Striking the Balance of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

divine masculine

As a person grows older he or she longs for spiritual maturity. The ability to nurture, honor, and balance both sides of one’s nature: the divine masculine and the divine feminine energies. Both natures exist due to such opposing energies. 

In this post, we are going to talk about divine masculine meaning and how you can awaken it. Things that will happen once you start experiencing it as well as several other aspects of it such as: 

  • What does divine masculine awakening mean?
  • Are divine masculine qualities only evident among men?
  • How different is the divine feminine from the divine masculine?
  • What does divine masculine mean for those who reject their masculinity?
  • How does one embrace their divine masculine energy?

So let’s go ahead and discover everything there is to divine masculine meaning!

Divine Masculine Meaning: An Overview

Our divine masculine signifies strength in action. It works in harmony with the feminine energy. People believe that the left side of a person’s brain is where the DM lies. This isn’t about the archetypical image of men, rather, it is about the various characteristics related to this energy. 

The energy of Knowingness is opposed to the Creative Force of the DF. We must learn to take advantage of both energies holistically and strike the perfect balance. 

Traits of the Divine Masculine

So how do you know that your DM has been awakened? Here is a list of some of the divine masculine traits to take note of. 


Have you ever met someone who radiates nothing but confidence and good vibes? That no matter how lousy of a mood you are in, they always manage to perk you up? And we are not talking about arrogance, for it’s easy to confuse the two sometimes. 

We are talking about a person oozing with positive energy, ready to face the day’s challenges with a big smile on their face. You’re lucky if you are working with or for this individual. 

They have so much confidence and faith, not only in themselves but in the people around them as well. This includes you! The result? You become confident and empowered as well, ready to face any obstacle that may come your way. 

Faithful and Trustworthy


As opposed to the stereotypical reputation of men as womanizers and chauvinist pigs, the DM brings out the committed side of you. You are faithful and value the bond you have with your significant other. 

Love and sex are sacred for you. You know how to set up healthy boundaries to protect your relationship from the outside world. This way, your partnership flourishes and stays nurtured through the years. 

Fiercely Protective

It is impossible to love fiercely with all your heart unless your DM is awakened. Why? Because you are incapable of protecting what you have. Nor can you express your love wholeheartedly. And this goes for both men and women. 

People feel safe and protected when they are around them. They are naturally drawn to you because they know you will not hurt them, nor will you allow others to cause them harm. 

Highly Responsible

Not only are you responsible to the people who mean most to you. You are responsible first and foremost, to yourself. Never give others the key to your happiness. For you know that you alone are responsible for your actions, your needs, and of course, your happiness. 

Taking responsibility means not playing the victim or going to a pity party every time things don’t go your way. The kind who blames everyone but themselves. You are brave enough to admit your mistakes and learn from them. Then, you dust yourself off and just try again.

Action Oriented 

You are never passive-aggressive, you take action immediately, as needed. Action-oriented means not being afraid to go out of your comfort zone to make your dreams come true. You don’t handle your problems sitting down. Rather you stand up, take them by the horns and fight them head-on. 

Retreat for you does not mean defeat. It means taking a breather and getting some much-needed rest. So you can come out recharged, rejuvenated, and energized to take on another day. 

Logic Over Emotion

Where you used to put so much energy and emotions into certain decisions, now you deal with it with logic and careful reasoning. You no longer allow your feelings to get the best of you. Now you know how to weigh things carefully so you can come up with an unbiased point of view. 

Focused and Target-Oriented

focused and target-oriented

All of us have goals even at a young age. However, it’s so easy to get distracted and stay on the right path. Having your divine masculine awakened means having the focus and discipline to keep your eye on the price. You never lose sight of your target. 

For example, you have a high-paying job and your goal is to save enough money to build your own house. Or have sufficient savings to turn your passion into a business. And then distractions come in and you find yourself justifying your unnecessary spending. 

This reunion is an annual thing, it’s absurd not to go with my friends! Or, I work so hard I deserve the latest iPhone that came out (no, you don’t). But with your DM awakened, you finally have the strength to say no to every little thing you used to say yes to. 

Egotistic No More

You used to be so proud and you thought the world revolves around you. Always believing that you are always right and those who think otherwise are beneath you. 

