Zodiac Signs Constellations

While most of us are aware of our zodiac signs, did you know that these signs were from actual constellations themselves? Yes, the 12 zodiac signs are real constellations seen along the ecliptic. 

Generally, the ecliptic is the path that traces the sun’s movement. As the sun does its own rotations, it traces this imaginary line. Then, on a monthly basis, one constellation appears over the other. And guess what? The zodiac signs constellations appear according to the order that’s mentioned in the astrological calendar! 

With that, the imagery of zodiac signs star constellations represents the western zodiac almanac. 

And yet, little is known about these constellations and their significance. Their symbolic value is indispensable, for they are at the heart of the zodiac itself. Given the quest to deepen our astrological knowledge, let’s dive further into zodiac sign star constellations!

Zodiac Signs Star Constellations

What are the 12 Major Constellations?

Zodiac signs star constellations vary from one context to another. Though arbitrarily named, these significant formations of stars represent mystical symbols and timeless lore. While there are countless constellations out there, here are the 12 major zodiac signs and constellations:


Constellation: The Ram
Dates: March 21-April 19
Element and Modality: Cardinal Fire
Basic Personality: Being a good initiator, those bearing this sign aren’t afraid of uncertainty, for they seek to conquer it. 
Western Lore: Hailing from Greek mythology, Aries represents the legendary ram with wings. In Babylonian history, Aries is a symbol of fertility while signaling the spring equinox.


Constellation: The Bull
Dates: April 20-May 20
Element and Modality: Fixed Earth
Basic Personality: Being stable and balanced, those bearing this sign are good at building strong foundations for all aspects of human existence. 
Western Lore: This sign has its roots in the Roman god Jupiter. In Greek mythology, it represents Zeus, the god of the skies who occasionally visits mortals as a bull.


Constellation: The Twins
Dates: May 21-June 19
Element and Modality: Mutable Air
Basic Personality: Being most adaptable, those bearing this sign are comfortable with the ever-changing nature of life. 
Western Lore: Coming from Greek mythology, this constellation represents the twin sons of Zeus – Castor and Pollux. Representing duality and change, Gemini dwells in transition itself.


Constellation: The Crab
Dates: June 22-July 22
Element and Modality: Cardinal Water
Basic Personality: Being good emotional initiators, those bearing this sign aren’t afraid of their inner thoughts and feelings, prompting them to share these with the world. 
Western Lore: In Greek legend, the gigantic crab was one of the formidable opponents faced by Heracles (or Hercules in the Roman tradition).

Zodiac Signs Star Constellations


Constellation: The Lion
Dates: July 23-August 22
Element and Modality: Fixed Fire
Basic Personality: Being the embodiment of royalty, those bearing this sign seeks power and sees themselves as the natural governors of the world. 
Western Lore: Symbolizing the king of the jungle, Leo symbolizes the lion. In Greek mythology, this represents the Nemean Lion, the legendary nemesis of Heracles.


Constellation: The Virgin
Dates: August 23-September 22
Element and Modality: Mutable Earth
Basic Personality: Being an efficient and effective individual, those bearing this sign brings wealth and abundance to everyone.
Western Lore: It is often depicted as a symbol of prosperity and harvest for both Greek and Roman cultures.


Constellation: The Scales
Dates: September 23-October 23
Element and Modality: Cardinal Air
Basic Personality: Being the best communicator, those bearing this sign are excellent diplomats. 
Western Lore: Unique in its own right, it is the only zodiac constellation that’s not represented by persons, animals, or creatures. Interestingly, it sits between September and October, a time where days and nights are almost equal in length.


Constellation: The Scorpion
Dates: October 24-November 21
Element and Modality: Fixed Water
Basic Personality: Being deeply connected with themselves, those bearing this sign can intricately build connections to themselves and to the world.
Western Lore: In Greek mythology, the goddess of hunting and the wilderness Artemis created this constellation based on a scorpion.


Constellation: The Archer
Dates: November 22- December 21
Element and Modality: Mutable Fire
Basic Personality: Being deeply concerned with their happiness and beliefs, those bearing this sign will pursue the ends of the world to find their meaning and purpose. 
Western Lore: In Greek mythology, the archer reminded them of the centaur Chiron.


Constellation: The Sea-Goat
Dates: December 22- January 19
Element and Modality: Cardinal Earth
Basic Personality: Being pragmatic and calculating, those bearing this sign can set goals and achieve them by any means necessary. 
Western Lore: In Greek mythology, the sea goat is the first hybrid to be created by the messenger god, Hermes.


Constellation: The Water Bear
Dates: January 20- February 18
Element and Modality: Fixed Water
Basic Personality: Being the pillar of humanity, those bearing this sign can bring transformative change to mankind. 
Western Lore: Hailing from the Babylonians, Aquarius depicted an old man with a water jug. It represents wisdom, knowledge, and prosperity.


Constellation: The Fishes
Dates: February 19- March 20
Element and Modality: Mutable Water
Basic Personality: Being highly intuitive and spiritual, those bearing this sign gathers the wisdom of the zodiacs. 
Western Lore: In Greek mythology, this sign represents Aphrodite, who turned herself into a fish in order to escape.

What is my Birth Constellation? 

12 Major Zodiac Signs Constellations

As seen above, each of the constellations is assigned to specific dates. If your birthday falls under a sign, then it is your birth constellation. Simply put, your zodiac sign is your constellation! 

Although not part of the 12 zodiac constellations, space.com lists Ophiucus as the rarest constellation. Representing the serpent bearer, little is known about this constellation as it is difficult to spot it. Due to it being surrounded by other brighter constellations, it probably takes an expert to identify this tough one! 

With that, we have presented to you the zodiac signs constellations. Were you able to identify yours? Let us know in the comments below!

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