How to Make Moon Water and Its Most Ingenious Uses Ever!

how to make moon water

Do you know how to make moon water? You have probably heard of it and seen it all over Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Lots of people make and use it, and if this is your first time hearing about it and wondering, why on earth would you do this, you’re in luck!

In this post, you will not only learn exactly what is moon water, but you’ll also discover how to make it. As well as the many creative uses you may want to try out for yourself. We’ll also touch base with the following:

  • What is moon water used for during ancient times?
  • How do you set up your intentions for moon water?
  • What to do with your moon water at home and other practical uses for it
  • How to make moon water and what to do with it to prevent contamination
  • When and how to make your own moon water if you’re a beginner

So let’s go ahead and learn what is moon water all about!

What Is Moon Water? (An Overview)

Moon water has been an ancient tool for witches for centuries. They have been using it since the 1800s for making love potions and it’s becoming even more popular today. It’s the connection it has with a person’s emotions and spirituality. This makes this an outrageously versatile tool for witches all around the world.

Moon water has played a major role in religious and cultural traditions and ceremonies prior to recorded history. People have been in awe of the moon for the longest time.

Early on humans realized the connection between the moon and a female’s menstrual cycle. Ancient religions viewed the moon as their female deity. Much like Selene, the Greek goddess, and also the Roman goddess named Luna. The Mesopotamians believed in the male moon-god known as Sin. While the Germanic tribes had Mani as their male god.

A lot of cultures use a lunar calendar instead of a solar one. Thus, legends and myths surrounding this breathtaking orb are endless. The charging and cleansing water using moon power has a shady past. However, today’s neopagans utilize moon water for many rituals.

One can fill water with power using any moon phase. But the most popular one is the power of the full moon.

How to Use Moon Water

Before you learn how to make moon water, you need to know what it is for in the first place, right? So this is something great and simple that you can make regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced witch. This moon water is infused with the moon’s energy. Typically during a specific time and phase. Oftentimes people make full moon water. However, you can also do this during a full moon, waning, waxing, dark moon, whatever it may be.

There are also those who prefer creating moon water at a specific time like during an eclipse, a blue moon, or a super moon. This really depends on the person who is making it and what they’re going to use it for.

Every moon phase has its own unique energy. You can still use this energy while you’re working, even if the phase has already come to pass. Granted you have an item containing the energy of this moon phase.

The idea behind the moon water is that it provides you with a vessel. You can store the energy during the moon phase, or for a later date. Then you may use it in your water magic,  kitchen magic, or magical practice in general. You can also use it for your offerings and magical gardening. There are so many things you can make use of them.

How Do You Make Moon Water?

You don’t need rocket science to learn how to make moon water. Although every practitioner varies in their techniques slightly. These variations come from really simple to exceptionally complex. So let’s talk about these two.

For the first technique get a vessel to put your fresh water in. Ideally, it should be boiled or spring water. This lessens the chances for bacterial growth. Also, there is less sedimentation. This is what happens to tap water once it settles. The trick is to preserve it as long as you can.

Do Not Use Plastic

mason jars

Remember that plastic serves as an insulator. It doesn’t matter if you’re using it for electronics or magic. And because it is an insulator it will limit the energy that goes into that water. While glass allows more energy to enter. It won’t hinder anything, it will just allow it to go straight through.

Therefore, choose glass instead of plastic. Even if it’s just a bowl, glass, mug, or mason jar. A lot of people prefer mason jars simply because it’s nicer. Fancier than just having a water bottle.

Once you have your water in your glass, you will need to leave it somewhere between 2-8 hours, depending on the situation. Some people prefer to put it directly under the moonlight, so they position it outside. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of leaving things outside. There are those who will easily get nicked the moment you leave it there.

So good for those who have a secure and enclosed garden. This way you can actively leave your moon water to charge. You can also leave them on your windowsills, which is a lot safer for some.

Direct Or Indirect Moonlight?