Now that your divine masculine has finally awakened, your ego has melted. In its place are a kind and charismatic creature. Someone who serves as an inspiration to anyone they encounter. 

You no longer intimidate and drive people away. Now they gravitate towards you because you have so much light and love radiating from within. 

How Can You Awaken Your Divine Masculine? 

Now that we know the great qualities of the DM, what steps can we take to awaken it? Here are some helpful tips to get started. 

Destroy Stereotypes

For the longest time people and men, in general, had to deal with preconceived notions about masculine energy. Some of these include:


  • Who cry are wimps
  • Should hide how they feel
  • Must have successful careers
  • Ought to love sports
  • Are the saviors of the world
  • Can dominate women

This cannot be for your DM cannot function properly unless it has a healthy relationship with its DF. 

Search for a Masculine Figure to Look Up To

This can be your father, an older brother, a mentor, and even a dear friend. They can even be celebrities who served as great role models throughout their careers. People who radiate positivity, excellence, passion, and energy in everything that they do. But most importantly, those who can empathize and sincerely care about people in need. 

Give Yourself Affirmations

No one will believe in you unless you first believe in yourself. Rewire your mindset and practice telling yourself affirmations about masculine qualities. These can be logic, strength, or discipline. It can feel awkward at first but give it some time and you’ll get the hang of it. Some of these can be:

I am an action taker, confident, and self-disciplined. A warrior who never gives up backs down. I see clearly and objectively and doubts will never cloud my mind. 

Take Care of Your Body


It is true that what your mind can conceive, your body can achieve. Realistically, however, how can you accomplish all your goals, travel the world, and meet new people, if you’re frail and sickly?

Take care of your body so you can better be in tune with your masculine energy. Prevention is always better than cure. Don’t wait until it’s too late before you decide to change and let go of your unhealthy habits. Eat right, exercise, and get the right amount of sleep. Never abuse your body- you only have one. 

Go and Take the Lead

Grab the chance whenever an opportunity comes to lead. This is one of the best ways to awaken your DM. It hones your analytical and critical thinking abilities. The more you do it, the more you will feel at ease taking up this role. 

Be Open to Growth

Don’t get stuck in a rut. Take all the opportunities to learn and grow as a person. Never be afraid of mistakes and see them as important lessons to learn. Accept that life will always throw curveballs in your way. Unexpected challenges that you need to get past, but don’t be afraid. What does not kill you will only make you stronger. 

Encourage, Don’t Just Rescue

No matter how much you love a person, allow them to face their fears. They will not be able to do this if they know they can get away with anything. Stop bailing them out every single time. 

Allow people to make mistakes- do not rescue them. Being a skeptic or worrier will not help. It only suppresses your DM side. If you trust the process, you and everyone you are with will learn and grow. This expression of love is the highest manifestation of DM. 

Learn About the DF

divine feminine

What is divine masculine without the divine feminine? So you must learn everything you can about the female counterpart. Gone are the days when people believed that real men never entertained feminine energy. 

However, it’s virtually impossible to support DF if you don’t know anything about it. And this is the goal, isn’t it? Strike the perfect balance between the DM and DF. Learn as much as you can about women so you will feel more confident and balanced around them. Do not be afraid to ask questions. But most importantly, always pay attention. 

Give More Than You Receive

Your divine masculinity must be an active giver. Not only of love but of sex as well. Do not be afraid of the sensuality of your female counterpart. Repressing your sexual energy will only make you feel deprived, not liberated. 

Final Takeaway

It is the 21st century and it is about time to unleash the full power and potential of the DM. And the same thing goes for the DF to strike a perfect balance. We need to embrace the true aspect of who we are as men and women. Stop thinking about what women think and come to power yourself. 

We cannot allow ourselves to feel separation and alienation from our internal femininity or masculinity. It is the essence of who is in life. But this has become a problem for some. We don’t realize that there is no way you can make an enemy of your gender because you cannot escape it. Then we end up with a power struggle, trying to strip the other gender of their power. This is wrong. 

Consequently, don’t mind what the man is doing, just come to power yourself as well. Leave the other aspect of yourself so you can come into power. This is the only way the masculine and feminine could rise in tandem. When both rise into power, one can’t be more powerful than the other. They are one and united. Just like the Yin and Yang symbol, which forever stands in a harmonious flow. 

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