The Eight Of Cups Meaning In Life, Love, And Career

eight of cups meaning

What is the role of the Eight of Cups meaning in your life? At first glance, this card looks depressing but actually, it’s not. Rather it’s a positive card since it’s about successfully moving on from your past. You are not yet done learning all the lessons you need to go through. However, you have found the will to let go of what’s not working and you begin to search for answers. 

This time you’re brave enough to abandon what’s no longer working in your favor and try new ways of dealing with life. The whole path isn’t visible yet. But the moon which represents your intuition and inner wisdom is guiding you exactly where you need to go. This is about your creative and spiritual journey. A good luck charm for travel, literally speaking. 

We’ll go through all these Eight of Cups tarot card meaning and more, as well as touch base with the following:

  • Does the Eight of Cups reversed meaning spell good or bad luck?
  • What is the meaning of Eight of Cups for career and finances?
  • How will the 8 of Cups tarot guide you in your quest for self-improvement?
  • Does the Eight of cups in a love reading something to look forward to?
  • What does the Eight of Cups upright meaning have in store for health and spirituality?

Let’s go ahead and take a deep dive with the Eight of Cups tarot card meaning!

Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning: An Overview

The tarot card 8 of Cups shows a man reminiscent of the Hermit card. Staff can be seen on one hand and he’s off on a journey all by himself. Furthermore, you will notice that he is going towards the wonder, symbolizing intuition. This is evidence of his instincts, his true feelings. 

Looking up, there is even an eclipse happening. The sun is our image, our external self. Here it is blocking the moon representing our instincts, our truth. The things that resonate within us, on our deepest level. 

The time has come when the sun’s superficial world no longer satisfies this man. And so he goes on a night journey to reconnect with the water element, bypass the sun, and jive with the moon. The moment this card pops up in your reading, it is telling you to listen to the voice within you. Listen to what is true and meaningful in your life. 

Eight of Cups Meaning Upright (General)

This card is about moving on. Projects or relationship have run their course and it’s time to get billing your life. You need to leave your past be it positively or negatively. Either way, you will feel so much better after. 

For earth-based reading, the Eight of Cups upright could mean you are heeding the call for new job opportunities. However, you should be willing to expand your commute bubble a bit. 

Those who are employed might be hearing about a friend or colleague leaving the workforce. It’s either because they found a better job, or decided they wanted to spend their time elsewhere, doing something they love. 

For air-based reading, careerwise this has to do with either trading or communications. Again, you should be open about moving or living in another place. There is also a possibility that somebody will come into your life with a purpose. 

In water-based reading, the upright tarot card shows that you could be meeting someone again. They’re either coming in from out of town, or you may meet them while you are out of town yourself (either for business, pleasure, or both). 

Finally, the upright Eight of Cups for fire signs indicates the need to be brave. When an opportunity comes, make sure to heed the call. Don’t deny it, or run away from it. Never allow yourself to turn into a paralyzed state that you will lose your chance to make a positive change in your life. 

Eight of Cups Meaning Upright In Love and Relationships

eight of cups upright love

This card is elaborating on feelings of disappointment. It is a disappointment since you have high hopes or expectations for something or someone. But unfortunately, things didn’t turn out the way you had hoped. So you choose to walk away to find something else that would fulfill your innermost desires. 

It could also be the other way around. Your love interest may feel that something is missing in your relationship. Perhaps you’ve been together for so long and the embers are slowly dying. Both of you have tried so hard for so long, but with a heavy heart, they know there’s nothing left to do but to walk away. 

However, it’s not all the time that they are considering leaving you altogether. It could simply mean you are dealing with some issues. Some things have been brewing for quite some time. What used to be petty arguments are starting to become full-blown fights. Neither of you wants to back down at first. Finally, someone does- disappointed and unhappy. 

Some serious soul-searching needs to be done. Can you imagine spending the rest of your life with each other? Do they push you to become the best version of yourself? Are they encouraging your growth or have kept you stunted all these years? Do you love them, or are you just scared of ending up alone? If that is the case, know that this is extremely unfair to your partner. They deserve to know because you both deserve to be happy. 

Eight of Cups Meaning Upright In Career

Now, this doesn’t have to be complicated all the time. It can signal several things. Generally speaking, this tarot card represents walking away and leaving something behind. So careerwise it could be as simple as taking a breather from work and getting that much-deserved vacation. 

Take this time to relax, recharge, and reset. So you can come back to work energized, rejuvenated, and filled with exciting new ideas to bring to the table. 

In some cases, however, you might need to take a good hard look at where you are right now. Will staying in your current job spell more harm than good? Are all the sleepless nights, panic attacks, and anxiety that it brings you daily worth the paycheck and job security? 

Weigh your options so you can make responsible decisions. Make sure you exit a bad situation to enter a better one. 

Eight of Cups Meaning Upright In Finances


What has been working for you for the past ten years simply won’t cut it these days. So let go of your old financial habits and make room for better and healthier ones. Learn how you can spend less, earn more, and have a bigger return on investments. 

