s better to face these matters and take care of them before they get worse.

Eight of Pentacles Meaning: Yes or No

The Eight of Pentacles is a yes card, especially when connected to a question that concerns learning or improvement of any kind.

Are you wondering if your finances or work situations will improve? Are you concerned about bettering a relationship? Things will definitely improve–if you’re ready to put forth a little effort.

That’s all for the Eight of Pentacles tarot card meaning!

If you have pulled the 8 of Pentacles tarot card in your spread, did the meanings above make sense to your situation in life?

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