Your April 2021 Horoscope: Find out what cosmos has in store for you!

April 2021 Horoscope

Spring season is here, and what better way to welcome the blooming of flowers than knowing your April 2021 horoscope?

As the bright and cheery months roll in, all hopes are up. Now that the world is starting to recover from COVID-19, it seems like the stars have finally decided to align.

But what do the cosmos have to say about the world in general? What about its predictions for every Zodiac sign? Read more to find out!

What is the general April 2021 horoscope?

April 2021 Horoscope for All Zodiac

Just as the sun tempts everyone to come out of their homes (or their balconies, at least), Mercury’s April 3 entry to Aries calls on everyone to socialize. 

Interactions made during this period are one full of life and liveliness. It is a time buzzing with activity, with people becoming a bit more assertive than usual.

Rather than hide behind a facade of nicety, people will feel empowered by Aries’ boldness. Combined with Mercury’s eloquence, they would articulate clearly their needs and want to make themselves known.

A little more than a week later, on April 11, the new moon will rise in Aries. Incredibly, this is also the first new moon of the astrological year.

This event makes things a bit more special. For one, it will herald closure for those who need it, as well as indicate the arrival of better days ahead.

Things couldn’t get better with Venus’ arrival on Taurus on April 14. As expected of a planet entering the sign it rules over, things can get pretty intense.

This intensity would be more of the romantic and sensual side, though. Many would feel the primal urge stirring within themselves, making people “feel things,” so to speak. 

Incredibly, there’s no time as perfect as this period to act on this feeling. Just remember to stay safe and do things with consent from all parties!

But all these seemingly “feel-good” events don’t mean that bad juju isn’t around. You need to watch out for April 17, as this will be when some potentially harmful things manifest themselves.

This is a result of two significant astrological events coming together. The first is a Sun-Pluto square.

This time will be pretty explosive. Peoples’ intentions, secrets, and other things they’d rather keep hidden will reveal themselves to the world.

It would help if you were emotionally prepared for whatever things you may end up discovering due to this event. Some things you may know might end up not to your liking.

The second event is a Mars-Jupiter trine. The feistiness is for real; people will be a bit more outspoken and unrelenting during this time!

But it is not just all about trying to be assertive, though. Things spoken during this period will have substance; that is, they are direct and objective, yet factual.

A few days later, on April 21, Taurus season will finally be in full swing. As the sun enters the bull’s homecourt, fiery tempers will tone down. Things will be in favor of rationality, practicality, and the occasional self-indulgence.

April 23 will not be as hectic. However, Mars’ entry in Cancer is a reminder that we sometimes need to be a bit more direct and assertive to resolve domestic problems.

The course of actions includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Making family members aware of the negative observations you have while living with them.
  2. Moving out of an otherwise toxic environment.
  3. Moving in with someone whom you trust.

A full moon in Scorpio announces the coming of another sensual, self-indulgent time. After all the stress, a good dose of relaxation is just what you need!

But all the good and pleasurable things must come to an end. On April 27, everyone’s least favorite event will commence: a retrograde!

This Pluto retrograde will call on everyone to let go of bad habits and keep a low profile. It can be challenging for everyone, especially those who tend to be reckless in their actions.

But, think of it this way: you survived the year 2020. Vibing your way through this retrograde until October 6 will be easy-peasy!

What is the April 2021 horoscope for every Zodiac sign?

Now, although cosmic movements often have similar effects on everyone, some nuances are just too noticeable to pass up. 

Without further ado, here is a rundown of the April 2021 horoscope for all 12 Zodiacs:


It’s your season, so naturally, your April 2021 horoscope will often go your way. Your financial status will be pretty comfy, and your physical health is at its peak.

It will help if you do not get carried away by your natural boldness. You may not notice it, but this is a time when your inner ram goes off the rail, and your words might hurt someone.

That aside, though, this is an excellent time to reassess your living situation. If you have been thinking of moving in with someone, this is a perfect time for you to do so.


With your time to shine just around the corner, the buildup to Taurus season will bring some welcome changes. The love department will take the helm on this; opportunities to become even closer and intimate with your partner are everywhere.

However, it would be best if you also were kind to yourself. You may be grounded and loyal to the people around you, but the question stands: are you getting what you are due?

Do not be afraid to put yourself first. Yes, being loving and generous to others is fantastic, but you need to prioritize your well-being. After all, you cannot give what you don’t have.


