Shades of Luck: Capricorn Colors to Try for Good Fortune

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What’s your favorite color, dear reader? Did you ever have a lucky shirt or tie that you wear at important events because, well, you believe it brings you good results? It may surprise you to know that Astrology agrees with such a principle. The same way each sign has a certain disposition, personality and spiritual changes through the yearly cycle, they also have colors that bring out the best in them. Today, we’re going to list all of the Capricorn colors that bring this sign some good fortune.

We’re going even further than telling you what these colors are. This article will give you advice on how to use these colors in your daily life. Where you need these colors the most, whether that’s places or situations. How these colors influence our friendly sea goats of the zodiac. This article has it all!

To all our Capricorns reading this, take note! You can start by stocking up on shirts, shoes, maybe notebooks, folders and pens that help good vibes gravitate and stay in your life. If you’re not a Capricorn, stick around anyway! It might make a great gift with more than just a little sentimental value if you attract good things in your Capricorn friends’ lives. So sit back, relax, and most importantly, as you go over this article: have fun!


  • Lucky colors for Capricorn!
  • Why are these colors associated with Capricorn?
  • Just what sort of good fortune do each of these Capricorn power colors bring?
  • And many more…

Capricorn Lucky Colors

To our Capricorn’s reading this list, some of these colors may surprise you! Not necessarily because they’re uncommon colors to like. But because actually, you may already have a lot of favorite belongings that reflect these colors. It’s not just that these colors resonate good vibes, fortune and prosperity towards Capricorn. But each sign is already unconsciously drawn towards their own colors.

We’re separating all the Capricorn colors into three distinct segments. Let’s start with the Capricorn colors that bring good fortune, lucky you! Jokes aside, we’re also telling you how and when to use each color, as well as the specific type of benefit it brings to Capricorn. Why do these colors strike the perfect chord and balance with the driven, ambitious Cap? Without further ado, let’s find out everything we need to know about the Capricorn colors, below:


Black may not strike people as a lucky color because of all the negative connotations that surround it. But in astrology, and significantly to Capricorn, black can mean a lot of good things! It’s used in office settings a lot because it evokes professionalism, and restraint, something the often overly ambitious Capricorn could use a lot of. Black brings out prestige, and the wise musings Capricorn needs to come far in life and secure their ambitions. It basically brings fortune by balancing out the traits of Capricorn that bring them misfortune.


Funny that these two colors, entirely polar opposites of each other, are both lucky for Capricorn! While black reins in Capricorn’s dangerously ambitious tendencies, white on the other hand brings them out altogether. That’s because it’s in the color white’s nature to represent a blank slate. This evokes creativity, ambition, and is a great starting point that frees Cap to make the biggest impact around them. Anyone who knows a good enough deal about Capricorn knows that this impact is something they strive for their entire lives.

When and How to Use the Lucky Colors

Capricorn should use these fortune-bringing colors in their dating life, and in big moments that define their career. Black and white thankfully, are easy colors to use together and wear on your person. And damn, does the driven, ambitious, and business-minded Capricorn not look great in a suit and tie while on a date? Lean more into white colors when starting out your career, such as a job interview. On the other hand, stick to black to evoke a sense of maturity and tenure while asking for a promotion or a raise.

Capricorn Colors for Success

We’ve gone over the colors that ensure Cap gets their foot in the door. Whether that’s in their romantic life, or in their career. But which colors power Capricorn into actually achieving the success they strive for? Up next, we’re going over the colors that Capricorn needs to make them tick. Their secret shades of success.



Capricorn is a driven, hardworking sign with few weaknesses when it comes to their work ethic. Brown is a great color that connects it to its nature as an earth sign, but its use is linked to more than that. One of Cap’s weaknesses is the limitation of their youth. Oftentimes, Capricorn burns out their passion and ambition in the early years. Brown effuses fortitude, consistency and grounds the sign into withstanding the passage of time.



Capricorn likes keeping to themselves quite a bit. They don’t dally in emotions, small talk or small-minded people if they can help it. Not out of any malice or prejudice, but because it distracts them from their goals and ambitions. Gray is a color that evokes this professional air, scaring off the oh-so-hated casual nature of small talk and attracting like-minded, serious people to Capricorn’s circle. It screams the conservative attitude that Capricorn likes to uphold.

Dark Green

dark green

A rich shade of green has probably got you thinking what we’re already thinking. The success associated with wealth, of course! This symbolism has withstood the test of time, with many places in Asia associating it to jade in ancient times. Nowadays, it reminds one of paper money, and lots of it. Whether or not Capricorn’s ambitions line up with financial success, no one can deny that you need a little dough to reach your dreams.



