The Secrets of Ancient Egyptian Astrology and Zodiac Signs

Egyptian Zodiac Signs

Much like the pyramids, the Egyptian Zodiac is a cornerstone of Ancient Egyptian culture that has stood the test of time.

The Egyptians, the ancient civilization that they are, grew and flourished over 30 centuries. Over that time, they believed in a pantheon of gods who controlled and influenced every facet of their existence.

Therefore, the Egyptian Zodiac was the result of the work of priests who divined the will of the gods in the stars and the cycles of the earth.

Those who subscribe to the Egyptian Zodiac can find many parallels with western astrology. That’s because many principles of astrology came from Egyptian Astrology!

So, if you’re looking for a purer or at least less derivative astrology system, then you’re in luck! 

The rundown on the Egyptian Zodiac signs are just up ahead!

Egyptian Zodiac Signs

Egyptian Zodiac Signs and Their Secrets


Dates: January 1–7, June 19–28, September 1–7, November 18–26
Western Zodiac Counterpart: Capricorn

Hapi, the first sign and the god of the Nile is responsible for the river that keeps Egypt alive. 

People who are born under this sign value peace and stability. While they can be demanding and stubborn, they will protect everyone they love no matter what.

Just like the Nile, they are happy in the background while providing for those they care about. Additionally, they are independent people who are content with quietly doing the hard work to achieve their dreams.

All in all, they are a grounding presence that facilitates harmony.


Dates: January 8–21, February 1–11
Western Zodiac Counterpart: Taurus

People who have Amun-Ra as their sign share their sign’s god’s generosity. They have an eye for beauty and enjoy the finer things in life. While they are creative and ambitious, they do not care for drama and value stability.

Not only are these people self-sufficient, but they also love to help others. They are natural mentors and often excel in work where they have to create. Unfortunately, they can also be prideful and possessive. They may also be a bit bullheaded about their traditional beliefs. But they mean well and only want to help.


Dates: January 22–31, Sept 8–22
Western Zodiac Counterpart: Scorpio

Mut, also known as the mother of the gods, is a creator goddess who represents women everywhere, especially mothers.

The people born under her signs exhibit a similar feeling of maternal instinct. This instinct often manifests as wisdom and gentleness. They are practical people who act on their thoughts more than their emotions.

These people are quite protective and don’t let fear rattle them. When unchecked, they may be paranoid of others or manipulative. As long as they stay centered, they can be great teachers and also make good parents.


Dates: February 12–29, August. 20–31
Western Zodiac Counterpart: Aquarius

Geb, the god of the earth, is one of the gods who help in the underworld. He is responsible for weighing the hearts of the souls of the dead and determining where they end up in the afterlife.

Those born under this sign share in Geb’s affinity for the earth. When they require peace, they often gravitate to parks and forests, and other places filled with nature.  

In general, they often rely on their emotions and intuition more than their logic. With that said, they are keenly aware of the energies of those around them. This awareness might be why they are so kind to others.


Dates: March 1–10, November 27-December 18
Western Zodiac Counterpart: Aries

While there are other gods who attend to the underworld, Osiris is The god of the Underworld. He represents resurrection and fertility.

Those born under this sign do well for themselves and usually make great leaders. They can be impulsive at times, but this comes part and parcel with their drive to innovate. If there’s anyone who can think outside of the box or come up with a radical solution to any issue, it’s them.

Some people may consider people under Osiris to be two-faced, but this may just be their natural inclination to have two sides to their personality.


Dates: March 11–31, October 18–29, December 19–31
Western Zodiac Counterpart: Pisces

Isis is the goddess of nature and the protector of the vulnerable, particularly the young and the poor. She is also in charge of protecting the dead.

Love is a huge part of the lives of the people born under her sign. They put a lot of care and effort when it comes to romance, among other types of love. Also, they are optimistic and confident people who are eager to please.

These people go through life with a twinkle in their eyes and a pep in their step. All in all, they want to share their carefree joy with those they care about.


Dates: April 1–19, November 8–17
Western Zodiac Counterpart: Virgo

Thoth is the god of all wisdom and the pursuit of it. He is not only the creator of writing but also the keeper of the record of all things. Furthermore, he also acts as one of the judges of the underworld.

Much like the god, people born under his sign excel at solving problems in creative ways. They usually gravitate towards hobbies and jobs that have to deal with communication and research. 

Along with their knack for staying organized, every problem in life can be a puzzle for them to solve.


Dates: April 20, May 7, August 12–19
Western Zodiac Counterpart: Libra

In the pantheon of gods and goddesses, Horus is king. As a symbol of the heavenly bodies, he is also the protector of the rulers of Egypt: the pharaohs. They usually end up in politics or management work.

Just like the king of the gods, people born under this sign are great leaders. They naturally attract people as their innate optimism inspires everyone around them. Like a good leader, they tend to put the group’s needs above theirs. 

Moreso, they are not afraid to make hard decisions. Their high willpower allows them to stay decisive where others would falter.


a statue of the Egyptian god Anubis

Dates: May 8–27, June 29- July 13
Western Zodiac Counterpart: Leo

As one of the gods of the underworld, Anubis stands guard upon the realm and finds stray souls to return them to the path. Aside from that, he is also in charge of embalming and mummification. 

People born under his sign have a creative spark to them and have an ambitious drive to chase after their ideas. They tend to have a fiery temperament and can be intense about their choices and beliefs.

However, these people are not flashy. They tend to keep to themselves but will not back down from defending what they believe in. Much like Anubis, they excel as guardians and guides to others.


Dates: May 28- June 18, September 28- October 2
Western Zodiac Counterpart: Gemini

Seth is an unbridled force of nature, leaving lasting changes in his wake. Not only is he the god of chaos but also the god of earthquakes and storms.

Those born under his sign have a certain charm to them and are quite charismatic. Like their sign’s god, they crave freedom and change. They quickly tire of convention and seek radical solutions as they see fit.

Furthermore, they love attention and are good at catching other people’s attention. But despite being a chaotic sign, they seem to have a perfectionist streak. It just makes them more ambitious and meticulous.


Dates: July 14–28, September 23–27, October 3–17
Western Zodiac Counterpart: Cancer

As the goddess of fertility and cats (a sacred animal to Egyptians), Bastet is the protector of all women and Lower Egypt in particular. She is also the goddess of pleasure, and this appreciation of things that bring joy shows clearly in those who bear her sign.

More than that, these people are sensitive and have a good sense of intuition. Their uncanny ability to sniff out what others can’t makes them great at obtaining information. 

However, their goals are all in service of their need to find balance in their life and achieve peace. They enjoy the finer things in life and have a taste for the arts.


Dates: July 29- August 11, October 30-November 7
Western Zodiac Counterpart: Sagittarius

Sekhmet is the goddess of war and healing. Also known as the Eye of Ra, she protects pharaohs and leads them in wartime.

In the same way that Sekhmet is both warrior and healer, those born under her sign have a duality to them. They simultaneously crave order but are also willing to let destiny play out. 

These people have an inherent desire for justice and will not stand idly in the face of injustice. Combined with their balanced perspective, they are well suited to positions of authority. They can make complex moral decisions and keep the peace.


As a sort of predecessor to modern western astrology, the Egyptian Zodiac has many similarities with the western zodiac. However, it also has key differences due to how the ancient astrologers developed the system. 

To that end, you can see the influences of the Egyptian gods as well as their calendar in the Egyptian Zodiac. 

Hopefully, this information helps you in your own life and entices you to look deeper into what the stars have in store for you.

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