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the devil tarot card meaning

Even if the tarot itself isn’t a religious thing, religious symbols are still very much present in the tarot deck. One of these is the Devil, wherein a half goat, half man entity sits on the center. He has goat horns and bat wings which flare out behind him. One might say he also has birdlike qualities, since the Devil also has bird feet.

A naked man and woman wear chain collars and both of them have tails. The man’s fiery tail resembles the shape of a goat’s tail. On the woman’s side, she has a tail that resembles a vine with grapes blooming at the end. The Devil himself holds a fiery torch, and the chain collars of the man and woman link together.

For those seeking to divine the Devil tarot card meaning, you need to take the elements on the card. A big part of the Devil tarot card meaning is desire; the chains around the man and woman represent this. It means a form of bondage, often addictions or material desires.

A darker way to interpret the Devil tarot card meaning is depression and betrayal. Those who fall prey to the Devil’s influence often find themselves in a negative state of mind. It’s also not uncommon to see said people betraying those around them or suffering betrayal themselves. All in the name of desires and addiction.

For the tarot card the Devil meaning, you normally find that it’s going to be something negative. This isn’t a card you want to draw. Fortunately, you can read this handy The Devil tarot guide and understand what the future holds. Read on and see what your desires may be…

Meaning of the Devil Tarot Card

The first thing to understand about the Devil tarot card meaning is that it typically connotes desires. Most often, it refers to unhealthy desires, or those which we more commonly call addictions. Like if you find yourself compelled to do or say things that you know are harmful, but you can’t stop.

If you look at the chains on the naked man and woman’s necks, it connotes bondage. That typically refers to the way that desires affect us as people. Our material desires and addictions are often shackles that prevent us from moving in the direction we want. Chains compel you to stay as addictions compel you to feed them. Such is the Devil card meaning in tarot.

You can also find the Devil tarot meaning in interpreting the meaning of his wings. Wings like that are akin to those of the vampire bat, which lives a parasitic life cycle. It implies that living life for your carnal desires makes you like the vampire bat; a parasite. You can also find the Devil tarot card meaning in his lit torch and hypnotic gaze.

They draw you in, don’t they? Well, that’s because temptation and desire is never ugly. It will always come to you in its most appealing form. Addictions and your carnal desires are always going to be hard to refuse, and that’s how tempting unhealthy things are.

As a card that indicates illusion, the Devil tarot card meaning shows you that you may not be in control. Addiction, depression, and toxic relationships can all make you feel like you have no control. Anything at all in excess can make you feel like you have no control.

What does the Upright Devil mean?

As the chains imply, the upright Devil implies that you suffer from the shackles of your shadows. Your darker side prevents you from living your life freely, and that really sticks in your craw. It’s not uncommon to find yourself in the thrall of dependencies and addictions if you should draw this card.

Like the cycle of those who fall into Hell, you find yourself trapped between two things. These are the short-term pleasures you find and the long-term pain they bring. Like the Lovers, the Devil tarot card meaning also implies duality. With the Devil, you’ll find that you often choose the path of instant gratification. Even if it means sacrificing long-term happiness! That is the very essence of your soul’s sale to the Devil!

Those who draw this card often deceive themselves into thinking that they’ve drawn this because they have no control. No control over their shadows, their dependencies, or toxic patterns. Thus, they feel like there’s no way to break free from them and that it’s just who they are now.

You’ll find yourself convincing your own mind that you need it, that you must do it. Even if you know deep down you shouldn’t and even if it goes against what you know to be right. You know it’s to your detriment. Maybe you even know that it’s to the detriment of those you care about!

But the first step out is always to acknowledge the problem, and that means acknowledging the hold your patterns have. To exemplify, nymphomaniacs are people with a sex addiction. So rehabilitation for them starts with an acknowledgement. It goes: “I admit I’m powerless over my sex drive, and it’s made my life unmanageable.”

Upright Devil in Romance

What does the Devil tarot card mean in love readings? Most often, not good things. It can indicate that you and your partner are co-dependent. This means that even if you both know that you’re a terrible fit, you won’t just leave each other. The problem with this is that neither of you can find happiness that way or grow as people.

Another potential meaning in a love reading is that you and your partner are exploring deeper desires. Dark desires and fetishes are common to encounter in such explorations. In a safe, sacred space between you two, this can be an incredibly enriching thing. But don’t forget your safe words and don’t grow too dependent on such gratifications.

upright devil in romance

In worse cases, the Devil can also represent things that end a relationship. Abuse, infidelity, or selfishness may rear their ugly faces in your relationship. Most often, these are the results of lusty desires, unresolved issues, and weakness of character. In other cases, it can be mental health issues or addictions.

