How to Effectively Deal With a Venus In Scorpio Man

venus in scorpio man

You may have heard it before. Stories of the Venus in Scorpio man driving their partners nuts. Pushing them over the edge. Sometimes they’re hot, then all of a sudden they’re cold. Do they want kinky? Or mystery? Do they want you to open up? But when you’re showy they seem to be turned off easily? What do they want? Are they really that amazing for you to risk your mental health, trying to get in? When deep inside you really don’t know what you’re supposed to be doing? Should you give up and just move on to someone else?

Absolutely not. These guys are definitely worth your time and effort. It’s just that they’re so misunderstood and have this reputation for being so difficult. You want to give up before you even tried to get to know them. But a Venus in Scorpio man in love is better than you expected.

In this post, you will understand why. You will also pick up a few things about the following:

  • What kind of woman is a Venus in Scorpio man attracted to?
  • Are the rumors about the Venus in Scorpio male even true?
  • Is a man born with Venus in Scorpio doomed for heartbreak?
  • How do you properly gauge a Venus in Scorpio man compatibility with you?
  • Are there secrets to the Venus in Scorpio man turn ons?

So let’s waste no time and find out how you can be a Venus in Scorpio man ideal woman!

Venus In Scorpio Man In Love: An Overview

The Venus in Scorpio man in love does love deeply but not loudly. Unlike Venus in Leo. But loudly does not automatically mean better. Most people are aware of Scorpio’s being secretive in nature. They choose to just be in the background, observing. So it comes as no surprise that whenever Venus falls in Scorpio, the love is deep but quiet.

Venus in Scorpio man is not the type to be posting you all the time on their social media. Nor do they need you to be posting them as well. The kind of trust that you have in your relationship is about the two of you, not the spectators around you. Everything else is just fluff, insignificant, even.

Scorpio’s love energy loves to see through things and cuts through the crap and BS immediately. Going to events, social media, and showing off isn’t really their type. They don’t like all the attention and the hype. All they want is a body, mind, and soul connection. And as long as they are feeling the connection with you, that is what’s going to hold them down for good. Because that’s what’s important to them.

They’re Not Super Showy About You

So if you are currently involved with a Venus in Scorpio man and they’re not showy about you, you have nothing to worry about. Obviously, you need to express what you need. But it’s not alarming compared to a Venus in Leo who is not showing you off.

They are not looking for society’s approval. Nor do they need people’s check markers signature on who they choose, who they want to be with, or who to love. This is the reason why some people think Scorpios are really kinky and freaky and these are some of the biggest misconceptions of all. Just because they can get erotic or sexual at times doesn’t mean ‘kinks’ are always on the menu.

But because they have an independent and one-track mind,  others get the wrong idea about them. It only appears kinky because as it is there are already so many sexual taboos going around. You’re not supposed to do this, you can’t be like this. So if you don’t follow the norm, you’re already given that kinky impression. But Scorpio’s don’t care whether or not you think it’s normal. It’s my life with my partner, period.

They Are Not a Fan of PDA


Another interesting thing you will notice about a Venus in Scorpio man is that they’re really not fond of any public displays of affection. Once in a while, they might give you some PDA to let others know you belong to them. Since they can be quite possessive.

But if you’re imagining a Venus in Scorpio man making out with their partner at a cafe or anywhere public, you’ll be disappointed. They are not ashamed in the least bit, because again, they couldn’t care less about other people’s opinions about them. But it’s more like, it’s not for the public eye’s entertainment. So why put on a show like that just to draw attention? It’s just not their thing and they find it a bit tacky.

However, a more subtle PDA works for them once in a while. Like touching your back, or holding your waist during a concert, because they notice other people are checking you out or trying to touch you. But as far as obnoxious PDA, that’s totally out of the question.

On Jealousy and Possessiveness

So even if they are not showy, it doesn’t mean they don’t get jealous or possessive. They’re not really fire-breathing dragons, but more like Gollum. Like, this is my girl, my precious. Don’t come near her or I’ll sting you so hard you’ll regret you ever tried. This is basically inherent with them. But depending on how much they have worked on improving themselves, they can be defensive. Always on guard when it comes to their beloved. It has a lot to do with their placement, of course.

Bear in mind though that trust is number one on their priority list. Once you have earned their trust, they will let you in. They enjoy sharing dark, deep, secrets with you. You will bond over deep conversations at three o’clock in the morning.

Once you do this with them expect them to be less defensive. But if you yourself have a trust issue and want to be with a Venus in Scorpio man, it might not be such a good idea. Since you’ll always be a couple who’s on the defense for fear of betrayal or cheating. This might lead you into reading into things, making up scenarios that don’t even exist.

Both of You Need to Make It Work

Ask yourselves if both of you have truly evolved and matured. Because Venus in Scorpio man is genuinely worried about being a fool of or crossed in life. They want to see through people since this gives them a sense of security. Scorpios need to know what makes you tick, what’s really going on with you. Yes, they take risks. But these are calculated risks. Like if they are really enamored with someone who’s sweeping them off their feet, weariness slowly creeps into them.

