Types of Scorpios: Personalities Behind the Mighty Zodiac

types of scorpios

Are you curious about the types of Scorpios and their seemingly multiple personalities? And why one minute they’re so fun and easy to get along with, then they’re distant and shady the next? It takes a lot of patience and open-mindedness to deal with this complex and sometimes complicated water sign, but the moment you win them over, the rewards make it all worthwhile. 

In this post, we’re going to learn everything about the different types of Scorpios and their personalities, as well as touch base with the following: 

  • What are the different types of Scorpios that make them totally misunderstood?
  • Do the positive types of Scorpio personalities outweigh their bad side?
  • How do you deal with the constantly changing Scorpio types?
  • Is there one distinct Scorpio personality type that makes them stand out from the rest of the zodiacs?
  • Are the different types of Scorpio in men similar to those of women?

Let’s get it on!

Demon Types of Scorpios: Why Are Scorpios So Bad…Sometimes?

Before we go ahead and take a deep dive into the long list of the different types of Scorpios and their personalities, we need to debunk the perception that these water creatures are nothing but big a-holes. Somehow, they have earned the reputation of having dark and even demonic natures, but again, this doesn’t mean it’s necessarily true. There are plenty of factors why this came to be. 

To understand Scorpio you need to break the sign’s elements into different parts. We are talking about a fixed water and social sign ruled by the planet Mars. It is also associated with Pluto. Being a water sign also means a lot of love and emotions come into play. 

Scorpio being a fixed element is what makes it so static, with very strong convictions. What people often forget is their position in the zodiac. Yes, it is a social sign but at the same time, it is also ruled by Mars, which is the planet of war, passion, and aggression. Thus, there is a strong association between Pluto and Scorpio. 

Pluto is considered the Prince of Darkness and is associated with Hades Pluto, who is related to darkness, passion, and war. Thinking about that concept alone will make you realize that this zodiac has a lot of war and tension from within. But because they are also social they have this need to belong, to be with people they love. 

Mars represents the literal separation, of them being social and a water sign. They want to belong with someone else, come together with another person. However, they also have the nature of Mars which makes them so conflicted. So it is this inner conflict that brings out their darkness and demonic nature that people refer to when talking about Scorpio. When in truth, they are dealing with wounds that run deep within. 

The Different Types of Scorpios: Personalities Unlocked 

Now we know the core of this zodiac, we can proceed with their personalities to understand further the types of Scorpios out there. 


Scorpios are truly intense. These are some of the most passionate signs across the zodiac. Plus, they have the gift of making everything come to life whenever they’re around. It is this profound aura and intriguing nature that makes people gravitate toward them. 


They are super cunning and perceptive. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that fooling them would be a walk in the park. Scorpios are known skeptics who cannot be cajoled into believing anything until they see solid evidence. 



Scorpios have always been secretive and possess a complex personality most people won’t understand. To the majority, they come across as an enigma because they’re guarded around people they don’t know by heart. Furthermore, they’re not fond of broadcasting their personal affairs out into the world. 

Loaded With Trust Issues

Scorpios never run out of trust issues and can be suspicious about nearly everything. It will take a while before they believe you only have good intentions. Their close family and friends need to remind them constantly to relax and that not everyone is out to screw them over. 


To Scorpios, everything is a competition. Not only are they ambitious, but they will also stop at nothing to achieve greatness. When they have their eye on the goal, they acquire this laser focus that can destroy anything or anyone that comes their way. 


Expect total chaos when Scorpios lose their temper. If you intend to cross them, you can expect that they will come back at you with a vengeance. Their sting will not only hurt but can scar you for life. Thus, they have a reputation as people you don’t want to mess with. 

Never Two-Faced

Scorpios say what they mean and mean what they say. If you expect them to give you fake flattery for the sake of boosting your ego, forget it. They will only give you praise if they truly believe you deserve it. 


When you betray a Scorpio, know that you are marked for life. They never take betrayal easily, nor will they let things slide. If you’re upset or angry, it’s better to thresh things out into the open, but never ever stab them in the back. Once you lose their trust, you will never get it back. If you’re lucky, they won’t hurt you but will sever all ties for good. 