Start doing this by abandoning your limiting beliefs and expectations. Find a mentor, and observe other people who have achieved financial breakthroughs. And don’t go through the same mistakes they did. Why should you when you can learn from them? Then you can pave your path to see what works for you. 

Minimize and declutter. You won’t realize how much peace and tranquility this gives you until you give it a try. And this is not just about your material possessions. We’re talking about decluttering your mind, commitments, and complications as well. Once you do this you will feel a surge of relief you’ve never felt before. You will be surprised that you’re happier than ever. 

Eight of Cups Meaning Upright In Health and Spirituality

You are not as young as you used to be. Some of us will try to deny this as long as possible. But whether we like it or not, our bodies change and we age. So our old habits in the past could be downright deadly for us in the future. If you wish to stay healthy and live longer for your family, a big shift may be required. The first of which should be your mindset. 

Habits are excruciatingly difficult to break, especially if you have been doing them all your life. But you must find the strength to get read of all your excuses and step up for a better, healthier, and happier you. Eat well, exercise, and know your body’s limits. Quit smoking and stop drinking. Some do this gradually, but for the brave souls out there, doing “cold turkey” worked best for them. 

Fill your mind with positive thoughts. Read something and watch films that will encourage and inspire you to do more and be more. Things that would uplift your mind, body, and soul. Be grateful. This is your best ammunition every time the world gets you down. It is not about wanting everything, it’s about wanting everything you already have. 

Eight of Cups Reversed (General)

This card serves as a warning for people who tend to be constantly in transit. Those who are always on a spiritual journey. Realize that this remains a form of stagnation, even if you’re constantly moving. Why? Because you are moving to the same place. 

For earth-based reading the reversed Eight of Cups could be an indication of someone trying to leave their job prematurely. Doing this without any preparation or a backup plan. Avoid switching careers at the wrong time. Just because you need to doesn’t mean you should. 

Air-based signs could be about somebody making a big comeback. You might have locked your door and thrown your keys away, but they want you back. This person might have gone on a journey on their own but came back as a different person. 

For water-based reading, this indicates that the love you have hanging by a thread is up for a big reboot. Those who went on a break but didn’t break up could be getting back together anytime soon. 

Finally, fire signs need to know that when you’re constantly caught in a controversy, it’s time to move on. But you must time things perfectly. You must never abandon projects prematurely. Nor should you try to be constantly in transit that you’re never grounded long enough to plant roots.

Eight of Cups Reversed In Love and Relationships

Should you leave your partnership? This question has been gnawing on you for the past few months. But you feel bounded and attached not only to this person. You have been so used to your daily routine, your lifestyle, and the home that you have built. 

think through

Being in the suit of cups means there is an emotional fear of leaving. The emotional attachment is so strong that it will stop anybody from actually moving on. So even if you believe that it is the outside forces that are stopping you from moving on, they’re not. It’s the emotional entanglement you feel and your unwillingness to let go that is making you stay. 

Where is your desire to leave coming from? Has your relationship truly reached its breaking point? Or do you honestly think it can still be saved? Allow yourself to have some time to think things through- by yourself. This way you would be able to address whatever it is that’s keeping you from moving on. 

Eight Cups Reversed In Career

You do not only find leaving difficult, you don’t want to go because of fear. For years you know you don’t fit in, and you have chosen the wrong career. It may be financially rewarding, yes. But you have to drag yourself out of bed every single day because you do not love what you do. 

The thing is, life is short. So you need to decide before it’s too late. More often than not, we regret the things that we did not do, rather than the things we did. Don’t allow your life to be full of regrets in the end. 

Do you dread your 9-5 and just want to set up that mouth-watering taco truck? Try it out, do it on weekends. But start doing something. You will never know if it will work out until you give it a shot. 

Eight Cups Reversed In Finances

Your financial security means everything to you and your family. For you, it’s easier to shove your longings under the rug if it means a better life for them. A roof over their head, food on the table, vacations, a comfortable lifestyle that they’re used to. So you ignore your unfulfilled dreams and aspirations because your reasons are extremely valid. 

But what if you can find a way to make both things work? What if you can change your financial streams by doing something you love, while still giving your loved ones the life they dream of? 

Talk to them. Your family, your partner and explore all the options you have. Perhaps they have amazing suggestions you never even thought possible until now. If you don’t like where you’re at, move. You are not a tree. 

Eight of Cups Reversed In Health and Spirituality

Stop focusing on too much negativity in your life. You will notice it has been taking a toll on your mental health as well. There is no point keeping it all in when you know very well you might be suffering from anxiety or depression. 


There is no shame in asking for help. It takes strength and courage to do this. Know that it is better to reach out sooner or later before things get out of hand. 

Surround yourself with trusted family and friends. Meditate, see your therapist, and get on an online support group when you’re going through rough patches. People you love can only do so much. The final decision is always up to you. 

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