What Is A Karmic Relationship? 9 Signs + 3 Steps to Escape

what is a karmic relationship

There is a question in the minds of people nowadays: “what is a karmic relationship?” With the world being as it is now, many are starting to wonder why it’s even a thing. To answer this question, it would be wise to jog your memories just a bit.

Have you ever had a relationship that has helped you grow, but also caused you so much pain at some point? You might have had happy moments with this person, but these memories are sometimes overshadowed by painful recollections. You were once intimate and close, but you found out you were never meant to be.

If you’ve had such an arrangement before, then you might have unwittingly entered into a Karmic relationship. Such relationships are often painful, and you might often be inclined to not talk about them. However, this may be a spiritual problem that your past lives haven’t solved at all.

But exactly what is a karmic relationship, and why does it always sting? Worry not, this guide has you covered. This article will help you find a way to end your Karmic woes. You will also find the following below:

  • The root causes of a karmic relationship
  • 9 warning signs of a karmic relationship
  • 3 steps that you can take to release yourself from karmic relationships
  • And much more…

The Cause of a Karmic Relationship

To understand what is a karmic relationship, it is necessary to first look at the spiritual concepts that inform it. According to Buddhist and Hindu teachings, the soul is trapped in a cycle of endless rebirth. For as long as the soul remains worldly, it shall likewise stay worldly unless it achieves enlightenment.

This, in turn, implies that we have had past lives before. The fact that you are still here also means that you haven’t achieved enlightenment, and that you’ve also hurt other people. These unresolved issues can pile up as you continue living your many lifetimes, until at last your two souls meet again.

The tension you might feel in a karmic relationship will not be obvious at first. You may even feel like you two were birds of the same feather. It might even be blissful enough at first that you would consider marriage or something to that effect. However, as time passes, cracks will begin to form.

Depending on the nature of your issues with one another, these cracks can affect you in different ways. You may, for example, be financially crippled. Likewise, your emotional health could be affected. The pain itself may be sharp and sudden or gradual as your relationship develops.

As a matter of fact, a karmic relationship is not just about surviving the ordeal. It’s also about learning from it. The more you learn, the freer your soul becomes and the better it becomes for you. Learning from it, however, is difficult as it involves paying attention to warning signs. Below are some of the things you will need to look out for.

9 Warning Signs You’re in a Karmic Relationship

#1: You feel there’s a pattern

Each karmic relationship has something in common: there’s a pattern. Usually, everything starts well with you two dating and forming strong bonds. As days go by, however, you begin to notice faults. They’re boring, they’re loud, or maybe even annoying in a lot of respects.

The soulmate that you once saw is now buried within a field of prejudice and discontent. It may not necessarily unfold in this exact order, however you will notice the parallels. Be mindful of these parallels and remember each one, as it is the first step towards moving forward.

#2: Your weaknesses are highlighted more often

weaknesses are highlighted in a karmic relationship

In a relationship, it is normal to feel weak. Being able to open up to your significant other is often a boon, more than anything else. In a karmic relationship, however, you begin to focus on those weaknesses and regularly put them in the limelight. When this happens, what is a karmic relationship about? It’s about bringing each other down constantly.

What makes this even more gratifying is the fact that it also becomes a battle with your own Shadow. Your partner, instead of strengthening you, constantly reminds you of all your failures. As twisted as this may seem, however, this is also an opportunity for you. This is because you now have the ability to confront your problems more directly.

#3: Misunderstanding reigns supreme

In a karmic relationship, fighting is sadly a common thing. Each battle begins with a simple misunderstanding. Perhaps there’s a slight turn of phrase here and there, or maybe even an argument about who spends what. From there, it escalates into a full on conflict.

The problem is that these misunderstandings simply pile up as the relationship progresses. Being in a karmic relationship in this context becomes a matter of collecting personal grievances. When both of you are no longer able to bear the weight, you snap and therefore attack each other.

#4: You feel the need to keep going

If you’ve ever been caught in a relationship where you somehow feel the need to persevere even when it hurts so much already, that’s likely karmic. After all, what is a karmic love relationship if not a battle of the wills? Each of you will likely struggle simply for the sake of maintaining one’s ego. 

You will not want to be broken up first, so you wait for the other to simply say what you’ve already been thinking. Alternatively, you really do want to make it work. Instead, you end up realizing to your horror that things simply won’t end that way between you two. There’s just too many problems and little hope for resolutions.

