Manifestations of the Various Degrees In Astrology

What do degrees mean in astrology? Actually, it could mean a lot of things. If you are capable of reading your chart, you can easily utilize the theory of degrees in astrology without difficulty. One of the first individuals who were able to crack the code was the late Nikola Stojanovic, a well-known Serbian astrologer. The theory used was pretty simple, though. So simple that even beginners can easily comprehend what it means.

Understanding degrees in astrology entails you knowing the basics first. These are the 12 zodiac signs in order and their fundamental domains.  After reading this article you will not only learn what do degrees mean in astrology. You’d also pick up some helpful information about the following:

  • What the degrees in astrology mean for your love, life, and career
  • How the degrees in astrology explained in the simplest form is the most helpful
  • What the significance of degrees in astrology is in connection with your birth chart
  • How you can interpret degrees of planets in astrology
  • How to read degrees in astrology accurately

Degrees At A Glance

If you are fond of looking at your horoscope and is left wondering what all those minutes and degrees are all about, you’re not the only one! One of the hardest things to figure out in Astrology is learning to grasp the mechanics behind your birth chart. So it’s better if you pull up your own birth chart first. This way you can see what the article is talking about when it’s broken down into minutes and degrees.

Those who go mad by Mathematics spot these degree and minute signs and freak out. But there’s really no need to. This is far from Calculus. After a surprisingly short period of time reading on this you will have a good idea what exactly it is you are looking at. In terms of minutes and degrees, whether it’s your own birth chart or someone else.

What Do Degrees Mean In Astrology?

Here are the first things to remember for you to understand the meaning of degrees in astrology. First of all, every sign begins from 0 degrees until the 29th degree. For instance, the zodiac Taurus begins at 0 degrees until the 29th degree. Then 0 degrees of the zodiac Gemini will follow. Each of these degrees belongs to a particular zodiac sign. Every degree carries a specific zodiac sign’s energy. So this can be somewhere a sign rules, pertain to an adjective, answer a “how” question, among others.

The Degree Theory On Degrees In Astrology

Say for example you have Venus in Taurus at 11th degree. You can now interpret this, the house position, as well as its various aspects. Now you know that the 11th degree is the Aquarius because this zodiac is the 11th sign. You’re now able to add some additional meaning to this Venus in Taurus. You can now add all the Aquarius qualities.

Putting Additional Meaning Into House Cusps

When dealing with degrees in astrology, giving additional meaning to house cusps is also possible.

Model No. 1: A person’s mc is at 23rd degree. The highest point may indicate an astrologer, even a scientist working with advanced technology. This is Aquarius’ domain. Or, going up the corporate ladder at lightning speed- again, another Aquarius domain.

Model No. 2: Utilizing Prince Harry’s chart, the 7th house cusps. It tells you that his marriage partner is at 11th degree. This indicates that they either go on a blind date or meet via a mutual friend. If you are aware of their history, you will remember this is exactly how they met each other. Nikola’s theory states that the Aquarius degree can also indicate divorce.

However, this could also mean that the spouse can vary in a particular way, being an Aquarius and all. It could imply his life partner may be from a different race, continent, or religious background, among others.

Model No. 3: Looking at Victoria Beckham’s chart, her 7th house cusps, her spouse, belongs in the 13th degree. This indicates that he is an athlete. As you may know, Aries excels in sports and make great athletes. Thus, the 13th degree is Aries.

Interpreting the Degrees In Astrology

12 zodiac signs

Below are the different zodiac signs’ quality or energy which are represented by every astrological degree. They are important qualities to add. If you know the various zodiac signs domains, feel free to add them as well.

Take note that the 0 degree is a double whammy for each zodiac sign. It doubles the energy of the sign where it’s in. For instance, 0 degrees of Gemini is like having double energy of this zodiac.

Aries Degree (1, 13, 25 degrees)

This gives Aries the following qualities. Impulsive, brave, bold, quick, has initiative, and is a fighter. They love sports and physical activities, an entrepreneur.

Taurus Degree (2, 14, 26 degrees)

Taurus is bull-headed, stubborn by nature, and beautiful. It has simple pleasures, values money and material possessions, stable, practical.

Gemini Degree (3, 15, 27 degrees)

Gemini is an excellent communicator, curious, witty, and business-minded. They have lots of friends, are great team players, skillful, and good with their hands. Gemini excels in advertising, amazing social media manager.

Cancer Degree (4, 16, 28 degrees)

Cancer is a nurturer, a homemaker, has maternal instincts, protective, supportive.

Leo Degree (5, 17, 29 degrees)

Leo is a born leader, charismatic, charming, proud, loves sunny places and holiday travels. They bask in the spotlight, have plenty of followers, are creative, have a big heart and strong backbone.

Virgo Degree (6, 18 degrees)

Virgos are service-oriented, keep a healthy work environment, organized, and analytical. They are great with pets, amazing in the medical field, practical.

Libra Degree (7, 19 degrees)

Libra lives in harmony, loves a perfect balance, and has stable relationships. They appreciate arts and beauty, good at handling contracts, weddings, is elegant and has good taste.