One of the most common questions people ask when learning how to make moon water is this. Is it really necessary to put it in direct sunlight? How about those cloudy nights? Or if the moonlight did not hit my window directly? So the answer is, it doesn’t have to be. You see, the moon’s energy is so intense that it has the ability to move oceans despite its being covered with clouds!

It’s the same thing for energetic work. The moon’s energy is very much present, even if clouds are covering it, even if the room isn’t hit directly by the moonlight. It’s more about the energy of the time and place.

So leave it in your chosen place, but it needs to be somewhere you will remember while allowing it to get all the energy it needs. So putting it near your window is great. Since furniture or walls won’t block it. Things that could interfere with the incoming energy. You’d want it to be as close outside as possible, even if you can’t actually put it there.

Not set it for a few hours. Some folks will just need two hours. Others leave it overnight and just get it before the sun rises the following day. Just do whatever it is that works for you. So if you know that you won’t be able to catch it prior to sunrise the next morning, just do it at night. Even if it’s just a few hours, it’s much better than nothing.

Once it’s done, do not forget to label it with a date. This is very important so you don’t forget when you made it. And then put it inside your fridge.


This is another crucial part when learning how to make moon water. Refrigerate. So it will not go bad and you can use it for longer periods. Water will not self-preserve. It will turn moldy really fast. So it’s best if you refrigerate. If there’s no way you can store it safely inside your fridge, then a cold area is preferable. Maybe a dark cupboard, or something.

Then here’s the other technique that will help the energy some more. In here you will use a dry, and clean jar. Use spring water if you can.

Step By Step Process

Fill your mason jar with water. Don’t put too much if you don’t need so much. If you do, use multiple mason jars. Or if you can, try finding much bigger mason jars. Then seal the cap.

Take a candle, preferably a white candle. Then scribe some moon glyphs on it, the ones that would relate to the specific moon phase you’d want the energy to collaborate with. For instance, it’s a full moon, so go ahead and scribe some full moon glyphs. If it’s a waxing moon, of course, you will choose waxing moon glyphs, sigils, and symbols.

Basically, anything that would really attract it. Then you can use some charged oil. It could be some specific blend of oil that would suit your moon phase. So new moon oil, or full moon oil. You can also use a little bit of charged activated oil. Add this to your candle. Then address it from top to bottom. You need to do this so you can draw that moon energy down by using it. Have it go through your candle, and into the jar itself.

Melt the bottom of the candle, then stick it on top of your mason jar. Attach the candle to the top of your jar, along with the glyphs, symbols, and use certain colors. For example, if you wish to match certain types of moon, like the blue moon. You can dress it up using the oil. Then leave it on your window sill. Light the candle afterward.

What happens is that when it burns down, it will draw energy into your water. It serves as an extra layer of your intention. So you’re not just passively letting your water generate energy. You’re also actively drawing energy into that water. It’s a great technique if you wish to make really charged water.

You can make small quantities so there’s no need to store humongous bottles of this stuff. Just have a tiny bottle that you can dilute into other water. It will have the same energized effect since it’s very strong.

Once you have that bottle burned down you can now leave it to sit in the light, or as close to the light for as long as you possibly could. Typically 4-8 hours, depending on how long you could remain awake. Then bring it in and keep it somewhere safe and dark. Anywhere you can keep it privately. Then you can use it whenever you need to. Remember to put a date on it immediately. Or else months might go by then you’ll attempt to drink it when it’s really old.

Various Purposes Of Moon Water

Now that you’ve learned how to make moon water, where, when, and how are you going to use them? Here’s a list of some of the most creative ideas you can try for yourself.

For Cleansing


Cleansing is great especially if it’s on certain phases of the moon. Using moon water is a great alternative. The new moon, or the waning moon. For those who wish to banish something in their life, you can use the dark moon. This serves as effective cleansing for spiritual baths and washes, floor washes. You can also use it for your tools, crystals, as long as it is safe.

