Living in Harmony within the Secret 12 Universal Laws

12 universal laws

Everyone is familiar with the concept of rules. When you do things by the book, you might think you’re just avoiding a penalty. It might come as a surprise to many, then, that rules and laws were to better society, not just to punish offenses. Everything has a system of laws, even the wild and supposedly unruly animal kingdom. Laws exist everywhere, from the smallest iota of cells and atoms that follow a set of properties to the larger Universe. Indeed, there are a total of 12 universal laws for us to follow.

Because of this, there is a way to align ourselves with the larger Universe around us. We can live by the rules to better our lives. Follow the proper paths to success and happiness by obeying the methods, properties and principles hidden all around us. If you live by the 12 universal laws detailed below, you’ll find many things in your life naturally falling into place. Live the best way, the right way.

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The 12 Laws of the Universe

What are the 12 Universal Laws? The 12 Universal Laws are a set of properties that dictate the natural flow of everything that transpires in the Universe. If that’s a mouthful, just think of it like this: the 12 Universal Laws are the rules that everything and everyone has to play by. They are intrinsic to the Universe. Even our ancestors had a vague understanding of their existence. This means that no one created the laws, they were just naturally part of the Universe during its conception.

Everything in the Universe is born, created or manifests with its own intrinsic properties. You, yourself, have intrinsic properties for your body, mind and spirit. Fully realizing these properties is the key to aligning your spirit with the Universe. Doing so will allow you to live the fullest life, and achieve incredible things. Master your spirit, align yourself with the greater plan of the cosmos. Read from our list below and find out where you belong in the Universe.

1. The Golden Rule

You must be familiar with the expression, “do unto others what you want others to do unto you.” It’s a phrase linked to a belief in many religions and even has scientific and metaphysical roots. One of the 12 Universal Laws, this law is more formally known as the Law of Divine Oneness. The law states that every one of us and every thing interconnects and intersects. Every thought and action we produce interacts with everything around us.

The Golden Rule is the first and most fundamental of the spiritual laws of the Universe. If you do bad in the world, for instance, it’s bad for you. As you are ultimately connected to everything else. Think of greedy corporations harming the environment. When they destroy nature for profit, they destroy the air they breathe. They poison the world they themselves are in. Be and do the good you want to see in the world around you to make it a better place.

2. Proper Frequency

All states of matter vibrate at molecular levels. The measurement of the differences in that vibration is frequency. This is important because things on vastly different frequencies don’t interact. For example, a dog whistle operates on a frequency that we cannot hear. Composed of vibrating matter, we have our own frequency. Our spirits also have a unique wavelength. Thus we usually hear that a person has ‘good, positive vibes’ or ‘bad, toxic vibes.’

According to the Law of Vibration, our personal frequencies dictate the events in our lives. For example, you may want to lose weight over the summer. But despite your best efforts to exercise, you still snack on chips and candies late into the night. Your vibrations are too relaxed, too laid back, for you to properly attain your goal. Therefore, to lose weight, you’d need to match the wavelength of an intense, driven and focused health buff.

3. Sensing a Pattern?

The Law of Correspondence

The Law of Correspondence is all about patterns. Specifically, about how what’s happening inside us mirrors the world around us. This one I’m sure we’re all too familiar with. When we are angry, everything seems to set us off. We spot inconveniences, problems, and approach things with a general distaste. More often than not, bad things do happen when we’re angry.

If you’re experiencing problems, try looking inside of yourself. Being able to attain inner peace and happiness is the first step to improving your situation. You cannot expect to attract good vibrations when you yourself give off bad vibes. Likewise, do not expect good things to come if you only open your eyes to the bad.

4. Attracting the Right Energy

Possibly the most well-known and famous law even outside this list is the Law of Attraction.

Similar to the Law of Vibration, it simply states that we attract what we want to attract. While it may sound simple, attaining does not come simply from wanting, but actually believing and focusing on the goal. For example, you can want a billion dollars, but it would probably be difficult to really believe it would fall onto your lap. Without focusing on creating an action plan it’s not likely that you’re going to get rich by wanting alone.

In order to master this law, you must learn to truly desire and believe that the good will come to you. You must focus on this, and take steps to attain your goals. A word of caution: the law of attraction also applies to bad vibrations. If you constantly fear or focus on bad things, you attract them into your life. This law therefore, among the many different laws of the universe, is unique. It is the only law that can cause as much harm in its practice as good.

5. Take Action!

Following the Law of Attraction is the Law of Inspired Action. This law requires that you start taking actual steps in achieving your goal. After visualizing your goal, it’s important to follow through with one inspired action after another. Because even if you’ve perfectly visualized something in your mind and have a plan of action, it will go nowhere of course, without taking said actions.

Be patient with yourself. Start with the internal steps. If you’re feeling nervous before a competition, calm yourself down. Then practice. Keeping in line with the previously mentioned Law of Attraction, visualize and believe you can do it. Unity of body and spirit, as well as proper alignment with the Universe by following the laws will almost guarantee you will succeed.

