The Glory and Pitfalls of Aries and Capricorn Friendship

aries and capricorn friendship

Some people say Aries and Capricorn friendship is a walk in the park. While others claim it’s like having a walking time bomb waiting to explode. These are very strong but very different creatures. Thus, striking the perfect balance for this friendship to work can be a little tricky.

Furthermore, you might be curious if this Aries and Capricorn friendship compatibility could be taken up a notch. If it’s possible to move on from the friendzone to the lover’s cove. Well, we’re about to find out all about that and more as we discuss the Aries Capricorn friendship. You’ll also learn a few tips and tricks about the following:

  • How does friendship between the Aries and the Capricorn even begin?
  • Is Capricorn and Aries friendship worth a try?
  • Do Aries and Capricorn get along initially and butt heads in the long run?
  • When do you stay or go in an Aries friendship with Capricorn?
  • How well do Capricorns and Aries get along as lovers?

So let’s go ahead and take a deep dive into the Aries and Capricorn friendship compatibility!

Aries and Capricorn Friendship Compatibility: An Overview

One of the first things that comes to mind when talking about Aries and Capricorn friendship is- no way! No two people could be more different than them. Even if Capricorn tries their best to convince Aries in doing things better and more efficiently. Aries becomes nervous instantly. Grateful, but truly nervous at the same time.

So if they can’t even agree on the simplest of things, would they be better off without each other? Not really. Some work needs to be done on both ends, but if they’re at least willing to try, they can do magic together! And if pushed a little further, sparks may even fly without them noticing it!

So let’s go sift through all their emotional ‘stuff’. The good, the bad, even the ugly. Then let’s see how a little shuffling here and there can spell a world of difference. Let’s go!

Aries and Capricorn Friendship: Accolades for Aries

When the calendar strikes the 21st of March, the zodiac wheel faces Aries. The sign associated with the First House, represents individuality, authenticity, ingenuity. Very positive traits to people born under this sign.

The time of Aries begins from the Spring Equinox. When nature breaks free from winter and begins to embrace new dawn. Waking up from slumber, forming new buds, flowers, and fruits.

This is the season for beginnings, for new possibilities. To start a brand new journey, you need to have enthusiasm, and that is what Aries is blessed with to overflowing. Simply no one can match this sign when it comes to enthusiasm.

The first child of Mars is brimming with energy and is evident in every project Aries joins in. This is the reason why so many of their careers grow tremendously. It only differs depending on how introverted or extroverted they choose to be in expressing it. Nevertheless, these folks are a powerhouse.

Aries are extremely influential. While Leos crave for attention, Aries commands it. They have such a strong impact on other people and always serve as inspiration. Whenever they do something, it becomes a trend almost instantaneously. And when they are speaking, people are compelled to truly listen and pay close attention to their message. Plus, they’re so easy to be around with, you will never feel self-conscious or out of place.

This inevitably compels one to ask, if their influence is so vast, could this mean they’re also very manipulative? Not necessarily. Of course, it may differ individually, but generally, Aries is truly innocent and upright. They will not hold grudges and tend to be straightforward.

Aries and Capricorn Friendship: The Dark Side of Aries

And now for the dark truths associated with this energetic lot!

They Are Highly Competitive

aries - competitive

Everyone knows Aries basks in the spotlight. But sometimes their love for it is so insatiable they would do almost anything just to get there. Even the mundane tasks suddenly become a competition for them. They simply cannot stand the idea of being outshone by somebody else.

Their competitive streak could turn them into an aggressive bunch, which isn’t always a bad thing. Because this is what spirals them to the top and gives them the ability to move forward in life. But it also prevents them from realizing the value of teamwork. They genuinely believe they are the best among the rest.

This is why it’s difficult to put them in a group of people differing in schools of thought. Tension will easily arise. This is typical with people challenging their authority. Which is sad, really. Because this prevents them from seeing the strengths of their groupmates. Thus, limiting their growth in a lot of ways.

Stubborn As a Bull

Well, it’s really not that surprising. After all, Aries’ spiritual sign is the Ram. They are famous for being extremely hard-headed and will never play to anybody else’s tune except theirs. However, this kind of stubbornness can come in handy when making tough decisions in life.

Still, on the flip side, this makes this zodiac really difficult to deal with. They barely accept or acknowledge correction, even if deep down what they did was wrong.

