Being Clairsentient: How to look out for signs and maximize your divine gift

You may have heard the statement “everyone is a psychic!” one too many times. But there are so many kinds of psychic abilities, and one of them is being clairsentient.

Now, you may be thinking, what on earth is clairsentience? And how do I know if I have that ability? And most of all… is that even real?

Well, the answer isn’t too far off! All you gotta do is keep an open mind and allow yourself to immerse yourself in the world of psychic energies.

Are you ready? Feel the energies around you; it’s time to open yourself to the divine!

What is clairsentience?

Meaning of Clairsentient

Clairsentience came from the French word claire (“clear”) and the English word sentient, meaning perception or feeling. When combined, it means “the ability to perceive clearly.”

Thus, people gifted with the ability of clairsentience can feel the energies of their immediate environment. These energies, though, are connected to the emotional state of someone or something.

Those with clairsentience do this with such incredible accuracy without the use of the ordinary five senses. They simply sense the energies of the area where they are through their heightened intuition.

Using this ability, these people can gauge the appropriate action they can take in a given situation. Call it a sixth sense or merely reading the room, but they know stuff only by feeling.

What are the signs that a person is clairsentient?

Most people who are Clairsentient are not aware that they have clairsentience. You may not be aware of it, but you may be clairsentient yourself! 

There are some characteristics that almost all people with clairsentience share. Although they are not definitive, they indeed speak volumes on the probability that you genuinely have this divine gift.

Crowds overwhelm you

As someone with the ability to sense energies and emotions, being in an environment full of such can cause sensory overload to a person endowed with clairsentience. They tend to feel like the burden of everything they sense.

As such, they feel drained because they use too much of their own to sense these things, whether or not they are aware of doing so.

You can feel the mood that people are having

People are continually feeling something, whether or not they are making it apparent or not. When they do so, they give off some kind of “aura” that makes it known what they feel/

Individuals with clairsentience can pick up these aura that people give off. As such, they are already aware of how to approach people, regardless if they are aware of what had happened prior or not.

You have a gut feeling about what happens to your loved ones

Like anyone in this world, having people to value unlike anything else in the world is normal to a clairsentient person. As such, they are understandably concerned for their loved ones’ well-being. 

These people have it a bit different, though. No matter where they are, they can sense whatever is happening to those they love. For example, even if a person with clairsentience is in Moscow and their loved ones are in distress in Tokyo, they would find themselves able to sense this distress, allowing them to respond just in time.

Your first impressions are almost always spot on

People will always have a comment about a person they just met. How they look, how they carry themselves, and even their speech manner can be the foundation of someone else’s opinion about them.

For someone with clairsentience, though, meeting someone for the first time is akin to performing a medical assessment. They would be able to look through someone’s intentions and give a person’s personality a once over. This ability makes them exceptionally talented in knowing whether a person has their best interests at heart.

You can sense the presence of disembodied spirits

Souls are high concentrations of energy condensed into someone’s bodily form. As the font of our emotions and life force, they give off high bursts of their powers.

While the spirits of those who have passed on are not as strong as the living, clairsentients can feel them. They sense when a soul has not passed on and is merely hanging around with the living. In some cases, individuals with clairsentience can even track down the exact source of the soul.

You are “sensitive”

Being sensitive is characteristic of a person with clairsentience. Whether it may be physical or emotional, anything can trigger responses from them, although most of these are subconscious or unintentional.

These individuals can quickly feel distressed, prompting them to behave unnaturally. Whenever this happens, it is best to let the clairsentient person handle their situation to reset their internal emotional compass to regain control of their thoughts and emotions.

How can I improve my being clairsentient?

Signs of Being Clairsentience

If you feel like you tick off all the boxes on the descriptions above, then it is highly likely that you genuinely have clairsentience. However, some people are not aware that they can further refine their skills to be more accurate, even in the tensest of situations. 

While it is best to have a perceptive mentor who can help you hone your clairsentience, you can also improve through easy exercises. Here’s a quick rundown of the easy methods you can use:

Immerse yourself in the environment

This is the most fundamental of all the refining exercises. To immerse yourself, you have to make yourself aware of the atmosphere around you and how they make you feel at a particular moment.

Ask yourself these questions: what am I feeling at this moment? What is making me feel these emotions? Why am I feeling this? Where is the source of this energy?

By routinely allowing your conscious self to observe and absorb the energies of your immediate surroundings, you can gradually refine your skill and determine the right kind of aura that a particular situation has in any given moment.

Take note of your experiences of clairsentience

While having the ability to feel is enlightening, there are other times when you will face more questions than answers. As such, you may need to journal your experiences, especially the more “unusual” ones.

After every weighty clairsentience reading, list down all the things that you can remember. From your thoughts, even to the most minute of feelings, write them all down so that you can learn more about the situation and yourself.

This is also crucial to avoid certain situations that may trigger or rub you the wrong way. If you can note even the slightest thing, you can prevent problems that may not be mentally and emotionally good for you.

Keep your space free from clutter

If having too many things in a particular area can be quite distracting for the sight, how much more for the mind? It is essential that when you are practicing your clairsentience skills, you are in a place that isn’t too distracting for you.

Keep things such as electronics and trash as far away as possible. Ensure that your area is as clean and orderly as possible so that the energies you will be receiving will not get blocked by anything.

It also helps that a neat and clean area will allow your mind and soul to relax a bit better after an exhausting practice session. Plus points too for your health; remember that a healthy body makes a healthy mind!

Am I assured to be clairsentient if I feel and do everything listed above?

Most likely, yes. Clairsentience can be rather challenging to cope with, but you will find that you can use your divine gift to help others, especially those in distress or need, with the proper awareness and practice, of course.

However, not all people have clairsentience. Some others may simply be that way: seemingly having the power of clairsentience but is gifted with another kind of skill (we’ll expand on this in a bit).

Sometimes, though,. these can be signs of an underlying mental health struggle. Since such things are not apparent or visible, you can misinterpret things as something else.

If you find yourself unable to feel the cosmic energies the way you are supposed to, it is best to reassess yourself and examine your notes. If you still cannot bring yourself to do what you are supposed to, then it is best to call a mental health professional and determine what is going on.

What is the difference between a clairsentient and an empath?

As emphasized from the very beginning, those with clairsentience can feel people’s moods and feelings around them. Regardless of how intense these feelings are, these individuals are still aware of what they truly feel.

Through feeling others’ emotions, these people can then gauge what is going on with a person. No matter how chaotic or seemingly tricky a person can get, those with clairsentience can still set themselves apart from the people feeding them the energy.

Empathic individuals, though, have it another way. When placed in an emotionally charged situation, they struggle to determine whether or not the emotions they are feeling are theirs or that of the person nearby.

Sometimes, empaths might believe that what they are feeling at a particular moment (e.g., anger) is theirs. This is true regardless if there is no apparent or logical reason for that emotion to erupt out of nowhere. 

No matter the person’s ability, though, having clairsentience or being an empath are equally impressive abilities gifted to individuals that heavens knew would benefit most from these skills. There’s no need for jealousy; all these gifts are as unique as each other!

Final Word

Having clairsentience is quite the literal emotional roller coaster. Just having the ability to feel the vibe of everyone and everything can take quite a huge spiritual and emotional toll on an untrained person!

Yet, when a person masters this ability, it can result in an excellent and unique way of helping oneself and others. It also opens a world of possibilities and may even introduce a new way of seeing the world.

However, people must stay vigilant and examine themselves thoroughly on whether they genuinely have the ability of clairsentience. Aside from the fact that so many things can appear similar to it, this gift can also become a burden to those unwilling to take it.

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