Tips To Finding the Right Timing With Electional Astrology

In life, you win some, and you lose some. But what if there was a way to figure out the best times to start a new project or venture? This is where electional astrology comes in.

electional astrology

Electional astrology is the branch of astrology that deals in actively finding the right time to start something new. The core principle of electional astrology is that if you look at the stars, you can see the different heavenly bodies that govern various aspects of our lives and the world at large. 

By finding the relevant planets and charting their positions, you can see how these heavenly bodies can either help or hurt your undertakings at any given time. The trick, then, is to find a time where the planets favor you the most,

If you are trying to start a new business, start a family, move somewhere new, or even something as simple as taking a trip, you can make use of electional astrology reading. It is a useful tool for you to ensure that you give yourself the most chances to succeed. 

With that said, there aren’t that many guides on how to perform electional astrology, and what guides there are can be a little sparse. To help you on your journey, here are ten tips you can use to make the most out of electional astrology predictions.

Electional Astrology Chart Tips

1. Determine The Most Important Beginning In Your Electional Chart

Electional astrology relies on the fact that you can tell the future of anything, be it a person, object, or endeavor, by looking at a chart made for the time it was born or began. With that said, you should start by figuring out the most crucial moment of your election. Pay attention to a particular event that holds the most significance and kickstarts the whole endeavor.

Once you find out the most symbolic and vital beginning of your venture, then you can start looking for the appropriate charts that apply to that moment in time.

2. Pay Attention to Times When Planets are Dignified

After that, you’ll want to look at an ephemeris and check for planets that are dignified. Dignified planets are stronger and are able to exert their influence better in a way that can positively affect your election.

You should start looking at the slow-moving planets first. This way, you can have a good base so that you can tune the other faster planets to more easily find an optimal period.

With that said, you have to find a period where the slower planets are dignified. Once you have those periods, then you can take into account the moon’s position. Also, try to stay away from periods where many of the planets are depressed, as this can lead to setbacks and failures.

3. Stay Away From Periods Where Afflictions Can Affect Your Dignified Planets


Hand in hand with the second tip, you should also stay away from periods where your relevant planets are afflicted in one way or another. On the one hand, it is good that the relevant planets are dignified. On the other hand, malefic afflictions from other planets’ positions can interfere with their influence to the point where the afflictions outweigh their dignified benefits.

Also, you should stay away from periods where your planets are not only afflicted but also debilitated. It is especially true if your relevant planet is in retrograde. For example, if you’re keeping an eye on Mars and it’s in retrograde on the day you plan to start something, it might be a good idea to take a rain check and do it some other time.

4. Make Sure that The Ascendant’s Ruler is in a Strong Position

Now that you have a specific date in mind for your election, it’s time for you to start narrowing it down even further. To find the best moment for you to start, you need to focus on looking for the right ascendant: one whose ruling planet is in an auspicious position.

The ruler of the ascendant is especially important because this planet is often the one who determines the nature of your election and whether or not it succeeds.

That being said, prioritize placing the ruler of the ascendant in a good spot no matter which electional chart you are analyzing. Make sure that your ascendant in your chart has a ruler that is dignified and not affected by any malefics. In fact, try to make sure that the strongest planet in your chart is the ruler of the ascendant.

5. Pay Close Attention to The Aspects That Apply

Applying aspects talk about the future. Separating aspects correspond to the past. These concepts are the backbone of electional astrology, and their roots go way back. In this context, applying aspects will indicate the nature of events after the beginning of the election. In contrast, separating aspects will indicate the nature of events that lead to the election.

With this in mind, you want to keep your most important planets to apply aspects with benefits. This way, you can ensure a stable and favorable election in the future. However, there are times that your important planets must apply to malefics. When this happens, at least make sure that the position of these planets separates exactly from them.

6. Don’t Forget About The Moon’s Applying Aspects


This piece of advice is so important it warrants its own category: Don’t forget about the moon and its applying aspects. While the Moon isn’t as important as the ascendant in electional astrology, it’s a close second. So don’t make the mistake of taking the moon’s position for granted.

In general, you want to avoid moments when the moon is void, as this indicates that your endeavor will eventually lead to nothing.

Due to the moon’s speed, it switches between applying and separating aspects really quickly. Specifically, it has a special 13 degree orb for separating and applying aspects. Once you have locked down the other slower planets’ positions, make sure that the moon is applying to either a neutral planet or a benefic.

7. Remember That The Moon Talks About the Beginning While Its Ruler Talks About What Comes Next

As an addition to the last tip, the moon may have an important part to play in charting an election, but its ruler can heavily modify how things play out. If the moon can point out the circumstances of how your venture starts, its lord indicates the events in its immediate future. To ignore the ruler’s position would be to forfeit the moon’s beneficial attributes at best and spell your election’s doom at worst.

Sometimes, it can be a good idea for the moon to be alone in its own sign so that it is its own ruler. By doing this, you only need to find a good spot for the moon without having to worry about another planet.

8. Make sure that the planets associated with your election are strong

Ideally, you should be able to determine if your chart has a particular house that is closely associated with your election’s subject. While this may not be possible in every election, being able to do so would be a great boon for your election.

If you are able to find a suitable house in your chart, then you have to consider the position of the house’s ruler. Make sure that the ruler is as dignified as possible. Keep it away from the beams of the sun and make sure it is applying to benefics. It is much better if you can place more benefic planets in the house itself.

9. Keep a Close Eye on Sect


Sect as a concept is extremely important as you can use it to quickly tell which planets are going to be a big help and which planets are going to cause problems. Depending on the sect status of a planet in the chart, its benefits and afflictions can change. With that said,  it is important to remember that not all benefits are completely benevolent, and not all malefics are totally malevolent.

Paying attention to the sects of planets in your charts can show you the nuance in the planets you examine. For instance, in a night chart, Mars is not as malefic as usual. In a similar vein, Saturn isn’t as benevolent in a day chart. Use this nuance to properly tune your election chart.

10. Consider the Position of the Ruler of the Ascendant 

Depending on the circumstances, it might be a good idea to put the ruler of the ascendant in a related house. When you do this, you make sure that the electional chart is relevant and accurately represents the subject of your election.

This approach can work well if your election is one that involves proactivity, among other things. With the right context, it can be a good idea to try and make the charts look more favorably upon your project.


In a nutshell, electional astrology can be a very useful tool for you to really give your projects the best chance of success. Through judicious and systematic use of astrology, you can determine how your elections may play out depending on how the planets align at the time of your choosing.

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