The Power Pack: A Look into Each Aries Spirit Animal

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You might have heard the phrase, ‘that’s my spirit animal’ thrown around here and there. Everyone claims to have a spirit animal, which lives or carries an aura that people can relate or look up to. According to the zodiac, however, each zodiac sign has a spirit animal or two that encompass who the sign is. Whether spiritually or carrying traits that relate to the signs personality, like Leo and the lion for example. In today’s article, we’re looking at Aries, and answering just what IS Aries spirit animal, exactly?

The funny thing is, Aries has a whole slew of spirit animals to their name. Whether it’s their strong, complex personalities or just their aggressive and outgoing nature as fire signs, Aries has more than a few spirit animals that describe the sign. But don’t worry, dear reader, because we’re going over each and every Aries animal symbol. We’re also going over why each of these animals is a spirit animal of Aries, so consider this a refresher course on all there is to know about Aries, too! To our non-Aries readers out there, don’t worry, this article has a little something for you later as we go on.

Maybe you’re an Aries, or a friend of one who wants to know more about their friend. At the very least, it’ll make great conversation! Perhaps you’re a zodiac aficionado, looking to brush up on your knowledge? Or maybe you’re just here to sate some harmless curiosity. Whatever the case, this is the article for you, so sit back, relax, and most importantly have fun!


  • Every Aries zodiac sign spirit animal and why
  • Which is Aries most dominant spirit animal?
  • What YOU can take from this article
  • And many more…

Every Spirit Animal for Aries

Before we get into talking about every Aries spirit animal, let’s go on a refresher course about Aries. Leading the charge as the first sign of the zodiac is the ram, Aries. A sun sign, they govern the period from March 21 to April 19. Associated with the symbol of fire, and the headfirst nature of a Ram, you can probably already guess their personality traits. Aries is headstrong, confident, fierce and determined!

Keep those traits in mind as we go over these spirit animals! We’ve ranked them based on what Astrology says is closer to Aries heart (or soul) as a spirit animal. But they all, in some way, emulate Aries’ personality types and behaviors. Before we get into the list, let’s answer the question we’ve hinted at since the start of the article. What can a non-Aries gain from the article?

Well, simply put, every sign of the zodiac, like every human being, has good and bad sides to them. Aries, the zodiac’s beloved ram, has admirable traits and qualities that stand apart from the other signs. You can learn to emulate these traits by following each Aries spirit animal that serve as the best examples. Invoke the power of these spirit animals, become more fierce, confident, headstrong! Without further ado, the list of each and every Aries spirit animal, below:

#5 Cheetah: Big Cat with a Bigger Heart


A cheetah may not strike you as something befitting a fire sign, but don’t worry, we’ll explain. You’ll find that the cheetah, though at the very bottom, deserves to stay on this list. Firstly, the cheetah is the fastest land animal, which not only coincides properly with Aries as the first sign. It also matches with Aries’ propensity to rush in and think later. But more than anything is the nature of a cheetah in regards to territory.

Aries are very territorial creatures, which you will see is something many of its spirit animals have in common. Cheetahs are special in this regard, and more than any big cat represent Aries because of it. That’s because to defend their territory, a cheetah will pick a fight with just about any animal. This sums up Aries’ personality pretty well. They remain undaunted in the face of any challenge, and will stand up to anything without tiring or backing down.

What You can Learn

We’re not saying you need to emulate Aries’ courage to the point of recklessness. But the cheetah is a great spirit animal to invoke or emulate when you need bravery. Aries teaches us not to fear the odds when it matters. Stand up for what’s right, stand up for the people you love. The world could always use more heroes.

#4 Wolf: Live for the Competition


Another territorial animal, the wolf ranks next on the list of Aries’ spirit animals. Loyal, fierce and competitive, the wolf embodies some of the boldest traits that Aries possesses. Aries is a loyal and caring friend, if not one that presses on your boundaries. That, and they can come off as aggressive at times. They also possess the sheer ferocity of a wolf, and will pick a fight with animals much larger than them, like the cheetah.

But most importantly, they are competitive. Wolves often like to play for dominance, an aggressive leadership trait that all fire signs share. With so many similarities to Aries, you’d think the wolf would rank a little bit higher, right? Well, the reason they aren’t perfectly compatible is because of the wolf’s nature to work well in a team. That isn’t to say Aries is a terrible team player, mind you.

Simply put, Aries aggressive and competitive tendencies allow them to work well with others as a team leader. But, it tends to affect their collaboration and synergy with more sensitive or equally competitive individuals. This falls just short of a wolf’s ability to truly shine in a pack. Nonetheless, Aries boldly emulates the courage, ferocity and loyalty of a wolf. They are great friends to keep.

