All That You Need To Know About Capricorn Sun and Moon Sign

capricorn sun and moon sign

People who have both Capricorn sun and moon sign are pragmatic, serious, and down-to-earth. Many astrologers consider Capricorn to be the most enigmatic, esoteric, and mysterious sign of the zodiac. The planet that rules this sign is Saturn, the governor of organization, planning, and restrictions. 

Capricorn in your astrological birth chart can give you a glimpse of how this sign affects your personality. Because Capricorns are well seen to be rather strict, reserved, and have an offish attitude, some mistake them to be unapproachable.

Each zodiac sign carries distinct energy. And having a Capricorn sun and moon sign means that you are ambitious, reliable, and responsible. It is also noteworthy to expect that Capricorn sun and moon sign people tend to keep things to themselves. 

While they are nice and kind hearted, it can be impossible to convince them things are not always supposed to happen the way they want them to happen.

Moreover, people born with Capricorn sun and moon signs have a rather cold and distant attitude. This means that Capricorn sun sign and moon sign natives will never take things too personally.

However, they can make friends easily if you break the barrier of talking to them first. This is because they are polite, not rude and they respect others.

Capricorn Moon and Sun Sign: What’s the Difference?

Capricorn moon sign and sun sign is a very dynamic energy. You have little patience for anything or anyone who steers you off your path to success and victory. Since you have a hard time with this, your best matches in relationships are those who encourage you to take a break, let out your crazy side, and relax. 

While you may resist their advice at times, these people see in you the need to take a break and blow off some steam. They remind you not to take life so seriously and help draw out your inner child. Having this as your sun sign can mean you will carve a path of great success in your career.

As your moon sign, the Capricorn energy is slightly different. This is the part of yourself that you may keep hidden from others. You may struggle with losing and find you have a hard time engaging with overly emotional people. The humiliation you associate with losing could be something you keep hidden from others. In fact, your hunger for success may be a part of you that you do not let people in to see.

With these in mind, let us dive deeper into astrology and learn more about each sun and moon sign for Capricorn.

Capricorn Sun Sign

In Astrology, your sun sign represents the essence of who you are – your core identity.

It forms the framework of your personality. When your sun is found in the earth sign of Capricorn, you are goal oriented and hard-working. 


Your strengths are that you are well organized and practical which makes you a great boss, entrepreneur, and leader. Not minding a little bit of hustle, you are the cardinal sun sign that gets things done.

Because of your can-do attitude, you can manage a team and also work well in a team. Despite your ability to succeed, you remain quite humble and don’t tend to brag. This attitude of being able to achieve anything rubs off on others and can make you a powerful support system for your peers. 

Something to be mindful of is to not overwork yourself nor take on the responsibilities of others. You may find you struggle with establishing healthy work boundaries. Delegating tasks can also be a challenge for you.

Be sure to share your responsibilities. Trust in your ability to communicate the task with others so they can achieve it in the fashion you would like.

Another part of yourself to consider is being aware of who you may step on unintentionally in your pursuit of success. You tend not to be the most emotional sign and can occasionally fail to consider the feelings of others. 

Being a Capricorn sun sign, you have a no-nonsense attitude – this can rub people the wrong way and even make others feel unheard and isolated. It is important that you try to tap into your deeper level of empathy.

Capricorn Moon Sign

Your moon sign is the sign of the zodiac where the moon was at your moment of birth. It reflects how you process your innermost emotions, thoughts, and experiences. Your moon sign embodies the subconscious part of yourself that you might keep hidden from others.

Having your Moon in Capricorn, you are nurturing and you take care of domestic issues better than anyone else. You sometimes need to be alone, but this does not mean you are no longer in love.

Not big on displaying your emotions, you are someone who does not like a partner who wants to be all the time reassured, nor is too needy. This does not mean that you do not have emotions. It is just that you do not want to express them.

Being a Capricorn, your feelings may be hard to read to others. You may find it difficult to let your guard down and invite people into your emotional world. 

And you crave stability in your outside world. Because of this, you tend to spend most of your time thinking of ways you can turn your ideas into action. And gravitate toward people who embody your shared energy.

Your thoughts are quite methodical. The way you handle difficult circumstances can come across as dry to more emotional signs. This is more visible when you take a practical standpoint.

A dream for you is to receive the recognition you feel you deserve for your hard work. Though not particularly boastful. You desire the praise of a job well done to feel appreciated by those around you.

Your Capricorn moon means you feel in your element when people trust and depend on you to complete a task. Achieving goals and milestones is a huge part of what validates you.

With these in mind, you can become quite emotional if you fail a task or reach the unrealistic standards you set for yourself. It is important to be mindful of being too self-critical, idealistic, or a perfectionist.