You cannot tell Aries what to do. Never tell them to keep quiet. Or else you will never hear the end of them. They will not stop until they have proven their point. You cannot make them shut up about it, and no amount of threat or intimidation will make them do so. If anything, it will just make them even more aggressive.

Fury and Arrogance

When push comes to shove, Aries can’t help but turn an arrogant streak. As mentioned, no one tells them what to do or calls them out about their wrongdoings. It’s hard to differ with them about opinions without turning it into a major debate.

They will reach a point when all they want is to be heard even if they refuse to listen. Aries believes all sound ideas and wisdom come from them and them alone. Unfortunately, their arrogance can become their second nature, as well as their potential for rage and fury. The smallest provocation can become catastrophic really quickly.

Wandering Soul, Mind, and Feet

Wandering minds aren’t a bad thing per se. As a matter of fact, this could imply great creativity and innovation. But in the case of Aries, it can easily take a bad turn. Because they are always bursting with so much energy, they will take on the first challenge that comes their way.

This hobbit of hopping from one challenge to the next often has serious repercussions. Which makes it difficult for this zodiac to finally settle down.

This sign will dive right into a relationship with their best foot forward and give their all at once. Something that can be quite overwhelming for some people. Thus, others have misunderstood their passion for the race as possessiveness. The thing is, as soon as boredom takes over, they’re out of the door quicker than their lovers could realize.

Aries and Capricorn Friendship: Kudos for Capricorn

December 22 is the beginning of two very significant events. The Capricorn month and the winter solstice. This is the reason astrologers usually associate this sign with the coming of winter. Also known as the CEOs of the zodiac, let’s see what makes Capricorn tick.

Have you ever experienced walking into an office interview? And immediately notice an employee working vigorously? You may have spotted a Capricorn. One reason why they often climb faster to the top of the corporate ladder.

Capricorns are undeniably hardworking. This is their ultimate freedom of expression and nothing can ever come close. Their work is a form of worship, and if they are not working, they get easily frustrated. So when they are, sick, sad, depressed, or anxious, they would overcome it by working doubly hard. It’s just how they are, their way of dealing with life.

Capricorns are highly ambitious and know the only way to succeed is by working their butts off. A lot of Capricorns don’t really like people who don’t have goals in life. For them, your goal is the reason for your existence. So if they meet someone without any goals or ambition, they might try and avoid them altogether. Some find this as being very judgemental.

These people are career-oriented and totally driven. They take their academics seriously because they believe it will serve them in good stead in the future. Information is important to them as long as it can lead them closer to their dreams.

Ruled by the planet Saturn, Capricorns are conscious about their social status. Getting ahead of the social ladder is usually on their to-do list. They’re also fond of talking about their work or income.

Capricorns are good to have as friends. They are famous for their resourcefulness and find solutions for your problems when you’re down and out. Capricorns are loyal friends, although they might cheat on you with their job. As you know, their work will always be their number one priority.

Aries and Capricorn Friendship: The Negative Side of Capricorn

Now let’s go ahead and see Capricorns negative side!

Unforgiving Heart

If you think you can hold a grudge really well, you might not know a Capricorn that well. Yes, you might reach a truce and they will act like nothing’s wrong. But deep down they find it incredibly difficult to forgive those who have wronged them. Regardless of how you try to apologize to get back into this sign’s good graces. Once you break a Capricorn’s trust and they become deeply and sincerely angry at you, that’s basically the end of the line.

Why? Because Capricorns find it so hard to trust others in the first place. So if you show them you’re very capable of hurting them tremendously, they will stop trusting you- forever. Sure, they might give you a second chance. But things will never be the way they were, and you will notice it.

Fortunately, it will take some time before Capricorn reaches that point. Because they really aren’t that sensitive who take everything personally. Be careful though, because once you cross the line, there’s no going back.

Quintessential Smarty Pants

intellectual - capricorn

These folks are deeply intellectual people who value thought above everything else. Their pursuit of cerebral interests is quite impressive, to say the least. They are totally obsessed with learning and discovering new things. Especially when it’s among their favorite things.

Even if there’s nothing wrong with wanting to acquire vast amounts of knowledge, Capricorns always assume you want to learn it too. You will hear about it, whether you like it or not.

This could mean giving lengthy explanations that no one asked or ever wanted in the first place. You can imagine how annoying this could get. But sometimes, they catch themselves and will then try to restrain this urge. It doesn’t work all the time, but A for effort.

