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aries man in love

Aries men are known to be aggressive. Moreover, they are also quite short-tempered and energetic. However, it seems like that’s what women like about them. Have you ever wondered what an Aries man in love looks and feels like? 

An Aries man in love can either be a risk-taker or ends up being foolish. Either way, there is a lot to unravel when an Aries man is in love with you. In this write-up, you will be given a glimpse of what an Aries man in love has to offer. Also, these are the topics that you will encounter in this article

  • Rams on the first meet
  • Signs an Aries man is in love with you
  • How to make an Aries man fall in love with you 
  • Aries man in love
  • Aries man heartbreak
  • Pros and Cons of falling in love with an Aries man

Rams on the first meet

What is it like when it is your first time meeting an Aries man? It’s basically like a high school boy trying to get your attention during the first day of school. Sometimes it can get a bit too over the top and overwhelming. However, Aries men do does not mean any harm. 

Furthermore, the rams tend to get rejected because of their energetic and persistent nature. They get hurt easily but get back up quickly.

Additionally, when it’s your first time meeting an Aries, they can come off as boastful. However, they are just passionate about the things they do. 

Signs an Aries man is in love with you

If you are good at reading people, you might easily know that an Aries man is in love with you. However, if you need a bit of help when it comes to determining an Aries man’s feelings then keep on reading. 

1#: Aries man adores you

Although they are stubborn and are often energetic, Aries men tend to get shy when they are in love. However, they do have a knack for staring glances and adoring you in secret. Who knew that the fire sign can get a little bashful with the person they like.

Moreover, the rams might not be too verbal about their love for you, but they do know how to show it. And most times, their eyes give them away.

2#: Say yes to you

Aries men will do anything and everything just to please you. Furthermore, they will go to great extents to make you happy. Additionally, they will see to it that they get you what you want.

3#: You are a top priority

top priority

Rams are often busy due to their hardworking nature. However, they will still see to it that they pay enough attention to you. A sign that an Aries man likes you is that they will make you their top priority. 

For example, you have things planned for the day and your Aries man is at work. They will still be able to do your plans with you. 

4#: An Aries man turned gentleman

It’s common knowledge that Aries men can come off as a bit short-tempered. However, an Aries man in love turns into a complete gentleman when they are with you. If you’ve never experienced someone opening doors for you then go date an Aries man. 

5#: Effort

An Aries is not an Aries man in love if they do not exert any effort. If a ram likes you, he will make you feel like you deserve every effort in the world. It may not look like it but Aries men tend to send you adorable text messages. 

6#: Protective

Aries men are protective. Moreover, this is because they have a heroic nature. Moreover, they see to it that they protect you from harm. For example, when you tell them that someone is harassing you they will make sure not to let that person near you ever again.

7#: Takes care of you

If you are the type who loves being pampered, then loving an Aries man is perfect for you. These rams LOVE to spoil and pamper their partners. Moreover, they will do everything just to take care of you.

Furthermore, there’s also a possibility that they will surprise you with gifts and sweets. Additionally, if you feel any bit of sadness they will do what they can to cheer you up.

8#: Loves talking to you

couple talking

Aries signs are social in nature, that is without a doubt. However, if they are in love with you, they wil talk to you for hours no matter how senseless it is. 

Moreover, even though Aries are social animals, they do limit themselves from talking about their personal life. But if they like you and value you, they will not hesitate to tell you what’s going on with their life.

9#: Values your opinion

Aries men will ask for your approval if they genuinely like you. Moreover, this is because you are now an essential part of their life. Aries men will literally accept whatever opinion you have, consider it, and make a change if they have to.

10#: Not afraid to show you off

You are now one of an Aries man’s part of life. Because of this, they will introduce you to their closest friends and family. Moreover, when an Aries man introduces you to their parents, best believe that he is sure of your relationship and you. 

Furthermore, Aries men are close to their mothers and sister, and other women who are part of their lives. If they introduce you to those women, they are madly in love with you and will show you off.

Now, these are just some of the things an Aries man will do if they genuinely love you. Moreover, aries men can surprise you more often than not. 

Since we are already talking about signs an Aries man is in love with you, let’s determine what an Aries man would do to get your attention. 

1#: Accidentally run into you on purpose

Wherever and whenever you are, Aries men will always ‘accidentally’ run into you. Moreover, they always find ways to get close to you.

