Waxing and Waning Moon: How Do They Affect Your Mindset?

waxing and waning moon

Lunar phases like the full and new moon are common in astrology as sources of energy. New moons represent the sowing of new intentions and centering of oneself, in preparation for a new season. Full moons represent the harvest of that season and the celebration of a season well spent.

But what about the waxing and waning moon? Many overlook these two other moon phases, but they offer as much astrological energy as a full or new moon. Understanding how to harness the energies of the waxing and waning moon is crucial. After all, we spend most of our time with them.

Corina Crysler, a transformational astrologer, says that working with the moon needs knowing the moon’s cycles. To her, knowing the patterns helps you become aware of what you want. A deeper understanding of what you want and how to get it is an inevitable result.

Knowledge of how we want to feel helps us apply that knowledge to dreams. Through this, we can create soulful manifestations of our deepest dreams or desires. Yes, knowing how best to draw on the energy of the waxing and waning moon can help with that.

The waxing and waning of the moon are part of the eight phases of the moon that take place over 29.5 days. Essentially, it takes a month for the moon to complete a whole lunar cycle. Where the sun affects your typical personality traits, the moon affects your mood and mindset.

Waxing and Waning Moon Phases

The waxing and waning moon definition is quite simple. They’re both phases of the moon. Both are on their way to and from the full and new moon. The waxing moon is the phase that marks the growth of the moon from new to full. Whereas the waning moon is the phase that marks the moon turning from full moon to new moon.

So what does waxing and waning mean? To wax means, in general, to become larger or stronger. Hence, it’s the name given to the moon as it seems to grow larger. Its development into the full moon marks such growth, giving it the name “waxing.”

In comparison to waxing, to wane is to decline or grow smaller. In that regard, the moon seems to shrink as its darker side faces us. At the end of its waning, we see the new moon in the night sky. The white light of the moon seems to disappear bit by bit after the full moon.

Try to think of the waxing and waning moon as just part of a planting process. The new moon is the planting of the seed of new intentions. Waxing and waning moon symbolism easily follows then as the growing of that seed into a full and fruiting harvest. Afterwards, its decline and the apparent need to plant again.

If you need to know when waxing and waning moon phases occur, you just need to mark the full and new moon. Once it’s the full moon, give it a day or two. The moon will start to wane afterwards continuously until the new moon. Do the same for the new moon and the waxing moon.

What about the Waxing Moon?

waxing gibbous moon

The waxing and waning moon are both important parts of the lunar cycle for their own reasons. Waxing moons start right after a new moon and last up until the full moon shines bright in the sky. Its energy is far more overt and direct than the waxing moon.

Think of its power as expansive. Think of it as energy that springs forward, that encourages you to finish what you must do. You need to do all of that so you can make your dreams in this lunar cycle a reality.

Corina Crysler says that energy builds for us during the waxing moon phase. This is so we can achieve our goals by creating actions around the intentions we planted. Remember that we use the new moon as a planting time for our intentions.

It’s not a bad rule to use the new moon’s energy to decide what you want to do this month. During a waxing moon, it’s important to actually spend your energy. Honor the cycle of movement and expansion, and your dreams will progress.

As the moon starts to shine, its light will illuminate parts of your life. Address these parts of your life, because these are likely challenging your personal expansion. During the waxing phase, seek out physical obstacles to your goals and ways to resolve them.

Hustle is the trick, Corina Crysler says. Doing work during the waxing phase is so you can get things done. Achieving that work creates motivation for change and growth. Associate it with the feeling of motivation and it will create strength and creative expression for you.

What about the Waning Moon?

waning gibbous moon

As we learn about the waxing and waning moon, learning how to harness the waning moon’s energy is important too. Retreating light from the waning moon can actually impact your energy and emotions. This is a good time to look at what you achieved this lunar cycle.

Did you do work towards your goals this month? And if you did, did you remember to harvest your rewards for it? Harvesting the rewards for your hard work is what the energy of the full moon is all about.

