All You Need To Know About The Water Tiger Chinese Zodiac

water tiger chinese zodiac

The Chinese year of the water tiger is a Chinese astrological sign which occurs every twelve years. The old and ancient story behind this was that the Jade emperor ordered a race to select the 12 animals to be his personal guards. And through this race, the order of the cycle was well determined as the animals arrived in from first to last.

But dear reader, before reading the Chinese Zodiac Predictions, remember this important factor. And this is, you must know your animal sign in Chinese astrology.

Chinese in tradition follows the lunar calendar. According to the Chinese zodiac, 1962 is the year of the Tiger. And it belongs to the Water year based on the Chinese Five Elements.

People born in the year 1962 (Feb. 05, 1962 – Jan. 24, 1963) which is Ren Yin Year are members of the Water tiger Chinese zodiac. If you are a Tiger, read on for a few more details!

Water Tiger Chinese Zodiac Personality

Natives born on this sign are powerful individuals. Authoritative, brave, and self-assured with a strong moral compass and belief system.

They enjoy competition, or even fighting for a cause. However, Water tiger Chinese zodiac personalities struggle with their emotional and sensitive natures. These individuals allow them to be so passionate—sometimes becoming intense or moody.

When crossed, the combination of authority and sensitivity can make for a terrifying combination! They can also sometimes find the more lighthearted or fickle animals of the zodiac silly or tiresome.


Some of the Water Tiger can easily become leaders in political and business circles through their own hard work. For most Water Tiger, their career luck is getting better and better in the following few years.

No matter office workers or entrepreneurs, there will be many opportunities for them to develop their career. In addition, they will also be highly valued by the leaders, and will get promoted easily.


They have the ability to make money, but they believe money is not the only thing in their lives, and have no habits of saving money. When they have money, they usually squander it with their friends. If they want to change the situation, it is very important for them to form the habit of saving money.

Love and Relationships

The love fortune for the Water Tiger is not very good. Male Water Tiger often feel annoyed by their wife’s changing emotions. Be more patient and care more about the relationship and keep oneself sweet. 

For female Water Tiger, they feel uneasy when their husband go out frequently. It is well suggested that they should trust their husband and care more about their husband in daily life.


Although there is no serious health problem, their intestines and stomach are vulnerable. They must pay close attention to food hygiene and avoid overeating.

What to expect in 2022, the year of the Chinese zodiac water tiger

The year 2022 has different things in store for each of the Chinese zodiac signs and people of different elements. Either way, it won’t be a dull year. The tiger’s go big or go home mentality may influence many of us, creating drama, ups and downs.

Generally, however, this will be a year for gaining back some strength and vitality after a hard-working and often tiring 2021 (year of the metal ox).


Water tiger Chinese zodiac natives seem to be very lucky with money. Attracting fortune and different opportunities. Some investments for the future are also suggested.

Water Tigers become more open to others and less upset when things are not happening the way they want them to. They are perfectly capable to adapt at the last minute.

They are as strong as other Tigers, but the only ones capable of keeping their power in check. When it comes to what they are fighting for, they are very good at dealing with the impossible. Because they take things as they are and do not want to make any changes.

As Tigers, they will always want to rebel, but they prefer cooperating too. They can concentrate better because they do not allow emotions to get them. When not moody and too enthusiastic, Water Tigers can explore their power and energy. Focusing them on doing good and without needing to work against authority.

In love, they are more ready to compromise than Fire and Metal Tigers. They can learn as easy as others put on their clothes on and they are good with the arts.

Respecting themselves, they insist in their known ways and are very proud of what they are able to do. It can be difficult for these natives to accept others’ opinions.

Traditions, the Tiger and 2022

Tiger years have the potential to be explosive. But because 2022 is the Year of the Water Tiger. Referring to the five elements (fire, earth, metal, water, and wood) that rotate alongside the animal signs — it may be less aggressive. The water tiger 2022 personality is a more open-minded tiger.

For Tiger people at this age, it’s a good time to let go of all the burdens and enjoy the life. Therefore, Water tiger Chinese zodiac natives are well suggested to pay more attention to relaxation this year. Have enough rest and do not have too much pressure. So as not to cause diseases due to fatigue accumulation.