When these happen, your best bet is not to stay with that person. Do not trick yourself into falling for the trap of thinking you can “heal them,” or “fix them.” There are people who are professionals at helping you do just that, and they’re called therapists.

Focus on healing before anything else. I know, it breaks your heart to leave. You love him or her. He or she probably loves you back. But in order for your relationship to flourish, you can’t keep giving in to your base desires. Heal first, then see where life takes you from there. 

Upright Devil in Career

As the chains imply, you’re in bondage. To a career that you hate, most likely. One way or another, your financial or career prospects have you trapped in some form of slavery. It could be crushing debt or wage slavery. Put simply, wage slavery is when you’re in a job where you only just make enough to survive.

Usually, this happens in jobs that have no upward mobility or prospects. Imagine being stuck in the same entry-level position forever with no prospects of a raise or promotion. But you can’t leave to find a better job or you’ll starve. In a financial or career reading, the Devil appears when your prospects appear hopeless.

Usually, this means that you’ve lost a modicum or all of your control over your career situation. But this isn’t inescapable, unpreventable, or even inevitable. The first thing you’ll want to do is acknowledge that you’re not in a very good spot. After that, find someone you trust. A colleague, a family member, a close friend; all of them are viable.

Talk to them and figure out your next steps. Job hunt. Prepare to figure a way out of your bondage. Remember that if you want it bad enough, anything is better than staying where you are. Of course, you also have to make sure that the person you’re talking to is someone you unequivocally trust.

You need excellent reason to do so, because the Devil can also predict treachery or a con man in your midst. Beware, for your confidant may give you bad advice or sabotage your liberation. Don’t forget that your most important goal is to escape your terrible career situation.

What does the Reversed Devil mean?

the devil card reversed

Rejoice, for this is much better news than the upright meaning! The Devil card reversed implies that you’re on the verge of a breakthrough or growing up. You’re right there, on the cusp of greatness, about to become your best self. The Higher Self is calling you to live out your potential, but you’re restrained by your dependencies or addictions.

You may also be holding onto some limiting or debilitating beliefs that sabotage your growth. When your Higher Self calls you to be more, you often have to battle your shadows first. Stepping into this new version of yourself is difficult for precisely that reason. It’s why growing up is so hard for many of us; not everyone has the fortitude to face their shadows.

These shadows can be anything. It can mean a toxic relationship. Crushingly powerful addictions. Poisonously toxic thought patterns. Letting go of these is critical to your growth and your attainment of the Higher Self. Sometimes, it’s going to be easier than you think. Other times, it will be the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do.

When you draw the reversed Devil, it means you have a call to confront your inner fears before you grow up again. Managing this will free you from the chains that limit your capacity to be a better person. The shackles of your unhealthy attachments are just that: shackles. Like any manacle or cuff, you can shed them.

The incredible thing about these chains is that we put them on ourselves. Most often, others don’t impose such things on us. We are only as free from such shadows as we allow ourselves to be. Do you choose freedom and your Higher Self over your addictions?

Reversed Devil in Romance

In a romantic sense, the reversed Devil indicates a relationship on the edge of greatness. There are quite a few barriers in your romance’s way before it can be its best. It can be your or your partner, but it is always a shadow. You may be suffering from a crippling addiction or compulsion that makes you difficult to be around.

Your partner might have a very toxic thought pattern that prevents them from fully trusting you. Because such things bar your way to a better relationship, you and your partner must let them go. Otherwise, realizing the best of your relationship will remain just so frustratingly out of reach.

This card can also appear when you’re about to face your shadows, ready or not. Not everyone wins their battles against their demons, and there’s no shame in loss. When such things happen, seek trained professionals for help. It’s not wrong to seek help from loved ones; just don’t make it solely them you turn to. People train to help you through your shadows, so let them.

Reversed Devil in Career

reversed devil in career

There’s something in the way of your career hunt achieving greatness and it’s really frustrating you. It’s not frustrating even because it’s blocking you. Frustration at it comes from the fact that you know what it is; it’s yourself. Your own addictions, your insecurities, and toxic thought patterns. Nobody can sabotage your career like yourself.

However, the reversed Devil ironically brings hope. Despite the obstacles in your career prospects being frustratingly so close to home, it means you’re on the right track. Greatness in your career is very close; now you need to beat your shadows.

One of the most dangerous words to use in these situations is “just.” It’s incredible at downplaying your struggles. It’s “just” one smoke. She’s “just” a fling. This is “just” a phase. When we use that word, we downplay and fail to acknowledge our own struggles.

Don’t make that mistake. Acknowledge your struggle and weakness so you can address it properly. Only then can you truly let it go and become your Higher Self.

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