Scorpio Degree (8, 20 degrees)

Scorpios can be quite suspicious, intense, obsessive, and can focus deeply on a topic. They are strategic and can undergo a great transformation.

Sagittarius Degree (9, 21 degrees)

Sagittarians cherish their freedom, love visiting foreign countries, and dealing with foreign matters. They enjoy horse riding, values education, are deeply religious, direct, have their own philosophy in life.

Capricorn Degree (10, 22 degrees)

Capricorn values hard work enjoys success and prestige and handles obstacles well. They may encounter karmic difficulties and has heavy responsibilities. Capricorn also loves mountains and cold places, has no trouble with authority.

Aquarius Degree (11, 23 degrees)

Aquarius has lots of friends and loves being in large groups of people. They are inventive, enjoy technology, and involve themselves in humanitarian efforts. Aquarius also has a scientific mind, moves quickly.

Pisces Degree (12, 24 degrees)

Pisces is mystical, spiritual, imaginative, and compassionate. They hate isolation, believe in magic, and hate being at a loss.

The Decans In Degrees In Astrology

Every sign is divided into three 10° sections known as decans. Each sign has three decans and is defined by the three signs of this same Element plus their ruling planets. They reveal differences in each astrological sign.

To begin with, your first decan is 0° to 9°59’59” of the sign.

Next, your second decan is 0° to 19°59’59” of the sign.

Lastly, your third decan is 20° to 29°59’59” of the sign.

Let’s take the Scorpio decans as an example. If your Sun is at 2°Scorpio, then you’re Scorpio/Scorpio; then at 12° Scorpio, you are now a Scorpio/Pisces; then at 22° Scorpio, you are now a Scorpio/Cancer.

What Are the Critical Degrees In Degrees In Astrology?

The critical degrees you must remember are the first, middle, and last degrees of a sign. They are very potent. Planets at 0° in a natal chart have a pure and undiluted nature of the sign. Those planets from 14°-16° pertain to the sign’s key issues. Finally, planets 29° are on “anaretic” or the fated degree. People believe this as being negative, and the person is usually confronted with some of the most difficult facets of the sign’s meanings.

Dealing With Anaretic Degrees

Zero degrees regardless of any sign is a critical degree because of its karmic nature, since it is at the start of the sign. Whatever point or planet at 0° is at the early stages of learning related to this point. Consequently, if a point or planet is at 29° of any sign, it’s known as an Anaretic Degree. This symbolizes karmic completion in relation to that point or planet energy.

There is a possibility of an individual having a birth chart with plenty of angles or planets at the Anaretic Degree. Most likely they are a very old soul. You may feel a sense of urgency to complete something related to that point or planet energy.

You may be wondering what is going to happen if a planet is at 29° and 59 minutes. If they were born a short time later, the Sun should have ingressed into 0° Leo.

Leo and Cancer are totally different energies. This is why being aware of the minutes and degrees together of a point or planet is important. This helps you determine where a point or planet is, astrologically. The planet that is 29° 59 minutes from any sign is still in that specific sign. Not only that, but it is also at a critical degree.

What the Avatar Degrees Mean

These Avatar degrees are 15° Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius. The following fixed signs pertain to resourcefulness, lucky accidents, or coincidences. All of which may feel magical in nature. A person with a planet at avatar degrees usually becomes the sought-after person known to make things happen.

The Aries Point Revelation

aries points

The Aries Points are the 0° of the cardinal signs. 0° Aries, 0° Cancer, 0° Libra, and 0° Capricorn. A planet that is in the Aries point indicates recognition but does not automatically mean celebrity. Planets that are on the Aries point indicate a potential for the person to create an impact and be famous for using their unique gifts.

What Are the Degrees of Orbs?

This is referring to the range of influence where a configuration, aspect, or crucial degree comes into play. Orbs of influence are highly used. The more exact the degree of the orb the more powerful its effect. Still, there’s really no set of standards for orbs.

Understanding Time Events In Degrees

Your birth chart is fixed to a moment in space and time, but the sky is continuously moving. Thus, life unfolds. This event reveals itself during transits and progressions. When astrologers talk about transit or progression, they mean the degree of a moving planet approaching the alignment. Along with the planet’s degree, angle, or configuration in a birth chart. These degrees play a major role in timing both minor and major events.

The Most Widely Used Symbols

The Sabian Symbols are the most widely used among the degree symbols. They are a set of 360 phrase symbols corresponding to each degree of the zodiac. Elsie Wheeler, a spiritualist-medium, channeled them and Marc Edmund Jones, an astrologer, wrote them down. They serve as a rich source of inspiration and wisdom and apply to all planets or points in a birth chart. This is very useful in interpreting your birth chart. You can use all the Sabian symbols can put layers of archetypal meaning to your degree placement.


Degrees are extremely important for you to analyze an astrological chart. You can hunt for angles, planets, and other configurations using these particular degrees. Even another person’s birth chart. This will require you to calculate the natal charts showing all 360° of the zodiac. It’s challenging initially, but once you get the hang of it, you just can’t get enough!

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