6. Always Changing, Always Moving

How did the Universe come to be? While there’s no sure answer to that question, we know for a fact that it changed constantly from its inception until today. It’s still changing, in fact! The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy pays respect to this fact. We and everything around us constantly change and, in respect to the other laws, influence each other. From the smallest electronic signals in our brains that give off chemical and electronic signals, we influence the world around us.

positive vibes

Our vibes also influence everyone around us. That’s why staying around negative people tends to put you in a bad mood. Likewise, spiritually depleted people can be a ‘real downer’ for everyone around them. Be sure to give out positive vibes and energy to make sure that you change the world and people around you for the better. Remember that according to this law, you can literally overpower bad vibes with positive ones. Everything and everyone can change.

7. What Goes Around Comes Around

Following the Golden Rule at the start of this list, the Law of Cause and Effect deals more with direct correlation. In physics, this law is comparable to Newton’s Third Law of Motion: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. While the Golden Rule highlights interconnectedness as the reason bad deeds come back to haunt you, this Law quite literally states that every time you do something bad, something bad happens to you. While you may not notice it right away, your comeuppance may have already taken place.

Back to the greedy corporation example. Everytime they engage in the destruction of the environment, they increase the flooding levels in their area. They incur legal liability for the destruction of natural resources. On a smaller, more personal scale, when you hurt others, they will like you a little less each time. Remember that every time you decide to put bad vibes out into the world, you’re incurring bad vibes in yourself as well.

8. You Reap what You Sow

Energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transformed. We discussed transformation and transmutation a little earlier, but here we’ll talk more about the exchange of energy. The Law of Compensation simply states that you cannot take without giving, or give without taking. You need to rest in order to have the energy to work hard, and you need to work hard in order to earn a proper rest.

The law is good news for hard workers: all your efforts will certainly bear fruit! Every contribution you make returns to you in some way. Alternatively, we can say that don’t fret if you haven’t achieved your goals, even after focusing, visualizing, and performing the necessary actions. Maybe you simply haven’t contributed enough yet. Thinking back, maybe you need more rest, because you’re pushing yourself too hard. Without giving yourself a break from time to time, you won’t find success, only exhaustion!

9. A Shift in Perspective

The Law of Relativity simply states that, well, everything is relative. While it’s easy for us to look at the differences in everything, the truth is that everything is neither different nor foreign to everything else. You share more with other people than you’d initially think. Purpose and happiness then, are all a matter of perspective: yours. You have the power to dictate what makes you happy, and find your own meaning.


Using the Law of Relativity can help us empathize with the people around us. We understand that people are going through their own burdens. They laugh and cry like we do. You learn to become grateful for what you have. Because many times what you have is a matter of what you perceive.

10. Polar Opposites

Everything has an opposite. Beginnings have ends, ends lead to new beginnings. Good opposes evil and vice versa. The Law of Polarity recognizes this fact, but also expands on the nature of opposites. Particularly, the Law of Polarity dictates that all these opposites are two halves of the same whole. Beginnings and ends form part of the same story, after all.

Like all others, the same law applies to you. You’re capable of amazing feats of good and evil. Positive and negative vibes. Knowing this helps you forgive yourself for your wrongdoings, and stay vigilant to make a habit of your good deeds. It means that all of us can change for the better. Finally, our spiritual selves become capable of the greatest change when we are at the annex of one spiritual pole. When you are feeling down, tap into the opposite feeling with the same intensity to bounce back.

11. Spiritual Cycle

According to the Law of Rhythm, everything in the Universe follows a natural beat. There is a cycle to everything out there: the seasons on Earth to the revolution of the planets around the sun. You can also find cycles in human life. From the way we grow to how we mature, our lives are full of cycles. We often mirror the previous generation. 

Our spirits also follow cycles. From the way they wax and wane with the moon, to how they’re influenced by the stars. How do we find mastery over this law? Well, if you’re feeling like you’ve hit a rut, unable to achieve your goals, stop. Think for a second. Maybe you’re resting when you should be working, or the reverse. Rise with your spirits highs. Take it easy when you need to rest.

12. Masculine and Feminine

The last of the 12 Universal Laws is the Law of Gender. The Greeks believed that man and woman were once joined in every being. While there’s little proof to go by this, it’s true that you have both masculine and feminine aspects and energy. Masculine and feminine energy is fundamentally different in many ways. They both have their strengths and weaknesses.

In order to reach your fullest potential, you cannot shy away from either aspect of yourself. A fixation on one type of energy or a fear of the other only limits yourself. Understand that you need to get in touch with both to truly be at peace with yourself. To achieve true harmony, you must master both aspects.

Parting Thoughts


With the 12 laws of the universe explained, the rest is up to you. Don’t worry about mastering the laws right away. Living well is already half the battle. The laws tend to follow a natural rhythm, and you already have the properties necessary inside of you. Our advice is simply ‘go with the flow.’ If you feel as though you’re pushing against something, stop. Let go, and let the Universe guide you.

Trying to resist your nature is trying to resist your place in the Universe. You are great, and a piece of something even greater. Allowing yourself to flow will put you in tune with the rest of the Universe. Reach your greatest heights. Make a difference. Be at peace.

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