Aquarius Traits: Decoding a Water Sign’s Personality

aquarius traits

Are you born between January 19th and February 18th? If you do, be ready to get an insight into your personality. In this post, we’re going to take a look at some Aquarius traits, both good and bad, what makes them happy, and what sets them off. We’re also going to learn what it’s like to be with them in a relationship and shed light on the following: 

  • What is the dark side of the personality traits of an Aquarius?
  • How do you deal with the difficult traits of an Aquarius?
  • Are Aquarius qualities as transparent as they seem?
  • Which Aquarius traits and personality should you be wary of? 
  • What can you expect from Aquarius characteristics?

So let’s go ahead and dive into the exciting Aquarius personality!

Aquarius Personality: An Overview

The Aquarius personality is pure and independent, and to understand its core, we need to start with the basics and what represents the sign, which happens to be a water bearer. This is the only sign in the zodiac symbolized by a human figure, a man carrying water. But unlike the water of the other water signs, its water is drinkable. This only shows that the desires have already been tamed and purified. Thus, Aquarius is known to be the sign of logic, since logic functions well when there is zero desire. It is also the reason why it is associated with Science and being able to see clearly. This sets them apart from the rest, making them aloof and unpredictable. 

Because Aquarius is a sign of logic, it can function well regardless of what it feels or desires. This is exactly the reason why the Sun does not do well in Aquarius. So much of the Aquarius traits and energy are about sacrifice and they give themselves up to bigger, more humane concerns. Furthermore, Aquarius is the middle sign of winter, it is when this zodiac rules that all of your thoughts become clear. It is the time when you get a gist of what it means to become a part of society and your place in it is explored. 

Aquarius Traits: What Makes them Happy

Aquarius, being a fixed zodiac sign is set in their ways despite being open-minded, making them a big contradiction. They are hard to pin down and are a bit more quirky compared to the other zodiacs. Here are some of the things that make them happy.  

Tech Savvy

Aquarians are tech-savvy and are always excited to learn about the latest thing. They’re the first to know the newest tech gadgets long before they’re brought out into the mainstream market. This sign is interested in anything that can help advance the human race. Aquarians believe technology plays a major role in improving the lives of people, making things more efficient and economical for everyone, and choosing the greater good over power and profit. They are usually self-taught and are extremely resourceful when learning new skills or technology. 

Science Fiction 

Unsurprisingly, Aquarius’ love for technology extends to science fiction. They can read books about it for hours on end, or go on movie or series marathons whenever they have time to spare. Exploring deep space is one of their biggest dreams, and they often wonder what their envisioned world looks like in a sci-fi universe. Thus, they’re likely to pursue a career working towards scientific research and advancement. Even if they don’t live to see their dreams become reality, this won’t stop them from helping future generations realize theirs. 



Aquarians love spending time with their friends and socializing while exploring their latest theories and ideas. They don’t like keeping these ideas to themselves, as they find it absolutely pointless unless it is shared with the world. Oftentimes, their buddies become sounding boards and are invited to give their two cents on the matter. But more often than not, they simply need their friends to listen to them, regardless of how weird, absurd, or seemingly far-fetched their ideas could be. 

This is why they rely on a small but trusted solid group of friends. People who will accept them despite and because of their crazy quirks, because it makes them happy. Those who know them very well are aware of their tendencies of getting carried away and talk nonstop. They know better than to interrupt or challenge their thoughts in the middle of a long rant. 

Aquarius Traits: Pet Peeves

Every zodiac sign deals with anger issues in its unique ways. Others quickly fly off the handle while others choose to keep everything bottled inside even if they’re dying to explode. Aquarians are generally calm, cool, and composed, and it takes a lot to make them angry. However, once pushed to their limits they can turn into fierce creatures you wouldn’t want to come in contact with. Here are some of the things that set them off. 

Pushing Them Around

It is better if you don’t force yourself to settle conflicts with them as soon as possible. Don’t linger. Rather, give them some time to cool off and get into the right head space. Don’t argue with them because it’s impossible to debate with an Aquarian. It won’t appease them, in fact, it will only worsen their anger. 

Arguing With Them

Don’t attempt to win a debate with Aquarius. They are good at handling challenging topics and know exactly what to say when they respect your opinion and vice versa. However, don’t shove your opinion down their throat because it’s not going to be a happy ending. This is their way of protecting their self-esteem. They also hate manipulators who switch stands to take advantage of a situation. And if you double-cross them, make sure you disappear for good. This fixed sign is extremely loyal and serious in their relationships, so betraying their trust is equivalent to losing them forever. 