They will wonder if they can trust their feelings. Is there something else? Are you using me for something? Maybe they don’t really like me and just need something from me? This kind of paranoia always comes when they’re accepting love from other people, and giving their love in return. Understand that this can be a slow and painful process for them. They are careful because when they fall they really fall hard and give their all.

Scorpios feel they need to pursue this kind of pain and suffering in order to be reborn. This is what others call, the ‘Scorpio vibe’. Being reborn, crushing their ego, and having their ego reborn. So they are in a lot of turmoil in relationships. Because they feel much deeper than others do.

No, It’s Not All About Sex

As you know by now people have that big stereotype of Scorpios being all about sex and physical connections. But that’s not true at all. They won’t pursue anything without any emotional connection. It’s just they don’t go around parading their feelings to other people. Sex doesn’t really mean that much to them. Sure, they’d probably have one-night stands or stuff like that but they will not get involved emotionally.

If ever they have their Mars in Aries, they could play around a little bit, but again, it’s all physical. When they are sure they’re not going to have a deeper connection with you, they’re not going to waste much of their time. If the deep emotional connection is not there, sex won’t be satisfying, no matter how hot you think you are in bed. It won’t be enough to sustain the relationship in the long run.

This will never fulfill them. They’re also a bit picky because as mentioned, they cut through the BS and other surface-level stuff. Phonies are easily spotted. And because of their unique placements, anything that doesn’t feel genuine and sincere makes them really weary.

Scorpio’s Love Language

scorpio’s love language

Venus in Scorpio’s most significant love language happens to be quality time. They hate rushing so forget about rushed dates. Like just grabbing coffee for thirty minutes before hurrying off to your next meeting. They don’t like it when they know no substantial conversation will come out of it. Pillow talks are much better, 3 am conversations you’re going to be able to relax into.

Everyone wants to be intimate with their lovers. But for them, it’s more of touching, comforting, and holding them. These water signs are very sensitive and enjoy long snuggles. And since they’re not eager about saying their feelings outright, they find other ways to show they care. Giving little touches, and really spending time with you.

Consider being a little patient. Because words of affirmation will come eventually, not immediately. There are lots of tell-tale signs though. Touching is the most evident because they don’t really like just anyone touching them. Just like cats, if you’re rubbing their belly. They will let you know if they have had enough. You can look at me but stop touching me already.

They Need Their Personal Space

They enjoy their personal space and monitor closely those that come in it. You need to understand and respect that. So if they want to touch you and spend time with you, then they are surely opening that magic bubble. This is a good sign. Although it can be hard at times because their placement causes them to be non-verbal individuals. Sometimes they just expect you to read their minds. They have second thoughts verbalizing how they feel, for fear of coming out as needy.

Scorpios hate the feeling that they need to be dependent on other people. So lots of them who are expecting you to read their mind and you can’t, get very disappointed. They get resentful and are not fulfilled in one way or another.

This is something they need to tweak a bit about their character. They must exert an effort to be understood without actually appearing to be needy. Scorpios cannot expect you to know what they want and expect them to be psychic or Jedi masters. So don’t write them off immediately because you don’t feel cared for the right way.

On Spending Money Wisely

spending money wisely

These people know how to manage their finances properly. They are not stingy in the least bit. Scorpios are just really good with money. Quality is their top priority and they have mastered controlling their buying impulses. Then again that will still depend on what’s in their chart and where they will spend money on.

They are not flashy at all, nor do they wish to buy people. In the first place, they will not be attracted to someone who they think can be easily bought. Scorpios see that as phony, not really special. And they will not trust you once they have the smallest inkling that’s what you are after.

Even if they’re generous with you, make sure you’re interested in other connections. Not just the monetary and material aspects. Scorpios are on the lookout for people trying to take advantage of their kindness and generosity. They can smell a gold digger a mile away.

They Want Love But Are Shy to Ask

This is one cute and funny thing about Scorpios. They love emotional connections but are quite embarrassed, even turned off by things that are overly romantic. So if you’re looking forward to a queen-sized bed covered in rose petals. Or champagne with strawberries dipped in the melted chocolate while RnB music is softly playing in the background, er, nope. They’re really not into cheesy stuff.

Lavish weddings aren’t their thing either. They don’t enjoy people looking at them, they feel there’s so much scrutiny going on. Scorpios want it special and classy. And the sooner it’s done, the better.

What they would really love however are private vacations or getaways. Try some reputable air BnB. Somewhere secluded, without so many plans or activities. Where you will just chill and feel comfortable to be yourselves. But only if they are comfortable with you. Because if it’s too early it might be too intimate for the both of you. However, if you really like and trust each other then go for it. Being to bond harmoniously without interruption is a great thing for them.

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