The Five in Tarot Cards: What Do They Mean and What Do They Add?

When you do your card spreads, the five in Tarot cards showing up is a matter of when and not if. But what could possibly cause this card to show up?

Fives generally have something to do with power and control. It may be about a struggle to gain or maintain power, or it could also mean being overwhelmed. In a nutshell, when a five shows up, it either means that you are in control of the situation or that you have resigned yourself and accepted your circumstances.

With that said, read on to see the five in tarot cards and how it affects your reading.

The Meaning of Fives in Tarot Cards

Five of Swords

the five in tarot cards - five of swords

The Five of Swords shows a character dominating over two others. On the one hand, the dominant character smugly looms over the two as they drop their swords in defeat. On the other hand, the defeated characters are a lot less discouraged but rather disgusted in the victor.

For one reason or another, you may have gained something in a way that you haven’t earned. Otherwise, it could also mean that you may have succeeded in something, but the costs far outweigh the rewards.

In a nutshell, this card represents a pyrrhic victory. Take care and examine the things you are striving towards or the successes you have had, as there may be a hidden cost that you haven’t noticed yet.

The Five of Wands often manifests at times where you need to take a break. But it doesn’t mean that you should stew on the couch and leave a movie on as white noise in the background. This card is the embodiment of the saying, “Work hard, play hard!”

Five of Wands

five of wands

Instead, this card asks you to enjoy yourself actively and express yourself creatively. There is merit in applying yourself even in your hobbies or pastimes. Experience the joy of expression, appreciate the tangible improvement of your skills.

In a way, the Five of Wands wants you to be more aware of just how serious (or rather how unserious) certain things in your life are. It may be that you are indulging in leisure that brings you no joy. Otherwise, you may be taking things too seriously.

Lighten up, take a breather, and take a moment to see how your leisure is balancing with other aspects of your life.

Five of Pentacles

The Five of Pentacles is hardly ever a fun sight to see. Readers consider it a bad omen in general, and when it shows up, it often precedes tough times.

While its message may swing wildly from one extreme to another depending on where it lands in a reading, this card speaks about losing faith. This loss of faith can be towards nearly anything or anyone, even yourself. Things like unfaithfulness, disbelief, and even deception on either end are but a few possibilities.

All in all, the cards surrounding the Five of Pentacles have a large influence on this tarot card number 5 meaning. As such, this card casts doubt into the message of the reading as a whole.

Five of Cups

five of cups

The Five of Cups shows an image of a person hiding their face in shame. It is clear that something has gone terribly wrong and that this person feels that they are responsible. However, there are also two cups that stay standing: a symbol of hope and a reminder that all tragedies will pass in time.

This card has strong ties to feelings of guilt. Aside from that, the Five of Cups also goes hand in hand with an unfortunate event. Whether it happened in the past, present, or future, you may still have feelings tied to said event.

However, this card also shines hope upon those who feel shame and despair as it is a harbinger of the passing of all things. When this card shows up, it can also foretell the end of a stressful part of your life or an uplifting change of circumstance.

All in all, the Five of Cups represents tragedy, guilt, and its passing. It wants you to always remember that while unfortunate incidents are inevitable, they never stay for good.

How to Interpret the Five in Tarot Cards

In a standard reading, the reader always places cards in certain positions that allude to your past, your present, or your future. As such, you may find number five cards in tarot in the following positions:

If you find the five in tarot cards in the past position, then you may be struggling with control. You may feel like you are having trouble expressing yourself. Either you are trying too hard to keep your feelings inside yourself, or that you may be prone to outbursts. Otherwise, your issues with your lack of control may be causing you problems now.

If you find the five in tarot cards in the present position, then you may feel like you’re on top of the world. In this position, you are most capable of taking charge of your situation. Make the most of this advantageous time by being proactive and creating a destiny of your own.

If you find the five in tarot cards in the future position, then this card may be trying to warn you about your current situation. Pay close attention to the status quo and try to see if anything seems off. You may find things that are close to spiraling out of control that can cause you great problems in the future.

However, if your reading ends up with more than one of number five tarot cards, then you may be dealing with issues of power and dominance. For instance, a coworker or a superior may be trying to dominate or hassle you in the workplace. Or you may find yourself stuck in an abusive relationship. Barring that, you may be experiencing passive aggression from a friend or family member. Last but not least, don’t forget to check yourself, just in case you were the aggressor all along.

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