If you’ve ever seen someone in public wearing rich, deep hues of purple, you might’ve gone ‘whoa!’ That’s a completely normal reaction, and it’s why purple has come to mean prestige, but most importantly, it’s bold. This boldness empowers Capricorn into chasing its dreams. Unapologetically striving forward, with the raw confidence Cap needs to attain them. Make sure to get a hold of this color if you’re feeling any sort of self-doubt, even if you’re not a Capricorn!

Surprise Cameo: Yellow (for Saturn)


Yellow is a color for Capricorn?! Well, not in the traditional sense, no. The underlying themes that surround yellow, such as joy and energy, aren’t necessarily things that Capricorn needs or wants. However, because of its relation to the planetary ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, darker, browner shades of yellow do in fact still resonate with the sign. Reminding Cap of the limitation of time that Saturn symbolizes, this color brings about the discipline they need to succeed.

When and How to Use the Colors for Success

Because of their correlation to work and ambition, Cap should use these colors in the workplace. This doesn’t necessarily mean an office, but just wherever Cap works on their career. Dark green and violet aren’t easy clothing options in a work setting, but they can come in the form of artwork to hang in your office. Gray is an inviting, but professional color for vests and work computers. Yellow can come in the form of pins and office supplies.

Capricorn Colors for Inner Peace

Our last section we dedicate to Capricorn’s peace of mind. Sure, the first set of colors are for luck, and it can’t hurt anyone to get a little bit more of that. Next, the colors for success will help motivate and move Capricorn forward in their career endeavors. But what colors help Capricorn relax, and get in touch with their little-known but very prevalent emotional side? Even ambitious go-getters like Capricorn need a little down time, and these are the colors to do it with.



Wait, didn’t we already go over violet earlier on this list, under the colors for success? True as this is, the same color can mean different things. Not very social creatures outside of business settings, Capricorn tends to have low self-esteem among their friend groups and at home. Violet evokes the same boldness in a more relaxed setting. This allows Capricorn to step outside of their shell and socialize with more gusto.



Let’s face it. You can’t strike at the fount of success without getting through walls upon walls of failure first. This is a painful reality many of us have come to accept, but it’s especially difficult for Capricorn. More painstakingly aware of the limitations of time, each setback feels like the end of the world for Capricorn, and they easily fall into a depression as a result. Turquoise brings the mental clarity to help Capricorn beat the blues and regain their focus.



When you always feel like you’re on the clock like Capricorn, what tends to happen? You become anxious, counting down every second, every moment, and find yourself unable to relax. While Capricorn is more than willing to work this anxiety away or distract themselves in their ambition, this isn’t healthy. Thankfully, blue is a color that promotes tranquility. The same way turquoise chases away the blues, this color calms the jitters.



We’ve already gone over how purple helps Capricorns socialize without fear. Meeting new people, however, is a completely different ballgame to socializing with friends. You’ll find that Cap is just as conservative with meeting new people as they are with socializing with familiar faces. Periwinkle is a great color that tickles their curiosity and evokes feelings of approachability from people around them. Definitely a great color for Cap to bring at parties or social mixers.

When and How to Use the Colors for Inner Peace

These colors should definitely find themselves in Capricorn’s social life, whether that’s on their clothes or make-up. Even more than that, make sure to keep Turquoise and Blue as colors at home, where Capricorn spends most of their time relaxing. Blue is a great color for your bedroom, whether that’s the color of your walls or your bedsheets. Having violet or periwinkle decors at home isn’t just an eye-catcher and conversation starter, it’s also a great way to get closer to people. Lastly, for anyone here who’s friends with a Capricorn, consider caring for your Cap friend by getting them gifts in these colors.

Mix and Match Your Capricorn Color Palette

Here’s a final tip before we end: try to mix colors together into a color palette! While each of these colors is already great on their own, they work even better in combinations. For example, let’s take the color white and blue together. A lighter shade of blue means while they have the ambition and creativity that white has to offer, they also stave off any anxiety from trying something new. Using multiple colors together is a great way to find balance.

Wrapping it All Up…

We hope you enjoyed reading the list of Capricorn’s best colors. There’s something we’d like to remind our readers, which is not to take the list to heart if it doesn’t work for you. Every person is different, even those that share the same zodiac sign. You don’t necessarily have to share a sign with Capricorn to use these colors, and you don’t have to like them as a Capricorn either. Whether it’s with your favorite colors, or how you choose to live, you are the captain of your own ship, the master of your fate.

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