Understanding the Role of The Strength Tarot Card In Life

Many people are curious what The Strength Tarot Card actually means, or what it manifests. Here’s Arthur Edward Waite’s take on that. Who is he? None other than the co-creator of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck. Here’s what he has to say about this Major Arcana card divination:

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What Does the Strength Tarot Card Mean?

the strength tarot card

So what does the Strength tarot card mean? It’s all about strength and fortitude, which is one of the cardinal values. In here a woman is gently stroking a lion on its jaw and forehead. Lions are famous for being wild and ferocious, but this woman was able to tame the beast using her calm, loving energy.

The lion symbolizes raw desires and passions. By taming it, the woman proves that animal instincts can very much be tamed. So long as strength, resilience, and positive reinforcements are present. Coercion and force are never used. Thus, the lion responds positively to her subtlety and inner strength.

She dons a white robe, emphasizing her pure soul. Her belt and crown of flowers represent nature in its finest form. Over her head, the symbol of infinity is evident. This symbolizes her great wisdom and infinite potential.

Inner Symbolism Unearthed According to Arthur Edward Waite

What does the strength tarot card mean for Mr. Waite? This card has actually been interchanged with the justice card, usually numbered eight. The variation is nothing significant to the reader, thus, no need for explanation.

Fortitude, being one of the most exalted aspects, associates with the Union’s Divine Mystery. The virtue naturally operates in all planes, therefore, this is where it draws on all its symbolism.

The card’s higher meanings are matters of inference. They are implied in a concealed manner, in the form of a chain of flowers. This signifies, among other things, the light burden of the Divine Law. If of course, this is taken to heart.

The card pertains to self-confidence but not in the common understanding. It talks about the confidence of individuals whose strength depends on God. Those who have found great refuge in Him.

The Strength Tarot Card Upright Meaning

The Strength tarot card represents strength, power, and determination, just like the Chariot. But unlike the Chariot which signifies outer will and strength, there’s some difference. Because the Strength card refers also to the inner strength of the human spirit and its ability to overcome life’s challenges. Not only do you have persistence and stamina, you also possess the patience and inner calm needed to keep the balance.

When this card appears on your tarot spread reading, it is evident you are oozing with a strong will, power, and determination. You don’t find satisfaction in wanting to control others. On the contrary, you lead by great example. This is how you persuade and influence them into being good and doing good. You keep a low profile which is to your advantage. Excessive force is never applied that’s why very few people notice you are actually the one calling the shots.

The strength you possess gives you the confidence you need to eliminate your inner fears and doubts. After all, courage is not the absence of fear. It is pushing through and moving forward despite the fear. And most importantly, you’re not afraid to step up and lend your strength to someone else. Especially those who do not have the strength to defend themselves.

Do not forget to tame your animal instincts. It’s normal to feel raw emotions, as long as you know how to react to them responsibly. Do not let fear, rage, anger, sadness, or guilt take over your life, and cloud your judgment in the process. Always act from a place of love and forgiveness. You don’t always have to be right. Sometimes, you just need to be kind.

The Strength Tarot Card Upright On Love and Relationships

This major arcana card represents the Leo star. It is precisely the reason why now is a great time to meet someone and let your confidence shine through! This may also be an indicator of finding that special someone who has a wild side. It can be a thrilling idea at first, but if that person gets overboard, you may need to use a little taming yourself.

This can be a bit tricky, somehow. Don’t nag, don’t beg. Learn the art of coaxing gently. Trying to dominate your partner will only unleash the inner beast in them. For those already in a relationship, this is a good sign, since you have already weathered storms in the past. And you came out of it stronger and closer than ever.

The Strength Tarot Card Upright On Career and Finances

Don’t let your emotions get the better of you. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. Competition is tough, but try to play nice. There’s no need to get hot-headed because you know you have what it takes to succeed. You have so much potential, wits, skills, and talent. Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from trying something new and innovative. If you have a great idea and you know it, let it out in the open- before someone else does!

strength tarot upright on career and finances

Financially speaking, be frugal. Stop unnecessary spending. Save and invest, and don’t play hero all the time. Someone will always get sick, be in financial trouble, needs to get saved. It’s not your job to save them each and every time. They have to be financially responsible for themselves. Make sure people don’t use or misuse you for money by pulling on your heartstrings.

The Strength Tarot Card Upright On Health and Spirituality

The Strength card is a great card to find on your spread. This is a common indicator of good health. That or you are on the path towards great recovery. If you have been sick for some time, this card may mean you have finally won the fight! Have faith that you will have holistic healing of the mind, body, and soul. Take heed and make necessary changes to keep your health at optimum level.

Spiritually speaking, this card is pushing for you to connect with your higher self. To be more aware of your immortality. Know that there are greater things in life aside from the material realm. This pushes you to become the best version of yourself, in this world and beyond.

The Strength Card Reversed Meaning

When the reversed Strength tarot appears in your spread, tune into your inner thoughts and confidence. Are you still oozing with confidence? Or do you somehow feel burned out and depleted because of all the obstacles life has thrown at you?

Experiencing setbacks are completely normal- necessary even. It can make you vulnerable and question your belief in yourself. Stand your ground and remain unfazed. You are stronger and more resilient than you actually give yourself credit for. Nothing lasts forever, no matter how bad things get. So, be kind to yourself.

Be aware of your energy levels and do something about them. Make sure you’re not too caught up on your loved ones’ and other people’s needs that you completely neglect your own well-being. Remember, you cannot pour from an empty cup.

This can also be a sign that you are inclined towards destructive behavior. When push turns to shove, you can lash out at others and become very aggressive. So don’t wait for your breaking point. Address the problem and find a solution before it’s too late. And remember, there is no shame in asking for help.

The Strength Reversed Card On Love and Relationships

When the Strength card reversed appears on your tarot spread, this could mean impulsiveness and low self-esteem issues. This could be dangerous because these feelings could lead you to be with the wrong person. Remember, you’re not with somebody because they ‘complete’ you or make you happy.

When you enter into a relationship, make sure you’re already whole and happy so you can just focus on loving each other. Resolve past traumas and hurt so you won’t bleed on people who did not cut you in the first place.

The Strength Reversed Card On Career and Finances

This Major Arcana card is a very good indicator that fear and anxiety is eating you up. You won’t get into that business you’ve been dying to start. Or switch careers even if you know you’re ready for it. All because of that immense fear of failure.

The thing is, everything in life is a risk. It’s either you win or you lose. But if you don’t try at all, you’re doomed to fail right from the start. You’ll never amount to anything or go anywhere because of this. It’s okay to fail, just start again. Because now you won’t be starting from scratch, but from experience and valuable lessons learned. Don’t live your life wondering and keeping tabs of all your ‘what ifs’.

The Strength Reversed Card On Health and Spirituality

strength reversed on health and spirituality

It seems you have been abusing your body lately. Not getting enough sleep, working yourself to the bone. You keep telling yourself you don’t have time to cook a decent meal, or you cannot afford to lose 15 minutes to half an hour on exercise. Guess what? Make time! Before it’s too late before you’re too sick, too overweight, and too overwhelmed to do anything about it. Your body is your greatest capital, so take good care of it.

You have a strong spiritual life but lately, you’ve been too busy to cleanse, nourish and rejuvenate your soul. Go back to your daily meditation. That peaceful thirty minutes at dawn meditating, doing yoga, or reading inspirational books. This could quench that insatiable thirst in your soul. Unclutter your mind so you can start the day feeling fresh and motivated.

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