Shamelessly Haughty

Now, this depends on how evolved a Capricorn is. Healthy and well-adapted Capricorns do acknowledge that not all people are into the same thing as they are. That everyone has their own abilities and interests to boot.

However, unhealthy and immature Capricorns see others as morons who have no idea what they are doing. They can look down on anyone who is not of the same caliber as them on a particular subject that Capricorn likes.

Yes, it’s true that we tend to like people with whom we share interests with. But Capricorns can act really haughty and condescending to those they think are less capable or less intelligent than them.

It gets even worse as this doubles for the things they are extremely passionate about. They will take your ignorance as a blow to their ego. It’s as if it is your obligation to know more about this particular subject. Like, duh?

Extremely Critical of Others’ Beliefs

There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with other people’s beliefs. Whether it be superstitious, religious, etc. As a matter of fact, this kind of skepticism is even a healthy thing. Leading to useful discoveries and experimentations. Things that propelled humanity further in the past.

What is wrong, however, is weaponizing it, and using this very skepticism to target the individual’s beliefs. Especially if those beliefs aren’t hurting or harming anyone in the first place. Unfortunately, that’s one thing Capricorns are fond of doing.

Being skeptical isn’t the issue. It’s their confrontational nature, and going after people’s beliefs. Even when these people are already trying their best to steer clear of you. They can be asking for trouble, even alienating others, when they are unfortunate to be at the wrong place and time.

Why So Serious?

overly serious capricorn

Capricorns do have an amazing sense of humor. But a lot of them can be overly serious about almost everything else. They come off as aloof, logical, stand-offish, even downright rigid sometimes. Capricorns won’t have second thoughts of going after you if they don’t like your way of having fun.

Being a stick in the mud is one thing. But being constantly on other people’s throats, policing what they say and do is totally wrong. Unfortunately, this sign is completely capable of doing this.

Yes, rules exist for a purpose. To facilitate smooth social interactions and make things easier for everybody. In that sense, you can understand why Capricorns care so much about what other people are doing. But sometimes they just take it so far.

It all boils down to this truth. Capricorns find it almost impossible to mind their own business. Even worse, find it harder to keep their opinions at bay. If there comes a time you run into a total stranger feeling entitled to criticize your personal tastes and sense of humor? There’s a big possibility you have met a Capricorn.

Persistent Negative Vibes

This sign doesn’t only see a glass that is half-empty but leaking as well. They can be real pessimists who focus on how things might go wrong instead of hoping for the best.

This isn’t always a bad thing, since you know they have a backup plan. One that’s running from B to Z. But it can be really taxing emotionally when you spend so much time around this person. Planning for the worst is obviously a good idea, but constantly expecting it is a real bummer. Who wants to be around that negative energy?

Unfortunately, it can get worse. Because of their pessimistic nature. It can mix up with their almost pathological need of poking holes through your hopes and dreams. Regardless of how awful they’re making people feel.

The thing is, they sincerely think they are helping by pointing out how things can possibly go wrong. As to avoid them, obviously. While Capricorns see it as planning for the worst, most people would think you want them to fail. Thus, Capricorns should learn a better way of expressing themselves.

Making Aries Capricorn Friendship Work

Now comes the most important question of all: How on earth can you make this friendship work? Knowing all the good and bad sides of Aries and Capricorn?

Simple. Aries and Capricorn are strong but in different ways. Neither one of them has any plans about giving up. But they should be aware of how and where they are channeling their energies as friends. If they are not careful, they can attract a lot of negativity into their relationship.

Furthermore, constant arguing, fighting, and disagreements could drain the life out of you. Capricorn should just let Aries be, never slow them down. Consequently, Aries must never rush Capricorn.

Aries is Fire, while Capricorn is Earth. This means the former is more energetic and passionate, while the latter is a little more subtle. The Ram basically wants to throw themselves into any situation, while the Capricorn believes one thing. If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.

If the two could learn to combine their strengths and strategies, their friendship will be a great success. They’re both cardinal signs. So they have no trouble initiating anything, despite their differences in their ways of finishing them.

The key is playing their specific roles in their friendship. If they play their cards right, it might even blossom into romance, a lifetime of being together, forever. Just allow each other to be your own person. This is the only way to benefit from each other’s positive traits.

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