What is an example of not being safe? Using toxic crystals or dissolvable crystals in water is a bad idea. Don’t even think about it. Make sure all your crystals are safe before placing them in water.

So you don’t only have the energy of that specific moon phase. You also have all the energetic properties of your water which make for an excellent cleansing agent.

For Ritual Baths

Different moon phases possess different properties. Although the dark and waning phases of the moon work better for cleansing. The amplification phases, full moon, and waxing phase are good for bringing in lots of positive things. It could be love, money, peace, or joy. Whatever they may be.

Use it too, in your ritual baths, together with your oils and herbs. It’s great to add that kind of energy to work. Have a good idea of what kind of ritual bath you plan to have in that specific month. This way you can make your water in advance then use it when the time comes.

For Scrying

What you do is prepare a dish that’s dark on the inside, then fill it up with water. You then go into your trans-like state where you will see the images, symbols, and representations. This will come up in that water and will then tap into the psychic subconscious. It is how you will understand the meaning behind it.

Actually, this is possible with any type of water. But you add some extra energy if it’s full moon water. Since the full moon is very much related to your subconscious, your psychic energy. This is especially good during divination working. If you wish to add some extra kick to your intuitive abilities.

For Watering Herbs and Magical Plants

For those having a green thumb, watering your magical plants and herbs with moon water is a great idea. So if you have herbs you use specifically for your rituals and spell work, do this to water your plants. You can also dilute a little of this to add some oomph into your work.

It could be the full moon or waxing moon. You can use this for assessing the growth of your plants magically while tending to them physically. This is a nice route to take especially if you have these plants on your window sill. It’s such a great way to connect with them and energize them. You will help them out a lot by doing this even if they’re just planted in pots and not on the ground. It’s a very nice option.

For Drinking and Cooking

purposes of moon water - for drinking

So moon water can of course be drunk. But it’s highly recommended that you do this within three days after you make it. And only if you have placed it inside your fridge. Remember to treat it like ordinary water. Never drink stale water that has been sitting around for weeks!

It will not be good for you as water harbors bacteria, especially if it is not distilled drinking water. Bacterial growth is bound to happen if it’s ordinary water.

You can also use moon water for your kitchen magic. A lot of people use water infusion for herbs, for fruits. You can make tea or coffee with moon water that matches the phase of the moon you’ll be working with. It is layering out stuff one on top of the other, it’s a great thing to do.

Also, if you’re making pasta or stock, you could always add some moon water into the recipe you’re making. A good way to infuse food with this energy- kitchen witch style!

For Artwork and Magic

Moon water could also be great for painting. It’s a cool technique especially if you’re an artist. Or, use it for painting in your book of shadows. You can also make intuitive work. If you’re using paint that uses water like watercolors or acrylic, then it would go great with your moon water.

And then you could add some lunar energy into that artwork you’re manifesting. This is such an interesting way to do it. Adding magic into your hobbies, and other things you simply enjoy doing.

You can also add moon water into your magic. Have chalices with moon water in them while doing rituals and spell work. You can use it for destroying sigils or add them to outdoor works. So many things you can do with it in spellwork. Whenever, wherever it’s possible. It’s such a nice thing to incorporate.

For Ceremonies

The last thing you can use this for is during rituals and ceremonies. And we’re not just talking about ritual and spellwork, but totally active ceremonies. Such as handfastings, wickenings, sabbath celebrations. People use moon water for anointing themselves on the face, forehead, wrists, neck, wherever they may be.

This adds a bit more intention into your group work and allows everybody to unite during handfasting by this connection of water. Passed on from one person to the other. It’s an interesting way of doing it. So if you’re planning on coming up with ritual events, it may be a good idea to dress people, crystals, tools.

Meditations can also integrate moon water in them. Regardless of the phase, they need to work on themselves. Moon water is used to anoint themselves for that specific meditation, that journey. It’s a really great way of using it in a very ritualistic, ceremonial aspect which is anointing.

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