12 Best Crystals for Manifesting Your Dreams and Desires 

best crystals for manifesting

Crystals carry with them potent energies from the Earth. This energy makes them the perfect companion for manifesting. But there are a lot of crystals to choose from. Which one should you manifest with? Well, this article is your ultimate guide in finding the best crystals for manifesting.

We have listed the ones you could use to manifest a good life, prosperity, protection, and love. This list will help you pick the best crystal to manifest with.

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Why should you manifest? 

Before you begin manifesting, it’s crucial that you understand the reason why. The first reason is to identify whether you genuinely want what you are trying to manifest. When you manifest something, you need to be as clear and genuine with it. Whether you want success in life, love, or career, be very clear and sure about what you truly want. Or you’ll be stuck in a rabbit hole of predicament and regret. 

Manifestation roots in the law of attraction. It is a way of turning your dreams into a reality – just not overnight. Manifesting requires diligent and persistent steps in pursuing your desires. When you manifest, the universe will listen to you. But do not expect an instant outcome. Manifestation takes a long time – a small amount you pay for a big impact on your life. 

There are different ways that you could manifest. Once you have a clear goal in mind, you can write your manifestation on your journal or vision board. You can also choose to recite mantras daily or choose to use crystals. The ways are endless, but whatever you choose, be sure to pinpoint exactly what it is that you want. 

How do crystals help in manifesting? 

Crystals, aside from being aesthetically pleasing, complement well to manifesting. As the saying goes – there is a crystal for everything. There are crystals for manifesting success in life, love, health, and career. 

You can manifest using crystals as there are crystals that help with manifestation. Manifestation crystals activate the earth’s energy and align it to your desires. Thus, when you manifest with these crystals, your energy and the Earth connect and align. 

The law of attraction would be more effective if you use crystals for manifesting. Try using one and see your desires turn into reality. 

The crystals for manifestation 

There are many crystals in existence right now. The number of crystals to choose from can be quite overwhelming. But once you find the one that resonates with you, you can begin your journey in using your manifesting crystal. 

In choosing the perfect crystals for manifesting, you should choose the one that resonates the same energy with your desires. Make sure that you have clear intentions and the right crystal to bring your goals to life. 

If you are asking what crystals are good for manifesting, the list below might help you find which are the best crystals for manifesting. 

For good life 



Citrine is the manifesting crystal for abundance, prosperity, and joy. Its golden and bright color brings in confidence, luck, and willpower. The potent energy of Citrine raises your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Citrine is one of the best crystals for manifesting good life. It releases energy that allows love and happiness to grow and bloom. To attract prosperity, use Citrine and channel your genuine intentions. And for sure this lemony manifesting crystal will bring in a good life. 

Clear Quartz 

Clear Quartz purifies your physical and energetic bodies.  As the name suggests, this transparent mineral is also often used to intensify the strength of other stones. In simple terms, it heals and strengthens other crystals. Hence, this crystal is famous for being a restorative stone.

If you manifest using the Clear Quartz, expect that your heart’s desire will come true. It helps you turn your manifestations into reality by amplifying the energy you release while you manifest. The energy of this crystal energizes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. 


Garnet is one of the most powerful crystals for manifesting excellent health and strength. This maroon stone will improve your physical health and mental attitude. Garnet’s energy filters negative and evil thoughts that encourage stability in life. 

The deep red color of Garnet symbolizes passion. Thus, when you manifest with this stone, a spark inside you will ignite to reach success in life. Meditating with Garnet stimulates all the chakras in our body that keep you strong yet balanced.

For money and prosperity 



Pyrite, also known as fool’s gold, got its name from its color. At a glance, its brassy golden sparkle will fool you, but at a closer look, you will see the difference. 

Pyrite is the perfect stone if you want to manifest an abundance of money. Its potent energy gives you wisdom and a clear mind that will remind you of your goals. Manifest your prosperity with Pyrite and you will have an alignment with the energy of money. 

Golden Topaz

Manifest your good fortune with the Golden Topaz. The Golden Topaz has a unique clear golden glow. This quality makes it a rare and precious variety of Topaz Crystals. Golden Topaz is a lucky stone that attracts richness to your finances. 

When you manifest with the Golden Topaz, it gives off a powerful energy that delivers your desires for the highest good. This stone will also motivate you to reach your dreams and be successful. 

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is one of the most trusted crystals for manifesting. For centuries, people of power use this green gem to give them the courage to take upon new opportunities. They swear by this crystal when they want to go out of their comfort zone. Ever since its discovery, Green Aventurine has brought in luck and good fortune. 

The power of Green Aventurine allows you to be optimistic despite facing challenges. Although dealing with obstacles is uncomfortable, Green Aventurine motivates you to keep going. The positivity of this gem will help you manifest a prosperous life. 