2#: Flirt with you in public

The rams are not afraid to be flirty in public. They are not shy when it comes to telling you how pretty you are, yes even when there are a lot of people around.

3#: Send flirty texts

man texting

If an Aries man likes you, be ready for some flirty texts. They love to play around with words that are enough to make you feel butterflies in your stomach. Moreover, they especially love it when you flirt back.

4#: Annoys you

Just like a high schooler with their first crush, an Aries man will annoy you. Furthermore, they love to get a reaction from you by pushing your buttons. If an Aries man pokes fun at you, chances are they like you.

How to make an Aries man fall in love with you

You like an Aries man but don’t quite know what to do to get noticed. Fear not, here are easy steps to follow. 

1#: Flirt with an Aries

Just like what Aries do when they like someone, flirt with them too. Moreover, they are quick to respond to things that are challenging. It won’t hurt to flirt around a little, but dont overdue it.

Do note that an Aries man can sense it when you fake flirt, try to be yourself. 

2#: Compliment an Aries Man

Shower the rams with compliments. When you like an Aries man and want to get his attention, give him compliments. Aries men often have a great sense of self-admiration and they love it when people compliment them. 

3#: Be Clever

The rams are smart and witty. Moreover, to get an Aries man’s attention, be as witty. You can try to be interested in things that he is. Furthermore, rams like it when the person they talk to like the same things they do. 

However, do not fake anything. Make sure that you genuinely love what you are doing. There;s nothing else that puts an Aries man off than someone who is fake.

4#: Be Humorous

how to make an aries man fall in love with you

Aries Men love funny girls. Tell him light jokes and make him laugh. If there’s one thing you need to please when it comes to the ram, it’s their hatred for boredom. 

Get along with his family and friends

Again, Aries are social signs. Moreover, they value their family and friends so much. Try your best to get along with his family, especially the women in his life. 

5#: Be adventurous

Keep up with an Aries man’s taste for adventure. They love ebing active and would love a partner who can keep up. Moreover, you do not need to go on extravagant hikes or do things that are dangeous. A small wak or even booking can do the trick.

Aries man in love

An Aries man in love is everything you could ask for in a partner. They see to it that you are happy and will do anything for you.

However, when it comes to an Aries man in love, he does tend to get a little jealous. However, he will try to hide it. Moreover, Aries men are terribly insecure, even with their confidence. 

Furthermore, remember that Aries men are alpha males and they do not want other men lingering around you. Your attention must be to them at all times.

Even though they have jealous tendencies, Aries men love genuinely. They are all about their partners and will give them the whole world if possible. Moreover, when aries men are in love, they love hard. 

Aries men heartbreak 

Now that we know how an aries man is when he is in love, let’s also talk about what happens when an Aries man is heartbroken.

Aries men tend to have a defensive mechanism of dating someone new even after a fresh break-up. Moreover, they will look like they already moved on. However, moving on quikly can possibly be a facade.

The rams put on a facade to get back at you, if you were the one who broke up with them. Moreover, if they were the ones who broke up with their partner, they possibly done it in the spur of the moment. Aries men can be impulsive and decide things they don’t mean. 

More often than not, an Aries man can try to win you back. Remember, they are stubborn and they like getting what they want. 

Pros and Cons of falling in love with an Aries man

Every relationships have their own pros and cons. Moreover, all the signs have traits that are both bad and good. For the last part of this article, let us talk about the Pros and cons of falling in love with an Aries man. 


1#: Aries do not know how to lie

As much as possible Aries men love being true to themselves. Moreover, if there is one thing they hate it would be lying. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about your man cheating or lying to you. 

A relationship will not work if there is no honesty. That is why when you are dating an Aries man, rest assured they won’t lie. However, it does not make them incapable of lying, they just choose not to. 

2#: They like a challenge 

If you are the type to be active then an Aries man is for you. Another good trait about dating an Aries is that they love a good challenge. Moreover, the rams are always up for anything.

3#: Rams are passionate


And lastly, rams are definitely passionate. When you are in a relationship with a ram, there is no dull moment. Moreover, they will keep the fire burning. Furthermore, they are as passionate in the bedroom too. 


The list of an Aries as perfect partners can go on and on. When an a ram is in love, rest assured you will have a happy relationship. Of course, it takes two to tango, no matter how great of a partner an Aries is, the relationship will only work if you put in effort as well. 

Take this article as a cheat sheet for signs aries man is in love with you.

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