Coffee Cup Reading: A delicious way to tell the future!

Coffee drinking is almost as old as humanity itself- and so is coffee cup reading. But unlike most forms of divination, its practitioners are too few and far between.

This method may be somewhat weird to someone unfamiliar with the more “unorthodox” styles of telling the future. Yet, even today, many people still practice coffee divination to gain insight into their future and themselves in this modern world.

But what is coffee cup reading, and how can it help someone on their quest for insight and clarity? Read on to find out!

What is coffee cup reading?

Coffee Cup Reading

Coffee divination is an ancient art from the Middle East. It is part of a sub-group of divination called “tasseography” or cup reading.

Readers who use this method have highly active imaginations. Through this, they can see the symbols that are present during their sessions.

Intuition is also a vital part of these readings. While there are widely accepted meanings behind commonly seen symbols, an intuitive reader can help the person asking for their assistance even better by helping make things more personalized.

There is a catch, though. A person cannot do a reading by themselves. Biases and the want to see something that isn’t there have to be avoided. Thus, another individual must be the one to examine the coffee cup and give their verdict.

How does coffee cup reading work?

How Does Coffee Cup Reading Work

The essential thing in this type of divination is, of course, the coffee. Many people use Turkish coffee because of its distinct properties, and of course, for being the original type used during these readings.

Generally, though, any kind of coffee works. However, the most important thing to remember when doing this kind of divination is never-, and we mean NEVER – filter your coffee.

Why? Let us explain:

When a person uses ordinary coffee, the powder they use might dissolve completely. For baristas and mixologists, they might use coffee grounds and beans but filter them for a cleaner taste.

However, this will not do in a coffee cup reading. Coffee grounds are essential since this is where the interpretations will come from. After a person has drunk their caffeine fill, the symbols they make are so valuable that it will not do just to use the ordinary stuff.

Another essential part of this kind of divination is the tools used. Many traditional readers would go out of their way to use old fashioned coffee pots that look straight out of Arabian nights.

These days, brewing them straight in the cup is common, especially for those who do not have the time or the appropriate paraphernalia. However, being patient for the sediments to settle and stick to the cup’s bottom is crucial.

This brings us to the next important material in coffee cup reading: the cup itself. Most traditionalists insist on using old-fashioned cups that look more like a small glass than a mug.

If you don’t have that, though, you can use a white cup on the inside. This will help a lot when trying to discern shapes and symbols since the color contrast between the black coffee grounds, and the white drinking implement is unmistakable.
Now, if you want to learn the step by step process, you can check out this article that details everything that you need to know about the rite itself. For the time being, we are going to continue discussing the idea behind coffee divination.

But why coffee?

a cup of coffee and a spilled bag of coffee

No one knows why coffee is the beverage used in this divination practice. It is safe to say, though, that coffee was abundant, and as people recognized its health and medicinal benefits, they eventually realized how its sediments behave differently for every drinker.

This observation may have led to the rise of this divination method and its gradual refinement as practitioners found ways to make the process easier and more accurate than before. Thus, this kind of reading became more popular and widely used even outside the Middle East.

Not to mention, coffee is widely available and enjoyed by millions of people across the globe. If a divination tool is made accessible to many, it can surely spread and gain many more practitioners- precisely why many people are into this. 

Is coffee cup reading reliable?

Like any other divination form, the people who perform this rite rely on their divinely-appointed talents and their expertise. Thus, the occasional error might happen every once in a while.

But for the most part, this is a highly reliable way of divination. This is because it is a two-way process. Not only does the reader have to give their reading, but the person they are reading for has to participate actively by performing the all-important task of drinking the beverage and asking the question that they want to be answered.

Much care is also observed so that the diviner will draw on their knowledge and talents. Should they consciously choose not to do so, the reader is not only going against the wishes of the person they’re reading for, but most of all, they are trashing this old tradition and putting its reliability into question.

Thus, you can rest easy with the knowledge that you can rely on your coffee divination. Come to think of it, if it isn’t reliable, how can it survive the test of time and the numerous generations who practiced it?

Final Word

Coffee cup reading truly is one of a kind. Not only does it have unheard-of methods, but it also emphasizes the importance of cooperation between the diviner and their client.

By using one of the world’s most beloved drinks, a person can gain insight into themselves and the people around them. Additionally, it can even tell them the infinite possibilities that lie ahead for them to take.

However, how a person sees this method is entirely up to them. Some may choose to believe in it wholeheartedly, while others may have their misgivings. 

Regardless, coffee divination is here to stay. It endured for hundreds of years, and it will last for hundreds more. Whether you believe in it or not, there is one fact of life that no person can deny: coffee is a good drink, and one can enjoy it whether as a beverage, as a divination tool, or even better, both!

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