#5: Your gut feeling is stirring

Being in a karmic relationship is a constant trigger to your gut feeling. When you start off, you ignore this in favor of a good relationship. However, as you continue, your gut begins to stir inside as it slowly reveals all the negative aspects about your partner. The things you thought were off are indeed off.

The ultimate lesson to learn here is to trust your instincts a little more on the subject. This is because unlike your brain and its relatively short memory-span, your soul remembers things from previous lifetimes. They affect you in several ways because you have been through such experiences before whether you know it or not.

#6: The relationship seems unpredictable

Though there is a pattern, it nevertheless seems too erratic. One moment, you two are fine and sharing food by the bonfire. The next, there’s yelling and everything is suddenly a war between you two. In fact, in such a relationship, the only thing that’s even remotely consistent is the support group you have outside of it.

The worst part is that the more you want control over your ups and downs, the worse it gets for you. And unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about it either. These things are the result of tensions that have existed long before you, so the only thing you can do is feel the weight.

#7: You feel trapped

feel trapped - karmic relationhips signs

A karmic relationship is a cycle within its own right. It revolves around being happy, being sad and angry, and then back to being happy again. In your darker days, you will wonder if things will get better– and in fact they do. However, as time passes on, you will start to notice the relationship running circles around you.

In this scenario, however, what will keep you from moving forward is infinite hope. You can only feel trapped as you start being motivated by good times again. Here, your heart and your mind will feel split. Your heart will want to stay, but your mind will crave for freedom. This leads to you eventually having to make a choice.

#8: Everything seems to move too fast

What is a karmic relationship in the context of speed, you may ask? According to many gurus, it’s usually too fast. You feel as though you have known this person for a while, and therefore you get into a relationship early. However, as soon as you do so, things start to unravel.

Your habits become more visible to each other over time. Here, you realize eventually that you liked the feeling, not the person themselves. As a result, you start to realize what your instinct has been telling you for quite a while. Breaking away in this case will be the only viable option.

#9: The universe seems to disagree 

Each time you do something good for this person, there seems to be some other force telling you not to meet. There might be emergencies or even disasters preventing you from meeting each other. You two might be so swept up eventually that you end up deciding it isn’t healthy.

If this is the case, then truly you are in a karmic relationship. Cruel as this sounds, it is the universe’s way of telling you that you shouldn’t be in a relationship like this. This is even worse if an astrologer also detects a karmic relationship in astrology.

When you are in this setup, you should take this as a lesson in patience. The more you learn how to wait for the right moment, the lesser your chances of being in a karmic relationship.

3 Steps You Can Take to Free Yourself From a Karmic Relationship

Throughout the article, we’ve tried to answer the age-old question: “what is a karmic relationship?” Now, it is time for us to delve into solutions. Here are some steps you can take in order to get out of a karmic bind:

#1: Learn from every mistake

In every relationship, a mistake is made. The same is true when it comes to karmic relationships. As your soul becomes more and more capable of detecting toxicity, you become better in your decision making. You may also feel your standards in people rise as you endure every breakup.

But of course, lessons can only be learned if you begin to analyze things objectively. Free yourself from your emotional impulses when making choices for yourself. Use your pain as a means for you to get into better relationships with other people. If you are in a toxic, karmic relationship, you likewise need to start packing.

#2: Find closure within yourself

free yourself from a karmic relationship

There is a reason why we have constantly repeated the question of what is a karmic relationship to begin with. Here, we see why. A karmic relationship is actually the consequence of the accumulation of your past lives’ many problems. Each time you’ve lived, you likely weren’t able to solve your core problems.

In a way, a karmic relationship is also a battle with your greatest insecurities. Perhaps you tend to hold grudges by nature, or maybe you are too proud to admit your faults. Whatever your core problem is, you must find it and seek closure within yourself. This will help free you from a karmic relationship.

#3: It’s okay to say no

A karmic relationship is attractive to most people because it feels so good. The first days almost feel like heaven on earth. As you can tell by now, however, it gradually grows old, decrepit, and weak. If you think that you’re being led to something like this, remember to say no.

It may seem like self-denial on your part, but being hurt now is better than facing the hurt of a lifetime. Learn to be independent and don’t seek others for happiness. As you get better in being happy with yourself, the more you will be inclined to say no when it counts. This will make your life happier.

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