Your Tarot Card Reading: The Empress Reversed

You understand what the empress reversed means. But first, you must first understand the empress’s general description.

She is a beautiful blonde woman radiating peace and tranquility. Seated on her head is a twelve-star crown. This represents her connection with the natural world and the magical realm.

On her robe pomegranates, images can be seen. This symbolizes fertility while she sat in luxurious velvet and cushions. Venus can be found in one of the cushions. This is the planet representing love, fertility, beauty, grace, and creativity.

Surrounding the Empress is a rich forest and an endless stream. This signifies her connection with Mother Earth itself. She finds peace and calm in the water and trees. Nature’s energy is her source of rejuvenation. From the foreground springs golden wheat. This denotes abundance from a harvest.

The Empress Existence Explained

the empress

It is indeed your lucky day when the Empress pops up during your card reading. She is known to be a loving mother, ever nurturing and loving. She protects all of her children. This gives you an assurance that you are secure, protected, and can look forward to everlasting abundance in life. She presents you with this truth, even when you don’t believe it since you can’t see it.

History of the Empress

The Empress archetype has been around since the beginning of human history. She has been evident in every culture and every land imaginable. Countless times people tried to repress her, malign her and bury her from memory. But time and time again she has reemerged, stronger, more faithful than ever.

The Empress is a vision of hope. She wants to tell you that your life is worth living. But you need to feel valued, loved, and protected in order for you to flourish. Love yourself first, because you cannot pour from an empty cup.

The Empress on Conquering Your Fears

The Empress has the ability to see time in the past, present, and future. By looking at things in the context of the eternal, your fears suddenly seem futile, minute even. She reminds us of your greater purpose. That you are so much more than your fears allow you to be.

The Crown with the 12 stars pertains to the months in a year and their respective zodiac signs. This is a representation of all the things that are blossoming in their own perfect time.

The Empress on the Power of Patience

The Empress on the Power of Patience

Indeed, all good things come to those who wait. Everything will grow and develop in time. Patience is crucial, especially during life’s major events. The Empress can hardly be felt but she is always there in the background. Making sure everything is good and ready for the succeeding generations.

She is present when a newborn baby cries out for the first time, or when an elderly draws his last breath. The Empress serves as a constant reminder for you to always uphold your values, your beliefs. To believe in yourself that you can make all your dreams turn to reality.

Once she arrives, she lifts up all your troubles when she shows you life’s clear picture. In the end, all you really need is love. You just have to believe, and receive.

The Empress Reversed

The Empress tarot reversed means you should embrace your feminine side. Everyone is a combination of feminine and masculine qualities. The Empress reversed is a reminder that you have been neglecting your feminine side for far too long. There is a need for you to accept it to give your energies the right balance.

It could be that you have been too engrossed on the mental and monetary side of life. Your spiritual and emotional journey has been taken for granted. The Empress reversed can manifest this imbalance in many forms.

For instance, you may have been putting everyone else as top priority, while your own well-being ends up at the bottom of the barrel. Consequently, you may have been so self-absorbed that you have forgotten everyone around you.

This may also take a hit on your self-confidence. The Empress tarot reversed indicates that your self-esteem has taken a toll. You don’t feel as attractive or desirable as you used to be. You need to get a grip and fix this imbalance.

The Empress Reversed on Love

The Empress tarot reversed meaning is similar for singles as well as those in a relationship. For singles, there are plenty of interested parties. However, you’re always putting up a front. You’re scared to show the real you. Afraid that you will get hurt or neglected in the end.

For those in a relationship, you’re still hiding your true feelings so as not to ‘rock the boat’. You don’t want to get into fights or nasty arguments. So you keep everything bottled up inside. This can be very dangerous because you don’t know until when you can keep this up- until you finally snap.

Be mindful of your current state. Take some time alone and acknowledge how you really feel. Find a way to let out the real you in a loving, gentle way. Be prepared for hurt and rejection. For it is better to live in the truth than hiding in a lie.

The Empress Reversed on Career and Finances

The Empress Reversed on Career and Finances

Careerwise, the Empress reversed may be an indication that you’re no longer happy with your current job. You find everything to be monotonous and the daily grind is the least bit fulfilling. Or you may feel your efforts are not being acknowledged.

Again, this may just be your own perception- not the reality. So before you give in to your impulsiveness, sit down, breathe deeply, and think. Take a closer look at yourself. Is it really your boss? Your job? Your work environment? Or is the resentment and annoyance stemming from your own insecurities?

When it comes to money, you have everything covered, but you don’t have money to burn. So make sure you always have enough stashed for the rainy days. You have to be financially responsible if you want to secure your future.

The Empress Reversed on Health and Spirituality

The Empress is reminding you that you need to take care of your body for you to take charge emotionally. You may be taking on too much pressure right now, causing you to binge eat, be lazy, or even lethargic.

Get off your butt and move! Go back to your forgotten New Year’s Resolution about building that beach body and exercise! Then again, a stunning figure is just a bonus. A healthy body is really what you’re after.

Meanwhile, the spiritual context is also vital. The reversed Empress could mean you have totally lost connection with your intuition. This is very important especially in making critical decisions in life. How can you trust your ‘gut’ if your intuition isn’t working? Get the help you need from people you trust. Whatever works for you, the important thing is you get that intuition back on track.

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