Yours is the crown, Gemini! Your April 2021 horoscope is telling you that work opportunities and stable relationships are the key features of this time.

You may notice, though, that despite your cheerfulness and lighthearted approach to everything, some things will still feel off. You do not need to worry, though. Just stay true to whatever you believe in, and be confident that you can do whatever you aim to do.

It would help if you also watch out for your health and finances. Stay vigilant, as these parts of your life will be more vulnerable than usual.


After months of manifesting your desire to start over, your time has finally come! According to your April 2021 horoscope, opportunities will present themselves to you. This indicates that your hard work is paying off.

The thing is, you might also experience moments of doubt and confusion. As you decide what will happen next in your life, ask yourself: is this what you want? And if you do, what are you going to do about it?

Your gentle nature may not like having to face these kinds of dilemmas, but it is necessary. Only when you become brave enough to confront these will you indeed be in control of your destiny.


a world map on which the signs of the zodiac are drawn

Experiencing a sort of paradigm shift will be your theme of the season. As you witness the changing tides in your life, you are called to use your skills to help change what you can about the world.

This is also the time when you will be meeting new people. Your social radar will be at its peak, and these individuals could be the right people to accompany you in this life.

However, you also need to give yourself a break from the spotlight. Take whatever opportunity you can to be with your loved ones, and recalibrate yourself.


Keep your eyes wide open! You may be firmly rooted in your current situation, but changes will sweep you off your feet. Don’t be afraid to explore all these new curiosities in your life; they’re guaranteed to make your life better and brighter!

Your April 2021 horoscope also prompts you to finally confront whatever troubles you have been hiding for a long time. Keep strong, and remember that what matters is the here and now.

It won’t be an easy ride, but the outcome will be worth it. Have faith in yourself- you are unique and capable, and this is your time to shine.


Your inner peace may experience a few disruptions here and there, but they will be manageable. They will primarily focus on your health, which you need to keep a close eye on.

This is also an excellent time to reassess your relationships, both old and new. It is the season when you will be forging closer relationships with others- remember that you are choosing the real ones.

Be on the lookout for subtle but meaningful actions. While they might seem small at the time, they will speak volumes about how much worth you have to another person.


This is an especially tense season for you, considering how much premium you have towards relationships. Don’t let your bad side rule you this time; you need to cultivate your connections with the people whom you value.

It would be best if you were kinder to yourself, too. While pushing yourself to your limit might feel good, you also have to take good care of your mental and emotional well-being.

Don’t be afraid to focus a bit more on yourself, the same way that you give your all to your loved ones. Lighten up the burden in your heart and allow yourself to experience the joys of loving and being loved.


You may be quite the active social butterfly, but you aren’t one for opening up. Your April 2021 horoscope, though, calls on you to open yourself up a bit more to others.

It can be a bit scary, but the amount of love and kindness you will receive will be worth it. Additionally, you will find satisfaction in life’s simple joys: having good health, good company, and closer family ties.

Despite these, though, you need to give up (or at least minimize) your rash “I want it all” tendencies. Focus on the things that truly matter, and allow the positive energies to take over.


Spring cleaning season is here, and this is the time to throw out the things you don’t need in your life. From old food canisters, that’s broken, but you insist are still usable, to all the negativity in your life- let go of them all!

This is also the season when you need to slow down and smell the roses. Yes, it will disrupt the flow of productive juices, but you can’t just keep on working. It would be best if you will also give some time to yourself.

Learn how to bake cookies, catch up with friends- do whatever feels good and relaxing. Life isn’t just about work; it’s also about enjoying what it means to be alive.


Things might get too hectic for you, as you will find yourself swamped by the sheer number of items. Incredibly, these aren’t particularly heavy. These are just minor stuff, such as household chores, that manage to distract you from the more important things ahead.

But you can’t keep hiding. You will need to confront all these significant happenings in your life. The struggle now is how you will be able to assert yourself through it all.

Your task now is to find the confidence within yourself to stand up and voice out whatever you want to say. As you do this, the right people will take notice and open opportunities on your way.


The world of finance may not exactly be your thing, but your prospects within it are practically shining. Money won’t be a problem, as the cash flow would be generous, and opportunities are almost begging for your attention.

Unfortunately, all these earthly concerns might overwhelm you. The sheer amount of things you have to do could easily break your gentle soul.

While taking a break isn’t much of an option during this busy time, your mission is to organize things. Start from the most manageable workload, then work your way through the heaviest. This way, you can make sure that you are giving your very best.

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