Balsamic Moon: Maximize this Moon’s Healing Power!

The moon is an astrological sign and a divine feminine archetype. She emanates emotional and introspective energy. Her phases affect our collective internal worlds. In a time of great uncertainty and upheaval, the balsamic moon is important to harness our feelings.

So what is a balsamic moon? The balsamic moon has transformational energy that can help us release the difficult emotions that we encounter. Otherwise known as a waning crescent, the balsamic moon is the last sliver of lunar light we get. 

After that, it’s time for a new moon and therefore a new lunar cycle. When the moon is less than forty-five degrees behind the sun, the balsamic moon occurs. It will look to us like a very thin crescent moon in the night sky. 

Its name refers to the moon’s waning light before going completely dark as the new moon takes over. This lunar event occurs monthly, so it depends on your location when the next one will occur. When this happens, this is a great time to do shadow work.

Check yourself for emotional blockages and honor them appropriately. Release your anxiety, tension, fear, or worry. Doing this will help you cleanse your energetic field as we head into the next quarter of the year.

By cleaning up your energy field, you can empty yourself of negativity and prepare for a better life. Without those emotional blockages, filling your cup with gratitude becomes an easier task. Understanding will come to you much easier as self-reflection gets deeper for you.

Balsamic Moon Meaning

The balsamic moon is a great time for you to clean yourself internally. That is, emotionally speaking. Heavy topics have dropped like rain this year, so it’s vitally important for you to honor your emotions.

The balsamic phase of the moon brings great power and dark energy that you can use. Harness it to heal and connect with your emotional health; this is especially effective for those born under balsamic moon. Do this so you can use balsamic moon rituals to release what’s no longer working in your life.

Dramatic action isn’t something you should be doing right now; instead, use this balsamic moon phase to hold still. Don’t make big decisions or trigger major shifts in your life; this is a time for stagnation. As the moon wanes into a new one, quietly contemplate and prepare for a new cycle.

Since the energy of this moon is one for contemplation, those with a balsamic moon personality will find greater ease. People with lower energy may find this a good time to honor and focus their own thoughts. Knowing this, they can plan their schedule around this moon accordingly and start the next lunar cycle motivated and fresh.

In the ten steps below, we’ll help you maximize the energy of this special moon. That way, you can best prepare for the next lunar cycle. Clear out your negative emotions and prepare to feel the moon’s energy!

Step 1

Choose the last night of the balsamic moon so you get the maximum energy potency. It goes without saying that you’ll need to know the lunar cycle of that month. Remember that it’s the darkest time of the night prior to the new moon.

As the final stage before the moon’s release and rebirth, this is when the moon’s energy potency is highest. This is the energy’s case particularly for quiet contemplation and emotional clearing. That makes this the perfect time to let go of whatever you find doesn’t serve you or your Higher Self.

Step 2

Create a darkened oasis in your bathroom so the dark energy of the moon can flow in. Dim your lights as low as they can go. Afterwards, cleanse the bathroom’s energy by burning some palo santo. Once that’s done, draw up your bath.

Your bath should be warm and incorporate activating herbs and roots. If you don’t happen to have a bathtub, showers will do just fine. When you take your shower, use an exfoliating soap infused with activated charcoal. That charcoal is energetically cleansing and will help you drop your emotional baggage.

Once you’re in your bath or shower, mentally focus on specific challenges in your life. Think about the tension in the thoughts you’ve had this year. Visually hold all those tense feelings in your mind as long as you’d like.

Step 3

balsamic moon - bath or shower

Get your towel on and dry yourself off carefully. Once you’re done, find a nice, comfortable spot to set up your lunar ritual. For this ritual, you’ll need a few black things and a sheet of blank paper. The black things in question are: a black pen, black obsidian crystal, and a plain black candle. Bring some matches too; you can’t light the candle for the next step without it.

With these items all together, they’ll help you clear out your negative energies. Cleansing your emotional and mental blockages is of the utmost importance. Especially during this particular lunar phase.

Step 4

Strike up your match and light your black candle in your comfy ritual spot. Sit down comfortably and get your black pen and blank sheet of paper. All settled in? Excellent. It’s time for a little astrology art to help you get in the mood for this ritual.

At the top of the paper, draw your sun, moon, and rising signs. If you don’t want to do that, writing your corresponding astrological symbols will do just fine too. All done? Great. Move on to the next step.

Step 5

On your blank sheet of paper, write down the following: 

“I am releasing what does not serve my highest good. Under this moon, I am entering this new cycle with a fresh, cleansed, and healed perspective of my reality.”

All done writing that down? That’s your promise and the seed you’re planting under what is soon to be a new moon. Below that statement, write down all the thoughts and feelings you were having in the bath. These are the thoughts and feelings that you’re releasing with this moon. You’re leaving them out of the next lunar cycle, so make sure you remember what you thought and felt.

Step 6

Once you’re done writing down that statement and your thoughts, take up your black obsidian crystal. Set it down on top of the paper. Stare into your candle flame and take deep, focused breaths. 

Visualize those thoughts and feelings. All of them, leaving your energy field with your breaths. Do this for as long as you want to. What’s important is that at the end of it, you feel that you have released those thoughts.

Step 7

Take that paper with all the thoughts and feelings you wrote down. This paper carries all of your burdens and tensions for the past lunar cycle. Fold this paper in half and roll it in a direction away from you.

We’re almost done. It’s time to leave your comfort spot and move on to your kitchen. In the next step, we’re going to truly and physically let go of all those burdens.

Step 8

balsamic moon - paper of burdens

Proceed with this next step with extreme caution, as you may be working with a fire hazard. If you want to be extra sure of your home’s safety and your own, have a fire extinguisher handy. Take that paper of burdens you’ve rolled up and light this paper. Whether you do it with a match or stove is up to you.

Once it starts to burn, drop it either in your sink or into a fireproof dish. Watch it burn up completely, and with it, all the burdensome thoughts that troubled you last lunar cycle. Is it all burned up? 

Once it is, wash away the paper down your sink or carefully dispose of the ashes. Keep it away from other flammable things so the embers don’t cause another burden for you with a fire. If you happen to be uncomfortable with burning it, you can just throw it away into a recycling can.

Step 9

We’re very nearly at the end! Can you feel how much the ritual has cleansed you? What a life it must be, to be able to unburden yourself of negative and tense emotions and thoughts! Ready for the best part?

Take another blank sheet of paper with your black pen. On this paper, draw up your astrological signs again. If you’ve forgotten, it’s your sun, moon, and rising signs. Write down on your new sheet of paper everything that you’re grateful for in your life.

Did you have a loving family? Supportive friends? A kind and warm lover? How about your daily life? Have you eaten three good meals a day? Worked a job with purpose and good pay? List down everything that you’re grateful for and give thanks for them like they happened today.

Fold your paper of gratitude in half and roll it in a direction towards you this time. With this new grateful energy and piece of paper, go back to your bedroom. Put it under your pillow and sleep on it.

Step 10

You’ve made it to the end of this lunar ritual! Congratulations! Wake up to a new dawn refreshed and full of gratitude. It’s time to engage this new energetic cycle and greet the new moon with new life. 

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