Corina Crysler says that the coming of the waning moon is a time for intuition. Use this time to look inward and tap into your own intuition. Instead of the fiery, expansive energy of the waxing moon, be gentle.

Adjust your routine in life for now to honor the chance to change. Don’t go to a boot camp or anything particularly intensive. Try yoga instead, or eating warmly earthy food. Conserve your energy carefully so that you can introspect for real. It’s a lot harder than you’d think to introspect and tap into intuition if you exhaust yourself.

When the darker moon phases are upon us, it asks us not to act. Rather, it’s a request to listen to our intuition and be in our bodies at the moment. Look into your emotional body and see it for what it really is. Are you suppressing it? If you are, stagnation can occur. Blockages and points of pain will accompany that.

That’s why the waning moon is a time to look inward. When you look inward, you can recognize these blockages and release some or all of them. It doesn’t have to be all of them. But do try to tap into your intuition so you can help yourself here.

What do I do during the Waxing Moon?

The waxing moon is a time for expansion and growth. Think of it like the time that a seed is starting to germinate. Remember that you planted your intentions during the new moon? You thought about what you really wanted to do this month, so keep it in mind.

During the waxing moon, it’s time to do the work towards making the seed of your intentions grow. What were the intentions you planted during the new moon? Whatever they were, draw up your plans for making them reality.

Do you want to find love this month? Maybe you want to push your career forward with an interesting project or ambitious recommendation. As the month passes, start to do work towards those things.

socialize with others

Socialize with others and get to know people. Make some new friends. Who knows? Maybe one of them is your soul-mate. Prepare your set-up and presentations to convince others to support your work project. Talk to some people who can help you make it happen.

If you want something bad enough, you have to work to get it. The rising and expansive energy of the waning moon eggs you on to do what you have to do. Like a careful gardener waters their plants and leaves them in the sun, you have to work for your intentions.

What do I do during the Waning Moon?

Waning moons are times for winding down and reflection. After a full moon, you’ve certainly harvested your rewards for your hard work. You did what you had to do to make your intentions come true, so now it’s time to think again.

What do you want to achieve next? Did you manage to achieve your objectives in this lunar cycle? If you didn’t, remember not to beat yourself up! It’s okay not to reach your goals in one month.

Some ambitions and desires really do take a lot longer in order to see fruition. Don’t let yourself get too down if you didn’t find a girlfriend or boyfriend in a month of searching. Beating yourself up about not finding a job in that time won’t make it come any faster either.


Instead, reflect on your actions and inactions in the past lunar cycle. What did you do to make your desires come true? How did those actions bring your closer to your goals? If you tuckered out before you achieved your goals, it’s okay!

Rest up and do relaxing things before you make a fresh attempt at planting new seeds of intention. Do some yoga, take a nice walk, or maybe play a video game! Animal Crossing is a nice game to relax with.

However you decide to go about it, don’t force yourself to cram in last-minute work towards your goals. As the moon wanes, the energy for expanding ourselves fades. Don’t fret; it will be back. Just plant your intentions anew, plant your feet in the ground, and try to make them grow next cycle.

All Four Lunar Phases

Each of the four lunar phases in the cycle represent a certain kind of energy. They each also have a kind of action that best harnesses that energy. Obviously, it’s best to do those actions during its respective lunar phase.

During the new moon, plant your intentions firmly and decide what you want to happen that month. Its energy is about decisions and the meditative thoughts that help you make a choice. Harnessing this energy will help you make firm intentions towards your desires and goals.

Waxing moons are the time for you to start doing the actions you need to do! You know what you want; so do what you have to do to get it. Expansive energy marks the waxing of the moon, so dive in and get your hands dirty with your work.

Once you’ve done the work, the full moon will mark the harvest of your deeds. Reap the rewards for your hard work and celebrate under a full moon. Treat yourself! You did well this lunar cycle, so be happy and give yourself a juicy meal.

Finally, the waning moon will start to mark the coming of the new moon. During this time, relax and lower the heat on your internal fires. It’s a time for meditation and reflection on your past lunar cycle. Decide what is a potential desire for you at this time. Then, prepare to make your decision by the new moon.

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