Zodiac Gemstones: Which Gemstone You Are and its Meaning

zodiac gemstones

Zodiac astrology has its origins in Babylonia, about three thousand years ago. Since that ancient time, humans have looked out to the sun and stars for guidance. The dawn of civilization heralded times of spiritual and physical guidance from the stars themselves. Zodiac gemstones are one of the ways that the astrology of the Zodiac […]

Ruling Planet Astrology Guide: What Planet Rules Your Zodiac?

ruling planet

The 12 signs of the Zodiac are the basic signs of the astrological horoscope. Everyone knows them and their own signs. However, each Zodiac sign also has a ruling planet that grants the sign its energy.  A ruling planet serves as the heart and soul of astrological studies. To track and interpret planetary movements is […]

The Five Surprising Zodiac Signs That Make Great Bosses

zodiac signs that make great bosses

As our Zodiac signs point us to our strengths and weaknesses, we can see how each sign excels. In particular, we are looking at which signs are zodiac signs that make great bosses. Which zodiac signs are naturally born with the necessary temperament to lead? What kind of bosses are these signs? What about them […]

Zodiac Signs as Greek Gods: Which One are You?

zodiac signs as greek gods

Astrology and mythology intertwined since humanity associated the cosmos with the divine. This is particularly true of the ancient Greeks who had 12 Olympian gods along with 12 Zodiac signs. Greek astrologists themselves practiced with 12 signs so it isn’t hard to see the signs as Greek gods. The Zodiac signs as Greek gods may […]

The 3 Stages Of Zodiac Signs: Its Meanings and Progression

3 stages of zodiac signs

Zodiac Signs Stages of Life Our Zodiac sun signs are often good cliff notes when it comes to our general personality. However, we do change as people, and while our sun sign stays constant, it evolves. Usually, this evolution comes in 3 stages of zodiac signs.  Aries The Go-Getter In the early stages, Aries are […]