Capricorn Sun and Moon Signs Together

success ladder

Both Capricorn sun and moon sign will always want to climb the social ladder and excel at everything they are doing. Anyone can follow their model for success because no one knows better than them how to make things work.

They are the most responsible and traditionalist people in the zodiac and astrological universe. These natives would never work with untested methods. And you can rely on them to do what they have said they will do.

It is rare for a double Capricorn sign to change their mind and plans. They are serious without imposing. You can see honor and integrity in their words and actions. And they are not boastful about it. But they need to stop controlling everything.

As honest people who are only about facts, they can be called realistic and not at all shallow. The fact that they are ambitious is what characterizes them the most.

But they can be too stubborn to ever accept other people’s opinions and they want to do things only their way. At least anyone can rely on them since they keep their promises. And they do not fear nor backdown on any challenge.

The Capricorn Sun Capricorn Moon man

A Capricorn sun and moon sign is rarely impressed and never agitated. That is why people can’t deceive or manipulate him. 

The thing is, he wouldn’t mind having his kind and sweet side explored. A double Capricorn sign man does not know what a person should do for this to happen. Not to mention that he wants to do as much good as possible for others.

He expects not to be hurt or deceived. Because he is well afraid of getting hurt, he puts up defensive walls and doesn’t allow anyone to cross them. Although, his coldness could be well melted with a few compliments. 

If he feels sincerity, he will surely blush and delightfully accept praises. And he will start to appreciate the person who flattered him more and more.

In spite of his distant exterior, he is shy so people need to sneak on him in order to get to his soft side. Devoted and loyal, a Capricorn sun and moon sign man will protect everyone he loves with everything he can.

As a father and a husband, he is a provider. He will make sure to provide everything his family needs. He is the best companion and he can make people laugh because he likes to crack a joke from time to time. As a matter of fact, the woman who will have him hooked on laughing will get him into bed as well.

He will fight to be the best partner a lady could have, but he will most likely not make the first move. He likes spending his free time at home because it makes him feel secure.

The Capricorn Sun Capricorn Moon woman

Always the first at everything, a Capricorn sun and moon sign woman is competitive. She will marry for a good position in society. She can also get defeated only when she becomes extremely stubborn and too pretentious to succeed.

Because she is too stressed, she can end up at the doctor with nervous problems. While sometimes melancholic, she will never lose herself and will always rise from her own ashes.

Although a capricorn sun and moon sign woman is usually distant, when she likes someone, she’ll be the one to make the first move. She is not discrete and she wants to lead in bed.

Not able to see things in perspective nor to take others’ feelings into consideration. The double Capricorn woman will always want to be in control. So men in her life will probably be in the shadows when with her.


If not loved in her childhood, she will be insecure and anxious as an adult. But she will never admit or show any sign of vulnerability.

When it comes to working, this Capricorn female is great at being an executive or a governmental agent. Those who will be in her way will get to feel her wrath. Moreover, as a mother and wife, there are things she could improve about herself.

To Wrap-It Up

As Individuals

Capricorn sun and moon sign individuals always want to be the best. You’ll never see them settling for second place.

It is also difficult to beat them in solemnity. Wise, withdrawn, and cerebral, these natives have a common sense that cannot be seen in other individuals. They are aware of people and their surroundings.

People appreciate them for being mature and good at giving advice. When it comes to their childhood, they most likely don’t remember affectionate and playful times, but more the rules they needed to respect.

They have probably been very responsible ever since young. This means they didn’t have as much fun as a kid. But this is who they were: the unenthusiastic children who preferred to study rather than to play.

As adults, Capricorn Sun Capricorn Moon people see life as a struggle for success and this makes them distant and manipulative. It doesn’t matter what life has prepared for them, they are ready to face it and to achieve success.

In Relationships


These double Capricorn natives will always work for their partner and themselves to have a comfortable life. But they will play by their own rules. They are also serious to commit, and they keep their promises. But these natives can be too cold and obsessed with their job.

Usually making good money, they expect their partner to do the same. The person who will understand the fact that they are not emotional would be perfect for them.

Challenge To Overcome

Their biggest challenge in life is to be more compassionate and caring because there is the danger for them to be only workaholics. Instead of trying to protect themselves from others, they should learn how to appreciate the power of socialization.

Understanding that people think differently and have other goals than their own is also a good idea. Not to mention that when they’re opposed, they become the most stubborn and defensive opponents anyone has ever seen.

The way they perceive and filter information through their creative mind could impress anyone. Their sense of humor can’t be understood by everyone, but they sure are funny when they want to. Their jokes are rather dry and sarcastic.

In conclusion, wherever the placement of Capricorn is on your birth chart, it is always fun to know how you are well perceived by people around you. By learning such, you are one step ahead to knowing more about yourself.  And embracing your spiritual journey towards self-mastery.

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