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crystals for confidence

In this day and age, you probably know Adele, right? Guess what, Adele believes in healing crystals for confidence! As a medium to get into the zone, Adele uses her own set of crystals to boost her confidence. But how did these gemstones come about?

Historically, healing crystals are famous for their power to address all sorts of situations. When an unfortunate or negative event happens, healing crystals are used to counteract its effects. Additionally, these gemstones are also used as part of ancient healing methods, often as a medium for channeling universal energy. But did you know that it can also be used to address existential and psychological issues? Read on and discover the best healing crystals for confidence here! 

In this article, you’ll know more about: 

  • The 9 best crystals for confidence
  • Using crystal healing to balance chakra points and boost overall confidence
  • General tips for cleaning and recharging your healing crystals
  • Spiritual Practices to pair with the crystals to help with confidence

The 9 Best Healing Crystals for Confidence

Keen to know what are the best gemstones in this business? Here are 9 crystals that are good for confidence:

#1: Carnelian 

Carnelian is one of the best healing crystals that can instantly boost your confidence. Compared to other healing crystals for confidence, this one focuses on unblocking your solar plexus chakra. When used properly, this can amplify the process of chakra unblocking as it contains properties that reject negative energies. Even by looking up this crystal online, you’ll find out that it was once part of shamanistic amulets, thereby signifying its historically proven importance.

You can also make use of this crystal to unblock the nearby chakra points such as root and sacral chakra points. The former is the base of your existence, while the latter signifies the bounds of your imagination. Thus, it is necessary to remove both in order to bring out your best self. 

As for its usage, Carnelian is best utilized when going on romantic dates. If you lack that extra knack, make sure to bring this gemstone. Remember, first impressions are everything for dates, and your confidence will spell your destiny. 

#2: Tiger’s Eye 

Known for its ability to shake off your doubts and fears, this crystal is crucial in boosting your confidence. Just like the tiger, this crystal empowers you by bringing out every ounce of courage in you. 

Given such, this crystal is often used when you feel afraid of something. You can think of it as a talisman that wards off not only external but also internal negative energies. While you don’t realize it, most of the time, fear stems from within. We gauge ourselves far smaller, allowing this thought to get the best of us. But with the help of the Tiger’s Eye, you’ll have enough to pummel through those doubts. Just holding this crystal alone can spark that inner fire, allowing you to perform at your peak. 

To use this crystal, it is best to have it as a bodily ornament. You can try turning it into a necklace, bracelet, or even an anklet. If not, you can simply place a small piece inside your handbag. Whatever you choose to do, just make sure it is close to you to retain that strong sense of self. 

#3: Lapis Lazuli 

When speaking of crystals for confidence, the first thing that comes to mind are orange ones. However, this isn’t always the case. While confidence is rooted in the solar plexus chakra, the throat chakra is also equally important. As such, Lapis Lazuli is certainly worthy of being on this list. 

As a healing crystal, Lapis Lazuli focuses on communication. Its purpose is to unblock the throat chakra, allowing you to properly express your thoughts. Most of the time, we don’t realize it, but what we say doesn’t always correspond with what we think. That’s why even if we meant good, we end up conveying the wrong message. Such discord hampers our confidence, consciously or even unconsciously. 

To use this healing crystal, you can integrate it in unblocking your throat chakra. Simply perform the process, and place your healing crystal near your throat. Doing so will surely expedite the process of boosting your confidence. 

#4: Rose Quartz 

rose quartz

Yet another uncommon contender in this list, Rose Quartz plays a crucial role in improving your relationships. Most of the time, our confidence dwindles because of interpersonal relationships. Your in-laws or peers may judge you behind your back, or at least you think they do. But with this healing crystal, you can help address those worries and get your confidence back.

To be precise, Rose Quartz soothes your heart chakra. It unblocks the spiritual pipelines to your heart, allowing you to see through people’s intentions. Remember, what people say may not always reflect how they feel. And if you’re anxious, that idea alone is enough to increase your feeling of insecurity. 

But with this healing crystal, you can improve the way you relate to others. While they may conceal their thoughts, their feelings will always surface. And even when they try to hide them, your emotional strength, reinforced by this crystal, will help you comprehend them. To properly use this crystal, integrate it with your chakra unblocking practices. Alternatively, you can use it as an ornament as well.

#5: Sunstone 

Yet another yellow/orange crystal on this list, the Sunstone is a good amplifier to your self-confidence. Its name is Sunstone for a reason: it radiates pure energy like the sun. When you are in fear or doubt, sometimes you just need that light. And when you see the light at the end of the tunnel, you become more confident. The same holds true with Sunstone – it gives you an instant boost of confidence.

By transforming self-doubt into self-trust, this healing crystal is truly indispensable. To do this, you must use the Sunstone with your solar plexus chakra exercises. While this healing crystal works as it is, it is best paired with chakra unblocking. Additionally, it also shares creative properties, so you can use it for your sacral chakra too!