Testing their Patience

Aquarians can put up with anything except backstabbing. Big lies or white lies, there is no difference between them and both will hurt them deeply. So for those in a love relationship with them, never play under false pretenses or you run the risk of losing them for good. Testing their patience is a bad idea as they are usually level-headed and avoid confrontations. But they have no qualms about getting nasty when their backs are pushed against the wall. 



Aquarians are known to be great humanitarians so any form of injustice will not go unnoticed. They are always looking for ways to help people, and opportunities to uplift the lives of others. When they learn you are helping because of an ulterior motive such as personal gain, they will have no second thoughts about exposing you. They do not appreciate people who are overly critical either. Constructive criticism is always welcome, but humiliating them or stomping on their ego is a whole different story. 

Aquarius Traits: In Love and Relationships

Aquarians aren’t exactly the showiest or most affectionate zodiac sign, but this doesn’t mean they’re strangers to love. This sign loves truly, madly, and deeply as well, but only if you’re “the one”. Yes, they come across as non-conventional which only makes them more exciting. They keep you up on your toes, anticipating what’s to come. So here are some clues to let you know Aquarius loves you. 

Opens Up to You

When Aquarius shares their private life with you, they know they’re getting serious and are falling in love with you. This sign is known to be super secretive since getting emotional makes them feel vulnerable. They hate letting their guard down. But if an Aquarian trusts you enough, they will start to open up and share even the most intimate parts of their lives. If they find time to tell you something important, don’t brush them off no matter how busy you get. Find time to listen to them opening their heart and soul to you. 

Makes Time


An Aquarian’s time is precious, like gold. And they can get caught up in their own little world sometimes. But when they truly love you, they will make time for you no matter how hectic life gets. They are willing to drop anything and everything especially when you are in need. Aquarians can sometimes appeal shallowly to some people since they pop up when they want to then disappear out of the blue. The truth is, they’re spending a tremendous amount of time and energy to be there for the people who matter the most to them. 

I Love You Looks Different

Expressing their emotions is not an Aquarian’s strongest suit. So saying I love you openly is hard for them since this is another form of vulnerability. Thus, they try to be creative to still be able to say those three precious words. But just because they’re not uttering the words I love you straight up does not mean their feelings aren’t strong enough. Things like “stay safe”, or “call me when you get home” are just as meaningful as any I love you. 

Spoils You To Tears

When an Aquarius loves you they will give you their all they will spoil you to tears. You will be crying tears of joy so often you would almost think it’s a dream. They don’t mind going the extra mile to show someone how much they care, and these are usually labors of love. Aquarius will get your car fixed, cook your favorite dinner, or change the light bulb that you haven’t had the chance to change since it got busted three weeks ago. 

This is over and above the regular gifts and surprises during special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, or anniversaries. But their best performance is reserved for you in the bedroom. These people will go all out and won’t stop until they quench your insatiable hunger. 

You’re Their Best Friend

If there’s one thing you can be sure of, you can’t get to second base unless they consider you their friend first. Relationships do not evolve unless friendship is involved, because, to an Aquarius, this is sacred ground. Don’t rush them- just enjoy being their trusted friend and confidante. For sure it will be worth the wait. 

They Let You Take the Reins

Aquarians somehow got the reputation of being control freaks. Power and control are big issues for them, and they do not commit easily. They always want to feel that they are in charge of their lives, their destiny, and no one else. However, if they truly love you, they will let you take the reins. It may take some time but if you’re patient and only have good intentions it will come. 

You Know You Are Special


For the most part, Aquarians believe talk is cheap, and actions will always speak louder than words. But when they love you, both their words and actions will speak volumes. They will always encourage and support you, shower you with genuine praises and compliments, and make you feel like royalty. And if you play your cards right, you will always be their number one. 

Aquarius Traits: The Bottom Line

No one is born perfect in this world, not even good old Aquarius. There are things about them that make your blood boil, and things that melt your heart. Things that make you laugh and smile, others that make you scream and cry. In the end, it’s all about tolerance, acceptance, and true love. Knowing that things will not always be good or bad, but through it all, you will be there for each other. Once you realize love is not a feeling but a choice, then you’re good to go. 

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