For protection 

Black Obsidian

black obsidian

Black Obsidian has the ability to protect you from things and energies that no longer serve you. It has the ability to absorb the negativity of your physical and spiritual self. 

Manifest with this black gem if you want protection against negative energy. If you manifest with Black Obsidian, you will feel its comforting and safe power. It is the perfect gem to lift the stress away from you. 


Amethyst’s calming purple color tranquilizes rage, fear, and anxiety. It gives off a calming energy that relieves you from stress and its other symptoms. Amethyst can help ease headaches and fatigue.

Amethyst has the ability to protect your holistic being. Spiritually, Amethysts can protect you from negative energetic influences. It is also a great stone to boost your immune system and gives you good sleep. And for your emotional well-being, Amethyst calms your mind and balances your emotions. 

Grey Botswana Agate

If you are looking for a gem to protect you against evil spirits, this one is for you. Grey Botswana Agate’s protective powers give you comfort when you are lonely and in solitude. It soothes your loneliness.

This grey stone has a long history of healing and protecting people from harmful spirits. Aside from malicious entities, Grey Botswana Agate also wards off toxicity in your day-to-day life. Using Grey Botswana Agate can also filter out people who drain and absorb your energy. 

For love 

Rose Quartz

rose quartz

Rose Quartz is the most famous crystal that you could use to manifest love. This stone of the heart creates loving and compassionate energy in your relationships. Rose Quartz is not limited to romantic love, it also deals with the familial and friendship bond.

If you also want to manifest a new romantic relationship, believe in the power of the Rose Quartz. This loving stone also leads you to situations that bring warmth and passion. Rose Quartz does not only bring external love, but it also encourages you to give love to yourself. 


Malachite has a deep green color with streaks of silver and white. This stone of transformation can keep your heart open to all kinds of love. Its transformation ability clears and opens your chakras for unconditional love. Malachite helps you attract and prepare for love. So, if you are trying to manifest true love, then Malachite is for you. 

And if you are feeling heartbroken, Malachite could also help. It removes trauma and negativity from your past. 


Moonstone attracts love. It awakens love for other people as well as for yourself. In the olden times, people use Moonstone to find their soulmate and their one true love. 

The meaning of moonstone is love, tenderness, loyalty, and, wisdom. Thus many people use this sparkly stone in engagement rings. Its beauty is a metaphor for the beauty of loving someone – simple and beautiful. This sought-after stone is also called the talisman of love. 

How to use crystals for manifestation

Crystals are excellent companions when manifesting. Their energy roots from the Earth, hence making your manifestations more grounded. The natural powers of your crystals will be more potent if you manifest with them. 

There are many ways you can use crystals in manifesting your desires. Follow these ways to get the best out of your meditating crystals. 

Set an intention 

Setting an intention is the most important step in manifesting. In doing so, you have to be very clear and genuine with your intentions. Make sure that your intention is for the good of all and harms no one. 

Every crystal has a different purpose. So make sure that your intentions are in line with the purpose of your crystal. Setting the right intention with the crystal sends vibrations to the universe. This vibration could turn your manifestations into reality. 

Incorporate in jewelry pieces and clothing

jewelry - rose quartz

What more fancy way to use crystals than wearing them? You can incorporate your crystals for manifestations in jewelry pieces or in your clothing. This allows you to tap into the energy of your crystals whenever and wherever you are. Keeping them close to you enhances the connection you have with your crystals. Wearing your crystals is not only beneficial, but it can also be fashionable. 

Keep them in your surroundings

Use crystals as decorative pieces in your home or workspace. Place them in altars or in places where you frequent. This way, you can incorporate your crystals into your everyday life. 

Assigning an altar for your crystals is also a good idea. This dedicated spot for your crystals will make sure that they are in a safe environment. If you cannot make space for an altar, you can also arrange them on your windowsill or maybe in the garden. You just got to be creative with it. 

Meditate with them

Spend quiet time with your crystals while you meditate with them. Using crystals in mindful meditation helps amplify your manifestation.  Keep them close to you or you can also hold them while you say your affirmations. Do this regularly so that you will have a deeper connection with your crystals. Feel the flow of energy from the crystal and focus your mind on your intentions. 

Cleanse and recharge your crystals

Crystals are precious stones that require tender love and care. They need proper storage and cleansing to keep them in top condition. There are many ways that you could cleanse your crystal. You can use salt, herbs, sunlight, or moonlight. 

Do this regularly to maintain its purity and keep it free from negative energies. 


Manifesting with crystals is powerful. The crystals’ vibrations along with the law of attraction help turn your dreams and desires into reality. But these crystals are only helping hands to attain the life you desire. 

Always remember that when you manifest, your energy and the crystals should align. Thus, you should also put conscious effort while you manifest using your crystals. Manifest with your perfect crystal and work for hand in hand with it. 

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