Water Tigers better care more about their physical health and emotional stability. Pay attention to personal safety when going out. There is no need to get too upset about the disappointment of leaving the workforce. Adjust the mentality in time and keep alive to enjoy the joyful time back at home. 

At retirement age, the Water tiger Chinese zodiac people have more free time, and they find nothing to do. They often argue with their family members at home because of trivial matters. At this time, they need to control their temper.

In the spare time, it is well suggested to travel with friends to relax, or cultivate their own interests. In the year 2022, Water tiger Chinese zodiac people born in 1962 can consider moving to a new house. Decorating the rooms, or holding the wedding for their children. If there are no celebrating events at home, it is advisable to attend other people’s wedding banquets to wash away their bad luck.

Water Tiger Chinese Zodiac Characteristics

new ideas

Water tiger Chinese zodiac individuals are always open to new ideas and are adventurous. That is why they travel far, adapt to new situations and perceive things in the most humble way. While calm in nasty situations, they can still be indecisive.

These natives really know how to communicate and convince people to do what they want them to do. Their ingenious mind coupled with all these traits makes great writers out of them.

They have all it takes to obtain what they want. Energetic and determined, the impossible seems possible to them. According to the Chinese Horoscope, they are not afraid of conflicts.

More than this, they seem to get their energy from arguing with others. That is why they are so good at fighting for causes that many think of as lost.

If there was a contradiction and you heard someone won it, you can be sure that person is a Tiger. Having a special magnetism and a lot of charisma, Water Tigers are irresistible but difficult as lovers.

Being proud, they would never admit that they are hurt. It is very likely for them to bottle up negativity and one day explode. Their other half should be careful not to take these outbursts personally.

In these moments, they would need as much support as possible because their emotional life needs to be well balanced. In return, they should give more importance to the person they love or they risk losing them.

Subjects that interest them should be well discussed because that’s how things would remain smooth and calm. Out of all the Tigers, they are the ones who need to pay the most attention to the disputes at home. Because they are the most capable of finding solutions and having harmonious relationships.

The Water Tiger Man

This male tiger is creative, talented, and charismatic. His personality is warm and friendly, making him easy to get along with. A courageous defender of what he owns or wants, he can be firm when necessary.

As kind-hearted as he is courteous, it is easy for him to convince stubborn people not to argue with him anymore. Since he loves women and knows how to treat them right, many admirers will flock around this attractive male tiger.

He is well devoted to his partner; if anyone tries to break up the union because of infidelity on his part, however, he won’t stand for it. If a father has children by different female partners over the years, though—as is often the case in Asian countries. He will love all of his offspring equally.

The Water Tiger Woman

This woman is well talented and intelligent. She does not like dealing with any challenge because she does not seek to be the hero. Delicate and kind, she will care for anyone that she loves.

But when she will have to stand up for herself, she won’t hesitate to do it. Not to mention how persevering she can be when she wants to. All the qualities of the Tiger are present in her, which means she is strong and subtle.

When it comes to love, she wants someone soft and emotional. She likes being well courted, even if she may not answer in the same way. This lady will not hurry to marry because she wants to think thoroughly about who she is going to choose. She will date because it brings her pleasure to do it.


But after marriage, you can count on her to be the perfect wife. She won’t abandon her career, but will find time for both her family and her job. She likes taking care of her children and the house, so there is nothing her husband could blame her for.

Chinese Zodiac Outlook for Water Tigers in Year 2022

The water tiger year begins February 1st, 2022, and ends January 21st 2023. This year is well believed to be a turbulent one marked by action and change. Surprising developments may create adversity and stress. So it is important to embrace calm and patient energy so you do not become consumed by the moment. Balance and moderation in judgment will help in this regard.

In order to continue moving forward or regain lost ground, one must be fully lucid and open to adapt to changing circumstances. It is important to be dynamic, but also to remain true to yourself about what you can realistically achieve. Do not be discouraged if your initial efforts are being met with challenges or failures. You must maintain a strong resolve like the tiger if you want to reach your goals.

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