Make sure to have one, and you’ll see an instant boost in how you feel about things. Worried about leadership woes? Try this gemstone, and you’ll be in shock at how people will rally behind you!

#6: Citrine


You can’t make this list of confidence-boosting crystals without Citrine. Known as the Lucky Merchant’s Crystal, Citrine is a great option to bring a positive outlook. Often, lack of confidence stems from fear but begins with pessimism. When we focus on the negative outcome, we end up projecting it. But with the help of Citrine, you can become optimistic, just like an enthusiastic merchant. Your willpower will be off the charts as you pursue your goals. 

To use Citrine, you can turn it into a house ornament. Placing this in key areas of your home (as determined by Feng Shui) will help attract positivity. Alternatively, you can use it as an ornament as well. It will give you a sense of security and a good outlook.

But if you want to go further, of course, you can include this in chakra unblocking. This crystal works well with the sacral and solar plexus chakra points.

#7: Orange Calcite

Bringing back your confidence isn’t all about willpower and positivity. On the laxer side of things, confidence also relates to playfulness and fun. And for that, Orange Calcite is a perfect healing crystal. As a crystal, this works best as an amplifier. Meaning, you can fully realize its potential by pairing it with other healing crystals. Because it adds some sugar and spice, it can improve a crystal’s energy. For instance, Citrine evolves to cheerful positivity instead of positivity alone. 

To use Orange Calcite, you’ll have to integrate it with your chakra healing practices. Unlike other crystals, you’ll have to focus on using this one as an amplifier. When you meditate, include it as you go along.

Additionally, you can also use it in your affirmation practices. Together with something like Citrine, you can chant your courage affirmations while holding these crystals. After all, it is easier to perform affirmations with a good medium. 

#8: Red Jasper

red jasper

Eighth on this list, Red Jasper’s significance relates to the root chakra. As a red healing crystal, Red Jasper resonates well with your overall energy – the will to live. Empowering your from within, this healing crystal can help alleviate your existential woes. As a result, this gives you a sense of self-renewal, empowering and boosting your courage. 

Since this crystal strongly relates to a chakra point, it is best to use this as part of chakra cleansing. As you recite your chants for the root chakra, place this crystal below you. In this way, it can channel its energy simultaneously by unblocking the chakra point. 

Other than that, Red Jasper also works well with sound cleansing. Since it targets the vital energy that flows in you, its energy will help alleviate your inner woes. Targeting the vibrational frequencies of negative energy, Red Jasper can rejuvenate that lost power in you. As a result, you can expect an immediate boost in confidence.

#9: Sodalite

At the end of the day, confidence isn’t all about energy and inner drives. More importantly, it is also about emotions and feelings. We feel less confident, especially when we fail to address our emotions from within. Instead of functioning well and being confident, we feel inept or even unworthy at times. 

As such, the best way to address this is to use Sodalite. Sorting out your emotions from within, this crystal can help identify the core problem. Like laying out pieces of a puzzle, Sodalite gives you that emotional clarity. With this, you can see and identify the root cause of your insecurities and lack of confidence. 

To use Sodalite, you can keep it as an ornament. While it can be integrated with other forms of energy cleansing, having it with you works well. In facing your doubts, stressors, and anxious thoughts, just holding on to this crystal already helps. 

Balancing Chakra Points and Boosting Confidence through Healing Crystals

While healing crystals have their own functionality, they are best paired with other New Age spirituality methods. Often, the most compatible among these practices is chakra healing. In this section, we’ll quickly go through how the list of crystals above can help unblock your chakra points. 

What are Chakra Points? Why are they relevant to Crystal Healing?

Chakra points are basically gateways of energy in your body. Each chakra point represents a specific area of your life. Here are the 7 chakra points: 

  1. Root Chakra – represents the foundation of your life force or will to live. 
  2. Sacral Chakra – represents your creative and procreative powers. 
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra – represents your confidence and self-esteem. 
  4. Heart Chakra – represents your relationships and self-love. 
  5. Throat Chakra – represents your communicative faculties. 
  6. Third Eye Chakra – represents your thoughts and perspectives. 
  7. Crown Chakra – represents your spirituality and higher self. 
chakra healing

When one or more of these chakra points are blocked, this can result to problems regarding that specific area of your life. For instance, a problematic heart chakra can lead to quarrels with others. Similarly, a problematic throat chakra can lead you to say the wrong words. Thus, making sure that these chakra points are unblocked is key in ensuring an optimal flow of energy. 

In relation to boosting your confidence, unblocking the sacral chakra is the most obvious way to go. Since this chakra point is the center of your confidence, self-esteem, and drive, it makes sense to unblock it. And guess what? The best way to do this is with the help of healing crystals!