What You can Learn

Loyalty and ferocity are great traits to have. But if you really want to win big in life, take a look at what the wolf has that Aries struggles with. You need a willingness to step aside and let others take the lead sometimes. At the very least, understand that not everything is a competition. It may surprise you, how much more you can gain when you play well with others!

#3 Hawk: Freedom and Confidence


Third place, now we’re getting down to the wire for the spirit animals that most closely symbolize Aries spiritual identity. The hawk is another highly territorial animal that fits Aries protective and confrontational nature. But more than the others, the hawk’s primary symbolism that carries importance to Aries is its flight. For spirit animals, flight usually designates a pioneer, a go-getter, a trailblazer. Perfect for Aries and their tendency to come first and come in hot.

Additionally, the hawk is a symbol of freedom and courage. A fearless and peerless hunter in the skies. Fitting for Aries’ unsinkable confidence and strong personality. There’s no animal that can tell the hawk not to fly high. In the same way, no one can tell Aries what to do, and no one can stop Aries from doing what they want to do.

What You can Learn

You’ll find that in many things in life, confidence is key. Confidence makes up for many of our shortcomings and weaknesses. Additionally, it gives us the momentum needed to get to where we want from where we are. If you ever feel bogged down in life, channel the hawk as your spirit animal. Find the freedom and confidence you crave to live your best life.

#2 Dragon: Fire and Glory


It may sound pretty ‘out there’ to have a fictional animal that represents Aries, but we promise it’ll make sense. Most obviously, the dragon is closely related to the element of fire, which is the sign nature of Aries. But beyond this, dragons are famous as majestic, proud and powerful creatures. In many mythologies, they are peerless, feared and respected creatures. Few real world animals can match the mythological dragon, just as few people can match Aries’ raw energy and determination.

Most importantly, dragons are commonly regarded as guardians over a hoard of treasure (or a sacred place for Asiacentric depictions). This doesn’t mean Aries is necessarily greedy or a hoarder. The symbolism of treasure depicts something precious and something important. This further shows Aries ferocity and loyalty towards protecting their friends and loved ones. Gold and treasure can also relate to glory, which Aries seeks in no humble measure.

What You can Learn

While we don’t need you to believe or channel a fire-breathing creature of legend, we do need you to believe in yourself. Much of Aries’ confidence comes from what they fight for, and the belief in what they’re doing. Their dogged persistence finds its roots in a self-assurance and self-confidence few other zodiac signs can relate to. Have you ever felt like you fall short of everyone’s expectations? Don’t listen to the voice that gets you down, and believe in your own glory.

#1 Ram: THE Spirit Animal of Aries


Was this really a surprise for anyone reading this list? Of course, there’s nothing more fitting and more deserving to represent Aries than the ram. Already, the ram is the symbol of Aries in Astrology, and it couldn’t have picked a better symbol for the sign. In fact, it already possesses the traits and qualities found in most of the prior entries on the list. The ram is territorial, competitive and brave.

But even more than these, the ram has Aries’ most defining trait. It’s persistence, and its unyielding nature. You’ve heard the term ‘to butt heads’, which means to disagree strongly and insistently with someone. That of course, originated from a ram’s tendency to quarrel with members of its own species by quite literally, butting heads. Aries will refuse to give up, give in, and will always stand up to fight for their way.

What You can Learn

Aries’ stubborn and persistent nature is a mixed package. Some find that trait endearing and admirable, while others find themselves fed up with Aries’ tendency to never give in. We don’t advise becoming as hard-headed as the zodiac’s famous ram, but there’s still something to learn and emulate from this spirit animal. While it’s true that confidence and courage will take you places, it’s persistence that will allow you to stay at the top of your game. Learn to never give in when it comes to things that truly matter to you. 

Wrapping it All Up…

That was all of Aries’ spirit animals, ranked. We hope you can take something with you after reading this list, as we think it’s got a little something for everyone. Just in case, however, here’s a quick refresher course before you leave! Confidence, courage and energy will take you the extra mile. But it’s persistence that will see you through till the end.

Before we say goodbye, we’d like to remind everyone not to take this list too much to heart. Astrology is not a precise science, and if you find this doesn’t relate to you as an Aries, or that you haven’t found your spirit animal yet, don’t worry. What Astrology teaches us is that the stars were never meant to control or hinder us. The stars are only meant to guide us, but your destiny is in your own hands. You are the captain of your ship, and the master of your fate.

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