The Chariot Reversed Tarot Card Reading: Career, Love and Health

Everyone needs to have a better understanding of the Chariot reversed meaning. But first you need to have a good overview of what the Chariot tarot is.

The Chariot represents action. It means driving forward with a plan. It’s progress, confidence, moving forward on a great energy, with clear direction and focus. It’s someone with great confidence and bravado. It is beginning, guiding.

It is someone gifted with launching a multitude of tasks especially if it contributes to an eventual whole. It can mean channeling your emotions, or even masking them. It can be calling on one to don an armor to protect themselves through a journey. This represents discipline, willpower. It can also represent a career change,  or a shift in direction.

General Description of The Chariot Tarot

Looking at the Chariot tarot, one can see a figure seated inside a vehicle driven by white and black sphinxes. He is transfixed underneath a canopy of stars.

The crescent moon sign can be seen on his shoulders, evidence of it’s spiritual influence. He wears a crown which is a sign of enlightenment and pure intent. Displayed on his chest is the square, symbolizing the earth, which keeps him grounded at all times.

The black and white sphinxes pertain to the opposing forces that the figure needs to control. They appear calm, but more often than not they choose to take different paths. The figure must therefore guide them to their rightful destination.

The Chariot Reversed

Now that you know what the Chariot tarot means, you can better understand what the chariot reversed interpretation is all about. It can mean several things some of which are as follows:

First, the Chariot when reversed represents things flying out of control. Too many elements, chaos. It can represent going in the wrong direction. Recklessness, trying to force the situation when it actually calls for a different approach.

Second, you  may also be reminded of ill-advised ventures, feelings of futility, impotence, or indulgence. This can also indicate a desire to change course. It can represent a disappointment on how a plan is playing out. It can represent personality and discipline misapplied. It can also mean you are not taking necessary precautions, or heeding important warnings.

Best Course of Action

The best course of action is to slow down. Hit the breaks, hold on. Because you might be going in the wrong direction. Just back off a bit (or a lot). You’re being called to re-evaluate your path at this time. It may not be the wrong path you’re on, it just might be calling for some adjustments before you proceed.

Pay attention to cautions. Basically it means you need to put on your seatbelt. Read the speed limit signs. Slow down, regroup, for you to be able to bring all the elements to succeed. And this time avoid or resist reckless behavior. This could mean a postponed or cancelled trip. Or double-check all the particulars of a trip.

The Chariot reversed tarot will remind you to tame your aggressiveness and to strengthen your willpower. It could remind you that you are slowly losing direction, focus, or motivation. You can’t think straight because you are distracted by your poisonous impulses. How do you solve this? First, you need to acknowledge that there is a problem. You cannot fix something that does not exist in the first place.

The Chariot reversed meaning is also a sign that your life needs some redirection before you go on a downward spiral. Do not let the opposing forces tell you what to do. You must regain your balance and take control of your future.

The Chariot Reversed on Love

The Chariot Reversed on Love

This tarot when reversed can mean your overpowering urge to find true love. However, it is slowly becoming an obsession that everything else is taken for granted. Your job, your family, even your finances. Don’t forget that no matter how hard you try, you cannot control the people around you.

You can’t make them love you if they don’t. You can’t make their hearts feel something that they won’t. Finally, you cannot create the perfect lover, husband, wife, or life partner. Love them in the beauty of their perfect imperfections.

Don’t spread yourself too thin. Don’t give in to the pressure of society. You should be married by thirty. You should have teens by forty. No one can dictate your timetable precisely because it’s YOURS.

The Chariot Reversed on Career and Finances

When reversed, this can mean you have lost your drive. It could have been a major setback in your career or business. Either way, you’re not sure what to do. Either you’re laying around waiting for a miracle to happen. Or, you’re looking into someone or something that will kick some sense into you to take some action.

The point is, you cannot let external forces control the outcome. Since it’s YOUR outcome, not theirs. What if that something or someone never comes? What if nobody knocks some sense into you? Will you allow yourself to be in the loser or slacker zone for the rest of your life?

When it comes to your finances, it can be a double-edged sword. You may fall into the trap of impulsive buying. Thinking you really need it, when in truth you simply want it. At the same time, good investments may pop out of the blue. You have what it takes to grab on to this great opportunity. But you’re too scared to take the leap. So be wise. Look for some sound advice. Then make an informed decision.

The Chariot Reversed on Health and Spirituality

The Chariot Reversed on Health and Spirituality

Do you know how it is when people make unbelievable resolutions every year? Eat better, get that beach bod, lead a healthier lifestyle? That’s exactly how you feel right now. That’s well and good. Only, learn to pace yourself. Know your limits so you won’t end up getting hurt (or your ego deflated because of disappointment).

In the spiritual realm, you are bursting with excitement to go on a more fulfilling journey. You have read every book imaginable. Follow sound advice from people you trust, and practice meditation to find your inner voice. Be patient and don’t get discouraged if you do not feel or find what you are looking for right away. Life moves in mysterious ways.

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