By incorporating healing crystals for self-confidence, you can improve the process of unblocking chakra points. Since healing crystals contain nature’s energy, using them can also charge your chakra point. Note that this charging process comes on top of the unblocking process. 

Finally, try to unblock other chakra points as well. When one chakra point is blocked, it can affect the other points, too. Thus, making sure that all chakra points are good is the way to go. 

Cleansing and Recharging your Healing Crystals

When you use your healing crystals, it is natural for them to get depleted. Since they are mere vessels of energy, using them is similar to how batteries work – they need to be recharged. As such, it is not enough for you simply know what are the best crystals for confidence. It is necessary to know the proper cleansing and recharging techniques to make sure that your crystal healing works!

Crystal Cleansing

Used-up healing crystals require crystal cleansing. Simply put, this is the process of removing the negative or other energies in your healing crystal. As you use them, they can be depleted and accidentally store other energies. That’s why it is important to cleanse your crystal before you recharge it. 

Here are some simple steps to cleanse your crystals for confidence: 

  1. Running Water – this can be a quick 1-minute option. Just run some water to wash your crystals physically and internally. 
  2. Salt Water – a more intensive process, submerge your healing crystal in salt water for at least an hour to remove other energies. 
  3. Brown Rice – this method draws out the negative energy by absorbing it. You can do this for an hour or two. Don’t worry, you can still cook your brown rice afterward. 
  4. Sage – burning sage and using its smoke will make sure that your crystals are ready for a good charge. 30 to 60 seconds should be enough for each stone. 
  5. Sound – using vibrations can help remove the negative energy in your stones. Same with sage burning, a minute or two per stone should be good enough. 

Crystal Charging

After cleansing your healing crystals, it makes sense to charge them. In this way, your crystals to help with confidence will surely be ready to boost you up when you need them. Remember, crystal charging is as important as crystal cleansing, as these two come hand-in-hand.  

Here are some ways to charge crystals to boost self confidence: 

  1. Moonlight – soaking your healing crystal under the moonlight is a good way to restore its energy. Doing this can range from 30 mins to 3 hours, depending on how bright the light is, though this is best done under the full moon. 
  2. Soaking in Moonwater – if the moon isn’t shining as bright as it should be, opting for moon water is a great choice. An hour or two would do for this one. 
  3. Sound Bath – using the vibrations, sound can effectively replace your crystal’s lost energies. These frequencies can redirect energy back to your crystal. Think of it as a quick charge – 5-10 mins will be enough. 
  4. Salt – immersing your crystal in salt can help bring back the used-up energy. Let them sit overnight, and wash them afterwards (but not for too long!). Just avoid using this method on easily scratched crystals. 
  5. Incense – just like other spiritual practices, incense is a useful way to attract positive and reject negative energies. You can use different mediums such as sage, sweet grass, and cedar. Remember, 2-3 minutes will do for this method. 

Relevant Spiritual Practices

As you know by now, new age spirituality is eclectic by nature. Open and welcoming, this core philosophy of new age spirituality allows it to diversify yet integrate various spiritual practices. The same holds true for crystal healing for improved confidence – you can integrate other methods and boost results!

Apart from chakra healing, we’ll be listing some possible methods to help you out. Here are a few ways: 

  1. Sound Baths

Trending on social media nowadays, sound baths are becoming increasingly popular among new-age practitioners. Due to its social nature, beginners who share the same new-age beliefs find this method more welcoming. 

Interestingly, sound baths can also integrate the usage of healing crystals. Since these baths do not discriminate against one’s purpose, you can bring your own healing crystal. This way, you get to socialize while boosting your confidence!

  1. Affirmation Practices
positive intentions

New age spirituality also incorporates affirmation practices. With a variety of positive intentions, you can pick which affirmation suits you best. In this case, selecting one that heeds to your confidence woes can help improve your feeling and mindset. 

To boost that, you can pair this practice with healing crystals. Since these gemstones are vessels of energy, it is up to you how to use them. And by pairing them with your personal affirmation, you can attract the result that you want. In no time, you’ll find the best version of you!

  1. Dream Therapy

Often, a lack of confidence stems from subconscious sources. We may not consciously identify the cause, and yet it looms deep within us. Due to this lack of knowledge, we use ineffective methods. As such, it is important to explore dream therapy and explore the possibility that it rests from within. 

And as you dig deeper, you’ll find the reason for your lack of confidence. You might discover that it is due to some childhood trauma that you are yet to resolve. Confronting that inner ghost, it helps to have a reliable healing crystal with you. 

Closing Thoughts

Gathering your courage means confronting your fears. There may be a jumble of issues why you feel that lack of courage. But at the end of the day, it all boils down to a root cause that you must address. What’s ironic is that to gain courage, you must have the courage to face your fears.

Obviously, you are seeking courage because you lack it. But to obtain courage, you must have the willpower to face the fact that you need courage. This is where crystals for confidence come into the picture.

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