A Scorpio is not an open book, and sometimes it can take forever before they open up to you. So you need loads of time and patience if you wish to get to know them on a deeper level. They are extremely cautious, especially around new acquaintances, and find it difficult to open up until they know they can fully trust them. 



Scorpios have this magical charm that is hard to explain. They are full of mystery that intrigues the people around them, and this curiosity is what makes you want to know them more. This is also what makes them utterly seductive, not the loud and boisterous type. But the quiet and subtle kind. 


They can be hot then they’re cold, they’re yes and suddenly they’re no, and they constantly experience extreme highs and lows. It’s not easy to see from the outside, but deep down they really are emotional beings. When they feel good, they’re on top of the world. But when they’re at their lowest, it will take an enormous amount of effort from them and the people who love them to get out of that rut. 


Among the various types of Scorpios, their perceptive personality is one of those that stands out the most. Things that other people ignore or dismissed won’t escape this sign. They are keen observers who easily pick up on subtle but important cues. This sign can read you like a book and can get to the bottom of things the way no one else can. 

Hopeless Romantics

The hopeless romantics’ types of Scorpios tend to go all in when it comes to love. They want it all or nothing at all. When they fall for you, they fall hard and become totally immersed in their relationship. They won’t let you go come hell or high water. It’s one of the best things that can happen when a Scorpio falls in love with you because they hold back nothing and give everything. 

Bonds for Life

It will take a while for Scorpios to take root, but when they do they bond for life and form deep connections with other people. All of this is done in a genuine and meaningful way. You would love to be with them because the conversations they initiate are never a bore, and they make sure everyone can gladly participate. 


If you expect Scorpios to be your ‘yes’ man, you’d only be disappointed. They build their own path to trek on and hate riding on anyone else’s coat tail. Scorpios are self-reliant and depend only on themselves for building the future they want for themselves and their loved ones. You can never control their decisions or demand that they live a certain kind of life. Expect to be given a reality check anytime you attempt to do this with them. 

Secret Introverts

It’s not known to many, but this sign is a secret introvert whose energy is drained after meeting and socializing with other people. Of course, they enjoy doing this, but they need their alone time, away from everyone to recharge and rejuvenate. Or else they would be running on empty. So don’t push them when they are asking for some space. There’s no need to worry because they’ll be back before you know it. 

Has a Word of Honor

When they tell you something, they mean it. They won’t go back on their word, and when they say they’re going to do something, consider it done. Unless they’re dead or dying. Every time they make a promise, you can be sure they’re going to fulfill it. 

Fiercely Protective

You will love these types of Scorpios because you know you have nothing to fear under their wing. They are not afraid to stand up and fight for their loved ones. Don’t make the mistake of hurting their friends or family, unless you’re prepared to face the consequences. 


Do not assume that Scorpio is your friend, especially if you’ve only met them a couple of times. A lot of people are caught off-guard by this, but Scorpio is not everyone’s ‘pal’. They keep their circle small and will keep an eye on whoever will try to penetrate this circle. Scorpios would rather have a small group of friends than hang around with lots of acquaintances they barely know. 


Scorpios can never disguise their distrust, disgust, or displeasure. If you’ve done something wrong to them, you’ll know right off the bat because it’s drawn all over their face. When they’re about to blow their top, you will know because you will get ‘that look’. 



Always dying, never dead. This is their motto because their resilience is over the top. They have the kind of mental toughness that not everyone is blessed to have. Scorpios never give up, nor would they cry over spilled milk. To them, what’s done is done and it’s time to move forward. There is no such thing as failures, only setbacks. After all, it’s not how many times you get knocked over and fall, it’s how many times you get back up. 

What to Do with Dear Scorpio

If you have had experience with Scorpio that is totally hateful or negative, don’t get angry or upset right away. In fact, try to have some compassion for people like them, since they’re shutting themselves off from the most precious gift anyone could give them, and this is love. In the end, they will realize that you are not the enemy and will be extremely grateful for your patience and kindness, and would love you even more. 

Whenever a person is on the path of development and they are shown kindness and compassion, they are more likely to grow from it. Whereas if you simply lash out at them or reject them, they will have a tendency to just rot away in despair. Remember that you can be anything in this world. So be kind. 

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